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Nitto Denko Corporation Patents
Nitto Denko Corporation
Osaka, JP
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RE41679 Wide viewing angle polarizer and liquid-crystal display device September 14, 2010
A wide viewing angle polarizer having: a polarizing film; and a phase retarder adhesively laminated on at least one surface of the polarizing film through an adhesive layer, the phase retarder being made of a composite phase retarder constituted by a laminate in which a retardation l
RE40723 Automobile paint film-protective sheet June 9, 2009
An automobile paint film-protective sheet comprising a substrate having formed on one side thereof a rubber-based pressure-sensitive adhesive having a dynamic modulus of from 2.times.10.sup.5 to 7.times.10.sup.6 dyne/cm.sup.2 at C.
RE38500 Polarizer, optical element, lighting device and liquid crystal display April 20, 2004
Disclosed are (1) a polarizer having a function of separating incident light into polarized light through reflection and transmission, which has (a) a haze of 10% or less, or (b) a ratio of parallel transmitted light to incident light of 40 to 60%, (c) a ratio of mirror reflected light t
RE36420 Percutaneous preparation of tulobuterol November 30, 1999
A percutaneous preparation of tulobuterol is disclosed, comprising a support having thereon a base layer comprising a pressure-sensitive adhesive containing tulobuterol, the pressure-sensitive adhesive comprising polyisobutylene. .Iadd.In a preferred embodiment, the base layer furthe
D668527 Winding core October 9, 2012
D668131 Winding core October 2, 2012
D605275 Air filter December 1, 2009
D605274 Air filter December 1, 2009
D594425 Identification mark for a wiring circuit board carrying sheet June 16, 2009
D593189 Air filter May 26, 2009
D589473 Adhesive film material for use in manufacturing semiconductors March 31, 2009
D585394 Groove formed around a semiconductor device on a circuit board January 27, 2009
D584250 Grooves formed around a semiconductor device on a circuit board January 6, 2009
D584249 Grooves formed around a semiconductor device on a circuit board January 6, 2009
D580895 Grooves formed around a semiconductor device on a circuit board November 18, 2008
D580382 Identification mark for a wiring circuit board carrying sheet November 11, 2008
D577692 Grooves formed around a semiconductor device on a circuit board September 30, 2008
D577691 Grooves formed around a semiconductor device on a circuit board September 30, 2008
D574339 Pattern formed on the ground layer of a multilayer printed circuit board August 5, 2008
D568838 Grooves formed around a semiconductor device on a circuit board May 13, 2008
D568836 Groove formed around a semiconductor device on a circuit board May 13, 2008
D567774 Groove formed around a semiconductor device on a circuit board April 29, 2008
D566060 Grooves formed around a semiconductor device on a circuit board April 8, 2008
D549189 Dicing die-bonding film August 21, 2007
8587904 Suspension board with circuit having a light emitting device exposed from a surface thereof oppo November 19, 2013
A suspension board with circuit includes a conductive pattern, including a slider arranged on a surface side of the suspension board with circuit and mounted with a magnetic head, the magnetic head being electrically connected with the conductive pattern; and a light emitting device
8587756 Laminated optical film having a polarizer and two optical compensation layers, and liquid crysta November 19, 2013
A laminated optical film according to an embodiment of the present invention includes a polarizer; a first optical compensation layer which has a refractive index ellipsoid showing a relationship of nx>ny>nz; and a second optical compensation layer which has a refractive index
8586415 Dicing/die-bonding film, method of fixing chipped work and semiconductor device November 19, 2013
A dicing/die-bonding film including a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer (2) on a supporting base material (1) and a die-bonding adhesive layer (3) on the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer (2), wherein a releasability in an interface between the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer (2) and t
8586286 Resin composition for optical waveguide, and optical waveguide produced by using the resin compo November 19, 2013
A resin composition for an optical waveguide is provided, which permits easy formation of a core pattern using an alkali developing liquid and suppresses degradation of the alkali developing liquid. An optical waveguide produced by using the resin composition is provided. The resin c
8586205 Compounds for organic light emitting diode emissive layers November 19, 2013
Disclosed herein are compounds represented by a formula: ##STR00001## Wherein Ar.sup.1, Cb, Ph.sup.1, Het.sup.1, and A are described herein. Compositions and light-emitting devices related thereto are also disclosed.
8586186 Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet November 19, 2013
A pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet contains at least a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer containing an acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive containing an acrylic polymer composition containing an acrylic polymer as a main component and a tackifier containing a tackifying resin as a m
8585926 Substituted bipyridines for use in light-emitting devices November 19, 2013
A compound represented by Formula 1 Het.sup.1-Bpy-Het.sup.2 is disclosed, wherein Bpy is optionally substituted 2,2'-bipyridinyl or optionally substituted 3,3'-bipyridinyl; and Het.sup.1 and Het.sup.2 are independently optionally substituted benzimidazol-2-yl or optionally substitute
8584870 Composite semipermeable membrane November 19, 2013
It is an object of the present invention to provide a composite semipermeable membrane having an excellent resistance property to contamination, particularly an excellent resistance property to microbial contamination, and a water treatment method using the composite semipermeable me
8581110 Printed circuit board and method of manufacturing the same November 12, 2013
A mounting region is provided at an approximately center of one surface of an insulating layer. A conductive trace is formed so as to outwardly extend from inside of the mounting region. A cover insulating layer is formed in a periphery of the mounting region so as to cover the condu
8580619 Method for producing semiconductor device November 12, 2013
A method for producing a semiconductor device, including a semiconductor chip, for improving production efficiency and the flexibility of production design is provided. The method comprises: preparing a semiconductor chip having a first main surface on which an electroconductive memb
8580617 Thermosetting die-bonding film November 12, 2013
The thermosetting die-bonding film of the present invention is used in manufacturing a semiconductor device, has at least an epoxy resin, a phenol resin, and an acrylic copolymer, and the ratio X/Y is 0.7 to 5 when X represents a total weight of the epoxy resin and the phenol resin a
8580367 Adhesive optical film, method for manufacturing adhesive optical film and image display November 12, 2013
An adhesive layer included in an adhesive-type optical film forms a portion located on the inside of a edge line of an optical film.
8580088 Method for producing transparent conductive film November 12, 2013
A method for producing a transparent conductive film including a transparent film substrate and a crystalline transparent conductive layer, including: a first depositing a first indium-based complex oxide having a first tetravalent metal element oxide on the transparent film substrat
8575291 Thermoplastic silicone resin November 5, 2013
A thermoplastic silicone resin has a main chain consisting of a polysiloxane and at least two side chains which branch off from the main chain. The side chain contains a functional group having two or more atomic groups each capable of forming a hydrogen bonding.
8575290 Silicone resin composition, silicone resin sheet, optical semiconductor element device, and prod November 5, 2013
A silicone resin composition contains a first organopolysiloxane having, in one molecule, both at least two ethylenically unsaturated hydrocarbon groups and at least two hydrosilyl groups; a second organopolysiloxane having, in one molecule, at least two hydrosilyl groups without con
8575227 Photocurable resin composition and optical component using the same November 5, 2013
The present invention relates to a photocurable resin composition including an epoxy resin, an oxetane compound and a photopolymerization initiator, in which the epoxy resin includes the following ingredient (A), and the oxetane compound includes the following ingredient (B), and the
8574623 Therapeutic agent for pulmonary fibrosis November 5, 2013
Disclosed are: a substance transfer carrier to an extracellular matrix-producing cell in the lung, which comprises a retinoid; a therapeutic agent for pulmonary fibrosis, which utilized the carrier; and a preparation kit of the therapeutic agent.
8570687 Copper residual stress relaxation reduction means for hard disk drive slider gimbals October 29, 2013
Disclosed are various techniques for reduction of the magnitude of the residual stress in the HDD gimbal circuits, or more specifically, the residual plastic strain. Various trace structures of the gimbal circuits as well as stress suppressors are utilized to achieve the reduction of
8570458 Liquid crystal display device and polarizing plate October 29, 2013
Provided is a liquid crystal display in which occurrence of iridescent unevenness is suppressed, even when a film with high level of mechanical properties, chemical resistance and water-barrier properties is used as a polarizer-protective-film. Also, disclosed is a polarizing plate to be
8569792 Silicone resin sheet, producing method thereof, encapsulating sheet, and light emitting diode de October 29, 2013
A method for producing a silicone resin sheet includes the steps of forming a first coating layer by applying a first silicone resin composition which contains a first organopolysiloxane and a second organopolysiloxane; forming a precursor layer from the first coating layer by reacti
8569629 Flexible printed circuit board October 29, 2013
An FPC board includes a base insulating layer. A plurality of wiring traces are formed on the base insulating layer. The adjacent wiring traces are arranged at a distance d from each other, and each wiring trace has a predetermined width and a thickness t1. Each transmission line pai
8568893 Birefringent film and polarizer October 29, 2013
An ester-based polymer to be used in the present invention has at least a repeating unit represented with the general formula (I). A and B are substituents substituted on a stilbene group. R.sub.1 is a hydrogen atom, a linear or branched alkyl group having 1 to 10 carbon atoms, or a
8568603 Method of manufacturing transparent conductive film October 29, 2013
A method of manufacturing a transparent conductive film has the steps of: preparing a laminated body in which a transparent conductive layer that is not patterned is formed on a flexible transparent base, removing a part of the transparent conductive layer to form the pattern forming par
8568596 Membrane filtering device managing system and membrane filtering device for use therein, and mem October 29, 2013
Provided are a membrane filtering device managing system by which the membrane filtering device can be managed with a better precision and membrane filtering device for use therein, as well as to a membrane filtering device managing method. At least two sensors of an electric conduct
8568589 Connection member and separation membrane module using the same October 29, 2013
Provided are a connection member capable of preventing leakage from a supply side to a permeating side from occurring by a simple means; and a separation membrane module using the connection member. The connection member (20) is used to connect in series a plurality of separation mem
8563870 Transparent conductive film October 22, 2013
A transparent conductive film which comprises: a substrate composed of a non-crystalline polymer film; a first hard coating layer; a first transparent conductor layer; a first metal layer; a second hard coating layer; a second transparent conductor layer; and a second metal layer. Th

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