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Hiratsuka, JP
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5310212 Axle beam type suspension arrangement for vehicle May 10, 1994
An axle beam suspension arrangement comprises a lateral link assembly which is mounted to a single support point on a vehicle body and two support points on an axle beam of the vehicle. The lateral link assembly consists of a lateral link member connected between a support point on the a
5197356 Vehicle ignition lock and transmission shift lock control mechanism March 30, 1993
A mechanism is provided for controlling vehicle ignition lock and transmission shift lock in an interlocked relation to each other. The mechanism comprises a lock member movable into a lock position for blocking up a passage to a Park position of a position plate. An operating member
5106151 Canvas top type sunroof structure for motor vehicle April 21, 1992
A canvas top type sunroof structure is disclosed, which comprises a pair of guide members which extend along respective sides of a sunroof aperture; a canvas top adapted to cover the aperture; a carry member having a terminal part of the canvas top secured thereto, the carry member being
5092147 Steering lock March 3, 1992
A steering lock device includes a housing and a key cylinder rotatably disposed in the housing. A generally cylindrical member is rotatably disposed within the housing coaxially with the key cylinder. The cylindrical member includes an outer wall with a groove having a first circumfe
5016738 Automatic transmission shift control device May 21, 1991
In an automatic transmission shift control device, a rocking lever and a second biasing unit are provided for holding a selector lever in a shiftable condition when the selector lever is in one of the gear positions other than a parking position. A first biasing unit is provided for
5007677 Vehicular seat lumbar support device April 16, 1991
A vehicular seat is formed with an adjustable spring structure at an internal portion thereof. The structure is selectively adjustable for determining the degree of support the seat occupant receives at his or her lower back and features an arrangement which is supported on the end of a
4946412 Swimming aid August 7, 1990
A swimming aid comprises a floating body and a bottom viewer and may be used at a swimming pool or in the sea. The floating body is U-shaped in cross section and has a hood at the top thereof. The floating portion buoyantly supports the upper half of the swimmer's body in the water. The
4940083 Apparatus for conditioning air for a vehicle compartment July 10, 1990
A structure of an air conditioning apparatus applicable to a vehicle compartment is disclosed. In the air conditioning apparatus, a heater core for heating an introduced air is disposed in a heating unit casing so as to be in parallel to an air stream passage derived from an air cooling
4913491 Automotive seat with side supports-mounted seatback April 3, 1990
Herein disclosed is an automotive seat which comprises a seatback proper; and a pair of side supports which are pivotally connected through respective pivot shafts to both sides of the seatback proper, each side support including a front surface which extends in a given direction. The
4909468 Powered seat slide device March 20, 1990
Herein disclosed is a powered seat slide device which comprises an elongate rack plate which is received in an elongate tunnel-like space defined between movable and stationary rails and secured to the stationary rail, a gear mechanism which is mounted to the movable rail and has a pinio
4899809 Automotive air conditioner system with automatic adjustment of discharge air temperature February 13, 1990
A system for controlling temperature of air to be discharged into a cabin of a vehicle in an automatically controlled air conditioner system of an automotive vehicle. The air conditioner system is provided with a cooling unit and a heating unit for cooling and heating conditioning air in
4895390 Steering mounting arrangement for automotive vehicle featuring improved head on collision charac January 23, 1990
In order to move a steering wheel about a large radius to a safe position during a head on collision or the like, the steering column is supported on a first stay which is resistant to bending and which is connected to the dashpanel which separates the engine room and the passenger c
4890589 Variable capacity type reciprocating piston device January 2, 1990
The crankshaft of an engine or compressor is arranged to define an Oldham type sliding connection which permits the stroke of a piston or pistons to be selectively varied. When the axis of the control disc is displaced along a arcuate path the TDC position and compression ratio of the de
4884668 Automatic transmission shift control device December 5, 1989
A position pin is pushed down by an effort applied on a control button to disengage the position pin from a position plate when a selector lever is to be moved from a parking position to other gear positions. A bushing is mounted on a post of the selector lever for ratation but against a
4819715 Automatic air conditioning system for an automotive vehicle April 11, 1989
An automatic air conditioning system for an automotive vehicle can operate in vent mode, bi-level mode or heater mode, the automatic selection of which is adjusted on the basis of air conditioning-influencing external conditions. The heat value required to adjust the room temperature in
4712446 Anti-vibration structure of a steering arrangement December 15, 1987
A dynamic damper comprising at least one elastic member and mass member is mounted within a conventional shaft housing eccentrically with respect to an axis center of a steering shaft. The elastic member of the dynamic damper gives a spring constant which is maintained at a constant valu
4681153 Automotive air conditioning system with independent temperature control for dual air flows July 21, 1987
An automotive air conditioning system which delivers air from upper and lower air outlets at independently controlled temperatures has a pressure responsive door interposed between an upper air mix chamber and a space near the outlet of a heater core or a lower air mix chamber. The press
4662109 Sliding door lock arrangement May 5, 1987
A vehicle body has a door opening. A door has a front edge and a rear edge. The door is slidable relative to the vehicle body and is able to close and unblock the door opening. A device serves to releasably lock the door rear edge to the vehicle body when the door is in its closed positi
4626026 Automotive roof structure with a detachable set roof December 2, 1986
An automotive roof structure includes a detachable set roof detachably mounted on a cut-out or opening formed in a fixed roof of the vehicle body. The set roof is provided with a male guide engageable to a female guide installed on the edge of the cut-out or opening for positioning the
4617986 Air conditioning arrangement for automotive vehicle or the like October 21, 1986
The temperature of the air discharged into the upper region of an enclosed space such as an automotive vehicle cabin and the temperature of the air discharged separately into the lower region thereof, is individually controlled in response to a manually inputted command signal (or signal
4615558 Installation structure for striker of door lock mechanism in center-pillarless vehicle October 7, 1986
An automotive vehicle having no pillar between adjacent front swinging and rear sliding doors is provided a structure for mounting a front door striker engageable with a door lock of the front door. The door striker is mounted on a vehicle side sill with a reinforcement which provides
4602675 Air conditioner for automotive vehicle or the like July 29, 1986
An air conditioning unit is directed by a control program which causes it to be sensitive to various internal and external factors affecting the upper and lower cabin environments and is particularly characterized by a blower control which, during initial automatic air conditioner operat
4582357 Guide rail structure for an automotive sliding door April 15, 1986
A guide rail structure for an automotive sliding door, particularly applicable for an automotive vehicle having a center pillarless body construction. A guide rail is mounted onto a vehicle body side frame such as roof side frame or side sill. The guide rail has a section extending s
4573694 Fuel filler system for an automotive vehicle March 4, 1986
A fuel filler system for an automotive vehicle includes a safety flange shielding the filler tube cap from the edges of the body panel opening through which the fuel filler tube passes. The flange may be threaded so as to be easily attached to or removed from the filler tube. Alterna
4562954 Method and apparatus for air conditioner control January 7, 1986
A method and apparatus for controlling an air conditioner of the which can create air flows at different temperatures into the compartment. The air-blowing mode of the air conditioner is changed based upon a sensed condition of ambient temperature.
4548838 Method for masking in painting process and masking tool therefor October 22, 1985
In a masking technique used in painting processes, a flexible masking sheet is held in place and in shape by the tension on wires fixed to the sheet. The tension is generated by a tensioning device which acts as a ratchet allowing only increases in tension at room temperature and which l
4541201 Sealing structure for an automotive vehicle with a sliding door September 17, 1985
A sealing structure for an automotive sliding door comprising a lower seal attached to the lower edge of the sliding door. The lower seal is adapted to contact a lower vertical edge portion of a lower guide rail upon which the sliding door is slidably suspended to establish a water-tight
4538760 Air conditioner control arrangement for automotive vehicle or the like September 3, 1985
The blower of an air conditioner is either (a) rotated at an ultra low speed until a first predetermined air temperature is sensed in the duct in which the blower is disposed, or (b) is temporarily disabled until a minimal engine coolant temperature is sensed, whereafter in both cases th
4498309 Blower control arrangement for air conditioning unit or the like February 12, 1985
The blower of an automotive air conditioning unit is energized according to a flexible schedule wherein the maximum and minimum voltages applied to the blower motor are varied in response to a plurality of sensed parameters which influence the environment controlled by the air condit
4496186 Sealing structure for an automotive vehicle January 29, 1985
A sealing structure for an automotive vehicle prevents turbulent air flow around a front pillar and thus reduces noise due to wind. This seal is provided by a weatherstrip which also seals the space between the front pillar and a front door against water. The weatherstrip is provided wit
4492405 Sealing structure for automotive vehicle side doors January 8, 1985
A sealing structure for an automotive vehicle is adapted to establish a water-proof seal for a type of vehicle which has no pillar between adjacent front and rear doors. The seal between the adjacent doors serves as a downspout for a vehicle roof gutter for draining any water which m

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