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8186330 Apparatus for engine control May 29, 2012
An engine control apparatus is provided with an engine, an ignition device, a valve timing changing mechanism, an intake valve close timing detecting device, a supercharger and a controller. The engine achieves a Miller cycle by the valve timing changing mechanism setting an intake v
8186323 Intake air noise adjuster May 29, 2012
An intake air noise adjuster includes: a communicating conduit including: a first end communicating to an intake air passage to an engine, and a second end communicating to an external air; an elastic body configured to block the communicating conduit; and a flow channel area changer
8181613 Variable valve system for internal combustion engine May 22, 2012
A variable valve system for an internal combustion engine includes a drive shaft, a drive cam provided on the drive shaft, a link arm fitted on the outer periphery of the drive cam such as to rotate relative to the drive cam, a crank-shaped control shaft including a main shaft and an
8180537 Engine control apparatus May 15, 2012
An engine control apparatus controls an engine rotational speed to a target rotational speed by using a detected input side transmission rotational speed of a manual transmission as the target rotational speed upon detecting a clutch pedal depression amount during shifting being equa
8180524 Diagnosis apparatus and method for diagnosing connection state of vehicle antenna May 15, 2012
In diagnosis apparatus and method for diagnosing a vehicle antenna, the vehicle antenna performing transmission and reception of electric waves to and from a portable unit, the vehicle antenna is driven to perform communications with the portable unit when a first condition is satisfied
8179435 Vehicle surroundings image providing system and method May 15, 2012
A system which provides a driver with an image obtained by photographing an area around a vehicle, the system comprising: a photographing unit which photographs an area around the vehicle which is out of the driver's line of sight because of a structure of the vehicle; an image processin
8177244 Supporting structure for vehicle suspension component May 15, 2012
A vehicle suspension includes a vehicle body, a supporting member, wherein a proximal end is attached to the vehicle body at a central axis. The supporting member is configured to secure an end of a vehicle suspension component to the vehicle body. A distal end of the support member
8177003 Fuel cell electric vehicle May 15, 2012
A fuel cell electric vehicle includes a driving motor for driving a pair of wheels, a fuel cell for generating electricity used in the driving motor with the fuel cell being disposed above the driving motor, and supply/discharge manifolds. The supply/discharge manifolds are for trans
8176728 Air-fuel ratio control device May 15, 2012
An air-fuel ratio control device is provided for controlling the air-fuel ratio of an engine. The device includes an exhaust passage having a main catalytic converter and a bypass passage having a bypass catalytic converter, the bypass passage diverging from the exhaust passage at an
8176681 Roof side weather strip for automobile May 15, 2012
A roof side weather strip has an upper side portion, a vertical side portion and a corner portion. The vertical side portion has a mounting base portion which is to be mounted on a pillar, a hollow seal portion which is formed on a vehicle-interior inner surface of the mounting base
8174576 Vehicle periphery video providing apparatus and method May 8, 2012
A vehicle periphery video providing apparatus performs coordinate conversion for a video shot by a shooting device so that the same video as in a case where a vehicle outside is visible from an eye point position of a driver in such a manner that an installed area of a liquid crystal
8173320 Fuel cell stack and method for making the same May 8, 2012
A fuel cell stack includes a membrane electrode assembly including an electrolyte membrane and electrode catalyst layers sandwiching the electrolyte membrane; metal separators that define gas channels, the metal separators being respectively disposed at both surfaces of the membrane
8171763 Steering lock device-added structure May 8, 2012
A steering lock device-added structure includes: a steering shaft; a steering column which rotatably houses the steering shaft therein; and a steering lock unit which is disposed on an outside surface of the steering column, and disables rotation of the steering shaft. The steering l
8170586 Moving body communication system, moving body terminal, information providing apparatus, and inf May 1, 2012
A moving body terminal is basically provided with a position information acquiring section, a receiving section and a control section. The position information acquiring section is configured to acquire position information indicating a current position of the moving body terminal. T
8168919 Laser working apparatus and method of controlling laser working apparatus May 1, 2012
A laser working apparatus includes: a laser head provided with a reflector which changes the direction of any one of a laser beam and a visible light; a robot which moves the laser head; and a robot control apparatus. When laser working is performed, the robot control apparatus contr
8168918 Laser welding system and laser welding control method May 1, 2012
A laser processing head mounted on a robot arm moves from with a constant speed in a direction from a welding point to a next welding point, while a reflection mirror continuously turns in order to maintain laser beams focused on the welding point until the welding at the welding point i
8168346 Fuel cell stack structure May 1, 2012
Solid oxide fuel cells each include a circular cell plate holding single cells as a solid oxide fuel cells and having a gas introducing opening and a gas exhausting opening in a central section. A circular separator plate has a gas introducing opening and a gas exhausting opening in a
8168336 Fuel cell housing structure May 1, 2012
A fuel cell housing structure includes a fuel cell, an electrically insulated housing and a vent gas port. The electrically insulated housing contains the fuel cell. The housing is arranged to provide a space within the housing surrounding the fuel cell. The vent gas port is provided in
8165775 System and method for controlling running of a vehicle April 24, 2012
A vehicle driving control system and method which enables the vehicle can travel through each curve at the optimum speed on an ordinary road and also on a highway. The controller and method uses a car navigation system to detect road classification about the road ahead of where the vehic
8164116 Semiconductor device with hetero semiconductor region and method of manufacturing the same April 24, 2012
A semiconductor device includes: a semiconductor base; a hetero semiconductor region which is in contact with the semiconductor base and which has a band gap different from that of the semiconductor base; a first electrode connected to the hetero semiconductor region; and a second el
8161951 Internal combustion engine April 24, 2012
Blow-by gas in a plurality of crank chambers (71-73) in a V-shaped internal combustion engine is led to a plurality of gas introducing chambers (9a, 9b, 9c) via communicating holes (11-14). The blow-by gas then flows into an oil separator (31), which extends in a front-aft direction
8161743 Intake air flow rate detection for internal combustion engine April 24, 2012
An intake air flow rate detection device for an internal combustion engine (100), including a sensor (61, 63) that detects an operating condition of the internal combustion engine (100), an air flow meter (21) that disposed in the intake passage (20) upstream of the supercharging dev
8160776 Steering apparatus, automotive vehicle with the same, and steering control method April 17, 2012
An automotive vehicle with a steering apparatus includes a steering wheel, front and rear steerable road wheels, and a steering mechanism for steering the front and rear steerable road wheels. The steering apparatus measures a steering wheel angle of the steering wheel; sets a desired
8158706 Polypropylene resin composition, resin molded part and production method thereof April 17, 2012
A polypropylene resin composition contains 2 to 15 wt % of a moldability improver (A) and 85 to 98 wt % of a polypropylene resin (B). The moldability improver (A) is formed of propylene block copolymers (A-1) and (A-2). Each of the propylene block copolymers (A-1) and (A-2) has a cry
8158554 High heat-resistant catalyst and manufacturing method thereof April 17, 2012
A high heat-resistant catalyst includes: noble metal particles; first compounds which contact the noble metal particles and suppress movement of the noble metal particles; and second compounds which envelop the noble metal particles and the first compounds, suppress the movement of t
8158195 Catalytic converter and manufacturing method thereof April 17, 2012
A catalytic converter includes: a three-dimensional structural support having a plurality of cells partitioned by porous cell walls, in which a pore diameter of the cell walls is 10 .mu.m to 50 .mu.m and porosity of the cell walls is 40 vol % or more; and a catalyst-coated layer cont
8157309 Support structure April 17, 2012
In one or more embodiments of the present disclosure a support structure includes a contact surface configured to deform, a base section configured to receive the contact surface, a first set of ribs extending from the contact surface toward the base section and inclined in a first d
8155883 Current position information reporting system, information center apparatus, and method thereof April 10, 2012
An information center apparatus has a communication section, a motion information calculating section, a communication delay time calculating section, a communication cycle waiting time calculating section, an error estimating section and a correcting section. The communication section
8155879 Apparatus and process for vehicle driving assistance April 10, 2012
A vehicle driving assistance apparatus includes a brake operation sensing device to sense a driver's brake operation, a steering operation sensing device to sense a driver's steering operation, a forward, and a controller. The controller is configured to determine whether there is a
8155782 Fluid heating apparatus April 10, 2012
A fluid heating apparatus heats fluid in a passage to a target temperature. The fluid heating apparatus includes a fluid heating unit that heats the fluid, a fluid temperature measuring unit that measures a temperature of the fluid, and a pressure control unit that controls a pressur
8152377 Low-friction sliding mechanism April 10, 2012
A low-friction sliding mechanism includes first and second sliding members having respective sliding surfaces slidable relative to each other and a lubricant applied to the sliding surfaces of the first and second sliding members. At least the sliding surface of the first sliding mem
8151914 Drive system April 10, 2012
In a vehicle drive system including a motor and a secondary battery, the motor and secondary battery are integrated to provide a drive system having good mountability. In a gap between a cylindrical outer housing (116) and a rotor (112), a layered cylindrical secondary battery is pro
8151750 Valve operating device for internal combustion engine April 10, 2012
A valve operating device that opens and closes a valve of an internal combustion engine by driving a valve stem in an axial direction includes a rocker cam that rocks in accordance with a rotation of a drive shaft and has a driving cam portion and a lift restricting cam portion; a cam
8148010 Bipolar battery and battery assembly April 3, 2012
A bipolar battery and a battery assembly unit that reduces a current density change in a battery element is disclosed. The bipolar battery comprises a battery element configured by alternately stacking a bipolar electrode and an electrolyte layer, as well as cathode and anode terminal
8146346 NO.sub.x trapping catalytic converter diagnostic apparatus April 3, 2012
A NOx trapping catalytic converter diagnostic apparatus basically has a particulate matter accumulation estimating component, a particulate matter accumulation detecting component and a deterioration determining component. The particulate matter accumulation estimating component is c
8145389 Driving assisting system, method and vehicle incorporating the system March 27, 2012
A system for assisting an operator in driving a vehicle. The system calculates risk potential associated with the vehicle. Responsive to an acceleration command issued by the operator via an operator-controlled input device to perform an intended acceleration operation, the system co
8145388 Automatic driving position adjustment control system and method March 27, 2012
An automatic driving position adjustment system and its method are disclosed in which a manual adjustment to a first adjustable component results in the automatic adjustment of a second adjustable component. When the position or angle of a seat or other first adjustable component is
8145385 Vehicle driving control apparatus and vehicle driving control method March 27, 2012
A vehicle driving control apparatus is provided with an obstacle detecting device, a future position estimating device, an obstacle avoidance control device, and a lane change intent detecting device. The obstacle detecting device detects an existence of an obstacle positioned latera
8144033 Vehicle periphery monitoring apparatus and image displaying method March 27, 2012
A vehicle periphery monitoring apparatus includes an image capturing device, a display device and an image processing device. The image capturing device is configured and arranged to capture a first original image of a region rearward of a vehicle and a second original image of a reg
8142955 Fuel cell system, fuel cell vehicle, and operating method for fuel cell system March 27, 2012
A utility supply system supplies a fluid containing an antioxidant of a gaseous phase to a stack of proton-exchange membrane fuel cells, for efficient removal of hydroxyl radicals.
8141343 Air-fuel ratio control apparatus March 27, 2012
An air-fuel ratio control apparatus is basically provided with an exhaust system, a pair of sensors and a controller. The exhaust system includes an exhaust channel having a main catalytic converter, a bypass channel having a bypass catalytic converter, and a valve mechanism disposed in
8140231 Abnormal-period automatic shift control apparatus of automated manual transmission March 20, 2012
In an abnormal-period automatic shift control apparatus of an automated manual transmission (AMT), a controller includes a first state detecting section configured to detect whether the AMT is in a first state where the AMT is thrown into a shift stage during an engine starting period,
8140205 Driving system for hybrid vehicle March 20, 2012
A hybrid-vehicle driving system includes an engine, a transmission, a first motor/generator provided between the engine and the transmission, and a battery that can charge and discharge the first motor/generator. When an estimated output voltage of the first motor/generator becomes h
8137799 Article undergoing stimulus-responsive deformation and vehicle part using the same March 20, 2012
An article undergoing stimulus-induced deformation, that is capable of being driven rapidly and in large displacement in air, is provided. An article undergoing stimulus-induced deformation comprising, incorporated in a polymer material having a cell, a liquid crystal serving as a de
8136390 Engine misfire diagnostic apparatus and method March 20, 2012
An engine misfire diagnostic apparatus measures an amount of time required for a crankshaft to pass through a prescribed crank angle range corresponding to a combustion stroke to obtain time measurement values on a per cylinder basis. A first misfire parameter is obtained based on st
8134595 Image processing system and method with high resolution view-point conversion images March 13, 2012
An image processing system so disclosed has respective image pickup parts and respective viewpoint conversion parts configured to perform viewpoint conversion of original images captured by the respective image pickup parts to generate converted images. The image processing system also
8134320 Fuel cell drive system March 13, 2012
A motor system includes a drive motor configured to generate a drive force using power supplied from a fuel cell; an idle control unit configured to operate the fuel cell intermittently between an idle operation mode and an idle stop mode; a state detection unit configured to detect
8132635 Motor lock prevention control for hybrid electric vehicle March 13, 2012
There is provided a motor lock prevention control device for a hybrid vehicle that has a motor-generator and a clutch capable of changing a transmission torque capacity between the motor-generator and driving wheels. The motor lock prevention control device is configured to, when the
8129055 Fuel cell with anode exhaust recirculation means March 6, 2012
Moisture caused by humidity in the fuel gas and water vapor from the water that is generated become condensed inside a fuel cell when power generation in the fuel cell is temporarily stopped, making obstruction to the fuel gas flow channel when power generation is restarted possible. A
8127536 Exhaust gas cleaning apparatus March 6, 2012
An exhaust gas cleaning apparatus is provided with an exhaust gas particulate filter, an oxidation catalytic converter and a regeneration control component. The exhaust gas particulate filter is arranged in an exhaust passage of an internal combustion engine for capturing particulate

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