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T983005 Oxygen concentration detector June 5, 1979
an improved oxygen concentration detector is described having an oxygen concentration sensor which produces an electromotive force in accordance with a difference between an oxygen concentration in the gas components of a gas under test and an oxygen concentration in a reference gas, and
T979002 Oxygen concentration detector February 6, 1979
an oxygen concentration detector of a waterproof construction comprises an oxygen ion conduction metal oxide (1) which produces an electromotive force in accordance with a difference between an oxygen concentration in gas component in a gas under test such as exhaust gas from an internal
RE36408 Refrigerating apparatus and modulator November 30, 1999
A modulator in a coolant recirculation line for a refrigerating apparatus. The modulator is used for storing an excess amount of the coolant recirculated in the system. The modulator has a space extending vertically, upward and a bottom end connected to the recirculating line at a po
RE35092 Ignition coil assembly for internal combustion engines November 21, 1995
An ignition coil assembly for an internal combustion engine includes at least one first laminated core contained in a housing and having a plurality of first magnetic path connection end faces exposed to the inside of the housing and at least one second laminated core having a plural
RE35012 Spark plug for internal combustion engines having an alloy layer between the electrodes and tip August 8, 1995
A spark plug for an internal combustion engine including a center electrode, an earth electrode, a metal tip joined by welding to an ignition section of at least one of the center electrode and the earth electrode, and an alloy layer located at a welding portion between the metal tip
RE34893 Semiconductor pressure sensor and method of manufacturing same April 4, 1995
A semiconductor pressure sensor of this invention is intended to provide a semiconductor pressure sensor having an excellent electrical isolation between the supporting means of the semiconductor pressure sensor and the semiconductor substrate, the semiconductor pressure sensor basically
RE34778 Spark plug and method of manufacturing the same November 8, 1994
A spark plug for internal combustion engines provided with a noble metal tip on the pointed top of a spark plug center electrode. The noble metal tip is welded to the center electrode top end by heating and pressing the portion to be welded. After the welding, the center electrode is sha
RE29741 Air-fuel ratio feed back type fuel injection control system August 22, 1978
A fuel injection control system comprising an air-fuel ratio feedback control in combination with an electronically controlled fuel injection system. In this system, the concentration of oxygen contained in the engine exhaust gases is compared with a predetermined value in a comparat
D389125 Information terminal device for vehicle January 13, 1998
D364616 Housing of a hand-held type portable telephone November 28, 1995
D359040 Housing for an optical data reader June 6, 1995
D357240 Housing for an optical data reader April 11, 1995
D353134 Optical scanner December 6, 1994
D352935 Optical scanner November 29, 1994
D352704 Optical scanner November 22, 1994
D266165 Automatic dialing apparatus for telephone September 14, 1982
D266164 Automatic dialing apparatus for telephone September 14, 1982
D266087 Automatic dialing apparatus for telephone September 7, 1982
D260145 Ignition high voltage cord cover August 11, 1981
D260144 Ignition high voltage cord cover August 11, 1981
D258358 Ignition coil February 24, 1981
6463803 Semiconductor mechanical sensor October 15, 2002
A semiconductor mechanical sensor having a new structure in which a S/N ratio is improved. In the central portion of a silicon substrate 1, a recess portion 2 is formed which includes a beam structure. A weight is formed at the tip of the beam, and in the bottom surface of the weight in
6390443 Composite magnetic member, process for producing the member and electromagnetic valve using the May 21, 2002
A metallic member including not more than 0.6% C, 12 to 19% Cr, 6 to 12% Ni, not more than 2% Mn, not more than 2% Mo, not more than 1% Nb and the balance being Fe and inevitable impurities, whereHirayama's equivalent H eq=[Ni %]+1.05 [Mn %]+0.65 [Cr %]+0.35 [Si %]+12.6 [C %] is 20 to 23
6365458 Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same April 2, 2002
A gate oxide film is formed on a surface of a semiconductor substrate. A tunnel insulating film having a thickness smaller than that of the gate insulating film is formed in a portion thereof corresponding to a tunnel region. A first silicon film having a low impurity concentration is fo
6337249 Semiconductor device and fabrication process thereof January 8, 2002
A semiconductor device having an enhancement-type MOS structure which can prevent large leakage current is disclosed. A high-concentration region for threshold-value regulation use formed in a channel region below a gate electrode in an enhancement-type transistor is caused to be contigu
6314790 Oxygen concentration detecting apparatus November 13, 2001
An oxygen concentration detecting apparatus precisely and easily performs diagnosis of a limit current type oxygen sensor. The limit current type oxygen sensor has an oxygen concentration detecting element for outputting limit current proportional to the oxygen concentration and a heater
6309579 Method for forming a casting which includes an insert October 30, 2001
An insert is held in a cavity within a die set by a movable hold member. Molten resin is injected into the cavity when the insert is held by the hold member. The hold member is separated from the insert at a given timing. A surface of the hold member is heated to a temperature higher
6308263 Pipeline processing apparatus for reducing delays in the performance of processing operations October 23, 2001
A decoder decodes a branch instruction. An operating section executes logical, arithmetic, and shift operations. A register file store operation result of the operating section. A program counter counting the address of the present programs. A direct-setting bus is provided to allowing t
6304957 Multitask processing unit October 16, 2001
The microcomputer shall be offered which has realized more simplified peripheral circuits and more reduced price, besides being provided with the functions of timer, runaway monitor and backup logic. To that effect, the address register and the register are installed which have two areas
6291945 Discharge lamp lighting device September 18, 2001
A lighting device for a discharge lamp includes a power supplying circuit for supplying electric power to the discharge lamp. A current sensing circuit is operative for sensing a lamp current which flows through the discharge lamp. A control circuit is operative for enabling the power
6287933 Semiconductor device having thin film resistor and method of producing same September 11, 2001
A semiconductor device having a thin film resistor which comprises at least chromium, silicon and nitrogen, and formed on a substrate with having a special ratio of the chemical composition, the semiconductor device having a characteristic such that variations of the resistance value the
6286914 Automotive brake fluid pressure control apparatus September 11, 2001
When it has been determined that a termination condition of brake TRC control has been fulfilled, SM valves 50FL and 50FR and a motor 80 are continuously placed in an ON state, and along with this, SR valves 70FL and 70FR are switched off, and furthermore holding valves 46FL and 46FR
6267072 Indicating instrument July 31, 2001
An indicating instrument includes a generally straight illumination lamp or cold cathode fluorescent lamp and a light conducting plate which are disposed on the back of a dial plate. The dial plate has plurality of trans-illuminous gauge or meter patterns. The cold cathode fluorescent
6266115 Liquid crystal cell and liquid crystal display device using an antiferroelectric liquid crystal July 24, 2001
A liquid crystal cell and liquid crystal display device include: two electrode substrates facing each other through a plurality of spacers; each electrode substrate being formed by superimposing a glass substrate, a transparent electrode and an alignment film; and an antiferroelectric
6262531 Thin-film El display panel having uniform display characteristics July 17, 2001
A thin-film EL display panel which has excellent packageability, high reliability and stable performance characteristics, and which can prevent nonuniformity of brightness and color from occurring and a fabrication method thereof are provided. In the above thin-film EL display panel, two
6254740 Sputtering method of producing and electroluminescent device with improved blue color purity July 3, 2001
Disclosed is a method of producing an electroluminescent (EL) device having a CaGa.sub.2 S.sub.4 :Ce luminescent layer. The ratio of the X-ray diffraction peak intensity I.sub.2 for the (200) reflection of CaS to the X-ray diffraction peak intensity I.sub.1 for the (400) reflection of
6252483 Slant winding electromagnetic coil and ignition coil for internal combustion engine using same June 26, 2001
An electromagnetic coil which may be employed as an ignition coil for an internal combustion engine is disclosed. The electromagnetic coil includes a lower voltage winding portion and a higher voltage winding portion. The lower voltage winding portion is wound around a spool and includes
6251542 Semiconductor wafer etching method June 26, 2001
A semiconductor wafer etching method is disclosed that allows etching without use of restricted ozone-destroying solvents such as trichloroethane or fluorocarbons. This method involves forming a protective film of silicon resin or alkali resistant resin on a semiconductor wafer. Then
6218030 Soldered product April 17, 2001
A soldered product having secure reliable joints, without the use of flux, is disclosed. The soldered product includes a first member having a connected portion and a second member, also having a connected portion, facing the first member. The connected portions of the first and second
6187459 Composite magnetic member, process for producing the member and electromagnetic valve using the February 13, 2001
A metallic member including not more than 0.6% C, 12 to 19% Cr, 6 to 12% Ni, not more than 2% Mn, not more than 2% Mo, not more than 1% Nb and the balance being Fe and inevitable impurities, whereHirayama's equivalent H eq=[Ni %]+1.05 [Mn %]+0.65 [Cr %]+0.35 [Si %]+12.6 [C %] is 20 to 23
6183003 Air bag mounting and vent hole arrangement February 6, 2001
An airbag of an airbag device has a primary hole for receiving an inflator and a secondary hole for receiving a securing device which secures the inflator to a base plate. A section surrounding the secondary hole is sandwiched between the inflator put in the airbag and the base plate.
6155221 Control apparatus for varying a rotational or angular phase between two rotational shafts, prefe December 5, 2000
A shoe housing 3 is connected to and rotatable together with an input shaft. A vane rotor 9 is connected to an output shaft and accommodated in shoe housing 3 so as to cause a rotation within a predetermined angle with respect to shoe housing 3. Vane rotor 9 and shoe housing 3 cooperativ
6146947 Insulated gate type field effect transistor and method of manufacturing the same November 14, 2000
In an insulated gate type field effect transistor and a manufacturing method of the same, a diffusion region is formed in a semiconductor substrate under an oxidizing atmosphere by thermal diffusion, and a first conductivity type semiconductor layer is formed on the semiconductor sub
6142363 Soldering method using soldering flux and soldering paste November 7, 2000
Provided are a soldering flux or paste containing an organic substance which has at least two hydroxyl (--OH) groups in a molecule and of which the temperature at which the mass % becomes approximately 0% is not lower than approximately C. and not lower than the solid phase
6137150 Semiconductor physical-quantity sensor having a locos oxide film, for sensing a physical quantit October 24, 2000
The present invention provides a semiconductor physical-quantity sensor which can perform measurement of high accuracy without occurrence of deformation or displacement of a fixed electrode for vibration use even if voltage applied to the fixed electrode for vibration use is changed, and
6133120 Boron-doped p-type single crystal silicon carbide semiconductor and process for preparing same October 17, 2000
A p-type silicon carbide semiconductor having a high carrier concentration and activation rate is provided by doping boron as an acceptor impurity in a single crystal silicon carbide. The boron occupies silicon sites in a crystal lattice of the single crystal silicon carbide.
6130619 Monitoring circuit for a communication device October 10, 2000
A watch-dog type monitoring circuit for a communication device has a counter and a timer. The communication device outputs a communication signal including plural groups of pulse-string signals. The maximum number of pulses in each group of pulse-string signals and the minimum idle time
6128953 Dynamical quantity sensor October 10, 2000
This invention provides a dynamical quantity sensor having a novel structure, wherein first beams 3, 4, 5, 6 are extended from side walls of a recess 2 of a substrate 1, and an intermediate support member 7 is disposed on the first beams 3, 4, 5, 6. Second beams 8, 9, 10, 11 extendin
6125922 Refrigerant condenser October 3, 2000
A refrigerant condenser is set so that, if its condensation distance is L, the equivalent diameter of a tube having a linearly configured passage for the purpose of heat exchange is de (each dimension being in units of mm), and the number of times the direction change of the linearly con
6118389 Automobile navigation apparatus and method for setting detours in the same September 12, 2000
An automobile navigating apparatus capable of setting a detour for a route to a desired destination. A memory device stores link information about links that constitute a map. Based on the link information, a route calculating section sets a route running from a start point to a desired

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