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RE35222 Optical fiber component optical coupler and method of producing thereof April 30, 1996
There is disclosed an optical component capable of amolifying function by itself and a method of producing thereof. The component includes a light amplifying portion therein and the light amplifying portion includes active elements which serves the light amplification. In the producing
D490778 Photoelectric conversion connector June 1, 2004
D323658 Telephone set February 4, 1992
D314374 Key telephone set February 5, 1991
D309726 Telephone handset August 7, 1990
D307752 Electronic private branch exchange housing or similar article May 8, 1990
D301578 Telephone handset June 13, 1989
D301031 Key telephone set May 9, 1989
8588560 Optical 90-degree hybrid circuit November 19, 2013
An optical 90-degree hybrid circuit includes a first demultiplexing optical coupler having two or more first input ports and two or more first output ports, a second demultiplexing optical coupler having two or more second input ports and two or more second output ports, two first ar
8582189 Mirror device, mirror array, optical switch, mirror device manufacturing method, and mirror subs November 12, 2013
A mirror device includes a mirror (153) which is supported to be pivotable with respect to a mirror substrate (151), a driving electrode (103-1-103-4) which is formed on an electrode substrate (101) facing the mirror substrate, and an antistatic structure (106) which is arranged in a
8577030 Cryptographic processing system, key generation device, key delegation device, encryption device November 5, 2013
It is an object of this invention to implement a predicate encryption scheme with delegation capability. A cryptographic process is performed using dual vector spaces (dual distortion vector spaces) of a space V and a space V* paired through a pairing operation. An encryption device
8576927 Encoding method, encoding device, decoding method, decoding device, program, and recording mediu November 5, 2013
A frame formed of a plurality of code words encoded with an encoding mode in which two different types of code words are assigned one-to-one to two smallest quantization intervals is checked to determine whether it contains just the two types of code words assigned to the two smallest
8576910 Parameter selection method, parameter selection apparatus, program, and recording medium November 5, 2013
Provided that a first segment is an earliest time segment included in a discrete time segment, and a second segment is a time segment subsequent to the first segment, a positive second-segment parameter that corresponds to a weakly monotonically increasing function value of an averag
8575650 Avalanche photodiode November 5, 2013
An electron injected APD with an embedded n electrode structure in which edge breakdown can be suppressed without controlling the doping profile of an n-type region of the embedded n electrode structure with high precision. The APD comprising a buffer layer with a low ionization rate
8571037 Optical digital transmission system October 29, 2013
An optical digital transmission system of the present invention newly defines one second negative stuff byte in an overhead area for accommodation of the client signals with multiplexing into the OTU frame, newly defines one third positive stuff byte in a corresponding tributary slot
8569674 Multiplexed photocurrent monitoring circuit comprising current mirror circuits October 29, 2013
A low cost photocurrent monitoring circuit is provided. A photocurrent monitoring circuit, which performs monitoring by converting photocurrents output from a plurality of photodiodes (PD1 to PDn) into voltage, includes: a multiplexer circuit (MUX) for selecting one of input terminal
8566260 Structured prediction model learning apparatus, method, program, and recording medium October 22, 2013
A structured prediction model learning apparatus, method, program, and recording medium maintain prediction performance with a smaller amount of memory. An auxiliary model is introduced by defining the auxiliary model parameter set .theta..sup.(k) with a log-linear model. A set .THETA. o
8300966 Image signal encoding method and decoding method, information source encoding method and decodin October 30, 2012
An information source encoding method for encoding a Gaussian integer signal includes the steps of: inputting a signal value sequence of a Gaussian integer signal as an encoding target; transforming signal values included in the input signal value sequence into integer pairs, each ha
8297850 Optical connector, and method of assembling optical connector October 30, 2012
An optical connector according to an embodiment of the present invention comprises (a) a ferrule incorporating a short fiber; (b) a mechanical splice having a holding part and a fixing part, and adapted so that the fixing part mechanically fixes the short fiber extending from the ferrule
8291231 Common key setting method, relay apparatus, and program October 16, 2012
A secret key of a second apparatus is stored in a relay apparatus. A first apparatus specifies secret information used to identify a common key, generates encrypted secret information by encrypting the secret information by using a public key of the second apparatus, and transmits th
8290289 Image encoding and decoding for multi-viewpoint images October 16, 2012
An image encoding method includes determining a corresponding point on a target image for encoding, which corresponds to each pixel on a reference image, based on the distance from a camera used for obtaining the reference image to an imaged object, and a positional relationship betw
8290170 Method and apparatus for speech dereverberation based on probabilistic models of source and room October 16, 2012
Speech dereverberation is achieved by accepting an observed signal for initialization (1000) and performing likelihood maximization (2000) which includes Fourier Transforms (4000).
8284746 Wireless relay device and wireless communication system October 9, 2012
A wireless relay device connecting a wireless terminal to one of a plurality of access networks with different wireless interfaces and performing relay processing between the wireless terminal and one of the plurality of access networks being connected, the wireless relay device incl
8278781 Discharger and discharger control method October 2, 2012
Upon detecting an external signal which instructs to stop discharge, an input voltage equal to or less than a set value for the prevention of overdischarge, or an output voltage equal to or more than a set value for the prevention of output of an overvoltage, a control unit (12) stops
8275048 Video encoding method and apparatus, video decoding method and apparatus, programs therefor, and September 25, 2012
A video encoding method for assigning a plurality of images to a plurality of GOPs and encoding images belonging to the GOPs as a video image. The method includes determining whether each image belonging to each GOP is to be encoded; encoding GOP encoding/non-encoding data for indica
8274653 Spectroscope September 25, 2012
The present invention provides a small spectroscope that has a short response time. A spectroscope according to one embodiment of the present invention includes: a beam deflector that includes an electro-optic crystal, having an electro-optic effect, and paired electrodes used to app
8271277 Dereverberation apparatus, dereverberation method, dereverberation program, and recording medium September 18, 2012
A model application unit calculates linear prediction coefficients of a multi-step linear prediction model by using discrete acoustic signals. Then, a late reverberation predictor calculates linear prediction values obtained by substituting the linear prediction coefficients and the
8265142 Encoding bit-rate control method and apparatus, program therefor, and storage medium which store September 11, 2012
An encoding bit-rate control method used in video encoding in which intraframe prediction and interframe prediction are switchably used. The method includes measuring an amount of code generated for quantized information and an amount of code generated for non-quantized information f
8264758 Spring, mirror device, mirror array, and optical switch September 11, 2012
A total length of members (11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25) formed in an X-axis direction of a spring (1) is larger than a spring length of the spring (1) and larger than a total length of members (12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24) formed in a Y-axis direction. With this arrangement, spring
8263025 Flow cell September 11, 2012
Ends (134a-1) of projections (134a) do not contact a first substrate (11), forming a gap between the ends (134a-1) and the first substrate (11). The internal capacity of a suction pump (17) can be increased by an amount by which the projections (134a) are shortened, compared to a con
8261364 Network system for accessing the storage units based on log-in request having password granted b September 4, 2012
An administration server determines whether a request from a first client terminal is for authentication of a specific user who is in a log-in state via a second client terminal. When the request is for the specific user, the administration server performs a first or a second control, th
8254789 Device and method for adjusting chromatic dispersion August 28, 2012
A device and method for adjusting the chromatic dispersion in an optical transmission system includes an optical element having a temperature-dependent chromatic dispersion. The device and method further include a device for adjusting a temperature or a temperature distribution of at
8248975 Wireless transmitting apparatus, wireless receiving apparatus, wireless transmission method, wir August 21, 2012
A wireless transmitting apparatus inserts a training signal into a transmission burst at fixed symbol intervals as a pilot signal, a wireless receiving apparatus performs AD conversion of a received burst signal, performs symbol timing recovery, performs frame position detection and
8244133 Optical waveband demultiplexer, optical waveband multiplexer, and optical waveband selective swi August 14, 2012
A simple optical waveband multiplexer/demultiplexer operable to separate a wavelength-division multiplexed light beam WDM consisting of a plurality of wavebands WB each including a plurality of optical channels, into a predetermined plurality of wavebands WB, and output the separated
8242511 Field effect transistor using diamond and process for producing the same August 14, 2012
In a conventional diamond semiconductor element, because of high density of crystal defects, it is impossible to reflect the natural physical properties peculiar to a diamond, such as high thermal conductivity, high breakdown field strength, high-frequency characteristics and the like, i
8241589 Flow cell August 14, 2012
A measurement fluidic channel (17) is formed at almost the center of a flow cell (1). In general, the measurement region of a measurement apparatus is set to focus on almost the center of a measurement chip. When the flow cell (1) is mounted in the measurement apparatus, the focus of
8239565 Flow record restriction apparatus and the method August 7, 2012
A Flow Record restriction apparatus is provided for restricting a transmission number of Flow Records while maintaining measurement information of the whole traffic. The Flow Record restriction apparatus includes: a flow generation unit 202 configured to determine a set of packets ha
8239145 Method, device and program for presenting inner force sense and program August 7, 2012
A force feedback method for presenting a force sense to an operator by jetting gas or liquid from a nozzle of jetting means according to a position or an orientation of a receiver is disclosed. In the force feedback method, the receiver is provided with an inclined side surface unit
8238325 Packet communication network and packet communication method August 7, 2012
Full-mesh WDM transmission units, each of which includes n number of interfaces and is capable of establishing a bidirectional full-mesh communication between all of the interfaces using wavelength paths based on a wavelength division multiplexing technique, are connected in a multis
8228998 Intra prediction encoding control method and apparatus, program therefor, and storage medium whi July 24, 2012
An intra prediction encoding control method used in intra prediction encoding having a plurality of prediction modes and prediction block sizes, wherein the prediction mode and the prediction block size each can be switched when encoding is performed. The method includes a step of co
8226302 Optical connector July 24, 2012
An optical connector (10) of the present invention includes housing position correction means for correcting displacement of relative positions between plug and jack housings (13, 16); housing connection means (20, 22) which engage with each other to connect the plug and jack housing
8221548 Diamond semiconductor element and process for producing the same July 17, 2012
A process for producing a diamond thin-film includes forming a diamond crystal thin-film on a substrate and firing the diamond crystal thin-film at a sufficient temperature under high pressure under which a diamond is stable. A diamond single-crystal substrate having a diamond single
8208683 Digital watermark embedding method, apparatus and storage medium for reducing image quality dete June 26, 2012
A digital watermark embedding apparatus for embedding embedding information, as digital watermark, into an input signal having dimensions equal to or greater than N (N is an integer equal to or greater than 2) and a digital watermark detection apparatus for detecting the digital wate
8204347 Optical signal processing device June 19, 2012
In a conventional optical signal processing device, a confocal optical system is configured in which a focusing lens is positioned at a substantially-intermediate point of a free space optical path. Thus, the free space optical system had a long length. It has been difficult to reduc
8204118 Video encoding method and decoding method, apparatuses therefor, programs therefor, and storage June 19, 2012
A video encoding apparatus used in encoding of a multi-viewpoint image. The apparatus generates a synthetic image for a camera used for obtaining an encoding target image, by using an already-encoded reference camera image having a viewpoint different from the viewpoint of the camera use
8195010 Video matching apparatus and video matching method June 5, 2012
A singular point removing unit (12) removes a singular point as invisible high-frequency component noise from a degraded video signal and a reference video signal. A pixel value correcting unit (13) removes pixel-value bias added to the degraded video signal. The singular point remov
8185961 Network system, method for controlling access to storage device, management server, storage devi May 22, 2012
A network boot system including one or more client terminals, a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server, a PXE (Preboot Execution Environment) server, a TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) server, a database administration server (hereinafter, DB server), one or more stor
8181487 Optical fiber preform manufacturing method May 22, 2012
An optical fiber preform manufacturing method includes: supporting a drilling jig in a radial direction of a preform that is cylinder-shaped; moving the drilling jig in a longitudinal direction of the preform; and forming a plurality of slits each extending in the longitudinal direction
8179995 Reception device, transmission device, radio transmission/reception system, and radio reception May 15, 2012
Orthogonal converters perform orthogonal conversion on the N time-series data extracted from a received radio signal. Multi-user detectors extract transmitted signals from respective transmission devices, from the time-series data which has been subjected to the orthogonal conversion.
8160870 Method, apparatus, program, and recording medium for long-term prediction coding and long-term p April 17, 2012
A method and apparatus multiplies a past sample a time lag .tau. older than a current sample by a quantized multiplier .rho.' on a frame by frame basis, subtracts the multiplication result from the current sample, codes the subtraction result, and codes the time lag using a fixed-length

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