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5379361 Optical fiber connector including L-shaped positioning standard surfaces and method of manufactu January 3, 1995
An optical fiber connector for splicing a plurality of optical fibers integrally, including V-groove substrates each comprising V-grooves for setting optical fibers therein. Further, positioning standard surfaces arranged in parallel with a V-groove forming direction are formed in the
4975102 Optical transmission fiber and process for producing the same December 4, 1990
An optical transmission fiber comprising (1) a core of high refractive index composed of SiO.sub.2 -based glass containing at least one of GeO.sub.2, As.sub.2 O.sub.3, Sb.sub.2 O.sub.5, SnO.sub.2, TiO.sub.2, PbO and Bi.sub.2 O.sub.3, (2) a clad of low refractive index composed of SiO
4878933 Apparatus for fusion splicing optical fibers November 7, 1989
A pair of V-shaped slot blocks mounted movably on a base in both the X and Y directions and a microscope for observing the opposed state of optical fibers contained on the blocks, are provided in an apparatus for fusion splicing optical fibers. The microscope is mounted movably in the X
4863554 Process for pulling a single crystal September 5, 1989
An apparatus for pulling a single crystal by CZ method or LEC method is improved. To this end, the heater for heating the inside of the furnace is divided at least in the vicinity of the solid-liquid interface into at least two heaters. Using this apparatus, a single crystal with a decre
4857001 Electrical connectors for leadless circuit boards August 15, 1989
An electrical connector having contact elements, for mounting a leadless circuit board to a mother board. Each contact element is provided with a projection laterally projecting therefrom which engages with the lower opening edge of a through-hole of the mother board to maintain the
4838916 Method for making single-polorization, single mode optical fibers June 13, 1989
A single-polarization single-mode optical fiber comprises a core made of silica glass, a clad surrounding the core and made of silica glass having a smaller index of refraction than the glass comprising the core, a pair of stress applying members symmetrically disposed on the clad and ma
4835535 Digital-to-analog converting apparatus equipped with calibrating function May 30, 1989
In a D/A converting apparatus which provides a converted analog signal at its output terminal by selectively yielding one or more currents from one or more current sources in accordance with an input digital signal, the current sources are selectively actuated to output the currents and
4812155 Method for production of glass preform for optical fibers March 14, 1989
A method for producing a glass preform for optical fibers in which fluorine is efficiently incorporated into the preform without incorporation of Fe or Cu. A fine glass particle mass, made primarily of quartz, is converted into transparent glass by heating it in a gas atmosphere containi
4801186 Coated optical fiber, fabrication process thereof and fabrication apparatus thereof January 31, 1989
A coated optical fiber comprising an optical fiber; a first layer of a thermoplastic rubber composition which is disposed around the circumference of the optical fiber, has a Young's modulus of 0.1 GPa or less, and is capable of extrusion coating; and a second layer of a thermoplasti
4799257 Wireless transmission system for PM modulation signal January 17, 1989
A wireless transmitter for PM (phase modulation) signal with a spectrum scrambler for relocation of input spectrum for privacy purposes is comprised of a differential circuit coupled with an input terminal, a spectrum scrambler coupled with output of said differential circuit, and FM
4797143 Process for the production of optical fiber preforms January 10, 1989
An improved process for the production of optical fiber porous preforms of predetermined refractive index distribution by the vapor-phase deposition method is disclosed wherein a glass material and a dopant material are subjected to flame oxidation by the use of an oxyhydrogen burner to
4791485 System for detecting a transmission error December 13, 1988
An inter-frame encoding/decoding equipment for television signals consists of inter-frame encoding equipment encoding a difference between television signals and the output of a frame memory and inter-frame decoding equipment which receives an encoded signal sent from the inter-frame
4786954 Dynamic ram cell with trench surrounded switching element November 22, 1988
A semiconductor memory device has a semiconductor substrate of one conductivity type in which a plurality of memory cells are formed, each of the plurality of memory cells including at least one capacitor and having a trench which is formed from one major surface of the semiconductor
4783664 Shaped offset-fed dual reflector antenna November 8, 1988
A shaped offset-fed dual reflector antenna having a main reflector, a sub-reflector and a primary radiator which do not block the wave-path of said main reflector is improved by using an inclined primary radiator from a boresight axis of the antenna, and the shaped non-quadratic surface
4766313 Apparatus for quantitative secondary ion mass spectrometry August 23, 1988
An apparatus for quantitative secondary ion mass spectrometry comprising a sealed chamber for storing a sample containing a light impurity element which is to be analyzed, secondary ion generating means for bombarding a primary ion beam onto the sample so as to allow the sample to emit a
4742558 Image information retrieval/display apparatus May 3, 1988
According to an image information retrieval/display apparatus, an original image is represented by a hierarchical structure from a global image of high level to a local image of low level in accordance with resolutions thereof. Only difference information between the images of the respec
4736461 Method of transmitting terminating call signals within a restricted duration and a base station April 5, 1988
A portable unit that may be called from a base station through a radio control channel by a succession of terminating call signals that is sent through the control channel from the base station to the portable unit for a first or restricted time duration (T.sub.1), selected in considerat
4726064 Wireless reception system February 16, 1988
A wireless receiver for a PM (phase modulation) signal with a spectrum scrambling for relocation of speech spectrums for the privacy of purpose is comprised of an antenna for receiving PM modulated signals, an FM demodulator coupled with the antenna, a spectrum de-scrambler connected to
4722584 Optical connector ferrule and process for production thereof February 2, 1988
An optical connector ferrule and a method for producing such an optical connector ferrule wherein the bonding between a metal sleeve and the main body of the ferrule, which is made of a synthetic resin material, is markedly improved. A rearward end of the metal sleeve is embedded in the
4703998 Water-blocked optical fiber cable November 3, 1987
A water-tight optical fiber cable constructed without the need of a viscous water-blocking compound. At least one water-absorbing fibrous braid is placed adjacent each optical fiber to absorb any water which may be present in or enter the cable. Additionally, one or more water-absorbing
4688955 Automatic ribbon positioning serial printer August 25, 1987
A serial printer having a platen (5) and a carriage (4) having a printer head (6) with a plurality of aligned print needles close to the platen (5) for mosaic printing is disclosed. According to the present invention, an ink ribbon is in a detachable ribbon cartridge (3) under tension, a
4686168 Fluoroalkyl acrylate resist material and process for forming fine resist pattern August 11, 1987
A resist material of positive type having a high sensitivity, a high resolving power and an excellent adhesion property to substrates, which comprises a copolymer of a fluoroalkyl acrylate having the general formula: ##STR1## wherein R.sub.1 is methyl group, ethyl group, a haloge
4684213 Submarine optical fiber cable with dam means August 4, 1987
A submarine optical fiber cable includes inner and outer dams at suitable intervals for limiting water flow in the cable. The outer dams are formed in a space between inner and outer metal tubes of a pressure resisting sheath of the cable, and the inner dams are formed in the inner tube
4679899 Optical fiber July 14, 1987
An optical fiber of a silica-based material includes a coating of cured silicone rubber covering an outer surface thereof. The cured silicone rubber coating, when subjected to an infrared spectroscopic measurement, has a transmissivity of not less than 70% at a wave number of 2100 to 220
4679244 Method of transmitting terminating call signals within a restricted duration and a base station July 7, 1987
A portable unit that may be called from a base station through a radio control channel by a succession of terminating call signals that is sent through the control channel from the base station to the portable unit for a first or restricted time duration (T.sub.1), selected in considerat
4668949 Pager receiver comprising a message detector energized only at pertinent time slots May 26, 1987
In a pager receiver (12) of a paging system, a reception controller (21) is kept operable when a switch (22) is closed. A first transistor (31) energizes a receiver part (16, 17) at the beginning of a call code part of a received calling signal. If a calling code for that receiver is det
4656347 Diffraction grating position adjuster using a grating and a reflector April 7, 1987
A method of adjusting a relative positional relationship between two objects uses a diffraction grating. A first diffraction grating is arranged on a first object located to oppose a second object, a reflecting surface is arranged at a position of the second object which corresponds
4653594 Vibration generating apparatus March 31, 1987
A vibration generating apparatus including a support body having a first center axis, a first spherical joint element provided at a forward end of the support body and having the center of a sphere located on the first center axis, a vibrating body having a second center axis passing thr
4645564 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device with MIS capacitor February 24, 1987
A semiconductor device with a metal-insulator-semiconductor capacitor has:a semiconductor substrate having a predetermined conductivity type and serving as one electrode of the metal-insulator-semiconductor capacitor, the semiconductor substrate being provided with a trench of a cross-se
4644458 Electric power supply circuit capable of reducing a loss of electric power February 17, 1987
In an electric power supply circuit comprising a plurality of constant current units each of which is controllable by a control voltage (V.sub.c) to keep a circuit output current (I.sub.OUT) substantially constant and which has no shunt resistor, the control voltage is supplied from a si
4642245 Iron oxide magnetic film and process for fabrication thereof February 10, 1987
.gamma.-Fe.sub.2 O.sub.3 film added at least one selected from the group consisting of Pd, Au, Pt, Rh, Ag, Ru, Ir, Os as additive, especially Os are disclosed. Reduction from .alpha.-Fe.sub.2 O.sub.3 to Fe.sub.3 O.sub.4 is accelerated by additive Os to accompany to a uniform reduction an
4639080 Optical fibers coated with modified 1,4-polybutadienes January 27, 1987
A coating material for optical glass fibers is disclosed. The material is comprised of 1,4-polybutadienes having functional groups or modified polybutadienes derived from the 1,4-polybutadienes having introduced therein polymerizable double bonds different from the double bonds present
4638185 Analog signal measuring apparatus January 20, 1987
An analog signal measuring apparatus has: a sampling gate circuit, having a plurality of input terminals including an analog signal input terminal and a feedback signal input terminal, for generating an output signal of high or low level when a sum of input signals goes beyond or falls b
4637939 Optical adhesive composition January 20, 1987
The adhesive composition or compound of the invention comprises an epoxy resin, a reactive diluent and a hardener, and at least one of said components contains fluorine atoms. The adhesive composition containing fluorine atoms, according to the invention, provides a cured or hardened
4633510 Electronic circuit capable of stably keeping a frequency during presence of a burst December 30, 1986
In a radio communication system, a transmitting section of a substation comprises a controlling circuit (21) for controlling a carrier frequency of a local oscillator (24) in response to a frequency deviation signal. A burst generating circuit (26) generates a burst in response to the in
4631721 Bidirectional communication system of a two-wire bus comprising an active terminator December 23, 1986
In a communication system comprising a two-wire bus, bidirectional communication is carried out in a time division multiple access fashion through the two-wire bus between a plurality of terminal equipments (26) coupled to the two-wire bus and a central terminator (24) connected to one
4625076 Signed document transmission system November 25, 1986
On the transmitting side, a signature corresponding to a document to be transmitted is generated using a random number and the document as variables and on the basis of a congruent polynomial of second or higher degree with respect to the random number, secret key information and pub
4622480 Switched capacitor circuit with high power supply projection ratio November 11, 1986
In a switched capacitor circuit, in order to eliminate leakage of a power supply noise component to a signal line through an input capacitance of an operation amplifier, (1) an operating current of at least a first, differential stage among stages of the operational amplifier is regulate
4621368 Digital transmission system November 4, 1986
Fast and deep fading tends to occur in the communication between a fixed base station and a mobile station which is carried on an automobile travelling in an urban area. When connection control signals or other digital code pattern need to be transmitted between the mobile station and
4619695 Process for producing high-purity metal targets for LSI electrodes October 28, 1986
A high-purity high-melting metal target or high-purity high-melting metal silicide target for LSI electrodes having an alkali metal content of not more than 100 ppb and a radioactive element content of not more than 10 ppb is provided by a wet purification process followed by a series of
4618901 High density magnetic head October 21, 1986
A magnetic head for digital signal recording/reproducing (FIG. 11) having a C-ring shaped core (11.1) with a gap (G) for introducing leakage flux of a recording medium, a conductor (11.2, Y) for generating bias flux in hard magnetization axis of the core (11.1), apparatus (10.3, 11.3) fo
4618354 Method, apparatus and burner for fabricating an optical fiber preform October 21, 1986
In an optical fiber preform fabrication method having the steps of decomposing a glass raw material in a flame so that fine glass particles are produced; depositing the fine glass particles on a seed rod to form a porous preform; and consolidating the porous preform into a transparent
4608464 Interface circuit interconnecting a bidirectional two-wire line with unidirectional four-wire li August 26, 1986
In an interface circuit which couples a two-wire line of bidirectional transmission and unidirectional four-wire receiving and transmitting lines; in order to permit the interface circuit to operate in adaptation to the fluctuation of an impedance with the two-wire line side viewed from
4603347 Intraframe coding and decoding equipment for video signals of different quality July 29, 1986
Intraframe coding and decoding equipment are used in a communication network for digital video signals. Video signal sources which have various frequency deviations are transmitted by the communication network. Each of the intraframe coding and decoding equipment items has a locked sampl
4602383 Image data compression system July 22, 1986
In an image data compression system for encoding a binary or multilevel image signal into a compressed code, a line position is detected from the image signal and normalized, and its relative normalized line position is calculated from a line to be coded and an immediately preceding code
4602374 Multi-level decision circuit July 22, 1986
An input multi-level amplitude signal of 2.sup.M levels is supplied via a DC level controller to an AD converter for conversion into an N-bit (N being an integer greater than M) digital signal, and M high-order bits of the digital signal are provided as decided outputs. It is decided by
4597085 Double-channel planar heterostructure semiconductor laser June 24, 1986
A double-channel planar buried-heterostructure semiconductor laser diode (DC-PBH LD) has improved high frequency response characteristics due to lower p-n junction capacitance resulting from the interposition of a low carrier concentration blocking layer between p-n-p-n blocking layers o
4595423 Method of homogenizing a compound semiconductor crystal prior to implantation June 17, 1986
The quality of a compound semiconductor crystal such as gallium arsenide used for an integrated circuit is upgraded by a method comprising optionally forming a protective film on the obverse surface and reverse surface of a substrate consisting of a compound semiconductor crystal, su
4593267 Digital data code conversion circuit for variable-word-length data code June 3, 1986
A digital data code conversion circuit for a variable-word-length data code includes a data code conversion portion and a preparation circuit. In the preparation circuit, a variable-word-length data code having a word length greater than a number n is divided into a plurality of vari
4591627 Optical adhesive composition May 27, 1986
The adhesive composition or compound of the invention comprises an epoxy resin, a reactive diluent and a hardener, and at least one of said components contains fluorine atoms. The adhesive composition containing fluorine atoms, according to the invention, provides a cured or hardened
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