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Osaka, JP
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6804061 Resin erecting lens array and method for fabricating the same October 12, 2004
A resin erecting lens array is fabricated by forming a coating of silicon dioxide compound on the surface of each of molded resin lens plates, forming an aperture stop for each micro-lens on the surface of each resin lens plate, applying an adhesive on end portions of each resin lens pla
6796145 Method for cutting mother rod lens September 28, 2004
A method that accurately cuts mother rod lenses and increases production yield. The method includes arranging the mother rod lenses such that the optical axes of the mother rod lenses are parallel to one another, forming a lens block having perpendicular first and second side surfaces to
6793990 Method of manufacturing glass panel and glasspanel manufactured by the method September 21, 2004
A glass panel (P) including a pair of glass sheets (1A), (1B) disposed in a spaced relationship with each other with forming a gap (V) therebetween, characterized in that peripheral edges of the glass sheets (1A), (1B) are bonded directly by a single metal material (3) for sealing the ga
6790901 Fiber-treating agent, glass fiber and rubber product both made with the fiber treating agent September 14, 2004
A glass fiber containing a fiber processing agent for increasing the surface strength of a rubber product, such as a rubber belt or a tire, and a rubber product containing the glass fiber. The fiber processing agent is comprised of a dispersion solution having a 2-component dispersoid
6790583 Light absorbing pattern film coated article production method and light absorbing pattern film c September 14, 2004
A method of producing a light absorbing pattern film coated article with a transmitted light spectrum distribution corresponding to the pattern of a photomask, wherein a light absorbing film coating solution, containing a silicon oxide raw material, a titanium oxide raw material, which c
6790494 Heat insulating and shielding glass panel September 14, 2004
A heat insulating/heat shielding glass panel is produced by forming a functional film on a sheet of plate glass, which film is high in solar radiation reflectance, small in solar radiation absorptivity, and has emissivity of 0.20 or less, superposing another sheet of plate glass on t
6785441 Optical fiber collimator August 31, 2004
An optical fiber collimator having a lens (10), and an optical fiber chip (14) disposed at a distance from the lens, the optical fiber chip holding an end portion of an optical fiber (12) and having an end surface treated to be inclined. The optical axis of the optical fiber is made ecce
6784129 Ultraviolet/infrared absorbent low transmittance glass August 31, 2004
The ultraviolet/infrared absorbent low transmittance glass has a grayish green color shade, low visible light transmittance, low total solar energy transmittance, and low ultraviolet transmittance, and is suitable for a rear window of a vehicle and capable of protecting privacy. The glas
6783254 Light guide and line illuminating device August 31, 2004
A light guide 1 is provided at the reverse side thereof with triangular uneven surfaces 1b at a predetermined pitch. The uneven surfaces 1b are integrally formed with the light guide 1 when the latter 1 is injection-molded. Incident light from a light incident plane is caused to be s
6782162 Optical module and method for assembling the same August 24, 2004
An optical module which satisfies a required insertion loss and can be easily assembled with high productivity. The optical module includes first optical fiber, a first lens, an optical device, a second lens, and second optical fiber. The first lens receives an incident light from the fi
6780803 Ultraviolet/infrared absorbent low transmittance glass August 24, 2004
The ultraviolet/infrared absorbent low transmittance glass consists of base glass including: 65 to 80 wt. % SiO.sub.2 ; 0 to 5 wt. % Al.sub.2 O.sub.3 ; 0 to 10 wt. % MgO; 5 to 15 wt. % CaO (a total amount of MgO and CaO is between 5 to 15 wt. %); 10 to 18 wt. % Na.sub.2 O; 0 to 5 wt. % K
6780801 Raw material composition for soda-lime glass August 24, 2004
The present invention provides a raw material composition for soda-lime glass capable of effectively suppressing formation of nickel sulfide (NiS) in the course of melting of the glass raw material. A nickel sulfide (NiS) impurity present in soda-lime glass is formed in a high-temperatur
6780290 Method and device for forming film August 24, 2004
The prevent invention improves the film thickness distribution in the direction of revolution of substrates by a simple manner in a method for forming coating films, wherein a evaporating source 3 is disposed at a predetermined distance from substrates 2, and when a coating film material
6777091 Substrate with photocatalytic film and method for producing the same August 17, 2004
The sheet resistance of titanium oxide film can be controlled in 10.sup.9 to 10.sup.13 .OMEGA./.quadrature. by coating a titanium oxide film on a substrate by sputtering a target containing metallic titanium under an atmosphere at reduced pressure and then subjecting the film to heat
6776537 Light source-optical fiber coupler August 17, 2004
A light source-optical fiber coupler using a gradient index rod lens 12 by which a diffused luminous flux emitted from a light source (for example, a semiconductor laser 10) is coupled onto an end surface of an optical fiber (for example, a single-mode optical fiber 14). The gradient ind
6776494 Planar light source and method for forming a light scatterer for a planar light source August 17, 2004
A plane display lamp using one or two dot-like light sources. This plane display lamp comprises a plate-like light guiding member; a bottom plate covering a bottom surface of said light guiding member; a casing frame covering side faces of said light guiding member; a diffusing sheet
6773529 Glass panel and its manufacturing method August 10, 2004
In order to provide a glass panel in which any substance which may be present on the glass surface and may then become detached to invite deterioration in the vacuum degree has been sufficiently reduced and which can maintain highly sealed condition against the surround atmosphere for
6771428 Gradient index rod lens, method for manufacturing gradient index rod lens, and lens array August 3, 2004
A compact gradient index rod lens that can be manufactured without decreasing the amount of incident light. The gradient index rod lens includes a lens body radially distributing refractive indexes. The lens body has a cross sectional outline formed by removing at least part of a per
6768838 Optical module July 27, 2004
An optical module for optically coupling an input side and an output side with each other through an optically functional portion inserted between the input side and the output side. At least one of the input side and the output side includes a plurality of collimators. At least one of t
6766662 Method of manufacturing glass parts for connecting optical fibers, and glass parts for connectin July 27, 2004
There are provided a method of manufacturing a glass part for connecting optical fibers, which allows insertion of optical fibers into the internal hole of the glass part smoothly, and glass parts for connecting optical fibers manufactured using the method. Predetermined parts of a glass
6766076 Optical module and method for assembling the same July 20, 2004
An optical module is provided in which any conjugate ratio in an optical axis direction may be easily realized, the time duration for alignment may be shortened by using a passive alignment technique, and a large degree of may be obtained for any optical design. The optical module compri
6765721 Polarization element and method for manufacturing the same July 20, 2004
A method for manufacturing a polarization element which has a high reliability and is easy to manufacture. The manufacturing method includes the steps of forming a fine metal particle dispersed product including a plurality of dispersed fine metal particles on a surface of the transp
6764972 Mother glass composition for graded index lens July 20, 2004
A compositional range for a mother glass composition for graded index lenses which has a desired refractive index and is less apt to be devitrified and to develop cracks upon ion exchange was obtained by incorporating at least a given amount of one or more ingredients which are selec
6763159 Waveguide type liquid crystal optical switch July 13, 2004
The invention provides a waveguide type liquid crystal optical switch that includes first and second cores so as to form a space therebetween, in which an optical path is switched between the first and second cores; a third core provided apart from the first and second cores, into which
6761984 Article coated with photocatalyst film, method for preparing the article and sputtering target f July 13, 2004
This invention relates to an article having a substrate with a photocatalyst coating film formed thereon by ae sputtering method, characterized in that the photocatalyst coating film comprises titanium oxide as a main component and at least one kind of metal having a sputtering rate
6760533 Optical adhesive composition and optical device July 6, 2004
An adhesive composition for bonding optical parts comprising (A) 3 to 60 wt % of an epoxysilane or a hydrolysis/polycondensation product thereof, (B) 5 to 90 wt % of a bisphenol type epoxy resin having a viscosity of 2,000 to 5,000 mPa.multidot.s, (C) 5 to 35 wt % of a novolak type epoxy
6760085 Wavelength selecting module and wavelength selecting apparatus July 6, 2004
A wavelength selecting module includes a first collimator for collimating diverging light to generate a collimated light beam and a liquid crystal cell having a predetermined helical direction. The liquid crystal cell separates a light signal having a specific wavelength among a pluralit
6753280 Ultraviolet/infrared absorbent green glass June 22, 2004
Ultraviolet/infrared absorbent green glass is composed of soda-lime-silica glass including 0.001 to 2 wt. % Li.sub.2 O and, as colorant, 0.4 to 2 wt. % total iron oxide expressed as Fe.sub.2 O.sub.3 (T-Fe.sub.2 O.sub.3) wherein FeO expressed as Fe.sub.2 O.sub.3 is 15 to 60% of T-Fe.sub.2
6753064 Multi-layered coated substrate and method of production thereof June 22, 2004
The invention provides a multilayer-coated substrate which has recesses and projections of an accurate shape on the surface and has high heat resistance and a high degree of integration, and further provides a process for producing the same.
6747940 Optical writing head comprising self-scanning light-emitting element array June 8, 2004
An optical writing head in which the number of bus lines to be derived may be decreased by using a self-scanning light-emitting element array is provided. A .PHI.1 bonding pad of each SLED chip is connected to .PHI.1 bus line via a resistor R1, and a .PHI.2 bonding pad of each SLED chip
6744033 Bar-shaped light guide, line-illuminating device incorporated with the bar-shaped light guide an June 1, 2004
A light guide 3 has a cross-sectional shape substantially 1/4 oval. An end of a major axis side of the oval is cut (chamfered) to include a focal point of the oval. Light scattering patterns 3P are provided on a plane 3d formed by cutting. The light guide 3 is housed in a light guide cas
6743529 Process for producing glass substrate for magnetic recording medium and glass substrate for magn June 1, 2004
A process for producing a glass substrate for a magnetic recording medium by forming a surface roughness in a main surface of a glass plate that has been formed into a disk shape, includes: imparting a processing mark having a permanent strain to the main surface of the glass plate in a
6743517 Process for producing optical element June 1, 2004
An optical device assembled by means of an adhesive composition which is free from the cracking of an adhesive layer thereof, is prepared easily and has excellent adhesive strength.The optical device is produced by placing an adhesive composition prepared by hydrolyzing, dehydrating and
6742938 Optical module for coupling an optical semiconductor element having a sealing cap with an optica June 1, 2004
An optical semiconductor element (14) of the cap sealing type is aligned with an optical axis of an optical part contained in a resin housing (12), and mounted on the resin housing. In this case, the upper surface of a cap of the optical semiconductor element is butted to the end face of
6740366 Article having predetermined surface shape and method for preparing the same May 25, 2004
An article having a predetermined surface configuration, such as an optical element having fine irregularities in the surface which has high heat resistance, small heat shrinkage at the time of molding a film and high dimensional stability, and a production process therefor. The article
6733850 Glass panel and production method therefor May 11, 2004
In order to provide a glass panel in which any substance which may be present on the glass surface and may then become detached to invite deterioration in the vacuum degree has been sufficiently reduced and which can maintain highly sealed condition against the surround atmosphere for
6725689 Method for bend-shaping a glass sheet April 27, 2004
An apparatus for bend-shaping a glass sheet is disclosed, which comprises a heating furnace, a plurality of in-furnace beds disposed within the heating furnace, at least one out-furnace bed disposed externally of the heating furnace proximately to an outlet of the heating furnace, and an
6724537 Lens array for unity magnification imaging, and image reading apparatus using the same array April 20, 2004
A miniaturized lens array for unity magnification imaging comprises a plurality of rod lenses arranged in one row. An arrangement pitch D of the rod lenses is defined to satisfy (2 m+1).multidot.D.ltoreq.2.1 mm or 2.5 mm. An angle of aperture .theta. of the rod lens is defined to satisfy
6723487 Method for producing article coated with patterned film and photosensitive composition April 20, 2004
There can be provided a method for producing a pattern film-coated article which has excellent film formability, can remove unexposed portions of a film completely in the development step after exposing the film to light. and has excellent pattern accuracy; and a photosensitive compositi
6721485 Echelon diffraction grating and optical waveguide element April 13, 2004
An echelon diffraction grating which has excellent heat resistance and can be produced at a low cost and an optical waveguide which has high heat resistance, small absorption of a communication wavelength of a near infrared range, and satisfies reliability and a low loss at an optical
6717733 Collimator array April 6, 2004
A collimator array includes a plurality of collimators. Each collimator includes a lens and an optical fiber optically coupled to the lens. The lens is arranged so that its optical axis is parallel to one another. In each collimator, a core axis of the optical fiber is positioned relativ
6717183 Light-emitting thyristor matrix array and driver circuit April 6, 2004
A light-emitting thyristor matrix array in which the area of a chip may be decreased is provided. A plurality of three-terminal light-emitting thyristors are arrayed in one line in parallel with the long side of the chip, a plurality of bonding pads are arrayed in one line in parallel wi
6717182 Edge-emitting light-emitting device having improved external luminous efficiency and self-scanni April 6, 2004
A self-scanning light-emitting element array using an end face light-emitting thyristor having improved external emission efficiency is provided. To improve the external emission efficiency of the end face light-emitting thyristor, the present invention adopts such structure that the
6715318 Glass substrate for information recording media and manufacturing method thereof April 6, 2004
There are provided a glass substrate for information recording media in which the undulations on the glass substrate surface are optimized, thus contributing to reduction of the flying height, and at the same time preventing the occurrence of head crashes and thermal asperity, and a
6713418 Glass article and glass substrate for information recording media using the same March 30, 2004
A glass article of the present invention has a rate of dissolution in an acidic liquid of from 10 to 100 nm/min in terms of etching rate in immersing in a 0.1% by weight C. aqueous solution of hydrofluoric acid and an average linear thermal expansion coefficient of 70.time
6710925 Lens array of erecting mode with unity magnification March 23, 2004
A lens array of an erecting mode with unity amplification which scarcely generates a stray light and a flare light, is provided. In the lens array of the erecting mode with unity amplification constituted by superposing a plurality of lens plates in which convex lenses are arrayed and fo
6710330 Light-receiving element array device and optical demultiplexer using the same March 23, 2004
In the light-receiving element array device according to the present invention, a light-receiving section can be arranged at a position close to an input optical fiber so that the light-receiving element array device can be used as an optical demultiplexer based on the Littrow arrangemen
6708526 Method for manufacturing a glass sheet having an uneven surface March 23, 2004
A heat-resistant pipe is arranged so as to traverse below a glass ribbon in a float bath of molten tin, and bubbles emanate from the heat-resistant pipe, thereby making the bottom surface (which is in contact with the tin) uneven. Alternatively, the bottom surface is made uneven with a r
6706450 Separator for sealed lead acid battery March 16, 2004
A separator for a valve-regulated lead acid battery consists mainly of fine glass fibers. The separator includes inorganic powder in an amount of 5 to 30% by weight and natural pulp in an amount of 3 to 20% by weight, and has a density of not less than 0.165 g/cm.sup.3. The separator suf
6704147 Collimator, collimator array and method of producing those member March 9, 2004
A method of producing a collimator or collimator array is constituted by the steps of: fixing long-size gradient index rod lens raw materials on a substrate having end surfaces each forming a plane so that the long-size gradient index rod lens raw materials are arranged side by side at
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