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7785199 Touch-sensitive gaming system with dual displays August 31, 2010
A first game image to be controlled by using an operation switch section 14 is displayed on a first LCD 11. In addition, a second game image to be controlled by using a touch panel 13 is displayed on a second LCD 12. The first game image and the second game image are expressions, taken f
7785198 Game apparatus and game program providing lead character and sub character group movement August 31, 2010
A plurality of slots are set in a game space with reference to the current location of a leader character, and one slot is correlated with one sub character. Each sub character is controlled so as to move it from the current location toward the corresponding slot. As the leader character
7785197 Voice-to-text chat conversion for remote video game play August 31, 2010
A multi-player networked video game playing system including for example video game consoles analyzes speech to vary the font size and/or color of associated text displayed to other users. If the amplitude of the voice is high, the text displayed to other users is displayed in a larger t
7785181 Game program and game apparatus August 31, 2010
When an operation block collides a stacked block in an X-direction, a part of the stacked block facing an operation block is shifted to the X-direction to allow the operation block to be absorbed in the stacked block and an end being opposite to the end facing the operation block of
7783535 Video game apparatus and information storage medium for video game August 24, 2010
A video game apparatus includes a CPU that detects a program control code included in a land object in the vicinity of a player object, and then, the CPU determines a kind of the land object. If the land object is "hole", the CPU executes a "hole operation" subroutine. Similarly, if the
7781664 Storage medium storing music playing program, and music playing apparatus August 24, 2010
The game apparatus stores music data which indicates at least a pitch of each of sounds which form a melody of a predetermined piece of music and an output timing to output each of the sounds. The game apparatus sequentially detects, among the sounds included in the music data, a tar
7781663 Storage medium storing musical piece correction program and musical piece correction apparatus August 24, 2010
A musical piece correction apparatus corrects a sounding timing (note-on timings) of a sound constituting apart of a musical piece. First, the musical piece correction apparatus reads, from storage means, music performance data indicating sounding timings in the musical piece. Next,
7777124 Music reproducing program and music reproducing apparatus adjusting tempo based on number of str August 17, 2010
A CPU of a game machine compares the predicted number of samples in a streaming reproduction and the actual number of samples during execution of the reproduction of sequence data of the BGM in a step S41 in response to a beat signal detected in a step S35. When the compared error is
7775867 Storage medium storing a game program, game apparatus, and game control method August 17, 2010
A game apparatus includes an LCD and a touch panel is provided on the LCD. On the LCD is displayed a game screen on which objects of different types are disposed so as to be aligned in a reticular pattern. By a player touching a desired object, a three-dimensional location of the object
7774155 Accelerometer-based controller August 10, 2010
Acceleration data which is output from an acceleration sensor is obtained. A rotation motion of an input device around a predetermined direction as a rotation axis is determined by comparing a start point in a two-dimensional coordinate system which is represented by the first accele
7771280 Game console connector and emulator for the game console August 10, 2010
A portable game system includes two display screens, at least one of which is touch-sensitive. A memory card or other device is selectively connectable to the portable game system via in insertable connection port.
7771279 Game program and game machine for game character and target image processing August 10, 2010
On a display screen, a game image including a plurality of target images and a game character image is displayed. The target images moves so as to pass over the game character image. When an input is provided from a player onto a touch panel, input coordinates are detected. In response,
7770027 Semiconductor memory device August 3, 2010
A semiconductor memory includes a memory control section and a memory core section. A command judgment circuit in the memory control section changes the operating mode of the semiconductor memory in response to a command sent from a controller of an information processing apparatus. In a
7766746 Game apparatus and game program August 3, 2010
The game apparatus comprises a first LCD 11 for displaying a first game image, a second LCD 12 for displaying a second game image relating to the first game image, character display control means for displaying a player character 80 on at least one of the first LCD 11 and the second LCD
7765539 System and method for trans-compiling video games July 27, 2010
A method of porting a video game or other application from one platform to another involves decompiling the game executable to develop source code in a high level programming language such as C. The (re)generated source code is re-linked using target native libraries to handle hardware
7762893 Storage medium having game program stored thereon and game apparatus July 27, 2010
When a player is controlling a first object with a pointing device, an in-operation flag indicating that the player is controlling the first object with the pointing device is set as "ON". When the in-operation flag is set as "ON" and a second object is within a predetermined distanc
7762891 Game apparatus, recording medium having game program recorded thereon, and game system July 27, 2010
A game system is composed of a TV, a hand-held game machine, and a game apparatus, for example. A hand-held game machine and a plurality of controllers are connected to the game apparatus, for example. The hand-held game machine displays a first game screen which indicates the positi
7753785 Game apparatus, storing medium that stores control program of virtual camera, and control method July 13, 2010
A game apparatus includes a CPU. The CPU generates a game image based on an image photographed by a virtual camera arranged in a game space, and displays the game image on a monitor connected to the game apparatus. A character location of a player character is used as a target location,
7750893 Storage medium storing input position processing program, and input position processing device July 6, 2010
An input position processing program detects a series of pieces of position data based on input positions outputted from a pointing device, and defines a reference position. When the last piece of position data indicates a point within a defined area other than a reference area, an o
7744466 Storage medium storing a game program, game apparatus and game controlling method June 29, 2010
A video game apparatus includes a CPU, and the CPU advances a game according to input data transmitted from a plurality of controllers. A plurality of players share each controller to utilize it in turn. Each player selects in advance a character as his or her own avatar. When a cert
7744465 Game machine and data storage medium having stored therein game program June 29, 2010
A game machine is provided with two display units, that is, a first LCD and a second LCD. On the second LCD, feature information unique to each object located in a virtual game space is displayed. When a player selects, based on information displayed on the second LCD, one of the obj
7739480 Method and apparatus for obtaining a scalar value directly from a vector register June 15, 2010
A method and apparatus for obtaining a scalar value from a vector register for use in a mixed vector and scalar instruction, including providing a vector in a vector register file, and embedding a location identifier of the scalar value within the vector in the bits defining the mixed ve
7736235 Game system for varying parameter of a character June 15, 2010
A game apparatus generates a game image for display on a display screen. A size and a shape of an attack input supplied to the game apparatus is determined and one or more characteristics of an attacked game character is changed based on one or both of the size and shape of the supplied
7731591 Game apparatus and backup writing control method June 8, 2010
A game apparatus includes, for example, a CPU, and a ROM and/or a RAM for executing and storing game programs and game program backup data. The RAM has multiple pre-allocated backup game data storage areas for use by different game programs during their respective execution including a
7731590 Creation of ranking table for competitive game June 8, 2010
Game apparatuses connected in a peer-to-peer manner play a competitive game with each other. Each of the game apparatuses stores a ranking table ranking points of multiple users based on past games of the users. When finishing playing the game, the game apparatuses respectively calculate
7729661 Wireless communication game system June 1, 2010
A wireless communication game system includes a plurality of mobile game apparatuses, which function as a parent device or a child device and are capable of making a communication with each other, and broadcasts from the parent device a parent device packet including a parent device PID,
7725078 Wireless communication system for communication among a plurality of mobile game apparatuses tha May 25, 2010
A service providing apparatus transmits, at a short distance, priority control data which indicates that the priority level of a short distance wireless communication of itself for providing service data is higher than the priority level of a short distance wireless communication among
7724267 Information processing program and information processing apparatus May 25, 2010
An information processing apparatus has a pointing device for designating a position of an arbitrary point with respect to a reference point O, and a processor of the information processing apparatus detects a position of the point designated by the pointing device with respect to the re
7722452 Game program and game device May 25, 2010
A game program of the present invention causes a computer to execute a first delete condition setting step of setting a delete condition of puzzle elements in which puzzle elements of the same kind in a first number or more are continuously arranged in a predetermined direction as a
7722450 Game system, program, and information storage medium May 25, 2010
A game system including: a music reproduction section which reproduces given music data stored in a storage section; a display control section which performs display control of changing a relative positional relationship among a direction mark which directs an operation to be perform
7716008 Acceleration data processing program, and storage medium, and acceleration data processing appar May 11, 2010
The data acquisition means acquires the acceleration data at predetermined time intervals. The change amount calculation means calculates a change amount vector representing a change amount of the acceleration by using the acceleration data having been acquired by the data acquisition me
7714953 Display device May 11, 2010
A display device has a laminated body including a first glass substrate and a second glass substrate, and an inside frame for supporting the laminated body. A polarizing plate is provided on a first surface as one main surface of the first glass substrate, and a part of a second surface
7713129 Image processing system May 11, 2010
An image processing system includes a fixed-type game machine and a hand-held type game machine. To the hand-held type game machine, an imaging cartridge is attached, and therefore, when an operator photographs a face image of a desired object, for example, face image data correspond
7711505 Orientation calculation apparatus, storage medium having orientation calculation program stored May 4, 2010
An orientation calculation apparatus obtains data from an input device comprising at least a gyro sensor, an acceleration sensor, and an image pickup means, so as to calculate an orientation of the input device. Firstly, the orientation calculation apparatus calculates an orientation
7708641 Game program for touch control hand-held game device May 4, 2010
When a selected character 50 in possession of a ball 51 enters a centering area, a button switch image 61 for "centering" is displayed on a second LCD 12 provided with a touch panel. If the player touches the button switch image 61, the selected character 50 makes a "centering" pass. The
7708637 Game program and game apparatus May 4, 2010
Each time a player character performs a boom triggering act, "1" is added to the corresponding act number counter provided for each non-player character. The value of each act number counter is periodically added to a boom value provided for each non-player character. When a boom value
7701461 Method and apparatus for buffering graphics data in a graphics system April 20, 2010
A graphics system including a custom graphics and audio processor produces exciting 2D and 3D graphics and surround sound. The system includes a graphics and audio processor including a 3D graphics pipeline and an audio digital signal processor. Techniques for efficiently buffering g
7699704 Game system playable by plurality of players, game apparatus and storage medium storing game pro April 20, 2010
A game system includes, for example, a game console and a plurality of hand-held game apparatuses functioning as an operating means. In the game system, a game for causing a plurality of player characters simultaneously displayed to find a hidden item in a game field is performed. Th
7698096 Information processing apparatus, storage medium, and methodology for calculating an output valu April 13, 2010
A game apparatus stores, when an output value is equal to a boundary value of a predetermined range, boundary angle data representing a boundary angle corresponding to a tilt angle of an input device. The game apparatus obtains, from an input device, data including a value changed in
7697015 Storage medium and game device storing image generating program April 13, 2010
In accordance with a level of importance of a character, a weight is provided for the character. For example, a character operated by a player is provided with a weight heavier than those provided for other characters, and other characters are provided with the respective weights lig
7695367 Storage medium having game program stored thereon and game apparatus April 13, 2010
A predetermined action is performed between a player object and another object positioned in a first determination range when a player designates said another object by controlling a pointing device. On the other hand, when the player performs an operation so as to designate said another
7690994 Storage medium storing virtual position determining program April 6, 2010
A game controller includes an image-capturing section, and outputs, as control data, a captured image itself or a result of performing a predetermined operation on the captured image. Using the control data obtained from the game controller, distance data regarding the distance betwe
7690993 Game music generating method and game apparatus April 6, 2010
A game apparatus includes a CPU, and the CPU generates a game Background Music (BGM) corresponding to a proceeding situation of a game, and etc. The CPU selects data, from a main memory conductor, according to the proceeding of the game, and etc., and generates BGM data regarding one or
7684958 Storage medium having step count calculation program stored therein, step count calculation appa March 23, 2010
By repeatedly obtaining acceleration data, a gravity direction acceleration acting in a gravity direction of a housing and a horizontal direction acceleration acting in a horizontal direction perpendicular to the gravity direction are calculated. By using a first coefficient, a first
7683911 Image processing program and image processing apparatus March 23, 2010
When rendering individual 3D models arranged in a virtual game space, normal rendering is performed without performing toon shading. Then, after rendering of all the 3D models has been completed, toon processing is performed on the rendered image data stored in a color buffer, so as
7682252 Game data control program, game data overwriting program and game data overwriting device March 23, 2010
Before game data is arranged, a storage area for the game data in an internal memory is determined so that each game parameter is stored in a different storage area each time the game data is arranged. Then, arrangement information that directly or indirectly indicates the storage ar
7682250 Method and apparatus for simulating interactive spinning bar gymnastics on a 3D display March 23, 2010
The video or other computer graphics display shows, on a touch screen, a spinnable bar having a control wheel affixed to an end thereof. Strokes of a stylus applied to the surface of the wheel controls the direction and/or rate of spin of the wheel and bar. An animated game character
7679623 Image processing program and image processing device March 16, 2010
A computer of an image processing device executing an image processing program displays, on a display device, a virtual three-dimensional space where there are a plurality of objects. The computer varies a size of a collision detection region defined for a predetermined object so that th
7677978 Game apparatus and game program March 16, 2010
A game apparatus provided with a touch panel that a player can use to enter an instruction by touching a touch panel with a stick or a finger. A touch panel image, including multiple button switch images, is displayed on the touch panel, and the player can enter a desired instruction
7674167 Storage medium storing traveling time calculation program and game apparatus March 9, 2010
A traveling time calculation program causes a computer to function as the following: position determination programmed logic circuitry which determines a position of a movable object using a velocity vector with every update of a game screen, virtual position setting programmed logic
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