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7907779 Game apparatus and storage medium storing a handwriting input program March 15, 2011
A game apparatus displays a game screen of 9.times.9 grid, for example, of a Sudoku puzzle on one LCD and an empty cell (cell to be answered) is large-displayed on the other LCD. A touch panel is provided on the LCD to allow a player to handwrite a numeral to fill in the cell with a stic
7905782 Game apparatus having general-purpose remote control function March 15, 2011
A game apparatus is capable of controlling infrared radiation means for radiating infrared light. The game apparatus executes game processing using imaging information on the infrared light obtained from an input device. The input device takes an image of the infrared light radiated by
7905781 Information processing apparatus, information storing medium and program thereof, and operating March 15, 2011
An information processing apparatus includes a controller (1), and a game machine (2) to which the controller (1) is connected, and from at least one of a plurality of switches provided on the controller (1), a digital output or an analog output is obtained in accordance with an operatin
7905779 Video game including effects for providing different first person experiences of the same video March 15, 2011
In a video game, various effects are used to convey the experience of a game world of different kinds of game characters and game objects. For example, if a game character is a dog, a visual effect may be used to convey a dog's red-green color blindness. If a game character is a mouse,
7901293 Game system, game apparatus, and storage medium having game program stored therein March 8, 2011
In a game system of the illustrative embodiments, a slave machine a process of lengthening a frame cycle at times k1 and k2 by a time period of j1 and a time period of j2, respectively, thereby establishing synchronization with a master machine. Also, the master machine carries out a
7896733 Method and apparatus for providing interesting and exciting video game play using a stability/en March 1, 2011
A power or life meter is displayed in a video game. Firing a weapon depletes the indicated power. Meanwhile, the power is recharged at a predetermined rate. If the indicated power exceeds capacity, the game character is adversely impacted. If the indicated power is completely deplete
7894638 Training mimetic muscles by evaluating a captured user's expression against a given expression February 22, 2011
One of a plurality of prepared given expressions is displayed on a screen. After the given expression is presented to the user, the position of a face feature point is detected from a face image of the user taken by a camera cartridge. Based on the detected position of the face feature
7890199 Storage medium storing sound output control program and sound output control apparatus February 15, 2011
A sound output control apparatus includes a controller for a user to perform a stroke operation. The controller is provided with an acceleration sensor for detecting accelerations of two axes, for example. The sum of the accelerations is calculated, and the output of a sound is contr
7889503 Electronic appliance having an electronic component and a heat-dissipating plate February 15, 2011
An electronic appliance includes a circuit board mounted with an electronic-circuit component. The circuit board is covered with a shield, and a metallic heat-dissipating member is arranged on the electronic-circuit component. The shield is grounded on the circuit board, and arranged
7884822 Game apparatus, storage medium storing a game program, and game controlling method February 8, 2011
A game apparatus includes a first LCD and a second LCD, and on the first LCD, a two-dimensional game screen including objects positioned in a two-dimensional coordinate is displayed. When a two-dimensional coordinate of a specific object out of the objects positioned in the two-dimen
7884802 Information selecting apparatus and storage medium storing information selecting program February 8, 2011
An information selecting apparatus includes a computer, and makes a user select an arbitrary item from a plurality of items by a direction input of the user. Each of the items is assigned to a direction based on an input frequency, for example. In a case that a direction input is per
7878908 Multiplexed secure video game play distribution February 1, 2011
Multiple video game players access an encrypted video game library stored on a shared mass storage device. A multiplexer multiplexes data read from the mass storage device to provide output streams to multiple video game playing units consuming video game instructions. A secure bus c
7877224 Inclination calculation apparatus and inclination calculation program, and game apparatus and ga January 25, 2011
An inclination calculation apparatus sequentially calculates an inclination of an input device operable in terms of a posture thereof. The input device includes acceleration detection means and imaging means. The inclination calculation apparatus sequentially calculates first inclina
7872638 Motion determining apparatus and storage medium having motion determining program stored thereon January 18, 2011
Acceleration data representing accelerations in at least two axial directions which is output from an acceleration sensor included in an input device is obtained. Based on a shift of the acceleration data, a motion direction of the input device with respect to the direction of the ac
7871322 Game program and game device January 18, 2011
A game device provides a question to a plurality of players. The game device counts the number of players each having provided an answer to the question or each having provided a correct answer to the question. When the counted number of players reaches a predetermined number of players,
7868889 Method of causing object to take motion using motion data January 11, 2011
A first display displays a game image which is generated by perspective transformation of a virtual three-dimensional space. A second display is provided under a touch panel to display an image of a two-dimensional plane excluding a height direction with a player character always placed
7867089 Expanding operating device and operating system January 11, 2011
An expanding operating device has a first connector, a second connector and a sensor. The first connector has a first shape physically and electrically connectable with a connector provided with an operating device. Thus, by connecting the first connector to the connector of the oper
7862433 Communication game program and communication game system January 4, 2011
A game device receives from another game device through a network calculation data. The calculation data includes, at least, position data which represents a position of an object operated by using the other game device, and time data which represents time in which the object is at the
7862431 Storage medium storing a game program, game apparatus, and game control method January 4, 2011
A video game apparatus includes a CPU, and the CPU allows a game to proceed according to input data transmitted from a controller performed a swing operation by a player. When a ball hit by a player character according to a swing operation performed by the player collides with a targ
7860315 Touch input program and touch input device December 28, 2010
A game apparatus includes a CPU core. In response to a setting of a reverse input mode, the CPU core reverses vertically and horizontally BG/OBJ data corresponding to a question, and displays on an LCD an image based on the reversed BG/OBJ data. When a handwriting input operation ass
7854657 Communication game program and communication game system December 21, 2010
A game device measures a delay time between the game device and each of other game devices, all of which communicate with each other, and stores start time data in a memory. Furthermore, the game device calculates a time at which each of the other game devices starts executing a pred
7854656 Game apparatus and storage medium having game program stored thereon December 21, 2010
Operation information which is output in accordance with a motion of an input device is sequentially obtained. First behavior information representing a state of an object after a first time period, which is a part of a recognition period, is set in accordance with operation informat
7841945 Wireless communication game system and storage medium storing a wireless communication game prog November 30, 2010
A wireless communication game system includes at least one parent device and a plurality of child devices that can communicate wirelessly with one another. The parent device transmits a parent device program and game data for distribution and generation information indicating what ge
7837558 Game console and emulator for the game console November 23, 2010
A portable game system includes two display screens, at least one of which is touch-sensitive. A memory card is selectively connectable to the portable game system.
7834895 Storage medium storing game program, and game device November 16, 2010
Trace shape information, representing the shape of a trace along which an object has moved across a game field in a virtual game world is updated based on the change in the position where the object is located in the virtual game world. A ground texture is produced by blending together a
7834848 Coordinate calculating apparatus and coordinate calculating program November 16, 2010
A coordinate calculating apparatus detects a coordinate point (detected coordinate point) of an area satisfying a predetermined condition in a captured image for each area. Next, a vector (assumed vector) indicating a relative positional relationship between two position coordinate point
7833100 Video game program and video game system November 16, 2010
A video game device displays a reference image (an image of a fishing rod 54) at a predetermined position on the screen of a display device. The video game device displays a pointer image (a cursor 55) at a position on the screen being pointed at by a control device. The pointer image is
7833099 Game apparatus and recording medium recording game program for displaying a motion matching a pl November 16, 2010
Operation information which is output, depending on a motion of an input device is successively obtained, and based on the operation information, a direction and movement velocity of the input device is determined. Next, it is determined whether or not the movement velocity is larger
7833098 Input data processing program and input data processing apparatus November 16, 2010
An information processing apparatus stores a series of input positions which are continuously detected by an input device in a memory thereof in order of the detection. An input position (B1) initially stored in the memory is stored as a reference point position in the memory. When each
7831064 Position calculation apparatus, storage medium storing position calculation program, game appara November 9, 2010
A position calculation apparatus calculates a positional relationship between an image pickup device, which is for taking an image of first and second imaging targets, and at least one of the first and second imaging targets. The position calculation apparatus obtains a first size, which
7829777 Music displaying apparatus and computer-readable storage medium storing music displaying program November 9, 2010
A music displaying apparatus stores in advance music piece related information concerning a music piece, and a plurality of comparison parameters which is associated with the music piece related information. The music displaying apparatus obtains voice data concerning singing of a us
7828660 Storage medium having game program stored thereon and game apparatus November 9, 2010
In a coordinate detection step, a series of coordinate values each of which indicates a position which is on a display screen and is inputted through a pointing device, are detected at intervals of a unit time. Further, an operation state determination step determines whether or not
7825909 Storage medium storing object movement control program and information processing apparatus November 2, 2010
An information processing apparatus includes a processor. A movement of an object is controlled in accordance with an input. For example, a starting point of the input is determined by detecting coordinates in a first area including the object. A second area is set, with the starting poi
7825904 Information processing apparatus and storage medium storing item selecting program November 2, 2010
An information processing apparatus includes a touch panel provided on a menu selection screen including a plurality of items, a direction key for instructing a moving direction of a cursor, and an execution key for instructing execution of a process corresponding to a selecting item. Th
7824266 Storage medium having game program stored thereon, game apparatus and input device November 2, 2010
An origin which is set by a pointing device is drawn and moved according to a player's operation in order to carry out an operation in which a joystick is emulated, and therefore the operation in which the pointing device is used can be carried out in accordance with the player's con
7824256 Game apparatus and storage medium that stores game program November 2, 2010
A game apparatus includes a CPU, and a selection screen including a plurality of kinds of items for allowing a player to select is displayed. The selection screen is a roulette type of display, for example, so that a display proportion of each item may be set based on an ability value of
7819748 Game apparatus and storage medium storing game program October 26, 2010
A display section 12 covered with a touch panel 13 displays a character image C on a display screen. Structure data of a character in which a plurality of bones B are joined together with joints J, and polygon data Po for each portion of the character C corresponding to each bone B, are
7817142 Imaging apparatus October 19, 2010
An imaging apparatus 10 includes a lower housing 11, an upper housing 21, a lower LCD 12, an outer camera, a plurality of buttons 14A to 14E, and a touch panel 13. The lower housing 11 has a horizontally long shape. The upper housing 21 has a horizontally long shape, and a long side of t
7815508 Game device and storage medium storing game program October 19, 2010
A game device obtains first data from a first sensor and second data from a second sensor, wherein the first data represents a value according to an orientation or movement of a first input device, and the second data represents a value according to an orientation or movement of the seco
7813300 Communication system, storage medium having stored thereon communication program usable for the October 12, 2010
A communication terminal transmits, to an access point apparatus, a connection request which includes communication terminal information for identifying the communication terminal and display manner information representing a display manner in which the communication terminal informa
7811171 Game system and game program October 12, 2010
A game image representing a part or all of an identical game space is displayed on game machines. A first game machine detects the link strength of wireless communication between the first game machine and a second game machine. The first game machine executes predetermined game proc
7811169 Game program October 12, 2010
An object (OB1) displayed on a second display screen (12a) is allowed to move according to input coordinates on a touch panel. When a control target object collides with an obstacle, the control target object is allowed to stop immediately before the obstacle. Thereafter, when the di
7804502 Method of causing first object to take motion according to positional relationship with second o September 28, 2010
When a direction is input through a direction indicating switch of an operation switch unit, a player character of a game, such as, but not limited to, for example a basketball game, moves in the inputted direction while dribbling a ball. When a direction directed toward the position
7803049 Game apparatus and storage medium storing game program September 28, 2010
A game apparatus includes a display and a touch panel provided thereon. A CPU core displays a game screen on the display. A user draw a circular arc path on the touch panel by continuously touching the touch panel with a stick or the like. In either case of continuous inputs so as to dra
7800593 Storage medium storing pointing device input adjustment program, input adjustment apparatus and September 21, 2010
A computer as an input adjustment apparatus includes a memory. This memory stores an input adjustment program. The computer is connected with a touch pad. When a user touches the touch pad with his/her finger, the computer is provided with touch coordinate data on a touched portion and
7794328 Game system, game apparatus, and storage medium storing game program September 14, 2010
A game system includes plural game apparatuses, and the respective game apparatuses are communicably connected to one another. For example, when a communication game is interrupted, a player closes his/her own game apparatus. In such a case, prior to setting of a sleep mode, the game
7793164 Error codes for products September 7, 2010
An example system and method for generating an error code involve detecting an error condition of a product and generating an error code by combining information indicative of the detected error condition with an identifier associated with, the product.
7786997 Portable game machine and computer-readable recording medium August 31, 2010
In each odd-numbered frame, a game image generated by a three-dimensional image processing unit 31 is supplied to a first LCD 11, and then a game image identical to the generated game image is stored in a first VRAM 21a. Also, a two-dimensional image processing unit 37 supplies the game
7786976 Coordinate calculating apparatus and coordinate calculating program August 31, 2010
An object position coordinate computing and selection method and apparatus detects one or more areas satisfying a predetermined criterion in a captured digital image and compares an object-position coordinate point to associate with such areas. When a plurality of such areas have been
7785200 Game device and storage medium having game program stored therein August 31, 2010
An object is provided with a plurality of vectors each having a direction and an end position assigned to the object in a fixed manner. The game device moves the object in a three-dimensional game space, and determines whether a part of the object has contacted a predetermined surface or
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