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8139044 Storage medium storing pointing device input adjustment program, input adjustment apparatus and March 20, 2012
A computer as an input adjustment apparatus includes a memory. This memory stores an input adjustment program. The computer is connected with a touch pad. When a user touches the touch pad with his/her finger, the computer is provided with touch coordinate data on a touched portion and
8139027 Storage medium storing input processing program and input processing apparatus March 20, 2012
A game system includes a game apparatus and a controller. For example, whether an operation of waving the controller has been performed is determined based on at least one of a pointed position on a display screen by the controller and acceleration. A wind object is generated and mov
8137196 Game device and game program that performs scroll and move processes March 20, 2012
A video game program and a video game device are disclosed. If there is no move instruction from the player through a touch panel, the game image displayed on the display screen is scrolled if the position indicated by an input position from the touch panel is included within a first
8133117 Game apparatus, game message displaying method and storage medium storing game program March 13, 2012
A game apparatus includes a CPU, and in the game apparatus, letters are displayed as visual support for a sound generated by a message generating object. When a game message is displayed, a distance between the message generating object and a player object is calculated. Then, a form of
8130275 Information-processing apparatus, and storage medium storing a photographing application launch March 6, 2012
An information-processing apparatus stores in advance a photographing application program. Further, the information-processing apparatus comprises photographing processing means which has a function different from that of the photographing application program. In a launch acceptance
8123620 Enhanced video game jukebox-type system and methodology February 28, 2012
A multiple game jukebox system includes a hard drive that is able to execute video game software designed for execution on a conventional home-based system. The hard drive embodies various partitions including multiple partitions, where each partition represents a video game DVD disk
8123600 Storage medium storing game program and game apparatus February 28, 2012
A game apparatus causes a character object to perform a first hitting motion on the necessary condition that a to-be-hit object is present in a first area 104a which is set based on a position of the character object in a virtual game space, and causes the character object to perform a
8121642 Wireless user network for handheld information terminals February 21, 2012
An example user network provides information and entertainment for users via handheld information terminals. The "look and feel" and personality of the handheld information terminals can be location-specific so that the most relevant information and entertainment can be provided to users
8120574 Storage medium storing game program and game apparatus February 21, 2012
In the present invention, a strike determination range is set for an object in a game space. A straight line passing through coordinates in a three-dimensional space corresponding to coordinates on a touch panel input by a player, where a virtual camera is placed at the origin, is ca
8115699 Position detecting system and position detecting program February 14, 2012
A plurality of positional information transmitters 100, each of which transmits positional information to which a plurality of unit spaces are each uniquely assigned, are disposed on a ceiling. A mobile terminal 10 receives the positional information transmitted from each of the posi
8113954 Game apparatus, storage medium storing game program and game controlling method for touch input February 14, 2012
The game apparatus includes a first LCD and a second LCD, and a touch panel is provided in association with the second LCD. On the two LCDs, different game screens are displayed. Also on the second LCD, two keys are displayed at a certain interval. When one key is touch-input, the key
8111258 Information processing program and information processing apparatus February 7, 2012
As a virtual plane used when converting a designation point, which is a touched position on a touch panel, into a control point, in a virtual three dimensional space, used for controlling a movement of an object, a first virtual plane is used when a ball is an object to be controlled; a
8105143 Puzzle elements displaying game apparatus and storage medium storing puzzle elements displaying January 31, 2012
A game machine includes an LCD. The LCD displays a plurality of puzzle elements of different kinds. When a player uses an input means such as an operating key and a touch panel to designate some puzzle elements consecutively in the manner of one-stroke drawing, the kind of the design
8103700 Data management apparatus and data distribution system January 24, 2012
Ghost data used for reproducing a game process having been executed in accordance with operations performed by users are transmitted, as necessary, from a plurality of game apparatuses to a data management apparatus. The data management apparatus stores the ghost data received from t
8103696 Computer readable storage medium having data processing program recorded thereon and data proces January 24, 2012
A data processing program generates a layered list structure which is a data structure formed of a plurality of layers. The layered list structure includes a data element layer which includes a plurality of data elements, each including a substance of predetermined data or informatio
8103128 Graphic object collision detection with axis-aligned bounding regions calculated from inclinatio January 24, 2012
A video game device calculates an angle of an object 71, etc., with respect to a reference direction in a three-dimensional space. Then, the video game device defines a virtual cylindrical model for each of a plurality of objects so that a bottom surface of each cylindrical model is
8100770 Game controller, storage medium storing game program, and game apparatus January 24, 2012
A game controller includes at least four load sensors for detecting a load applied on a support board on which player's legs are ridden, and the game controller transmits a load value detected as manipulation data by the four load sensors to a game machine. The game machine determines a
8100769 System and method for using accelerometer outputs to control an object rotating on a display January 24, 2012
An example system and method controls a rotatable object on a display using a handheld control device comprising an accelerometer. The example system and method involve determining an orientation of the handheld control device using an interpolation of an output for a first axis of t
8100768 Storage medium storing game program and game apparatus January 24, 2012
A game apparatus includes a plurality of controllers. Each of the controllers is provided with an acceleration sensor, for example, for detecting a motion thereof. A magnitude of a motion value detected by each of the controllers is determined, and a motion with a maximum value is de
8100765 Storage medium having game program and game apparatus January 24, 2012
In an attack operation receiving step, an input of an operation for attacking an enemy object is received. In a determination step, when the input of the operation for attacking is received, it is determined whether or not a body strength value of the enemy object is within a predete
8098255 Graphics processing system with enhanced memory controller January 17, 2012
A graphics system including a custom graphics and audio processor produces exciting 2D and 3D graphics and surround sound. The system includes a graphics and audio processor including a 3D graphics pipeline and an audio digital signal processor. A memory controller performs a wide ra
8096881 Storage medium storing game program and game apparatus January 17, 2012
Output data varying depending on a motion of an input device itself is obtained and stored into a memory. From the stored output data history, successive extremums of values indicated by the output data are detected. An interval between times when the output data indicating the successiv
8096880 Systems and methods for reducing jitter associated with a control device January 17, 2012
An example system and method is provided for filtering input values associated with movement of a hand-held control device. A current input value is compared with an average input value and, based on the comparing, an output value is generated in a range between the current input val
8094153 Game apparatus, storage medium storing a game program, and game controlling method January 10, 2012
A game apparatus includes a first LCD and a second LCD, and on the first LCD, a two-dimensional game screen including objects positioned in a two-dimensional coordinate is displayed. When a two-dimensional coordinate of a specific object out of the objects positioned in the two-dimen
8090887 Input system enabling connection of even expansion equipment for expanding function, that transm January 3, 2012
A processor determines whether a prescribed period of time has elapsed or not. When the processor has determined that the prescribed period of time has elapsed, the processor determines whether a mode 0 is set or not. When it is determined that the mode 0 is set, a wireless packet includ
8089484 Video game program and video game device for generating an attribute status image January 3, 2012
Displayed on a first LCD 11 are a "fire" planet 40a, a "wood" planet 40b; an "earth" planet 40c, a "wind" planet 40d and a "water" planet 40e, each traveling along an orbit by a unique orbital period. While an attribute symbol is traveling through an active zone that is associated with t
8081428 Hand-held information processing apparatus December 20, 2011
A game apparatus includes a vibrating motor, and the vibrating motor is arranged to be fit into a rib provided at approximately the center of a base cover of a lower housing. The rib is made up of an upper member and a lower member different in height, and the vibrating motor is secured
8081189 Storage medium having stored thereon display control program and display control apparatus December 20, 2011
In accordance with a size of a drawing area and a character size, the number of characters arrangeable in the drawing area is calculated. Based on the calculated number of characters, whether a character string in the obtained character size is arranged in the drawing area or the charact
8079908 Game network construction method and game network system December 20, 2011
After a star peer-to-peer network is constructed, a network game is started. While the network game is executed, a mesh peer-to-peer network is gradually constructed by establishing connections between client terminals which have been connected to the star peer-to-peer network. After
8079251 Computer readable storage medium storing information processing program and information processi December 20, 2011
An information processing apparatus processes an input signal from a load controller including an input surface and a load detecting means for detecting a load value applied to the input surface. The information processing apparatus detects a center-of-gravity position of a load appl
8075405 Network game system and network game program December 13, 2011
A host terminal, to which a client terminal is connected, transmits a connection request to another host terminal to which another client terminal is connected. When the connection request is accepted, the host terminal, which is a source of the connection request, disconnects a conn
8075401 Hand-held game apparatus and game program December 13, 2011
A hand-held game apparatus and a game program are provided which allow a user to play a game while going back and forth between a narrow-range image and a broad-range image of map. The user can manipulate a touch panel which mounted on a display section for displaying the broad-range
8073923 Wireless network system and wireless communication program December 6, 2011
Upon receipt of a network connection request, a CPU core of a game device randomly sets a master device search period, and searches for a master device or a temporary master device until the master device search period ends. When the master device search period ends, the CPU core randoml
8072458 Storage medium having game program stored thereon and game apparatus December 6, 2011
When a movement of a sight point of a virtual camera along a line of sight thereof in a virtual game space is completed, an image representing the virtual game space is taken by the virtual camera and the image is used as a reference image. At the same time, started is a measurement of
8072434 Apparatus and method for information processing and storage medium therefor December 6, 2011
In a game apparatus, when a user name input mode is selected on a screen displayed with a mode selecting software input region, a user name inputting software input region (including a software keyboard area, and an SW button (decision) and an SW button (cancel) which are formed at p
8068096 Game program and game system November 29, 2011
A game system comprises a pointing device for pointing to an arbitrary point in a game screen displayed on a display device and an acceleration sensor provided in the pointing device. A processor of the game system repeatedly identifies a position of the point pointed to by the pointing
8062131 Game system and game apparatus used for the same November 22, 2011
In the state where a card having a hole or a cut-out portion of a predetermined shape is placed on a touch panel of a game apparatus, a player performs an input operation along the hole or the cut-out portion. Then, the input operation is detected. It is determined whether or not the
8062113 Information processing program and information processing apparatus November 22, 2011
Of a region in a tabular form having a plurality of entries and squares related to the entries, a portion thereof including a square designated by a player is displayed on a screen. Next, information about an entry related to the designated square is obtained. The obtained entry is d
8062110 Storage medium storing game program and game apparatus November 22, 2011
A game apparatus includes a CPU. In the game apparatus, it is determined whether movement state of a player object formed by a plurality of parts has satisfied a predetermined requirement or not. The predetermined requirement is, for example, that a movement speed is equal to or more
8052528 Game program and game device November 8, 2011
A game device regularly transmits communication status information to communication partners thereof, the communication status information indicating whether or not communication between the game device and each of the communication partners is possible. If, when the game device rece
8052511 Game system capable of evaluating the correlation of user operation on a game machine with displ November 8, 2011
In a game played by a plurality of game machines through teamwork, an evaluation is performed according to the correlation among operation information obtained through communications with each of the game machines. A plurality of game machines communicate with one another to establis
8050535 Computer readable storage medium storing video contents display program and video contents displ November 1, 2011
A contents display control means displays video contents in a contents display screen area, a virtual space display control means displays a two-dimensional or a three-dimensional virtual space and an object appearing in the two-dimensional or the three-dimensional virtual space in a
8043161 Game system October 25, 2011
A storage section stores a data belonging to a first group and data belonging to a second group, the first and second groups being distinguishable from each other. A communication section communicates with another game apparatus. A transmission control section transmits at least one
8041536 Inclination calculation apparatus and inclination calculation program, and game apparatus and ga October 18, 2011
An inclination calculation apparatus calculates an inclination of an input device operable in terms of a posture thereof. The input device includes an acceleration sensor and an imaging element. In one non-limiting example implementation, the inclination calculation apparatus compute
8033914 Game apparatus, storage medium storing a game program, and game control method October 11, 2011
A game apparatus includes an LCD and is provided a touch panel in relation to the LCD. The LCD displays a game screen for making a player character hit a ball. For example, when touch-on is performed on the LCD (touch panel), the stance and shot power of the player character are deci
8032987 Portable device and hinge assembly October 11, 2011
One end portion of a connecting member 31 is connected to a first housing 1 such that the connecting member 31 is rotatable about a first rotation axis L1 fixed in position with respect to the first housing 1. The other end portion of the connecting member 31 is connected to a second hou
8029348 Game apparatus and storage medium storing a game program October 4, 2011
A game apparatus includes a video game machine. A CPU provided in the video game machine controls movements, etc. of a player character operated by a player. There exist a predetermined number of player characters (e.g., four persons), and all of them are assigned to players dependin
8022962 Image processing program and image processing apparatus September 20, 2011
A game apparatus includes a computer, and the computer reads rendering data from a rendering buffer, and displays a virtual three-dimensional image by utilizing color data and a depth value for each pixel which are included in the rendering data. When a photographing instruction is i
8021232 Video game method and apparatus for state-based scrolling September 20, 2011
A game apparatus CPU turns on a scroll operating flag when it detects that a player object exists at a predetermined position, that is, within a scroll operating range while performing a predetermined action on a contact object. If the scroll operating flag is turned on, first scroll
8021220 Shooting game apparatus, storage medium storing a shooting game program, and target control meth September 20, 2011
A shooting game apparatus includes an LCD for displaying a target and an operating button for a player to perform an operation for shooting the target. For example, an enemy character is switched between an ineffective state in which it is never damaged even if an attack hits it, and
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