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8216069 Computer-readable storage medium having game program stored therein, game system, and game displ July 10, 2012
In a game system, a position coordinate calculation section calculates a position coordinate of each object. Then, a coordinate determination section determines whether or not the position coordinate of a missile is located on a side of the virtual camera relative to a player object. For
8215483 Controller cover July 10, 2012
A controller cover includes a main body portion attached to an outer surface of a controller, and the main body portion includes a contacted portion where a contacted inner surface is in contact with the outer surface of the controller and a non-contacted portion where a non-contacte
8214167 Storage medium storing information processing program, and information processing apparatus July 3, 2012
A computer-readable storage medium storing an information processing program executed by a computer of an information processing apparatus that obtains, from an input device including an acceleration sensor for detecting acceleration and an angular velocity sensor for detecting an an
8213866 Information processing system, information processing apparatus, and information processing prog July 3, 2012
A first apparatus includes a first communication section 18 for performing either data transmission or data reception by using a first short-distance wireless communication scheme. A second apparatus includes a second communication section 26 for performing either data transmission o
8212820 Virtual suction tool July 3, 2012
A touch-based computer graphics user interface enhances a stylus pen with virtual suction to create a virtual vacuum or suction tool. The virtual tool may simulate a physical world suction tool and/or provide capabilities not available in the real world. The virtual suction tool allo
8212808 Image processing program and image processing apparatus July 3, 2012
Multilayer polygon data for constructing multilayer polygonal models and a height map including height data values, arranged in a two-dimensional array, each of which indicates the height of each position provided on a three-dimensional object to be drawn, are read from a storage device.
8212780 Apparatus and program for controlling the state of an object displayed on a screen by operating July 3, 2012
The present invention relates to a game apparatus for changing a display state of an image by displaying a marker on a display screen covered with a touch panel and moving the marker while pressing the marker. The game apparatus divides the touch panel into a plurality of areas, detects
8207970 Storage medium storing object control program and information processing apparatus June 26, 2012
An information processing apparatus includes, for example, a touch panel placed over a display screen. For example, when a start of a touch input is detected, the first-touch-input coordinates are determined as object generation coordinates and an object is displayed in the coordinates.
8204365 Computer-readable storage medium having moving image generation program stored therein, computer June 19, 2012
For lower load in image encoding, the present invention causes the CPU core to function as the following sections: an editing execution section for an editing process, including shifting process, of an unprocessed image which may undergo previous editing process, under user's input; a
8202163 Driving game steering wheel simulation method and apparatus June 19, 2012
A vehicle simulation such as for example a driving game can be provided by displaying an image of a steering wheel on a touch sensitive screen. Touch inputs are used to control the rotational orientation of displayed steering wheel. The rotational orientation of the displayed steering
8202147 Storage medium having game program stored therein and game apparatus June 19, 2012
A game apparatus detects a path inputted by a player, and moves an object placed in a virtual game space along the path. Moreover, the game apparatus controls the object, which is moving along the path, to perform a predetermined action, and determines a return position when the pred
8201200 Storage medium storing an information processing program and information processing apparatus June 12, 2012
An information processing apparatus has a plurality of display information, with respect to selected display information, displays a content part including a plurality of contents, and displays an index part of the other display information. In a case that an electronic program guide
8197343 Game apparatus and storage medium storing game program June 12, 2012
A game apparatus includes two LCDs, a touch panel is provided in association with the one LCD. On the touch panel, an operation button corresponding to each player character is set. A setting of the operation button is changed according to an operation state (frequency of usage, oper
8192287 Game apparatus and storage medium storing a game program for conducting data communications with June 5, 2012
A game apparatus includes an input-output processor, and by following an instruction from the input-output processor, messages are transmitted and received with other game apparatus 12 connected via a network. The messages are transmitted and received in an electronic mail format, and
8192285 Method and apparatus for simulating games involving a ball June 5, 2012
A sports video game having a new and improved user interface that substantially increases the potential realism of the game uses a handheld controller that is able to sense its own position, orientation and/or motion and is affixed to a ball. The ball can be a model of a football tha
8189072 Program and information processing device allowing storage of information for identifying user May 29, 2012
When setting that a situation permits photographing is made, a CPU causes a first image obtained by photographing of a field by an image pick-up portion to be stored as an input image in association with prescribed information. In contrast, when setting that a situation does not permit
8187099 Game method and apparatus for enabling a video game system console to execute video game program May 29, 2012
A video game selection program runs on a home video game console system connected to the Internet and displays on a home color television set a menu of one or more video game titles corresponding to video game programs available via the Internet from a remote server. At least some vi
8187096 Game apparatus and game program May 29, 2012
A game apparatus sequentially acquires acceleration data outputted by an acceleration sensor of an input device (step S2). Further, smoothed data representing a value which is obtained by smoothing an acceleration represented by the acceleration data is calculated (step S3). A game p
8187090 Conjuring assisting toy May 29, 2012
The invention provides a conjuring assisting toy which can make a viewer feel the supernatural force and interestedness which are inherent in a conjuring trick by displaying the result of a conjuring trick through simple operations, there is provided a conjuring assisting toy including
8186239 Origin restoration mechanism for operating member and multi-direction input apparatus using the May 29, 2012
An origin restoration mechanism includes a base unit arranged in X-Y directions to cross the axis of an operating member body of an operating member, a link mechanism arranged on the upper surface of the base unit and a pair of urging devices for urging a rotary unit of the link mech
8185089 Communication system, storage medium having communication program stored thereon, and communicat May 22, 2012
A WEP key is generated from predetermined binary data and stored in an access point. The binary data is converted into an SSID using a predetermined conversion algorithm. The access point transmits the SSID in a beacon. A mobile game apparatus receives the SSID and recovers the binar
8182343 Game apparatus and storage medium storing game program May 22, 2012
Provided is a game apparatus performing game processing using acceleration data outputted from an acceleration sensor that detects acceleration in directions of at least two axes with respect to an input device. Range setting means sets, for determining first acceleration relating to
8177441 Imaging apparatus May 15, 2012
An imaging apparatus 10 comprises a lower housing 11, an upper housing 21, an outer camera 25, and at least one photographing button (buttons 14H and 14G). The upper housing 21 is connected to an upper surface of the lower housing 11 such that the upper housing 21 and the lower housing
8175993 Computer-readable storage medium having information processing program stored thereon and inform May 8, 2012
An instruction target object which is located outside a predetermined area of a virtual space is detected at an interval of the unit time, and a substitute icon associated with the instruction target object is displayed in a screen. Next, after it is detected that a first operation h
8172681 Storage medium having stored therein game program and game device May 8, 2012
When a player selects an object group displayed on a screen, a related selected area display indicating that the object group is in a selected state is displayed. While the display remains, the player performs an input by drawing a track which intersects the related selected area using
8169410 Gesture inputs for a portable display device May 1, 2012
An application such as a web browser running on a portable display device is responsive to gestures to a touch-sensitive surface of the portable display device. The gestures are supplied by touching and then sliding on the touch-sensitive surface. Various operations of the application ma
8167721 Program for object movement stored in a non-transitory computer readable storage medium and obje May 1, 2012
Initially, a move target object is set from a plurality of objects. Next, a movement direction of the set move target object is decided. Next, for the decided movement direction, it is determined whether or not a rotation movement condition or a flip-over movement condition is satisf
8167720 Method, apparatus, medium and system using a correction angle calculated based on a calculated a May 1, 2012
A game apparatus includes a controller provided with an acceleration sensor for detecting accelerations on at least two axes orthogonal to each other. When playing a game, the controller is given a rotating operation so as to rotate around an axis orthogonal to the two axes. The acce
8167718 Storage medium storing game program, game apparatus, and game control method May 1, 2012
A game apparatus includes an LCD, and displayed on the LCD is a game screen including a display portion that displays a planar positional relationship between a player object and enemy objects present in a three-dimensional game space. The player object and enemy objects are flight o
8167714 Puzzle game apparatus and computer readable storage medium having puzzle game program stored the May 1, 2012
In a solution area which has a plurality of cells arranged in a matrix thereof, a connective cell, which is obtained by interrelating a predetermined plurality of cells with one another, is displayed. Further, a normal numerical clue, which is caused to correspond to a row and a colu
8167692 Video game device and video game program May 1, 2012
A moving character and a background image are displayed on a display screen with a touch panel thereon. When the player operates the touch panel to draw a line in an intended path extending between a start point and an end point along which the player wishes to guide the moving chara
8164595 Computer-readable storage medium having distribution chart display program stored therein, infor April 24, 2012
A distribution chart representing a distribution of accomplishment times included in a plurality of pieces of result data is generated based on the plurality of pieces of result data including the accomplishment times of a racing game. Icons for identifying the plurality of pieces of res
8160403 Image transmitting apparatus and image transmitting program April 17, 2012
A game apparatus functioning as an image transmitting apparatus includes a CPU. The CPU performs an edit of at least one image with a controller according to an instruction by a user, transmits image data of the image through a wireless communication module to a network during execution
8157654 Hand-held video game platform emulation April 17, 2012
A software emulator for emulating a handheld video game platform such as GAME BOY.RTM., GAME BOY COLOR.RTM. and/or GAME BOY ADVANCE.RTM. on a low-capability target platform (e.g., a seat-back display for airline or train use, a personal digital assistant, a cell phone) uses a number of
8157651 Information processing program April 17, 2012
A game system comprises image obtaining means, direction calculation means, first rotation means, and display control means. The image obtaining means obtains an image taken by an imaging device. The direction calculation means calculates a direction originally determined from the im
8152640 Information processing apparatus and computer readable storage medium April 10, 2012
A player can change the direction of the right hand of a character object, or extend and retract the right arm of the character object, by changing the direction of the core unit 70. The player can change the direction of the left hand of the character object, or extend and retract t
8152611 Game program April 10, 2012
A CPU core determines whether a stick is in contact with a touch panel based on an output signal from the touch panel; if not in contact, a gazing point of a virtual camera is moved to a collective center of masses for objects; on the other hand, if the stick is in contact with the t
8152541 Card connector April 10, 2012
A card connector which effectively prevents erroneous insertion of a card having a width smaller than a specified width has an introducing space formed between a body having contacts and a cover. An insertion preventing wall is formed in the body facing the upstream side in the card
8151007 Information processing program and information processing apparatus April 3, 2012
A computer of an information processing apparatus repeatedly accepts an operation to designate at least one of a plurality of command elements making up of a command, executes at least any one of a first memory writing processing to write a first command element having a specific att
8149315 System and method for changing display of an image during a changed state of electronic device April 3, 2012
An information processing apparatus capable of being opened and closed includes storage means, display means, and taken image display control means. The storage means stores a taken image therein. The display means has a display screen provided in a surface which is located inside when
8147337 Game system April 3, 2012
An ensemble game system for executing an ensemble game comprises a plurality of game apparatuses 10a through 10c communicable to each other. Each of the game apparatuses 10a through 10c outputs a sound of an own part in accordance with a play operation by the player during a first pl
8147333 Handheld control device for a processor-controlled system April 3, 2012
An example system and method of providing an input to a processor-controlled system uses a handheld control device comprising an accelerometer. The example system and method involve determining magnitudes of outputs of the accelerometer for one or more axes based on movement of the h
8147330 Game apparatus and storage medium having game program stored thereon April 3, 2012
A game apparatus determines whether or not a predetermined first condition is fulfilled. When the first condition is fulfilled, the game apparatus causes the second speaker to generate a sound and moves an object in a virtual game space. When a predetermined second condition regardin
8147305 Attacking a virtual enemy by corresponding input to output sound April 3, 2012
A game apparatus includes a CPU, and the CPU executes a game process. When a player character encounters an enemy character in a game world, a battle screen is displayed on a monitor. On the battle screen, an input pattern is displayed, and background music (BGM) is output from a spe
8147304 Storage medium having game program stored thereon and game apparatus April 3, 2012
The game apparatus shoots a moving object from a predetermined weapon object and moves the moving object in a three-dimensional space in a case where an input from an input device is received. At least one of the size, the shape, and the number of a contact determination area defined
8146018 Gesture-based control of multiple game characters and other animated objects March 27, 2012
Methods and apparatus for controlling movement of multiple independent animated objects such as characters displayed on a display use zone detection and touch stroke direction. A player wishing to move the digital objects can use a stylus or other touch to draw strokes or gestures on
8144933 Storage medium having information processing program stored thereon and information processing a March 27, 2012
A motion information obtaining step successively obtains motion information from a motion sensor. An imaging information obtaining step successively obtains imaging information from an imaging means. An invalid information determination step determines whether the imaging information
8143858 Electrical apparatus, electrical apparatus system, and power supply apparatus March 27, 2012
When a battery pack, comprising an overcurrent protection section for stopping, when a current greater than a first threshold value passes, a current supply, is connected to a power supply terminal of an information processing apparatus, the information processing apparatus draws a c
8142285 Game system and game program medium March 27, 2012
A game system is composed by connecting a game apparatus with a monitor and a percussion type controller. A game player beats a first beating operation surface or a second beating operation surface to input an operation signal from the controller to the game apparatus. In the game ap
8141782 Dual-use media card connector for backwards compatible holographic media card March 27, 2012
A card connector which can interchangeably couple a holographic memory card or an electronic memory card to a card reader and/or writer which can then read and/or write to the coupled holographic memory card or electronic memory card. The card connector comprises: a memory card recei
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