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7513829 Game machine and game program for rendering a mark image of a player character which may be hidd April 7, 2009
A game machine includes a CPU, and the CPU renewably determines positions of a player character and a virtual camera in a game space in response to an operation of a controller by a player. Furthermore, a game image produced by the CPU and a GPU is displayed on a monitor. Then, a spe
7499284 Hand-held game machine and cover March 3, 2009
A hand-held game machine (10) includes a horizontally-long rectangular housing (12), and the housing is covered with a cover (14) almost entirely. A main surface of the housing is curved so as to become higher at the center of the housing in a horizontal direction and become lower to
7498505 Storage medium storing breath blowing determining program, breath blowing determining apparatus, March 3, 2009
A game apparatus includes an operating switch and a microphone. A player operates a player object through intuition by the operating switch or inputting a sound. The number of zero crossings contained in waveform of a sound input through the microphone is detected, and also individual
7497779 Video game including time dilation effect and a storage medium storing software for the video ga March 3, 2009
The passage of time and/or the laws of physics may be changed depending on the state of a game character. For example, the slowing down of the game world may provide the game character with special abilities move quickly in a very short period of "game world" time.
7495665 Storage medium having game program stored thereon and game apparatus February 24, 2009
Plane position coordinates indicating a position of a player object in a plane game field is updated based on an action which is performed by the player object on the plane game field and is determined according to an input signal. The plane position coordinates in a coordinate system ba
7491879 Storage medium having music playing program stored therein and music playing apparatus therefor February 17, 2009
Acceleration data outputted from an acceleration sensor provided in an input device is acquired and a magnitude of an acceleration is calculated. Next, based on the calculated magnitude of the acceleration, at least one piece of track data representing a target music to play is selec
7491124 Game system, game apparatus, storage medium storing game program and game data exchange method February 17, 2009
A game system including a plurality of mobile game apparatuses, and a mobile game apparatus that can communicate with another game apparatus that exists within a communicable range by use of a radio communications unit. When a communicated state is established, exchanging conditions for
7491123 Video game voice chat with amplitude-based virtual ranging February 17, 2009
The amplitude of a video game player's voice determines how far his or her message is carried to other players in the game. The range a message carries is based on the relative virtual proximity of avatars associated with said players within the virtual game environment.
7487469 Information processing program and information processing apparatus February 3, 2009
A part of entry words included in entry word data is displayed in an entry word candidate display area 42. When the user taps a desired entry word in this state, a meaning of that entry word is displayed in an explanation sentence display area 40. When the user slides a stick in the
7485042 Game system capable of evaluating the correlation of user operation on a game machine with displ February 3, 2009
In a game played by a plurality of game machines through teamwork, an evaluation is performed according to the correlation among operation information obtained through communications with each of the game machines. A plurality of game machines communicate with one another to establis
7479064 Operating apparatus for game machine January 20, 2009
An operating apparatus for game machine includes a depressing member, and a main body of the depressing member is provided with three engaging protrusions and two depressing protrusions that downwardly protrude. For example, the two depressing protrusions are provided between the three
7474103 Storage medium having game program stored thereon and game apparatus January 6, 2009
At least one of continuous disconnection, intermittent disconnection, and temporary disconnection, of wireless communication between the input device and the game apparatus is detected. Remaining battery amount data representing a remaining battery amount of the input device is obtained
7470192 Game apparatus and storage medium storing game program December 30, 2008
A game apparatus includes two LCDs, and a touch panel is provided in relation to the one LCD. When an action game is started, a game screen is displayed on the other LCD, and a still image (capture screen) obtained by copying the game screen according to a capture operation by a player
7467998 Puzzle game apparatus, storage medium storing puzzle game program, and puzzle game controlling m December 23, 2008
A puzzle image to be solved, and a duplicating block for creating a duplicate character as a copy of a player character are displayed. The duplicate character is, on the basis of at least a fact that the player character is superposed on the duplicating block, generated in the superp
7466433 Object image print service system December 16, 2008
In a three-dimensional object image print service system capable of printing out a desired three-dimensional object image, a three-dimensional image display apparatus includes a three-dimensional object image generator for generating a three-dimensional object image, based on instruc
7466304 Image processing apparatus, storage medium having image processing program stored thereon, game December 16, 2008
For operating an operation target object displayed on a screen using a pointing device, a first input coordinate value indicating a position on the screen designated by the pointing device and a second input coordinate value detected discretely from, and before, the first input coord
7453618 Miniature single actuator scanner for angle multiplexing with circularizing and pitch correction November 18, 2008
The present invention provides a scanner comprising: a reflector component; means supporting the reflector component for pivoting with respect to the MCR to provide a scan which is stationary with respect to the OCR; means for enabling the support means to provide controlled pivoting
7446767 Game apparatus and game program November 4, 2008
In the game space, n light sources for irradiating an object with a light beam are set. A brightness calculating section 521 and a texture coordinate generating section 522 obtain, for each of predetermined units forming the object, a brightness vector having as components n illumina
7445551 Memory for video game system and emulator using the memory November 4, 2008
A hand-held display system for playing video games includes a housing grippable by a user's hands, a liquid crystal display viewable by the user gripping the housing, input devices operable by the user when the user grips the housing and a connector for, in use, operatively connectin
7436664 Electronic appliance October 14, 2008
In an electronic appliance, a base is thermally fused by a heat generating component. On the base, a heat dissipating fin group including heat dissipating fins each extending in a Y direction is arranged in spaced relation in an X direction. An exhaust fan and a partition between which
7435169 Music playing apparatus, storage medium storing a music playing control program and music playin October 14, 2008
A game apparatus includes a CPU core, and the CPU core executes a music playing game according to a game program. During the game, a player plays a guitar as if he or she plucks the strings displayed on an operation screen while viewing a musical score of a desired music (tune) by ut
7432932 External memory system having programmable graphics processor for use in a video game system or October 7, 2008
A video game system is described for use with a television type display device including a host video game system housing a game program processor and a programmable special purpose hardware graphics processor. The programmable graphics processor communicates with the host game proce
7428708 Image processing apparatus and storage medium storing image processing program September 23, 2008
An image processing apparatus includes a CPU core, and displays a related image according to selection of a main menu icon. For example, in a case that a timer counting for each frame holds a predetermined value, it is determined whether or not the display of the related image has to be
7425175 Match game program September 16, 2008
A game apparatus includes a CPU core. The CPU core firstly displays a field defined by a first side and a second side and shows a fixed block in the field. Then, the CPU core executes a player game process using the fixed block in response to a player's input operation, and displaces the
7424388 Motion determining apparatus and storage medium having motion determining program stored thereon September 9, 2008
Acceleration data which is output from an acceleration sensor is obtained. A rotation motion of an input device around a predetermined direction as a rotation axis is determined by comparing a start point in a two-dimensional coordinate system which is represented by the first accele
7420594 Image processing apparatus with image sensing capability and storage medium storing an image pro September 2, 2008
An image processing apparatus includes an image sensing unit. After photographing of an image of a face, for example, a characteristic data selection menu is displayed for addition of a characteristic to the face image. The characteristic data selection menu offers a plurality of cha
7417600 Electronic entertainment and communication system August 26, 2008
A data processing system and method in which, by way of example, a memory system is coupled to a video game program processing system. The video game program processing system has a predetermined address space for executing programs stored in a program memory portion of the memory sy
7412348 Storage medium storing a game program, game apparatus, and game controlling method August 12, 2008
A game system includes a game apparatus and a controller. The controller is furnished with an acceleration sensor for detecting accelerations in at least two axis directions. Game processing corresponding to the kind of an acceleration input by means of the controller is executed. For
7411612 Photographed image composing apparatus and a storage medium storing a photographed image composi August 12, 2008
A photographed image composing apparatus includes a CPU and an imaging unit. In this photographed image composing apparatus, an operator photographs an object's face in at least two partial images successively while aligning a predetermined region of the face with an imaging index di
7405853 Miniature single actuator scanner for angle multiplexing with circularizing and pitch correction July 29, 2008
The present invention provides a scanner comprising: a reflector component; means supporting the reflector component for pivoting with respect to the MCR to provide a scan which is stationary with respect to the OCR; means for enabling the support means to provide controlled pivoting
7396237 Electronic circuit module and surface-mounted connector for use in the same July 8, 2008
A first recessed portion shaped so as to be open toward an outer periphery of a substrate is disposed on the substrate, and a conductive pattern is provided on an edge portion of the first recessed portion. A connector mounted on the substrate includes a body and terminals which are
7392154 Storage medium having game program stored thereon and game apparatus June 24, 2008
Reference coordinates in a coordinate system and designated coordinates in the coordinate system based on coordinate information outputted by a pointing device are set. A distance and direction between the reference coordinates and the designated coordinates are calculated. When the
7391417 Program and image processing system for rendering polygons distributed throughout a game space June 24, 2008
An entire view volume in a virtual three-dimensional game space to be displayed on a display unit is divided into a front view volume closer to a view point and a back view volume away from the view point. In a first frame of two successive frames, polygons in the back view volume are
7384340 Trading cards interactive with electronic game machine and game system June 10, 2008
Trading cards consist of a single rule card and a plurality of character cards. The rule card is formed with a data recording area on its front surface. The data recording area of the rule card is mechanically readably recorded with rule program data determining a rule of an interact
7379841 Inclination calculation apparatus and inclination calculation program, and game apparatus and ga May 27, 2008
An inclination calculation apparatus within a game machine computes an inclination of an input device having an acceleration sensor/detector capable of simultaneously detecting an acceleration in at least two axial directions. Programmed logic circuitry within the apparatus consecutively
7374490 Game system using touch panel input May 20, 2008
A player performs an input operation so as to draw a predetermined graphic on a touch panel. A type of attack against an enemy character may be determined based at least on a graphical shape of an input trajectory. An effectiveness of attack against the enemy character may be determined
7369665 Method and apparatus for mixing sound signals May 6, 2008
A system and method for mixing sound signals is provided in which a mixer buffer stores sample values for three or more sound channels, each sound channel including a main sound component and one or more auxiliary sound components. Send paths are provided for sending the auxiliary sound
7357719 Game system, game device, and storage medium April 15, 2008
When a character is lent from a first game device to a second game device, clocks of those two game devices are synchronized, a shared lending/borrowing expiration time is set, the use of the character is temporarily disabled in the first game device, and the use of the character is
7356018 Communication system, communication device, and communication method April 8, 2008
A communication system including a master station communication device and multiple slave station communication devices is disclosed. The master station communication device transmits a transmission request simultaneously to the slave station communication devices. The transmission r
7351152 Hand-held game apparatus, game program storage medium and game control method for controlling di April 1, 2008
A game apparatus includes a hand-held housing, a display screen, and a gyro sensor for detecting an angular velocity of a rotation around an axis perpendicular to the display screen. When the player rotates the game apparatus around the axis, a rotation angle of the housing is calcul
7338376 Video game distribution network March 4, 2008
A video game distribution network for use in airlines, trains, hotels, cruise ships, set top boxes, cable television systems, satellite and other wireless systems or other communications systems, distributes special purpose game binary image files to general purpose computing/display
7338373 Method and apparatus for generating sounds in a video game March 4, 2008
A video game apparatus includes a CPU that generates a game screen that depicts player character movement while a game is being played. In addition, the CPU controls the production of sounds that seem to eminate from one or more sound objects displayed on the game screen. When a plur
7336409 Miniature flexure based scanners for angle multiplexing February 26, 2008
The present invention provides a spatial flexure comprising: a base section; an end section; and an intermediate laterally contracting and expanding section connecting the base and end sections, whereby when the intermediate section laterally expands or contracts, the end section piv
7327361 Three-dimensional image generating apparatus, storage medium storing a three-dimensional image g February 5, 2008
A video game apparatus used as a three-dimensional imaging apparatus includes a CPU. The CPU works together with a GPU to generate and display a game image. More specifically, some objects are arranged in a virtual three-dimensional space. The virtual three-dimensional space is converted
7317459 Graphics system with copy out conversions between embedded frame buffer and main memory for prod January 8, 2008
A graphics processor includes an embedded frame buffer for storing frame data prior to sending the frame data to an external location, such as main memory. A copy pipeline is provided which converts the data from one format to another format prior to writing the data to the external
7316617 Game system and storage medium having stored thereon game program January 8, 2008
A first game image of a displayed region of a game space which contains all player characters is created, and a second image is created by zooming in, when a player has performed a specific operation on an operation means, on a surrounding region of a player character controlled by t
7314414 Game device, storing medium storing game program, and game method using ultraviolet rays January 1, 2008
A game apparatus includes a CPU, and the CPU executes a game program stored in a game cartridge. During a game, the CPU corrects an ultraviolet ray value detected by an ultraviolet ray sensor in such a manner as to render equal or approximate to a setting value of the ultraviolet ray
7309287 Game machine having display screen with touch panel December 18, 2007
A change in input is made to a graphic displayed on a second display screen (12a) covered with a touch panel, with a stylus (16) or the like. By doing so, a player character P1 on a first display screen (11a) moves according to the change in the input. This allows a wide range of players
7307640 Method and apparatus for efficient generation of texture coordinate displacements for implementi December 11, 2007
A graphics system including a custom graphics and audio processor produces exciting 2D and 3D graphics and surround sound. The system includes a graphics and audio processor including a 3D graphics pipeline and an audio digital signal processor. Emboss style effects are created using
7307638 Method and apparatus for interleaved processing of direct and indirect texture coordinates in a December 11, 2007
A graphics system including a custom graphics and audio processor produces exciting 2D and 3D graphics and surround sound. The system includes a graphics and audio processor including a 3D graphics pipeline and an audio digital signal processor. The graphics pipeline renders and prep
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