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NextEngine, Inc.
Santa Monica, CA
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8126907 Commercial shape search engine February 28, 2012
Embodiments including a system for searching through a database using two or three dimensional data or data derived from the two three dimensional data. The database may be populated by searching a network environment to compile two dimensional image or three dimensional model data. A se
8116559 Hand held portable three dimensional scanner February 14, 2012
Embodiments of the invention may include a scanning device to scan three dimensional objects. The scanning device may generate a three dimensional model. The scanning device may also generate a texture map for the three dimensional model. Techniques utilized to generate the model or text
8049751 Applications with integrated capture November 1, 2011
Embodiments include a system for integrating capture software functionality into other software applications including computer aided design (CAD) application, search application, database management application, email applications, network publishing applications, collaboration appl
7995834 Multiple laser scanner August 9, 2011
A method and system to capture geometry of a three dimensional target while disambiguating multiple projected target elements. The system projects at least three light pattern elements toward a target at a diverse spacing relative to each other. The system captures at least one image
7711179 Hand held portable three dimensional scanner May 4, 2010
Embodiments of the invention may include a scanning device to scan three dimensional objects. The scanning device may generate a three dimensional model. The scanning device may also generate a texture map for the three dimensional model. Techniques utilized to generate the model or text
7358986 Digital imaging system having distribution controlled over a distributed network April 15, 2008
The three-dimensional imaging system providing distribution over a distributed network. A low-cost convenient three-dimensional imaging system having a digitizer and orientation fixture which automatically acquires and calibrates to each other. Automatic acquisition and calibration p
7233351 Method for high resolution incremental imaging June 19, 2007
A method and apparatus to capture a high resolution photograph of a target. A focal zone of a linear image sensing array is displaced across an area containing a target to be photographed. The displacement may be angular or linear with appropriate scaling to yield the end photograph.
7050585 Imaging system monitored or controlled to ensure fidelity of file captured May 23, 2006
A three-dimensional imaging system providing certification over a distributed network. By monitoring or controlling image capture from a trusted environment, the fidelity of the record of the image captured is certified by the operator of the trusted environment. An image record may
6985145 Graphical interface for manipulation of 3D models January 10, 2006
A method comprising analyzing a data file representing a three dimensional object to automatically identify a plurality of views of interest based on at least one observable characteristic of the three dimensional object; and defining an access mechanism to permit the plurality of views
6980302 Three dimensional digitizer using multiple methods December 27, 2005
A method and apparatus capable of using two or more capture methods to create three-dimensional representations of a target captured. Elements of the three-dimensional digital representation generated from the plural capture method are combined to yield a single digital three-dimensional
6923558 Filament alignment mechanism for high accuracy lamps August 2, 2005
A system for aligning a light source to a reflector on a frame for efficiently illuminating a target along a first axis of the reflector. The light source is coupled to an arm that is linearly translatable by a driver assembly coupled to the frame. The travel of the driver assembly is
6856407 Method for depth detection in 3D imaging providing a depth measurement for each unitary group of February 15, 2005
A method and apparatus for obtaining up to one depth measurement for each pixel. A image sensing array (ISA) captures a measurement of intensity on a surface. The intensity maps to depth. Accordingly, from a single pixel, or a group of pixels without regard to the intensity distribution
6765501 High performance rotary axis July 20, 2004
A high performance rotary axis. An upper and lower unit are coupled together by a pair of bearings to permit relative rotation between the units. The bearings are biased relative to others along a link to reduce play between the bearings. A processor and sensor provide for detection of
6701006 Apparatus and method for point cloud assembly March 2, 2004
A method and apparatus for point cloud assembly are described. In one embodiment, the method includes the obtaining of a data set of a first point cloud and a data set of a second point cloud. Once obtained, a portion of geometry defined by each respective data set is identified, whi
6639684 Digitizer using intensity gradient to image features of three-dimensional objects October 28, 2003
A method and apparatus to digitize three-dimensional objects. A projection assembly is retained in fixed relation to an imaging assembly. The projection assembly projects a fixed gradient light pattern into a focal zone of the imaging assembly. The imaging assembly integrates the ill
6530550 Wireless turntable March 11, 2003
A method and apparatus for rotating an object. An upper unit is rotatably mounted on a base. A drive mechanism is mounted within the base so as to engage and drive rotation of the upper unit. A processor within the base controls the drive mechanism to achieve desirable acceleration c

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