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Newell Co. Patents
Newell Co.
Freeport, IL
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D320158 Shipping and display package for beverageware September 24, 1991
D320125 Handle for cookware or the like September 24, 1991
D319797 Scale September 10, 1991
6254710 Method and apparatus for making a paint roller July 3, 2001
A method and apparatus for making reusable paint. rollers comprised of a core formed from thermoplastic material. The thermoplastic material is formed into a core about a stationary mandril. An adhesive is then applied to the core whereupon a cover is bonded thereto. In a first embodimen
5137595 Paint roller manufacturing apparatus August 11, 1992
A paint roller is comprised of a thermoplastic tubular core and a cover fabric heat-fused thereto without an intermediate adhesive. The fabric is wound around the core in a helical path, and the core is heat-softened in the zone of winding to fuse the fabric to the core as it is wound th
5060709 Infinitely sizable solid slat mini blind October 29, 1991
The invention is embodied in a mini-blind which has a headrail and an array of slats suspended therefrom. The slats are raised, lowered and adjusted with a plurality of cords. The slats are generally free from apertures which extend through the slats. The cords used to lift the array of
5052557 Combination display and shipping package for beverageware October 1, 1991
A shipping package for beverageware which functions to also display the beverageware as it is offered for sale on retain shelves. The package is stackable with like packages during transit and handling at all points from the manufacturing source to the consumer's home, and can be the
4967991 Adjustable curtain support system November 6, 1990
A curtain support system having a wall mounted bracket which has an outwardly extending bracket arm, and a mating curtain rod arm connected to or integral with a curtain rod. The rod arm and bracket arm are capable of being adjusted so that the curtain rod can assume positions which vary
4907636 Decorative window shade March 13, 1990
A device for decorating a window shade includes a flat strip of polyester material having pre-applied adhesive and removable covers on both sides thereof. Printed instructions for decorating the shade are provided on the covers. A decorative wallpaper or fabric is applied to one side of
4893685 Scale January 16, 1990
The scale of the present invention has a housing with a recess in its upper surface to allow rotative movement of a pointer therein. Numerals corresponding to weight are disposed an an annular disc-shaped dial carried by the upper periphery of the housing. A transparent cover plate o
4874148 Universal display bracket October 17, 1989
A display bracket especially adapted for supporting retail merchandising crossbars is disclosed which is capable of mounting crossbars to display uprights which have varying (a) sizes of apertures and (b) spacings of apertures in the uprights, said display bracket including a bracket hav
4821892 Shelving system April 18, 1989
A shelving system comprising a shelf, a vertical support structure, and a shelf bracket. The shelf bracket consists of a base member and a fastener to secure the base member to a vertical support structure, a lower support ledge extending outwardly from the base member, and an upper grip
4693094 Circular knitting needle assembly September 15, 1987
A circular needle assembly having a scored connecting means joining the needle and cable together.
4682690 Display product and package combination July 28, 1987
A display package and display product which is firmly secured together while allowing a substantial portion of the display product to be viewed. The invention further relates to a display package which uses a fastener means to secure the display product to the display package and the met
4674550 Window shade motor and roller assembly June 23, 1987
A window shade motor and a window shade roller assembly which is characterized by easier release and release with greater certainty, as contrasted to current construction, while having fewer parts which is based, in part, on arranging the pivot axes of the pawls closer to the center

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