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Newbridge Networks Corporation Patents
Newbridge Networks Corporation
Kanata, CA
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6335926 Dynamic configuration of edge forwarders to route servers in a distributed router system January 1, 2002
A configuration server is incorporated into a distributed router to support multiple route servers in an internetworking system. The multiple route servers in the system provide load sharing and/or standby functionality. In the system route servers provide routing decisions while edge
6205147 Virtual network architecture March 20, 2001
A network infrastructure comprises a number of connective devices (routers, repeaters, bridges, etc.) to form a communication network for a plurality of end nodes. Message packets originating with an end node are assigned an input virtual network and workgroup identification at the port
6147965 Switched connections diagnostics in a signalling network November 14, 2000
A method is disclosed for detecting and diagnosing faults in a network. The network has a plurality of nodes through which switched virtual connections can be established. First, all attempts at establishing routes through the network are recorded. Then, the location of a failure is
6144669 Prioritized PVC management queues for improved frame processing capabilities November 7, 2000
There is provided a method and apparatus for the prioritization, multiple queuing and selective processing of PVC management frames by a Frame Relay message processing device. The device had an input port for receiving the messages. It also provides a number of message queues for storing
6108307 Frame relay priority queses to offer multiple service classes August 22, 2000
There is provided a message service device for a switching network. The device provides an input port for receiving messages from a number of network connections. The device includes a storage device for storing a number of predetermined priority levels pertaining to the received mes
6075771 Fair allocation of excess resources in a communications system June 13, 2000
In a communications system, a method is described for controlling the excess usage of a finite resource through which information flows by a plurality of sources having an "excess" state. For each source a determination is made as to whether the source is in the excess state. If the
5982745 LAN bridging redundancy November 9, 1999
In a method implementing redundancy in LAN/WAN bridging/switching elements, LAN/WAN traffic is sent to active and inactive elements using multicast techniques. The active element bridges the data traffic and the inactive drops it.
5959985 Multi-network architecture September 28, 1999
A multi-network environment comprises a plurality of different digital networks, a network manager associated with each network, a system manager at each customer premises for requesting a desired service, a customer agent for implementing instructions received from the customer agent, a
5953347 Integrated management of multiple networks with different topologies September 14, 1999
An integrated network management system for multiple networks of different topology domains employs hierarchical pass-through routing and multi-network service management through the network.
5951701 Detection of loop-back conditions on faulty digital trunks September 14, 1999
A method of detecting loopbacks on trunks in digital networks, comprises the steps of detecting an out-of-service trunk, continually placing a predetermined bit pattern on an outgoing channel of a trunk card, continually monitoring a receive channel of the trunk card to detect said b
5917823 X.25 access to frame relay network June 29, 1999
A packet switching network supporting X-series protocol access employs PVC (Permanent virtual connection) trunks as the backbone trunks for the network.
5917821 Look-up engine for packet-based network June 29, 1999
An arrangement is disclosed for parsing packets in a packet-based data transmission network. The packets include packet headers divided into fields having values representing information pertaining to the packet. The arrangement includes an input receiving fields from the packet headers
5844891 Cell-based clock recovery device December 1, 1998
A clock recovery unit provides a clock recovery function in the receiving entity of a system to implement adaptation of constant bit-rate (CBR) services over an asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) or ATM-like network. Incoming cells are periodically sampled for buffer fill level L.sub.i. Th
5818842 Transparent interconnector of LANs by an ATM network October 6, 1998
A computer communications network comprises a plurality of interconnected ATM switches forming a WAN or LAN area network over which ATM cells are transmitted, and a plurality of user devices including LAN interface adapters for connection to one or more to local area networks (LANs). An
5818839 Timing reference for scheduling data traffic on multiple ports October 6, 1998
Data traffic such as cell streams in an ATM communication network frequently contain data destined for multiple output ports having different transmission data rates. In order to accurately schedule such traffic a clocking signal unique to each output data rate is required. This inve
5781532 Data link interface for packet-switched network July 14, 1998
A router for sending and receiving data over a virtual connection in a packet-switched network, such as a frame relay network, includes a device for detecting congestion in received data packets, and a device for adjusting the transmission rate of packets into the network when conges
5778003 Loop-back detection using out-of-band signalling July 7, 1998
A method is described for detecting a loopback condition in a trunk. A predetermined bit pattern is inserted in an outgoing channel, and a corresponding incoming channel is continually monitored to detect the presence of the predetermined bit pattern. In this way, premature restorati
5728229 Test probe cleaner March 17, 1998
A test probe cleaning apparatus for a test probe fixture having a multitude of test probes protruding therefrom, comprises a pan for containing a cleaning fluid, an upstanding brush in the pan, and a carriage for holding an inverted test probe fixture. The carriage is movable over the br
5563876 Fast packet switch October 8, 1996
The invention provides a very fast distributed frame relay switch. Each switching element is tied to each other switching element using LAN like FDDI technology. Frame relay packets arrive into the switch via lower speed TDM based trunks and can either be switched locally within the same
5546378 Fault tolerant FDDI wiring hub August 13, 1996
A wiring hub for interconnecting a plurality of switching units, includes a plurality of interface modules for connection to respective external switching units in a dual-attached connection, and a dual FDDI ring interconnecting the interface modules. The interface modules include a
5539734 Method of maintaining PVC status packetized communication system July 23, 1996
A method of managing an interface to an internal message pipe, such as an FDDI bus, comprises sending a status enquiry message to request the status of each PVC having a DLCI in a specified range, receiving a subset status message containing sequence exchange numbers corresponding to the
5521914 Switched access to frame relay May 28, 1996
An arrangement is disclosed for providing switched access to a packet-based network. The arrangement comprises an ISDN switch connected to terminal units via ISDN links, a frame relay switch, and a TDM trunk connecting the frame relay switch to the ISDN switch. The TDM trunk has circuits
5521909 Frame relay management system May 28, 1996
A data transmission network includes a plurality of data processing devices for connection to local data sources. The data processing devices assemble data packets from the local sources into frame relay packets. A plurality of interconnected network nodes are connected to the data proce
5351239 Digital data transmission system September 27, 1994
A method is disclosed for transmitting super-rate data signals having a bit-rate higher than a predetermined bit-rate through a digital data transmission system normally providing channels having the predetermined bit-rate. The channels are subject to different propagation delay char
4972483 Speech processing system using adaptive vector quantization November 20, 1990
A speech processing system having an encoder comprising apparatus for receiving successive samples of PCM (pulse code modulated) encoded speech signals and apparatus, for applying sequential groups of the PCM encoded speech signals as primary vector signals to an encoder code book memory

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