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New-Tec Integration Patents
New-Tec Integration
Xiamen) Co., Ltd. (Xiamen, CN
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8231171 Foldable chair July 31, 2012
A folding chair comprises a cross folding supporting frame with two X-shaped cross folding bars. Each of the cross folding bars has a front and rear leg connected crossly to each other in the middle. The upper portions of the two front legs form a first upper portion and the upper po
8181579 Plastic and wood composite tabletop May 22, 2012
A tabletop with a plastic surface board, a fiberboard and a frame. The plastic surface board has a top portion covering the top of the fiberboard, and a side portion covering the sides of the fiberboard. The end of the side portion and an edge of the bottom of the fiberboard defines
8176858 Composite desk May 15, 2012
A composite desk, including: two desk sideboards and a desk top, the two desk sideboards support the desk top, the desk sideboards and the desk top are made of the plastic composite board completely or partially; the plastic composite board includes a top board; a bottom board; a honeyco
8136461 Desk which has combined vertical type legs March 20, 2012
A table includes legs, each of which includes a tube and a long screw rod passing through the tube. The tube has a limit step at a first end. The long screw rod has a protruding step at the first end and a screw at a second end. The table also has a tabletop with screw holes. Each screw
8136180 Removable guardrail framework March 20, 2012
The invention discloses a removable guardrail structure. The guardrail is connected between the two upright posts of a bunk bed and provided with two ends, which are respectively detachably connected with the two upright posts.
8132517 Foldable table and a foldable bench March 13, 2012
A supporting portion for a foldable table or a foldable bench is described. The supporting portion includes a V-shaped assembly and a supporting brace. The V-shaped assembly includes two connecting rods and a sliding sleeve. Each of the connecting rods has a disconnected end and a co
8113130 Folding assembly and foldaway table February 14, 2012
A folding mechanism for a folding table is described. The folding table includes a table top, a supporting portion and a leg portion with two legs and a fixing rod mounted between the two legs. The two legs form a rotatable connection with the table top. The supporting portion includes
8087730 Combined backrest for a chair January 3, 2012
A combined backrest for a chair comprises a left side plastic fastener, a right side plastic fastener and at least one wooden rest board. The left side plastic fastener is fixedly connected to the left side rest staff. The right side plastic fastener is fixedly connected to the right sid
8017212 Paper honeycomb core composite panel September 13, 2011
A paper honeycomb core composite panel includes a face plate, a bottom plate, a paper honeycomb core sandwiched between the face plate and the bottom plate, e pieces of interior spacer disposed between the face plate and the bottom plate and extended entirely or partly around the periphe
7975627 Table with combined and upstanding legs July 12, 2011
A table including a tabletop and numbers of legs. A number of connecting positions for connecting with the legs are arranged in a bottom surface of the tabletop. The legs are connected with the connecting positions and extend transversely from the tabletop. The connecting positions and t
7938484 Foldable chair May 10, 2011
A foldable chair includes a pair of front legs, a pair of rear legs, a seat and a backrest. The front legs and rear legs are hinged together to form a scissor-shape. The seat is hinged with the rear legs rotatably through a connecting piece fixed on the back of the seat. Each of the
7857379 Folding structure for a folding chair December 28, 2010
A folding chair, including a first folding support and a second folding support, the first folding support includes a first front leg, a first back leg and a seat, the upper-end of the first front leg is pivotally connected to the lateral front-end of the seat, the first front leg is
7845717 Stool with telescopic legs December 7, 2010
A stool with telescopic legs, including a seat and four legs that have a first two legs disposed on a first side of the seat, and a second two legs disposed on a second side of the seat opposite to the first side. The four legs are of the same length. A first end of each of the four

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