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New Nippon Electric Co., Ltd. Patents
New Nippon Electric Co., Ltd.
Osaka, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4649507 Segmented transversal filter March 10, 1987
A segmented digital transversal filter comprising a first transversal filter 4 that eliminates all frequency components from a signal sequence above half the subsampling frequency, a second transversal filter 11 that convolutes the output of the first filter with a decimated and energy
4502441 Input/output unit modifiable engine ignition control apparatus March 5, 1985
An input/output unit modifiable engine ignition control apparatus for controlling ignition timing for engine cylinders at optimum values based on reference position pulses, crank angle pulses generated and a vacuum signal produced by reference position sensors, a crank angle sensor and a
4499875 Control unit modifiable engine ignition control apparatus February 19, 1985
A control unit modifiable engine ignition control apparatus for controlling ignition timing optimally for each cylinder by processing reference position pulses, crank angle pulses and a vacuum signal generated by a reference position sensor, a crank angle sensor and a vacuum sensor which
4494518 Engine ignition interpolation apparatus January 22, 1985
An engine ignition interpolation apparatus including three reference position sensors, a single crank angle sensor and a counter resettable by outputs from the reference position sensors and used for counting output pulses from said crank angle sensor. Also included are a decoder for
4485784 An engine ignition control circuit having a failsafe for a crank angle sensor December 4, 1984
An engine ignition control circuit includes a crank angle sensor and two reference position sensors. The engine ignition control circuit also includes an ignition timing control unit generating primary ignition signals and a replacement ignition signal generator device. The control c
4457286 Engine ignition system July 3, 1984
An engine ignition system connected between an engine crank and ignition coils includes a reference position signal generating device having reference position sensors, and a crank angle sensing device. The ignition system also includes a signal processing device which receives both the
4419661 Dual cathode-ray tube display system for text editing December 6, 1983
A cathode-ray tube display device including first and second cathode-ray tube displays. The first cathode-ray tube displays an entire screen full of characters and symbols or the like in dot matrix form. One of the characters from the first cathode-ray tube can be transferred and dis
4376911 Circuit system for lighting a discharge lamp or lamps March 15, 1983
A discharge lamp lighting circuit system comprises a discharge lamp, an intermittent oscillation circuit, and an arrangement for controlling the energy supplied for lighting the discharge lamp with a high power factor. The intermittent oscillation circuit is energized by a low frequency
4306177 Discharge lamp lighting device with a delayed-output oscillation circuit December 15, 1981
A high frequency and high voltage generating circuit for a discharge lamp lighting device controls its initial output at the starting time of a discharge lamp to prevent applying a high voltage to the discharge lamp in the "cold cathode" state. The circuit comprises in combination an
4300109 Turret type television tuner having an elastic and a rigid support disc November 10, 1981
A turret type television tuner comprises a chassis subassembly including a chassis base, an electrical wiring sub-assembly fixed on the chassis base, and a rotor assembly including a turret secured to a selector shaft within the chassis base. The turret includes an insulating elastic sup
4280078 Magnetron July 21, 1981
PCT No. PCT/JP78/00033 Sec. 371 Date July 30, 1979 Sec. 102(e) Date July 23, 1979 PCT Filed July 27, 1979 PCT Pub. No. WO79/00329 PCT Pub. Date June 14, 1979A magnetron is constructed with an annular wall anode structure including a cylindrical wall first section of smaller diameter or c
4104561 Magnetron operating circuit August 1, 1978
In the present magnetron operating circuit for generating microwave energy, the circuit components of the filter, the transformer and the rectifier are arranged within a shielded housing, in the same manner as the cathode input portion of a magnetron tube. A feed-through capacitor of the
4103416 Method of manufacturing an hermatically sealed electrical terminal August 1, 1978
An electrical terminal device comprises a metallic body or support cut through which an iron-chronmium alloy, conductive lead wire extends in an insulated and sealed manner. The free ends of the lead wire or wires extend out of the cup. A glass-to-metal seal is provided between the wires
4087844 Tape recorders with cassette loading and ejecting mechanisms May 2, 1978
The tape recorder is provided with a cassette guiding device including a tiltable cassette loading platform pivotably mounted at one end, spring means for normally holding the platform in an inclined position for receiving an inserted cassette and for permitting the platform to rotate
4065741 Thermal fuse with a fusible temperature sensitive pellet December 27, 1977
The present thermal fuse comprises an electrically and thermally conductive housing for hermetically sealing the switching parts and a fusible, temperature sensitive pellet in said housing. The pellet is preferably molded to have a cylindrical shape or body provided with one cavity or
4065374 Method and apparatus for plating under constant current density December 27, 1977
In the present plating apparatus the bath contains an electrolyte solution having a uniform ion concentration. A common electrode, a plating electrode and a standard electrode are arranged in the bath. A direct current source is connected between the common electrode and the plating
3933289 Magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus January 20, 1976
In magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus wherein a magnetic tape is driven at a variable speed by a driving motor through a capstan, a pulse motor is used as the driving motor, the speed thereof being variable by changing the frequency of the pulses applied thereto, and the pulse

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