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8580940 Photoporphyrinogen oxidase having activity of imparting resistance against acifluorfen and gene November 12, 2013
Protoporphyrinogen oxidase having an activity of imparting acifluorfen resistance and gene thereof are provided. Cyanobacterium protoporphyrinogen oxidase gene is identified by introducing a protoporphyrinogen oxidase gene of Arabidopsis into cyanobacterium, disrupting a cyanobacteri
8570148 Biological information acquiring apparatus, biological information acquiring method and biometri October 29, 2013
A biological information acquiring apparatus includes light source units configured to irradiate light onto a living body, a light receiving unit including a light receiving element, the light receiving element including pixels, each of the pixels receiving at least one of a transmis
8282938 Immunogenic compositions comprising liposomes and an influenza PB2 CTL epitope obtained from the October 9, 2012
The present invention provides an avian influenza vaccine containing a peptide-bound liposome wherein; the peptide contains: (1) an amino acid sequence shown by any one of SEQ ID NO:1 to 9, or (2) an amino acid sequence shown by any one of SEQ ID NO:1 to 9 wherein one or two amino ac
8273290 Composite metal material and method for producing the same September 25, 2012
A method for producing a composite metal material includes preparing a solution containing a surfactant having both hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity, dispersing a nanosized to micro-sized fine carbonaceous substance into a state of being monodispersed in the solution, bringing the s
8270841 Quantum communication apparatus, quantum communication system and quantum communication method September 18, 2012
The present invention is directed to realize a stable and highly-efficient quantum communication without being influenced by the jitter of the heralding signal. In regard to the quantum encryption transmitting apparatus 200, the pulse-driven heralded single-photon source 201 generate
8252486 CO tolerant multicomponent electrode catalyst for solid polymer fuel cell August 28, 2012
Disclosed is an electrode catalyst for solid polymer fuel cells wherein CO tolerance is improved. Specifically disclosed is a catalyst for fuel cells having a first catalyst and a second catalyst. The first catalyst contains Pd, C and an oxide, namely SnO.sub.2 or TiO.sub.2, and the
8236421 Metallic structure and photodetector August 7, 2012
In a metallic structure including a metallic nano-chain with plasmon resonance absorption, a metallic nanoparticle forming the metallic nano-chain is formed in a circular, triangle, or rhomboid shape. The wavelength selectivity can be increased also by forming a closed region by mutu
8200396 Apparatus for controlling lighting angle of headlights of vehicle June 12, 2012
An apparatus is provided to control a lighting angle of headlights installed in a vehicle. In the apparatus, a curve of the road is calculated and the radius of the curve is obtained, based on the current position and the road information. The curve is located ahead of the vehicle. A
8182845 Ghrelin production promoter May 22, 2012
The objectives are to find a substance or a composition capable of promoting the production of ghrelin with physiological activities such as growth hormone secretion effect, and to provide a pharmaceutical comprising it as the active ingredient. The pharmaceutical is a ghrelin produc
8180162 Similar image retrieving device May 15, 2012
A similar image retrieving device (1) comprises: an image database (21) for storage of sets of image data, and sets of keywords each associated with a corresponding image data; a cluster classification section (11) to read the sets of image data, provide a respective one of the sets of
8180161 Image classification device and image classification program May 15, 2012
An image classification device includes a characteristic value set calculation unit 11 that calculates a characteristic value set of the whole image for each of multiple sets of image data in an image database 51, detects an edge of the set of the image data, and calculates a charact
8178074 Method for producing titanium oxide particles May 15, 2012
Titanium oxide particles having a particle having a decahedral box-shape and a particle size in a range of from 1 nm to 100 nm can be selectively and efficiently produced by carrying out a method in which in a case of oxidizing titanium tetrachloride in vapor at high temperatures, it is
8163947 Cyanation catalyst and method for producing optically active cyanhydrin compound using the same April 24, 2012
The present invention can provide a cyanation catalyst represented by the general formula (I): ##STR00001## (in the formula (I), R.sub.1 through R.sub.4 are each an optionally substituted hydrocarbon group; R.sub.1 and R.sub.2 and/or R.sub.3 and R.sub.4 may form an optionally sub
8163084 Nanostructure and manufacturing method for same April 24, 2012
The invention relates to nanostructure and its manufacturing method. In the manufacturing method of a nanostructure, first anisotropic crystalline particles, connectors having end to be connected to a specific crystal face of each of said crystalline particles, and second particles t
8148112 Sugar chain containing 4-position halogenated galactose and application thereof April 3, 2012
The present invention is directed to, for example, an oligosaccharide having at an end thereof a 4-position halogenated galactose residue represented by formula (I): (wherein ##STR00001## X represents a halogen atom, and R represents a monosaccharide, an oligosaccharide, or a carri
8137986 Non-liquid phase type chemiluminescent enzyme immunoassay method and assay kit March 20, 2012
A chemiluminescent enzyme immunoassay method whereby a target substance such as a protein is assayed. This chemiluminescent enzyme immunoassay method comprises: the step of capturing an immune complex containing an enzyme-labeled antibody, which is labeled with an enzyme acting a che
8133595 Multilayer alloy coating film, heat-resistant metal member having the same, and method for produ March 13, 2012
Disclosed is a multilayer alloy coating film capable of maintaining heat resistance, high-temperature oxidation resistance and creep resistance for a long time even in an ultra high temperature environment. The multilayer alloy coating film comprises a barrier layer formed on a base
8129589 Protoporphyrinogen oxidase having activity of imparting resistance against acifluorfen and gene March 6, 2012
Protoporphyrinogen oxidase having an activity of imparting acifluorfen resistance and gene thereof are provided. Cyanobacterium protoporphyrinogen oxidase gene is identified by introducing a protoporphyrinogen oxidase gene of Arabidopsis into cyanobacterium, disrupting a cyanobacteri
8128190 Ink circulation type inkjet printer March 6, 2012
An ink circulation type inkjet printer includes a maintenance controller configured to: (1) allow a maintenance mechanism to execute maintenance processing for a plurality of inkjet heads before a present printing job under three conditions that: (c1) an elapsed time from a last printing
8115197 Organic semiconductor material, organic semiconductor thin film and organic semiconductor device February 14, 2012
An organic semiconductor material is provided. The organic semiconductor material includes a polyacene derivative expressed by the following general formula (1): ##STR00001## where each of R.sub.1 to R.sub.10 may be independently the same substituents or different substituents but all
8098890 Image processing apparatus for reducing effects of fog on images obtained by vehicle-mounted cam January 17, 2012
Kalman filter processing is applied to each of successive images of a scene obscured by fog, captured by an onboard camera of a vehicle. The measurement matrix for the Kalman filter is established based on currently estimated characteristics of the fog, and intrinsic luminance values
8097276 Method for coating particle with lipid film January 17, 2012
A method for coating an object, i.e. a particle, with two sheets of lipid film having a space formed there between. In the method for coating a particle having a positive electrostatic-charging property with two sheets of lipid film, the particle having a positive electrostatic-charg
8093429 Fluoroamine having perfluoroalkyl group, process for producing the same, method of fluorination January 10, 2012
Provided are a fluorous-tag-introduced fluoroamine of a general formula (I), its production method, a method of fluorination of a substrate having functional group containing oxygen with the fluoroamine serving as a fluorinating agent, and a method of recovering a fluorous-tag-introd
8092720 Polymer-supported metal complex catalyst January 10, 2012
Polymer supported metal complex catalysts and methods of their preparation and use are described. The polymer supported metal complex catalysts can be obtained via ligand exchange reactions between polymer ligands and a metal complex having catalytic activity. For example, a polymer
8088484 Metallic structure and photodetector January 3, 2012
In a metallic structure including a metallic nano-chain with plasmon resonance absorption, a metallic nanoparticle forming the metallic nano-chain is formed in a circular, triangle, or rhomboid shape. The wavelength selectivity can be increased also by forming a closed region by mutu
8071793 Macrolide compound December 6, 2011
Disclosed are: a novel dinoflagellate alga; and a macrolide compound which can be used as a novel anticancer agent. Specifically disclosed is a macrolide compound produced by a dinoflagellate Amphidinium sp. Strain HYA002 or HYA0024. The macrolide compound has excellent proliferation
8063205 Method for producing 2-oxazoline analogue or 1,3-oxazine analogue November 22, 2011
The present invention is a method for producing a 2-oxazoline analogue or a 1,3-oxazine analogue represented by the following general formula (3) by reacting a 1,2-aminoalcohol compound or a 1,2-aminothiol compound with an .alpha.,.alpha.-dihaloamine compound. (In the formula, n represen
8062887 Monoclonal antibody specifically recognizing modification site after translation of p53 and kit November 22, 2011
The present invention provides a monoclonal antibody recognizing modification after translation of p53 in a manner specific to a modification site, an antibody microarray comprising the antibody immobilized on a substrate, etc. Disclosed is a monoclonal antibody which reacts specific
8058409 Method of serum pre-treatment for glycomic analysis November 15, 2011
A means for pre-treatment in glycomic analysis of a glycoprotein is provided by the present invention. A salt of the general formula (I): ##STR00001## wherein Z, X, R.sup.1, R.sup.2, M, m and n are the same as described in DESCRIPTION, is useful as a protein solubilizer, and an olig
8053246 Method of esterifying bio-related molecule for mass spectrometry and method of mass spectrometry November 8, 2011
To provide a method for enhancing analysis sensitivity of bio-related molecules in mass spectrometry. To provide a method for rapidly and conveniently analyzing biological acid molecules using the method of enhanced analysis sensitivity in mass spectrometry. A method of preparing a b
8029824 Hydrogel of (semi) interpenetrating network structure and process for producing the same October 4, 2011
A hydrogel of the semi-interpenetrating network structure or interpenetrating network structure, characterized in that the hydrogel is one formed from a first monomer ingredient at least 10 mol % of which is accounted for by a charge-possessing unsaturated monomer, the molar ratio of
8025696 Artificial meniscus and process of making thereof September 27, 2011
An artificial meniscus, a base material of which is a hydrogel having a semi-interpenetrating network structure or an interpenetrating network structure (e.g., a linear polymer or a network structure composing the hydrogel is a polymer of an electrically charged unsaturated monomer a
8017238 Tungsten oxide photocatalyst comprising platinum particles September 13, 2011
To provide a tungsten oxide photocatalyst which shows a high photocatalytic activity by irradiating with visible light even under the environment where ultraviolet light is not irradiated, the tungsten oxide photocatalyst has tungsten oxide particles and Pt particles having a primary
8013137 Modified enteropeptidase protein September 6, 2011
Disclosed are novel enteropeptidase polypeptides, polynucleotides encoding the polypeptides, nucleotide constructs, vectors, host cells comprising the polynucleotides, and methods for producing the polypeptides and polynucleotides. Such polypeptides are useful as protein engineering
7973199 Process for producing acetone from bioethanol July 5, 2011
The present invention provides a technique for producing acetone in a high yield from hydrated ethanol derived from biomass, without requiring a large amount of energy. Hydrated ethanol derived from biomass is heated to a reaction temperature of C. or higher in the presence o
7964687 Oxylamino group-containing compound and polymer June 21, 2011
An oxylamino group-containing compound represented by the following formula: R.sup.1--B-A-B--R.sup.2, wherein R.sup.1 represents a polymerizable group, R.sup.2 represents an oxylamino group-containing group or an oxylamino derivative-containing group, B represents an ester linkage or
7964410 Method for preparing analysis sample, analysis sample and sugar chain capture agent June 21, 2011
A method for preparing an analysis sample which involves the sugar chain capture step comprising a reaction of capturing a sugar chain and/or a sugar derivative from a biological sample by using a sugar chain capture agent and the excision step comprising excising a compound containing a
7952076 Radiation imaging system and nuclear medicine diagnosis instrument therefor May 31, 2011
A radiation imaging system is configured by a collimator 30A including a detector 21 with a discrete detection pixel corresponding with a pixel and a plurality of radiation passages 31 and looks into a plurality of detectors 21 through one radiation passage 31 to set a step width of
7951536 Method for determining base sequence of DNA May 31, 2011
The present invention provides a method for determining the base sequence of a DNA. According to the method for determining the base sequence of a DNA of the present invention, a probe is used, which is a probe having a protruding end and identification-labeled according to the species o
7915641 Terahertz electromagnetic wave radiation element and its manufacturing method March 29, 2011
The present invention improves the efficiency of conversion from a non-radiation two-dimensional electron plasmon wave into a radiation electromagnetic wave, and realizes a wide-band characteristic. A terahertz electromagnetic wave radiation element of the present invention comprises
7851070 Diffusion barrier alloy film and high-temperature apparatus member December 14, 2010
A diffusion barrier alloy film has a diffusion barrier layer which has more excellent diffusion barrier properties than an Re--Cr alloy film, and can stand usage at higher temperatures (e.g., C. or higher). The diffusion barrier layer is made of an Re--W alloy .sigma. ph
7837895 Supercooling promoting agent November 23, 2010
During the investigation of the mechanism that cellular water in woody plants growing in cold districts keeps liquid state at low temperature, the inventors have studied to identify the causative substances. As the results, the present inventors identified supercooling promoting agents
7824761 Metal structure and production method therefor November 2, 2010
A metal structure capable of significantly increasing wavelength selectivity and polarization electivity for an incident light, and a production method thereof. First, a solid transparent substrate (glass substrate) (10) is cleaned and dried (S100). The surface of the substrate (10)
7794838 Nanodisk comprising block copolymer September 14, 2010
This invention provides a nanodisk, which can be formed of a wide variety of materials and has a high level of application, and a method for manufacturing the same. The nanodisk comprises fundamental units formed of two-molecule block copolymers arranged in series in a main chain dir
7774164 Performance prediction program and performance prediction system for ground source heat pump sys August 10, 2010
A computer which functions by a performance prediction program for a ground source heat pump system of the present invention and a performance prediction system constructed thereby include a dimensionless distance calculating means, a first dimensionless time calculating means, a second
7752897 Molecule measuring device and molecule measuring method July 13, 2010
A molecule measuring apparatus capable of controlling the drawing directions of molecules always in a uniaxial direction in a measurement performed by extending and retracting the molecules on a substrate. In the apparatus, a cantilever (200) lifts one end of a molecule (900) on the
7714175 Production method of aromatic hydroxide May 11, 2010
According to the present invention, two hydroxyl groups can be introduced into the 1-position and the 4-position of the benzene ring of an aromatic compound highly efficiently and highly selectively by a one step process to give the corresponding aromatic hydroxide.The present invention
7709810 Sensing device, sensing apparatus, and sensing method May 4, 2010
There are provided a sensing device, a sensing apparatus, and a sensing method capable of realizing effective multi-photon absorption and local plasmon enhancement function. The sensing device can realize a high multi-photon excitation efficiency and selectivity by accurately control
7691358 Nanocarbon solubilizer, method for purifying same, and method for producing high-purity nanocarb April 6, 2010
A water solubilizer for nanocarbons contains a surfactant which can form a spherical micelle vesicle having a diameter of 50-2,000 nm in a water solution or a water-soluble polymer having a weight-average molecular weight of 10,000-50,000,000 as an active constituent. For example, the
7638132 Highly safe smallpox vaccine virus and vaccinia virus vector December 29, 2009
Objects of the present invention are to generate vaccine strains that undergo reversion (atavism) with difficulty and to provide smallpox vaccines with higher safety. The vaccine viruses are deficient in a part or the whole of the B5R gene of a vaccinia viral strain, LC16m8 or LC16mO
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