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8574548 Antagonists of ligands and uses thereof November 5, 2013
The invention provides multivalent ligand binding agents (traps) for members of the TGF-.beta. superfamily and polypeptide linkers and methods for making and using such constructs. The traps may be used as therapeutic or diagnostic (imaging or non-imaging) agents for diseases/disorde
8293233 Method for isolation of soluble polypeptides October 23, 2012
Polypeptides with desirable biophysical properties such as solubility, stability, high expression, monomericity, binding specificity or non-aggregation, including monomeric human VHs and VLs, are identified using a high throughput method for screening polypeptides, comprising the ste
8288457 Block functionalization methods October 16, 2012
Epoxy resins are chemically attached to carbon nanotubes (CNTs), in a one-step process in which a reaction mixture comprising the epoxy polymer, the CNTs and a bridging agent which is a chemical compound capable of forming living polymers, e.g. styrene or MMA is formed and radical fo
8283481 Inhibitors of a 9-cis epoxycarotenoid dioxygenase October 9, 2012
A compound of formula (I): ##STR00001## wherein: R.sub.1 is --SR.sub.10, --O--C(O)--R.sub.11, --NR.sub.12R.sub.13, where R.sub.10 is a C.sub.1-8-alkyl group or a phenyl group unsubstituted or substituted by a C.sub.1-4-alkyl group, R.sub.11 is a thiophenenyl, furanyl or pyrrolyl
8278654 Electrostatically regulated atomic scale electroconductivity device October 2, 2012
An atomic scale electroconductivity device with electrostatic regulation includes a perturbing species having a localized electronic charge. A sensing species having an electronic conductivity is placed in proximity to the perturbing species at a distance sufficient to induce a change in
8278069 Identification of a .beta.-1,3-N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase (CGTE) from Campylobacter jejun October 2, 2012
The invention relates to .beta.-1,3-N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase polypeptides, nucleic acids that encode the polypeptides, and methods of using the polypeptides.
8257949 Self-priming polysialyltransferase September 4, 2012
The invention relates to a fusion protein comprising a bifunctional sialytransferase and a poly-sialytransferase and methods to use the fusion proteins for production of poly-sialylated end products, e.g. oligosaccharides and glycoproteins.
8257705 Single-domain antigen-binding antibody fragments derived from llama antibodies September 4, 2012
A phage display library of variable heavy domain (V.sub.HH or VH) fragments (sdAb fragments) derived from the antibody repertoire of a non-immunized llama is disclosed. The sdAb fragments of the library are characterized by the absence of cysteine residues in complementarity determin
8252556 Reverse cumate repressor mutant August 28, 2012
Recently, the development of inducible expression systems has involved exploitation of the p-cym operon from Pseudomonas putida. Disclosed herein are novel expression systems and components thereof, which involve the development of a CymR variant with reverse DNA binding activity, such
8216821 Regulation of heterologous recombinant protein expression in methylotrophic and methanotrophic b July 10, 2012
Methylotrophic or methanotrophic bacteria such as Methylobacterium are transformed with a gene of interest, and expression of the gene is regulated by means of a cumate repressor protein and an operator sequence which is operatively linked to the gene of interest, and the addition of
8207402 Nucleotide sequences encoding enzymes in biosynthesis of dihydroartemisinic acid June 26, 2012
Isolated nucleic acid molecules cloned from Artemisia annua encode artemisinic aldehyde double bond reductase and artemisinic/dihydroartemisinic aldehyde dehydrogenase. Artemisinic aldehyde double bond reductase enzymatically reduces artemisinic aldehyde to dihydroartemisinic aldehyd
8207132 Recombinant vaccines against caligid copepods (sea lice) and antigen sequences thereof June 26, 2012
Molecular targets and vaccines against them in the treatment of sea lice infection of fish are provided, particularly caligid copepods. Vaccines targeted to L. salmonis trypsin are shown to reduce the quantity of sea lice present in challenged salmon from day 14 p.i. onward. Additional a
8163894 DNA for eukaryotic expression of CymR April 24, 2012
The invention relates to a new "gene-switch" (cumate-inducible switch) for mammalian cells, having a mammalian promoter which has a TATA element and is linked to the coding sequence of CymR. This switch is as useful in the development of expression systems and cell-based assays for f
8134143 2,7-carbazolenevinylene derivatives as novel materials in producing organic based electronic dev March 13, 2012
Organic Field Effect Transistor (OFET), an Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED), an and an Organic Photovoltaic Cell (OPC) including as active material a conjugated oligomeric or polymeric 2,7-carbazolenevinylene derivative described by the formula (I) or (II): ##STR00001## Such OFE
8124415 Method and test for blood serum component analysis February 28, 2012
The discovery that apolipoprotein B exhibits spectral features in the mid IR spectrum that make it identifiable within blood serum leads to the invented use of a statistical correlation between a concentration of apolipoprotein-B (apoB) in a sample of blood serum and infrared spectral
8076668 Electrostatically regulated atomic scale electroconductivity device December 13, 2011
An atomic scale electroconductivity device with electrostatic regulation is provided that includes a perturbing species having a localized electronic charge ol a dangling bond. A sensing species having an electronic conductivity is placed in proximity to the perturbing species at a d
8063018 Bivalent thrombin binding molecules comprising linkers November 22, 2011
There is provided herein a multivalent binding molecule and uses thereof. The molecule is useful in binding a target under certain conditions and releasing it under other conditions. The molecule has the general formula (1) of BM1-L-(BM2).sub.n (1) wherein, BM1 is a binding moiety 1 havi
8062877 Pectate lyases with increased thermostability and/or enzymatic activity November 22, 2011
Using site-directed mutagenesis to mutate the Xanthomonas campestris pectate lyase gene, variants of Xanthomonas campestris pectate lyase with improved thermostability and/or enzymatic activity have been expressed in Escherichia coli, and then isolated and purified. The mutant Xanthomona
8057852 Microdevice for a fluorescence-based assay, and a method for making the microdevice November 15, 2011
Glass as a substrate for fluorescence-based assays is expensive. Disclosed is a poly(cyclic olefin) alternative to glass that is of comparable sensitivity. More specifically, disclosed is a method of making a microdevice for the immobilization of biomolecules for the purpose of carry
8012254 Nanosized particles of benzimidazolone pigments September 6, 2011
A nanoscale pigment particle composition includes an organic benzimidazolone pigment, and a sterically bulky stabilizer compound, wherein the benzimidazolone pigment associates non-covalently with the sterically bulky stabilizer compound that is a substituted pyridine derivative; and
8004689 Method of assessing bond integrity in bonded structures August 23, 2011
A technique for acoustic detection of a disbond within a bonded structure involves thermal excitation of the surface of the bonded structure to induce a lifting and membrane vibration and is applicable to laminates and coated structures, as well as foam core structures or a honeycomb
7991023 Multi-band multiwavelength quantum dot mode-locked lasers August 2, 2011
A multi-band (multi-color) multiwavelength mode locked laser diode is provided by dynamic phase compensation of a quantum dot active medium. The laser diode is provided with a PIN diode structure where the active medium consists of a plurality of layers of quantum dots such as those
7972860 Methods and compositions for the detection and analysis of nucleic acids by signal amplification July 5, 2011
The present invention relates to a novel integrated PCR-free signal amplification polynucleotide detection system which combines a specific receptor, an optical transducer, and an amplification mechanism. This novel detection system is based on different electrostatic interactions an
7943129 Single-domain brain-targeting antibody fragments derived from llama antibodies May 17, 2011
A phage-displayed library of llama single heavy domain antibodies (sdAbs) was enriched for species that selectively bind to and are internalized by human cerebromicrovascular endothelial cells (HCEC). From the enriched library, two sdAbs were selected, sequenced, subcloned, and expressed
7938903 Nanosized particles of benzimidazolone pigments May 10, 2011
A nanoscale pigment particle composition includes an organic benzimidazolone pigment, and a sterically bulky stabilizer compound, wherein the benzimidazolone pigment associates non-covalently with the sterically bulky stabilizer compound that is an alkylated-benzimidazolone compound;
7935788 Reverse cumate repressor mutant May 3, 2011
Recently, the development of inducible expression systems has involved exploitation of the p-cym operon from Pseudomonas putida. Disclosed herein are novel expression systems and components thereof, which involve the development of a CymR variant with reverse DNA binding activity, such
7910351 Mutant F. turlarensis strain and uses thereof March 22, 2011
A mutant strain of Francisella tularensis has attenuated virulence and has a mutation in the gene coding for a putative peroxynitrite resistance protein A (prpA) which prevents normal function of the protein. The mutant is useful as a vaccine against type A and B virulent strains of F.
7905954 Nanosized particles of benzimidazolone pigments March 15, 2011
A nanoscale pigment particle composition includes an organic benzimidazolone pigment, and a sterically bulky stabilizer compound, wherein the benzimidazolone pigment associates non-covalently with the sterically bulky stabilizer compound that is an alkylated derivative of an aromatic
7897417 Hybrid nanocomposite semiconductor material, and method of producing inorganic semiconductor the March 1, 2011
Hybrid semiconductor materials have an inorganic semiconductor incorporated into a hole-conductive fluorene copolymer film. Nanometer-sized particles of the inorganic semiconductor may be prepared by mixing inorganic semiconductor precursors with a steric-hindering coordinating solve
7881777 Method and apparatus for performing intra-operative angiography February 1, 2011
Method for assessing the patency of a patient's blood vessel, advantageously during or after treatment of that vessel by an invasive procedure, comprising administering a fluorescent dye to the patient; obtaining at least one angiographic image of the vessel portion; and evaluating t
7879146 Controlled release of chemical admixtures February 1, 2011
A controlled release formulation for a cement-based composition can be produced by intercalating an admixture (e.g. an accelerator, a set retarder, a superplasticizer) for the cement-based composition into a layered inorganic material (e.g. a layered double hydroxide (LDH)). A cement
7872105 Anticarcinoma antibodies and uses thereof January 18, 2011
A novel single domain antibody AFAI and fragments thereof which has specific affinity for binding to carcinoma, and especially lung carcinoma. This antibody, and portions thereof, can be used, inter alia in the diagnosis and treatment of carcinoma.
7863632 High performance light-emitting devices January 4, 2011
An organic light emitting device consists of a layered structure including a top multilayer stack, a bottom multilayer stack, a cavity layer between the top multilayer stack and the bottom multilayer stack, and an organic light emitting region within the cavity layer. The layered structu
7861655 Super compressed detonation method and device to effect such detonation January 4, 2011
A method and apparatus are provided for detonation of a super-compressed insensitive energetic material by cylindrical implosion followed by an axial detonation to a detonation velocity several times that of TNT and a detonation pressure in excess of ten times that of TNT. The device
7853303 Neurological probe and method of using same December 14, 2010
A neurological probe has a plurality of stacked electrode elements, each electrode element having stimulation/lesioning and recording electrodes incorporated with a strip of electrically non-conductive substrate. Such a probe is more compact while having a large number of stimulation
7838501 Coumermycin/novobiocin-regulated gene expression system November 23, 2010
A chimeric transactivator comprises a transcription activation domain, a repressor protein DNA binding domain and the bacterial DNA gyrase B subunit. A target gene is operatively linked to operator DNA sequences recognized by the repressor binding domain. The addition of the antibiot
7829872 UV reactive spray chamber for enhanced sample introduction efficiency November 9, 2010
An analyte for atomic spectrometry detection is prepared by introducing an aerosol of the analyte into a chamber, and irradiating the aerosol with ultraviolet light in the presence of a low molecular weight organic acid or other suitable photoactivatable ligand donor species to create va
7810378 Monitoring of leakage in wastewater force mains and other pipes carrying fluid under pressure October 12, 2010
A method of detecting leakage in a force main involves placing at least two spaced sensors on the force main. Liquid is pumped through the pipe by means of a pump. The pump is shut down for an interval of time, and during the period following pump shutdown while negative pressure is
7804062 Blind extraction of pure component mass spectra from overlapping mass spectrometric peaks September 28, 2010
A method of obtaining pure component mass spectra or pure peak elution profiles from mass spectra of a mixture of components involves estimating number of components in the mixture, filtering noise, and extracting individual component mass spectra or pure peak elution profiles using
7796243 Detection and monitoring of changes in mineralized tissues or calcified deposits by optical cohe September 14, 2010
Early dental caries detection is carried out by a method that combines optical coherence tomography (OCT) and Raman spectroscopy to provide morphological information and biochemical specificity for detecting and characterizing incipient carious lesions found in extracted human teeth.
7786261 Coiled-coil fusion proteins comprising cell receptor domains August 31, 2010
Fusion proteins and coiled-coil induced dimers prepared from both the ectodomains and the kinase domains are disclosed. The receptor domains when presented in the form of a homodimer or heterodimer by virtue of the coiled-coil tag have enhanced ligand binding activity or enhanced kinase
7785397 Highly microporous thermoplastic/bismaleimide semi-interpenetrating polymer network August 31, 2010
In order to synthesize semi-interpenetrating polymer networks (semi-IPNs) with molecular sieve characteristics, polyetherimide/bismaleimide (PEI/BMI) chromophore composites were made through sol-gel technique. A tunable and compatible chemical structure with fine morphology was obtai
7778499 Silicon photonic wire waveguide biosensor August 17, 2010
Methods and devices relating to a sensor for use in detecting and monitoring molecular interactions. A silicon waveguide sensing element is provided along with a layer of silicon. A silicon oxide layer is also provided between the waveguide element and the layer of silicon. The sensi
7769236 Marker and method for detecting said marker August 3, 2010
This invention discloses marker detectable by visual means comprising; a polygonal border having of at least four non collinear salient points. The marker has on it a pattern in binary digital code. The binary code data contains information data, checksum and error correction. The binary
7769062 Quantum dot based semiconductor waveguide devices August 3, 2010
Methods and devices for providing a multiwavelength laser which may be used for multicasting and other optical communications uses. The present invention provides a quantum dot based multiwavelength laser with a monolithic gain block. The Fabry-Perot gain block has both upper and low
7767250 Bioceramic coating of a metal-containing substrate August 3, 2010
A process for coating a surface of a metal-containing substrate with a bioceramic material includes activating the surface of the metal-containing substrate by applying a voltage to the substrate in a liquid containing an electrolyte; and, immersing the substrate in a deposition solu
7759547 Methods of producing and growing plants having improved phosphorus utilization July 20, 2010
The invention discloses methods for genetically transforming a plant so that it expresses a glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase. The method raises levels glycerol-3-phosphate in comparison to the wild type, leading to increased stress tolerance, and altered fatty acid content in glyce
7759490 Phosphorescent Osmium (II) complexes and uses thereof July 20, 2010
There is disclosed herein phosphorescent compounds, uses thereof, and devices including organic light emitting diode (OLEDs) including such compounds.Compounds of interest include: ##STR00001## wherein A is Os or Ru The anionic chelating chromophores N^N, which are formed by conn
7759070 Conserved inner core lipopolysaccharide epitopes as multi-species vaccine candidates July 20, 2010
A conserved inner-core oligosaccharide epitope expressed on the lipopolysaccharide (LPS) of a range of disease causing pathogenic bacterial isolates, including Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae (Ap), Mannheimia haemolytica (Mh) and Pasteurella multocida (Pm), is disclosed. Construction
7759060 Molecular method for diagnosis of prostate cancer July 20, 2010
Methods for diagnosing or detecting cancerous prostate tissue. A panel of 8 specific marker genes are provided. The overexpression of some of these marker genes compared to their expression in normal prostate tissue and the underexpression of the rest of these marker genes are indicative
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