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National Electrostatics Corp. Patents
National Electrostatics Corp.
Middleton, WI
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7339180 Particle beam current measurement system March 4, 2008
A method and apparatus for measuring the beam current of a particle beam in an accelerator by charging the capacitor across an operational amplifier and controlling the scaling of the amplifier output with a programmable gain amplifier (PGA). The out put of the (PGA) is sampled and s
6815666 Single stage accelerator mass spectrometer November 9, 2004
A negative ion source placed inside a negatively-charged high voltage electrode emits a beam which is accelerated to moderate energy, approximately 35,000 electron volts, and filtered by a momentum analyzer i.e. an analyzing bending magnet, to remove unwanted ions. Reference ions suc
5644130 Multi-gas cathode ion surge July 1, 1997
An ion source employs a self-contained sample containment valve which serves to store, transport and dispense a gas sample from which a negative ion beam is generated. The valve is loaded with a sample of carbon dioxide gas by cryo-pumping carbon dioxide gas into a finger which is refrig
5631526 Hydrogen ion accelerator May 20, 1997
A hydrogen ion accelerator produces a beam current that is at least ten times greater than the current supplied by an electrostatic generator by recycling the unreacted portion of the beam. In one application, a 1.76 MeV proton beam is used to generate 9.172 MeV gamma rays for detecting
5534699 Device for separating and recombining charged particle beams July 9, 1996
An apparatus employs two spaced apart dipole magnets. An ion beam containing carbon of mass 2, 13 and 14 is focused by an Einzel lens and is directed into a first dipole magnet. The first magnet causes the beam to bend approximately 70 degrees, which separates the mass 12, 13 and 14 ions
5463268 Magnetically shielded high voltage electron accelerator October 31, 1995
The high voltage electrostatic accelerator of this invention has spark arrester rings which form magnetic shield elements around an acceleration tube and which together with mu-metal rings between accelerator segments shield the electrons being accelerated from stray static and dynamic
5438205 Ion source gaseous discharge initiation impulse valve August 1, 1995
An impulse valve for an ion source is positioned between an ion source chamber and a gas metering valve. The impulse valve is a two-position solenoid-controlled valve which is closed in its off position. In the off-position, the valve forms a reservoir between the valve stem of the i
4816693 Apparatus and method for uniform ion dose control March 28, 1989
A uniform ion implantation dose control apparatus controls the implantation of ion particles onto at least one wafer mounted on a rotating disk in the pathway of the ion particle beam. A grounded scanning wire is repeatedly moved across the beam to produce an emission of secondary electr

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