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D590811 Loudspeaker April 21, 2009
D584287 Loudspeaker January 6, 2009
D582392 Loudspeaker December 9, 2008
D578104 Loudspeaker October 7, 2008
8588435 Microphone November 19, 2013
A microphone and a method for manufacturing the same. The microphones includes a substrate die; and a microphone and an accelerometer formed from the substrate die. The accelerometer is adapted to provide a signal for compensating mechanical vibrations of the substrate die.
8588430 Controlling an adaptation of a behavior of an audio device to a current acoustic environmental c November 19, 2013
It is described a method for controlling an adaptation of a behavior of an audio device (100) to a current acoustic environmental condition. The method comprises (a) monitoring an audio output signal (x(t), x'(t)) being provided to an acoustic output device (110) of the audio device
8587376 Automatic gain control November 19, 2013
An automatic gain controller is disclosed. The AGC includes an input for monitoring a signal associated with an amplifier and a gain control circuit for controlling the gain of the amplifier in response to the monitored signal, wherein the gain control circuit is adapted to control t
8587299 Magnetic field sensor November 19, 2013
An AMR sensor, comprises at least first and second AMR sensor elements to which opposite bias fields are applied. The first and second AMR sensor element outputs are combined to derive a sensor response which is substantially anti-symmetric in the region close to zero external magnet
8583998 System and method for Viterbi decoding using application specific extensions November 12, 2013
A system and method for Viterbi decoding utilizes a general purpose processor with application specific extensions to perform Viterbi decoding operations specified in a Viterbi decoding algorithm stored in memory.
8583880 Method for secure data reading and data handling system November 12, 2013
A method for secure data reading and a data handling system is provided. The method protects the data reading from fault attacks by repeating read request in an interleaved manner, in particular the method comprises the steps of (M200) dispatching a first read request; (M400) dispatching
8581891 Light sensor noise suppression arrangement and method therefor November 12, 2013
A light sensor arrangement is used to detect ambient light conditions. According to an example embodiment, a light detector arrangement (e.g., 110) generates an output in response to light incident thereupon. An averaging-type circuit (e.g., 160) samples the generated output for over
8581692 Electronic system and method of operating an electronic system November 12, 2013
In a method of operating an electronic system (1) a first device (3) of the electronic system (1) sends a message to a second device (6) of the electronic system (1). The second device (6) receives the message, generates a first value utilizing a first function based on at least part
8580596 Front end micro cavity November 12, 2013
The present invention relates to a method of forming a micro cavity having a micro electrical mechanical system (MEMS) in a process, such as a CMOS process. MEMS resonators are being intensively studied in many research groups and some first products have recently been released. This
8579195 Reconfigurable radio-frequency front-end November 12, 2013
A reconfigurable radio-frequency front-end 20 with an antenna 24 and a resonant circuit within a matching network 22. In order to provide for high tuning range with low cost and low size, a matching network 22 may comprise at least one electrically tunable passive solid-state dielect
8578104 Multiprocessor system with mixed software hardware controlled cache management November 5, 2013
A multiprocessor system has a background memory and a plurality of processing elements, each comprising a processor core and a cache circuit. The processor cores execute programs of instructions and the cache circuits cache background memory data accessed by the programs. A write bac
8578033 Set-up of media stream transmission and server and client for media stream transmission November 5, 2013
A media stream is transmitted from a server device to a client device. The client device (10) transmits set-up request messages (43a), discovery messages (44b) and a play command message (45a). The server receives versions of the set-up request messages (43b), the discovery message (
8577047 Control of a loudspeaker output November 5, 2013
A loudspeaker drive circuit comprises a signal path compressor/limiter (12) for implementing a change to the peak-mean amplitude ration in the time domain. A feedforward control loop measures an acoustic quality of the signal at the output of a control loop compressor/limiter (20) or the
8576603 Flash- and ROM-memory November 5, 2013
Method for conversion of a Flash memory cell on a first semiconductor device to a ROM memory cell in a second semiconductor device, the first and second semiconductor device each being arranged on a semiconductor substrate and each comprising an identical device portion and an identi
8572470 Memory-efficient storage method: a fast BJCR based decoder implementation scheme October 29, 2013
A memory efficient, accelerated implementation architecture for BCJR based forward error correction algorithms. In this architecture, a memory efficiency storage scheme is adopted for the metrics and channel information to achieve high processing speed with a low memory requirement.
8571504 Receiver October 29, 2013
A receiver (400; 500) comprising an amplifier (406; 506) having an input (408) and an output (410). The input (408) of the amplifier is configured to receive a signal. The receiver also comprises a feedback path (412; 512) between the output (410) and the input (408) of the amplifier (40
8571156 Receiver apparatus October 29, 2013
A receiver apparatus (1) for receiving a signal over a fading channel comprises a frequency domain interpolation unit (16) with a filter unit (10), a power comparison unit (20), and a processing unit (21). The filter unit (10) comprises a first filter element (11), which is a referen
8571134 Polar transmitter October 29, 2013
The present application relates to at least one digitally controlled oscillator and a data modulation device. More particularly, the digital polar transmitter comprises at least one digitally controlled oscillator configured to generate at least one frequency. The digital polar trans
8571093 Communication interface for galvanic isolation October 29, 2013
In one or more embodiments, a system is provided for communicating between different voltage domains using N+1 capacitive-coupled conductive lines to provide N communication channels. For instance, bi-directional communication (e.g., a first communication in a first direction and a s
8570885 Uplink feedback in a multimedia broadcast/multicast services (MBMS) wireless communications syst October 29, 2013
A technique for managing uplink feedback involves establishing a channel quality threshold range, for example, in terms of a channel quality indicator (CQI), broadcasting the channel quality threshold range to the mobile stations and using the channel quality threshold range to control
8570778 Power converter with a single diode rectifier and a filter October 29, 2013
A power converter, comprising an input circuit having a single diode rectifier (D); and a switcher mode power supply IC (SMPS).
8570706 Tantalum-based electrode stack October 29, 2013
An electronic device includes a metal-insulator-metal capacitive device. In connection with an example embodiment, a metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitor device is in a substrate having a surface and a three dimensional structure with high aspect ratio sidewalls. The MIM capacitor d
8570164 System and method for verifying whether a vehicle is equipped with a functional on-board unit October 29, 2013
Various exemplary embodiments relate to a verification system and method for verifying whether a vehicle is equipped with a functional on-board unit (OBU). The system may include a license plate recognition system configured to obtain a license plate number of the vehicle at a first
8570144 Field superposition system and method therefor October 29, 2013
Wireless communications between a vehicle base station and a transponder are authenticated. Interior and exterior antennas are respectively driven using first driving currents, the interior antenna being separated from the transponder by a portion of a vehicle in which the vehicle base
8570101 Variable duty cycle generation for out-phasing and PWM power amplifiers October 29, 2013
Power reduction in transmitters is very important. One method to realize reduction is to make use of switching power amplifiers (PA) that have a better efficiency. Switching PA concepts are only possible in combination with suitable modulation methods like pulse width modulation (PWM) an
8570075 Gate driver with digital ground October 29, 2013
Various exemplary embodiments relate to gate driver circuitry that compensate for parasitic inductances. Input buffers in the gate driver are grounded to an exposed die pad. Grounding may involve either a downbond or conductive glue.
8569934 Piezo-resistive MEMS resonator October 29, 2013
A piezo-resistive MEMS resonator comprising an anchor, a resonator mounted on the anchor, an actuator mounted to apply an electrostatic force on the resonator and a piezo-resistive read-out means comprising a nanowire coupled to the resonator.
8569911 Method and system for power management October 29, 2013
A method and system for power management is provided. To control power supplied to a second electronic device (106), an electronic system (100) comprises a power management subsystem (110), a first electronic device (102); The power management subsystem (110) monitors the power consumed
8566683 Power-reduced preliminary decoded bits in viterbi decoders October 22, 2013
Various embodiments relate to a storage unit and a related method in a Viterbi decoder for decoding a binary convolutional code with power efficiency. A storage unit for storing survivor paths may use a register exchange method to append additional information received from an add-co
8566656 Testing circuit and method October 22, 2013
A test interface circuit operates with different types of core circuits. As consistent with various embodiments, the test interface circuit includes a test input register (TIR) configured to select an operating mode and a plurality of test point registers (TPRs). Each TPR is configur
8566632 Multi-rate sampling for network receiving nodes using distributed clock synchronization October 22, 2013
Various embodiments relate to a network receiver using distributed clock synchronization. The network receiver may include a first timing engine that samples bits received by the receiver with a first clock having a first clock frequency (f.sub.1) with a first clock frequency tolerance
8566466 Method and system for switching between subnetwork operation and full network operation October 22, 2013
In order further to develop a method for changing over a serially networked system (100), in particular a serial databus system, from subnetwork operation (T), in which at least one node (22, 28) and/or at least one user (32, 38) of the system (100) is in a state of reduced current c
8565549 Image contrast enhancement October 22, 2013
A contrast enhancement method for an image includes extracting at least one sub-band image from the image, comprising detail information at a predetermined spatial scale; determining a first gain value for each pixel, based on pixel values of the image or the at least one sub-band im
8564985 Charge pump voltage converter with charging current limiting October 22, 2013
A voltage converter comprises at least two capacitive charge pump stages, each comprising a capacitor, a charging switch through which a capacitor charging current is adapted to flow, and a control circuit for controlling the charging switch. wherein the control circuit for at leas
8564977 Standby operation of a resonant power converter October 22, 2013
A method of operating a resonant power supply in standby mode is disclosed, in which the switching period of the power supply is longer than the resonance period. The power converter is operated in normal mode for a significant fraction of one resonance period. Efficient operation is
8564377 MEMS oscillator October 22, 2013
A piezoresistive MEMS oscillator uses an output circuit to control the voltage across the resonator body. This results in a DC bias of the resonator. A current path is provided between the output of the output circuit and the resonator body, such that changes in current through or vo
8564367 Power amplifier October 22, 2013
The invention relates to improving the performance of load modulation power amplifiers through the use of coupled transmission line-based power combiners. Exemplary embodiments disclosed include a power amplifier comprising an input connected to first and second amplifier stages and an
8564287 Magnetic field sensor October 22, 2013
An MR sensor arrangement is integrated with an IC. A metal layer of the IC structure (e.g. CMOS) is patterned to define at least first and second contact regions. Metal connecting plugs are provided below the first and second contact regions of the metal layer for making contact to termi
8564202 LED package and method for manufacturing such a LED package October 22, 2013
A LED package includes a LED die, and a memory device. The memory device is arranged for holding LED data information for driving the LED die. A LED driver arrangement includes a LED package as described above, a LED driver device and a microcontroller. The microcontroller is connected t
8564201 Amalgam-based fluorescent lamp control circuit October 22, 2013
A lamp is operated with main and auxiliary amalgams. In accordance with one or more embodiments, a lamp includes an auxiliary amalgam-based material that releases mercury at an elevated temperature that is above an operating temperature of the lamp, and that absorbs mercury at temper
8302059 Power switch design method and program October 30, 2012
A method of designing a power switch block (200) for an integrated circuit layout in a predefined integrated circuit technology is disclosed. The power switch block (200) includes a segment (710) comprising a plurality of spaced parallel conductors (110, 120, 130, 140) each having a
8294534 Resonator October 23, 2012
A resonator comprising a beam formed from a first material having a first Young's modulus and a first temperature coefficient of the first Young's modulus, and a second material having a second Young's modulus and a second temperature coefficient of the second Young's modulus, a sign of
8294496 Sawtooth oscillator October 23, 2012
A sawtooth generator circuit comprises a first triangular waveform generator with equal ramp up and ramp down rates and a second triangular waveform generator with equal ramp up and ramp down rates and which are equal to the ramp up and ramp down rates of the first triangular waveform
8294203 Contacting and filling deep-trench-isolation with tungsten October 23, 2012
Electrically isolated, deep trench isolation (DTI) structures, are formed in a wafer, and a portion of the DTI structures are converted to electrically connected structures to provide a shielding function, or to provide connection to deep buried layers. In one aspect, DTI structures
8289077 Signal processor comprising an amplifier October 16, 2012
An amplifier (A1) within a signal processor comprises a pair of complementary differential pairs (DP1, DP2) in the sense that one differential pair comprises transistors having a polarity opposite to that of transistors in the other differential pair. The one and the other differenti
8288754 Quantum-dot device and position-controlled quantum-dot-fabrication method October 16, 2012
The present invention relates to a method for position-controlled fabrication of a semiconductor quantum dot, the method comprising: providing a substrate (102) of a substrate material; depositing a sacrificial layer (108) of a sacrificial material; depositing an active layer (110) o

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