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N.V. Hollandse Signaalapparaten Patents
N.V. Hollandse Signaalapparaten
Hengelo, NL
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4188628 Frequency measuring circuit in a passive radar receiver February 12, 1980
Passive frequency measuring circuit comprising a number of frequency discriminators to obtain a digital code representing the frequency of an applied r.f. signal. Each discriminator is tuned to different frequency ranges, and provided with a plurality of similar frequency analysers for
4188584 Mixer February 12, 1980
A mixer is provided with a first waveguide part for the transmission of an input signal to be converted to a lower frequency band and with a second waveguide part for the transmission of a signal supplied by a local oscillator. The first and second waveguide parts open into a cavity
3960635 Method for the fabrication of printed circuits June 1, 1976
With a method for the fabrication of multilayers a laminate is obtained by the stacking of layers, which are formed by a carrier provided with a conductor pattern and interleaved by adhesive layers. The laminate is subjected to a process which is carried out in at least three phases: in

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