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RE34830 Lubricating rubber composition January 17, 1995
A rubber composition made of a diene rubber having such excellent properties as heat resistance and mechanical strength and organopolysiloxane or fluoropolymer as a lubricating substance. The lubricating substance may contain isocyanate or cyanate groups, which will react with the hy
8589117 Rotation angle detecting unit November 19, 2013
A shaft and rolling bearings are mounted in the housing. A magnetic sensor is fixed to a first end surface of a shaft. A circuit board carrying a magnetic sensor is fixed to a surface of a lid of the housing at the second end. As a calibration voltage feed line, a cable is connected
8585298 Wheel bearing apparatus incorporated with a rotation speed detecting apparatus November 19, 2013
A wheel bearing apparatus incorporating a rotation speed detecting apparatus has an outer member, an inner member, double row rolling elements, a pulser ring, a cup-shaped sensor cap and a rotation speed sensor. The sensor cap is press-formed from anti-corrosion steel sheet into a cu
8581457 Wheel support bearing assembly with sensor and in-wheel motor integration November 12, 2013
A wheel support bearing assembly with sensor and in-wheel motor integration, that can sense with improved accuracy the forces acting on a contact point between a wheel and a road for precise control of an electric motor unit and/or a vehicle. The bearing assembly includes a bearing u
8579090 Electric linear motion actuator and electric brake system November 12, 2013
In an electric linear motion actuator for transmitting torque of a rotary shaft (4) to planetary rollers (7) and thus to a linearly driven output member constituted by an outer race member (5), axial movement of a carrier (6) supporting the planetary rollers (7) is restricted, and the
8578791 Sensor-equipped bearing for wheel November 12, 2013
A sensor equipped wheel support bearing assembly, in which the load imposed on the wheel support bearing assembly or a tire tread of a wheel tire can be accurately detected without being affected by the rolling elements, includes rolling elements interposed between plural opposed rol
8578611 Apparatus for manufacturing hydro dynamic bearing device November 12, 2013
An apparatus for manufacturing a hydro dynamic bearing device is provided for the finishing treatment of lubricating oil after lubricating the hydro dynamic bearing device, specifically for properly and effectively wiping off the lubricating oil adhering to the outside of the housing and
8578610 Method for manufacturing fluid dynamic bearing device November 12, 2013
Easy and precise setting of a predetermined thrust bearing gap is made possible. An axial gap 13 having a dimension that is equal to the sum of two thrust bearing gaps is first provided between the flange part 2b of the shaft member 2 and the bearing member or bearing sleeve 8. The shaft
8573090 Remote-controlled actuator November 5, 2013
A remote controlled actuator includes a spindle for holding a tool, a spindle guide section of an elongated configuration, a distal end member rotatably supporting the spindle, and a drive unit housing connected to a base end of the spindle guide section. The distal end member is fitted
8573081 Shaft part formed with a rolling groove November 5, 2013
A shaft part is formed with a rolling groove (5) on which rolling elements (4) roll. At least the rolling groove (5) is induction hardened with no generation of black colored oxidized scale after the induction hardening. A surface of the induction hardened rolling groove (5) is used
8568245 Fixed type constant velocity universal joint October 29, 2013
A fixed type constant velocity universal joint prevents heat generation when a high load is applied or during high-speed rotation to improve durability, and suppresses contact resistance between a cage and inner and outer races to improve constant velocity performance. Curvature cent
8568201 Method and apparatus for grinding axial workpieces October 29, 2013
A method and an apparatus for grinding an axial workpiece are capable of removing a turning lead portion of an axial workpiece having an oil seal fit portion on its outer circumferential surface by grinding without any grinding fluid. The apparatus includes a headstock of a lathe for
8568036 Wheel bearing apparatus for a vehicle October 29, 2013
A vehicle wheel bearing apparatus has an outer member, an inner member and double row rolling elements freely rollably contained between the outer raceway surfaces and inner raceway surfaces, respectively, of the outer member and the inner member. Either one of the outer member or in
8567552 Steer-by-wire steering device October 29, 2013
A steer-by-wire steering device includes a steering wheel connected with a steering shaft, a steering angle sensor, a steering reactive force motor, and a steering control unit for controlling a steering shaft drive motor and the steering reactive force motor. Provided is a power tra
8567260 Sensor-equipped bearing for wheel October 29, 2013
A sensor equipped wheel support bearing assembly includes rolling elements interposed between double row rolling surfaces defined respectively in outer and inner members in face-to-face relation with each other. One of the inner and outer members, which serves as a stationary member,
8562219 Fluid dynamic bearing device October 22, 2013
A gap width out of the radial bearing gap is axially differed; a narrow width part which has a relatively smaller gap width in the radial bearing gap is arranged on the side relatively closer to a barycentric position of the rotating body, and a wide width part which has a relatively lar
8298112 Device for switching between normal and reverse drive force October 30, 2012
A device transmits input member rotation in one direction to output member rotation in one or the opposite direction, and includes input and output gears and a switch mechanism. The switch mechanism includes planetary gear, control, and clutch mechanisms. The planetary gear mechanism
8298091 Steel ball rolling configuration and constant velocity universal joint October 30, 2012
A steel ball rolling configuration and a constant velocity universal joint have a superior oil retention effect between a surface of a steel ball and a partner rolling surface, and can form a thick oil film, improve lubrication, and extend life of the steel ball. The constant velocit
8297960 Solid-liquid separating method, solid-liquid separator and solidified product October 30, 2012
To provide a reliable solid-liquid separating method and apparatus for a slurry, even though the solid component of the slurry is finely divided particles and/or of a shape difficult to entangle, without exudation through gaps in processed portions and, also, with no need to exercise a
8297848 Magnetic encoder and rolling bearing October 30, 2012
The magnetic encoder (17) includes a slinger (18) fixed to a rotation-side raceway ring of a bearing and including an outer side surface (22) opposed to the side of a sensor to detect rotation speed of the rotation-side raceway ring and having a surface roughness Ra: 0.3 to 3.0 .mu.m
8297844 Fluid dynamic bearing device October 30, 2012
To manufacture a shaft member, which is excellent in both accuracy and strength at low cost, a shaft member (2) includes a shaft portion (21) and a flange portion (22) provided to one end of the shaft portion (21). The flange portion (22) has an annular shape, and the shaft portion (21)
8292749 Fixed type constant velocity universal joint October 23, 2012
A fixed type constant velocity universal joint is capable of reducing the size and weight of a cage while keeping the strength of the cage, and is also capable of improving the high angle strength and the durability. An offset angle .theta..sub.CAGE of the cage, which is defined by lines
8286771 Rotational direction switching clutch unit October 16, 2012
A clutch unit includes axially arranged input, output and reverse input gears, and a spring clutch. The input and output gears respectively include radially opposed input and output clutch portions. The spring clutch is tightly bound to the input clutch portion and includes coil spri
8283913 Magnetic array sensor circuit having offset variation reduction circuit October 9, 2012
A magnetic array sensor circuit to process an output from a magnetic sensor array including a plurality of magnetic sensor elements arranged in an array. The circuit includes a regulating circuit to reduce an offset variation of the output from the magnetic sensor elements arranged i
8282495 Fixed type constant velocity universal joint October 9, 2012
A fixed type constant velocity universal joint is capable of, without involving decreases in load capacity of an inner joint member (inner member) and in spherical area, increasing rigidity of a cage and stabilizing durability. The cage has four pockets including a pair of long pocke
8282289 Rollers with retainer October 9, 2012
A retainer comprises a roller retaining click which is bent from an inner diameter edge of a rib portion toward the inside in an axial direction and extends so as to protrude and positioned between adjacent rollers. A part of the retainer other than the roller retaining click is hardened
8277126 Fluid dynamic bearing device October 2, 2012
A protrusion (7b3) directed axially downwards is provided at a bottom portion (7b) of a housing (7), and an outer peripheral surface (7b31) of the protrusion (7b3) is fixed to an inner peripheral surface (6a) of a bracket (6). When a thrust load is applied to the bottom portion (7b) of
8273188 Constant velocity universal joint component and manufacturing method thereof September 25, 2012
In a constant velocity universal joint component and a manufacturing method thereof capable of achieving increased strength without significant procedural changes, and that can contribute to size reduction and weight reduction, a sharp-angled portion 15 is formed by machining after c
8272487 Rotation transmission device September 25, 2012
A rotation transmission device has a housing having an end wall with a shaft hole. An input shaft is inserted through the shaft hole, and an inner ring is mounted around the end of the input shaft inside the housing. A two-way clutch is provided between the inner ring and an outer ri
8272284 Electronically driven linear actuator September 25, 2012
An electrically driven linear actuator (1) has an electric motor with a ball screw mechanism (3 and 4) connected to an output shaft (2a) of the electric motor (2), via a power transmitting mechanism (10 and 12) to convert a rotary motion of the electric motor (2) to a linear motion of
8272116 Method of fixing boot September 25, 2012
A method for fixing a boot includes mounting a tubular anchoring areas, defined in opposite ends of a resinous boot, on an outer periphery of a counterpart member, and applying a clamping force to boot bands mounted around respective outer peripheries of the tubular anchoring areas to
8267802 Fixed-type, constant-velocity universal joint September 18, 2012
A fixed type constant velocity universal joint is capable of securing a ball groove depth larger than conventional products and enhancing performance without an increase in a "force of pushing out balls in an axial direction", the force having an influence on joint efficiency. In the
8267593 Bearing apparatus for a wheel of vehicle September 18, 2012
A vehicle wheel bearing apparatus has an outer member, an inner member with a wheel hub, and at least one inner ring, double row rolling elements, seals and a rolling bearing fit onto the inner circumference of the wheel hub positioned and secured by a retaining ring. The retaining r
8267591 Wheel bearing seal and a wheel bearing apparatus provided with the wheel bearing seal September 18, 2012
A wheel bearing seal (7, 19, 20) has an annular sealing plate (10 or 21) and a slinger (11 or 11'). The sealing plate (10 or 21) has a metal core (12 or 22) and sealing member (13 or 23). The sealing member (13 or 23) has a first side lip (13a or 23a), a second side lip (13b or 23b), and
8267590 Plunger driving structure September 18, 2012
An oil pump comprises a rotation shaft having an eccentric part, a needle roller bearing supporting the eccentric part of the rotation shaft, a tappet abutting on the outer ring of the needle roller bearing and arranged in a radial manner, a plunger arranged on the tappet and recipro
8267588 Fluid lubrication bearing device and method of manufacturing the same September 18, 2012
Disclosed is a fluid lubrication bearing device in which generation of a contaminant in a resin housing is suppressed, maintaining a high level of cleanliness in the interior and in the periphery of the bearing device. A side portion 7a and a bottom portion 7b of a housing 7 are formed
8267587 Housing for fluid lubrication bearing apparatuses September 18, 2012
A housing for a fluid lubrication bearing apparatus is formed of a resin composition containing polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) as a base resin. The ratio of the base resin to the resin composition is not lower than 40 vol % but not higher than 70 vol %. Moreover, in the composition, an epox
8262488 Silicone boot for constant velocity universal joint and constant velocity universal joint September 11, 2012
A silicone boot for a constant velocity universal joint includes a larger diameter portion attached to an outer joint member of a constant velocity universal joint, a smaller diameter portion attached to a shaft coupled with an inner joint member of the constant velocity universal joint,
8262291 Coreless seal and rolling bearing September 11, 2012
A coreless seal arranged between a rotation shaft and an outer member has an inner diameter surface opposed to an outer diameter surface of the rotation shaft with a space for preventing leakage of fluid. The outer member has a flange bent inwardly. The coreless seal has an outer dia
8261447 Method for manufacturing a drive wheel bearing device September 11, 2012
A method for manufacturing a drive wheel bearing device is provided. During the manufacturing, a swaged portion is formed in a manner as a non-hardened region, and in a manner that variations based on a reference surface in the axial direction of the flat surface are restricted within
8258781 Rotation sensor September 4, 2012
A rotation detecting sensor, having excellent sealing capability to prevent water ingress from outside, being so robust that no damage occur in sensor component parts and circuits due to external force and/or thermal strains resulting from self-heating or change in ambient temperatur
8256962 Fluid dynamic bearing device September 4, 2012
The present invention aims to achieve a reduction in cost for a fluid dynamic bearing device. The fluid dynamic bearing device supports a shaft member (2) radially in a non-contact fashion by a dynamic pressure action generated in a radial bearing gap between an outer peripheral surface
8240922 Bearing device for wheel August 14, 2012
A wheel support bearing assembly, which enables an increase in the strength and the fatigue strength of its wheel mounting flange or vehicle body fitting flange against high stress and repeated stress and the suppression of the increase of the number of processes, includes an inner m
8240919 Hydrostatic bearing pad August 14, 2012
A hydrostatic bearing pad in which separation between a housing and a pad member and entry of an adhesive into an air supply groove are prevented to obtain stable bearing performance is provided. The hydrostatic bearing pad includes the pad member having a bearing surface forming a h
8240918 Shaft member for fluid bearing device and method of producing the same August 14, 2012
A shaft portion is press-fitted to a flange portion, and a plastic working portion of a first jig is pressed against an upper end surface of the flange portion, whereby the flange portion is partially subjected to plastic deformation toward an inner peripheral side. With this, a caulked
8240422 Steer-by-wire type steering device August 14, 2012
A steer-by-wire steering system includes a steering motor, a steering power transmitting mechanism for transmitting a rotation of the steering motor to a steering axle, a toe angle adjusting motor and a toe angle adjusting power transmitting mechanism for adjusting the toe angle upon
8229324 Coupling device, and image forming apparatus July 24, 2012
A coupling unit includes two constant velocity joints arranged in series in the shaft direction. The coupling unit couples a driven shaft and a drive shaft. Each constant velocity joint includes a ball non-retaining member and a ball retaining member. The ball non-retaining member has an
8227950 Rolling bearing, spindle support structure of main motor for railway vehicle, and bearing struct July 24, 2012
A rolling bearing as a ball bearing comprising an inner ring; an outer ring having the same axial width as said inner ring; balls arranged between said inner ring and said outer ring; and a sealing member having a roughly channel-shaped configuration in cross section projecting from
8226489 Constant velocity universal joint July 24, 2012
A constant velocity universal joint has high strength and capable of suppressing deformation caused by quenching at an opening end portion of a track groove of an outer joint member. In an undercut-free constant velocity universal joint in which a track groove in a cup portion of the
8226300 Tapered roller bearing July 24, 2012
A tapered roller bearing is capable of suppressing the occurrence of fretting without shortening its fatigue life. The tapered roller bearing includes an outer race, an inner race, a plurality of taper rollers interposed between the outer race and the inner race, and a retainer for r

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