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RE42175 Electrostatic chucking stage and substrate processing apparatus March 1, 2011
This application discloses the structure of an ESC stage where a chucking electrode is sandwiched by a moderation layer and a covering layer. The moderation layer and the covering layer have the thermal expansion coefficients between the dielectric plate and the chucking electrode. T
8582245 Electrical connection structure for piezoelectric element and head suspension with the electrica November 12, 2013
An electrical connection structure for a piezoelectric element and a head suspension with the piezoelectric element employing the electrical connection structure are provided. The electrical connection structure fixes and connects a terminal of a wiring member to an electrode of the
8582244 Flexure and head suspension with flexure November 12, 2013
A flexure has a metal base plate, an insulating layer formed on the metal base plate, a wiring pattern formed on the insulating layer, a read-write head connected to a first end of the wiring pattern, and terminals for external connection that are adjacent to each other and are connected
8580334 Method of forming electrode of piezoelectric element November 12, 2013
An electrode structure of a piezoelectric element is provided. The piezoelectric element 23a (23b) constitutes a piezoelectric actuator 19 attached to an attaching part 30 of an object, to minutely move a movable part 15 of the object relative to a base part 13 of the object according
8561286 Manufacturing method for a magnetic head supporting suspension October 22, 2013
A manufacturing method for a magnetic head supporting suspension includes forming a load beam blank having a load beam with a dimple formed therein, and a frame portion with a positioning part formed therein; and forming a flexure blank having a flexure and a frame portion. A fitting
8300364 Head suspension having a jumper configured with an escape recess for protecting an insulating co October 30, 2012
A head suspension including a base plate, a load beam, an actuator element to be deformed to move the load beam relative to the base plate, and a jumper having a first end electrically connected to the actuator element, an intermediate part extending over a base plate edge of the bas
8300363 Wiring structure of flexure October 30, 2012
A wiring structure of a flexure includes wiring that includes a trace of first polarity and a trace of second polarity and transmits signals to and from a head that is supported with the flexure and writes and reads data to and from a recording medium and an interleaved section formed at
8297603 Spring retainer and spring system October 30, 2012
A spring retainer is made from an iron-based material to improve the strength and abrasion resistance of the spring retainer and reduce the thickness and weight thereof. The spring retainer includes a retainer body having a tapered support hole to be supported with a valve stem and a
8297522 Multilayer reflector, authentication card, bar code label, authentication system, and authentica October 30, 2012
Provided is a multilayer reflector about which a complicated step is not required when the molecular alignment of a retardation film is partially relaxed to form a latent image of authentication information, and about which the latent image is not made visible by the generation of un
8297516 Coil antenna and non-contact information medium October 30, 2012
Without using a component such as a chip coil, a winding pattern is formed with a wire with which a main wiring pattern is formed. This enables to deal with the flexibility by realizing a thin product using a coil antenna. Further, the wiring pattern is designed such that the winding
8297092 Reflection member for shot peening and shot peening method having the same October 30, 2012
The reflection portion of the reflection member is moved along the inner surface in the hole of the pipe from the entrance opening of the hole of the pipe to the exit opening of the hole thereof. In this case, the reflection portion is guided by the guide portion provided at both sides
8279452 Dimple position detection device and dimple position detecting method for disk drive suspension October 2, 2012
A dimple position detection device for detecting a position of a dimple formed on a load beam is provided with an illumination device, imaging device, and image processing section. The illumination device directs illumination light toward the dimple. The imaging device receives refle
8279394 Discrimination medium comprising a liquid crystal layer acting as a half-wave plate wherein a gr October 2, 2012
An object of the present invention is to provide a discrimination medium which has high discrimination ability, and which is more difficult to counterfeit than conventional discrimination mediums. A discrimination medium comprises: a cholesteric liquid crystal layer; and a liquid cry
8267356 Tension balancer September 18, 2012
A tension balancer which includes an axis body including a latch part, a column shaped main body including a bottom part which has at least two first through holes arranged at equal intervals in a concentric circle from the center, and an open upper part, a spring base housed within the
8266983 Damper spring device, flywheel, clutch disk, and clutch disk for lockup mechanism September 18, 2012
A damper spring device is provided with a first spring and a second spring retained by a stopper in such a manner that the second spring is compressed by a preload. The preload on the second spring is greater than a preload on the first spring. The first spring and the second spring
8254065 For a piezoelectric actuator having an electrode joined with the joint face of the actuator mova August 28, 2012
For a piezoelectric actuator in which, upon receiving electric power, a piezoelectric element causes a shear deformation to minutely move a movable member of the actuator relative to a base member of the actuator, a power supply includes a wiring member having an insulating layer, a
8248736 Disk drive suspension having a microactuator mounting section August 21, 2012
A microactuator mounting section is disposed between a base section and a load beam. A microactuator element formed of a piezoelectric element is contained in an element accommodation portion in a plate portion. The plate portion has a stationary part secured to the base section and a
8248734 Wiring connecting structure for piezoelectric actuator, piezoelectric actuator, and head suspens August 21, 2012
A wiring connecting structure for a piezoelectric actuator includes a terminal 57-1, a through hole 67 formed through the terminal 57-1, a first liquid stopper 69-1 arranged around the through hole 67 in a gap between the terminal 57-1 and a common electrode 19 of a piezoelectric ele
8248731 Electrical connection between piezoelectric actuator and head suspension August 21, 2012
An electrical connecting structure for a piezoelectric element enables wiring to the piezoelectric element to be carried out without deteriorating the productivity and reliability of the piezoelectric element. The electrical connecting structure is formed by facing a common electrode
8248083 Processing device for piezoelectric actuator and processing method for piezoelectric actuator August 21, 2012
A processing device is provided with a circuit connected to a first conductive portion and a second conductive portion. An AC voltage source produces an AC waveform voltage obtained by adding a bias voltage to an AC voltage for capacitance measurement. The AC waveform voltage is appl
8243394 Disk drive suspension having flexure and load beam with insulating space between load beam and c August 14, 2012
A slit is formed between two opposite side portions of a metal base made of an electrically conductive material. The slit penetrates the metal base thicknesswise and extends longitudinally relative to the metal base. An insulating layer is formed on the metal base. A first conductor is
8243393 Disk drive flexure August 14, 2012
A flexure includes a metal base and a wiring portion. The wiring portion is constituted of an insulating layer, a conductor group, and others. A tongue portion is formed to a main portion of the metal base. A slider including an attached electronic unit is disposed to the tongue portion.
8233245 Piezoelectric element with electrode and head suspension July 31, 2012
A piezoelectric element with electrode is capable of preventing an assembling error. The piezoelectric element includes a piezoelectric body configured to deform according to polarity in response to a voltage applied thereto, electrodes formed on surfaces of the piezoelectric body, r
8233238 Disk drive suspension July 31, 2012
In a disk drive suspension including a baseplate and a load beam, a boss portion and protrusions are formed on the baseplate. The protrusions are formed in positions on a first surface of the baseplate off a reference mounting surface in contact with a suspension bearing surface of an
8231953 Transparent plastic container for anticounterfeit system July 31, 2012
A transparent plastic container which is transparent, allows good design and can be used for an anticounterfeit system that determines authenticity by visual check with the use of polarization property. A transparent plastic sheet of a polystyrene-based resin having a total light tra
8230734 Leaf spring load measuring device and program July 31, 2012
A leaf spring load measuring device of the present invention comprises a weighing mechanism, a measuring mechanism, a metering mechanism, and a control mechanism. The weighing mechanism applies a load heavier than a working load to a leaf spring, thereby bending the leaf spring in its
8225485 Method of manufacturing a head suspension July 24, 2012
A method of manufacturing a head suspension includes a punching process, a positioning process, and an affixing process. An objective part on the head suspension to which a damper 73 is affixed includes a discontinuous section 72. The punching process punches a damper material into the
8220139 Slider tester and method for testing slider July 17, 2012
A slider tester includes a disk, movable table, table drive mechanism, guide member, etc. A plurality of suspensions are mounted on the movable table. A slider is mounted on each suspension. A guide member can support respective lift tabs of the suspensions. The guide member includes a
8218267 Head suspension flexure with conductive polymer layer July 10, 2012
A flexure has a substrate made of a thin conductive metal plate, a base insulating layer made of flexible resin formed on the substrate, wiring patterns formed on the base insulating layer and connected to a slider mount, and a cover insulating layer formed over the wiring patterns. The
8206521 High-strength stabilizer steel for vehicles having excellent corrosion resistance and low-temper June 26, 2012
According to one embodiment, a high-strength stabilizer steel for vehicles having excellent corrosion resistance and low-temperature toughness, containing 0.07 to 0.20% C, more than 0.6% and 1.5% or less Si, 1 to 3% Mn, 0.1 to 1.0% Cr, 0.005 to 0.080% sAl, 0.005 to 0.060% Ti, 0.005 t
8199442 Electrical connecting structure for piezoelectric element, piezoelectric actuator, head suspensi June 12, 2012
A piezoelectric element 13 has a common electrode 19 that receives electricity from a terminal 57. The terminal 57 has a through hole 67 and an electric insulating layer 61. The piezoelectric element 13 is arranged so that the common electrode 19 faces the electric insulating layer 61 of
8199441 Head suspension June 12, 2012
A head suspension 31 has a piezoelectric element 13 that deforms in response to a voltage applied thereto, a base plate 33 having an opening 43 into which the piezoelectric element 13 is fitted, and a load beam 35 that is fixed to the base plate 33 so that a front end of the load beam
8199428 Clamp of disk rotation driver June 12, 2012
A clamp for a disk rotation driver stably and surely supports a disk in the disk rotation driver. The clamp 7 for a disk rotation driver 1 having a central portion and a periphery being circumferentially provided with a contact portion 13, the central portion fastened to a hub 5 to be
8196443 Method of correcting head suspension, method of manufacturing head suspension, head suspension, June 12, 2012
A method corrects a head suspension by irradiating an objective part of the head suspension with a laser beam. The method is capable of precisely correcting the head suspension even when correcting the head suspension a plurality of times. The method removes residual stress created by th
8194352 Manufacturing twisted base plate of head suspension for reducing off-track errors June 5, 2012
A head suspension 15 includes a base plate 27, a load bend 35, a load beam 37, a flexure 39, and a slider 25 that are assembled together through several processes including a pressing process. In such a head suspension 15 that is a finished product in a conventional sense, a front en
8189297 Disk drive flexure having a metal base with a band-like portion overlapping a gap between conduc May 29, 2012
A flexure comprises a metal base, an insulating layer, and first and second conductors. First and second openings are formed so as to extend longitudinally relative to the metal base. These openings are formed at predetermined intervals longitudinally relative to the metal base. The
8186659 Suspension device May 29, 2012
Interplate rubber members 15 are interposed between abutting front and rear ends of spring leaves 2A and 2B. The spring leaves 2A and 2B have paired curved portions 14A and 14B, respectively, which are symmetrically S-shaped with respect to a connected position of an axle 3 in side view.
8177301 Armrest May 15, 2012
An armrest, has a stationary shaft rotatably supporting an armrest body against a seat frame. The stationary shaft is inserted, so as to have fastening tolerance, inside a coil lock spring and to have a stationary-side hook and a free-side hook. A diameter of the coil lock spring is
8174797 Head suspension and method of manufacturing head suspension May 8, 2012
A head suspension has a conductive base plate, a piezoelectric element, and a load beam. The piezoelectric element deforms in response to a voltage applied thereto, thereby moving the load beam relative to the base plate in a sway direction. The head suspension includes an actuator b
8168080 Identifying medium, identifying medium manufacturing method, article, and identifying medium ide May 1, 2012
An identifying medium comprises a nematic liquid crystal layer for forming a latent image with gradation, and the nematic liquid crystal layer has a thickness distribution corresponding to the gradation.
8166826 Vibration characteristic measuring device May 1, 2012
A vibration characteristic measuring device is provided with a shaker, including a shaking section which reciprocates along an axis, and a mounting block fastened to a mounting surface of the shaking section. A disk drive suspension is mounted on the mounting block. The mounting bloc
8164811 Optical scanning actuator April 24, 2012
For realizing widening of a light scanning angle and excellent durability, the optical scanning actuator includes a movable unit that supports an optical element, a plurality of leaf springs having a thin plate shape with one end portion being fixed and another end portion being atta
8161626 Method for manufacturing a suspension April 24, 2012
A suspension for supporting a magnetic head is provided with a load beam formed of a thin-plate spring. A recess for accommodating a damper is formed in the load beam. The damper is affixed to a bottom surface of the recess.
8159251 Probe card for semiconductor wafer April 17, 2012
A probe card includes a plurality of probes that contacts a plurality of electrodes provided in the semiconductor wafer and that inputs or outputs an electrical signal in or from the electrodes, a probe head that holds the probes, a substrate having a wiring which is provided near the
8158239 Identification medium April 17, 2012
An identification medium provided with a laminated structure comprises laminated layers of a magnetically controllable layer, in which magnetic microcapsules are dispersed, and a color shifting layer.
8151440 Method for manufacturing a head suspension April 10, 2012
A method for manufacturing a head suspension is capable of suppressing the dispersion in the vibration control effect of a head suspension and improve productivity, the manufacturing method includes a step of punching, by use of a hollow punch having a tooth portion at a distal end t
8149542 Wiring connecting structure for piezoelectric element, wiring connecting method, piezoelectric a April 3, 2012
A wiring connecting structure for a piezoelectric element is capable of performing wiring to the piezoelectric element without deteriorating the quality and reliability of the piezoelectric element. The piezoelectric element is arranged between a base and head of an object, to minutely
8149008 Probe card electrically connectable with a semiconductor wafer April 3, 2012
A probe card includes a probe head that holds a plurality of probes; a flat wiring board that has a wiring pattern corresponding to a circuit structure; an interposer that is stacked on the wiring board and relays wirings of the wiring board; a space transformer that is placed between
8149006 Probe card April 3, 2012
A probe card includes probes that come into contact with a semiconductor wafer to receive or output an electric signal; a probe head that holds the probes; a substrate that has a wiring pattern corresponding to a circuit structure for generating a signal for a test; a reinforcing mem
8146434 Apparatus for measuring vibration characteristics of head gimbal assembly April 3, 2012
An apparatus for measuring the vibration characteristics of a head gimbal assembly can grasp resonant characteristics at high frequencies and efficiently measure the vibration characteristics of the head gimbal assembly, the apparatus has a shaker head to which the head gimbal assemb
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