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NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd. Patents
NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd.
Aichi, JP
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RE43758 Spark plug with alloy chip October 23, 2012
Spark plug has a central electrode, an insulator provided exterior to the central electrode, main metallic shell provided exterior to the insulator in such a way that the central electrode protrudes from one end, and a ground electrode coupled at one end to the main metallic shell and wh
RE41944 Method for manufacturing noble metal electric discharge chips for spark plugs November 23, 2010
In a wire drawing process for forming a wire rod containing iridium as a main component and which further contains nickel and at least one of platinum, rhodium and ruthenium, and having a cross-sectional area of not smaller than 0.05 mm.sup.2 and not larger than 1.2 mm.sup.2. The worked
RE38491 Composition for producing low sintering temperature ceramic dielectrics and method of manufactur April 6, 2004
Powders of BaCO.sub.3, TiO.sub.2, ZnO, etc. are mixed to each other at a predetermined ratio of quantity, calcined in an atmospheric air at C., and pulverized to obtain a calcined powder having an average grain size from 1 to 3 .mu. m, 0.1 to 20 parts-by weight
RE34484 Gold-plated electronic components December 21, 1993
Gold-plated electronic components are disclosed, as well as a process for producing the same, wherein an alloy of nickel and cobalt or an alloy containing these elements as essential ingredients is used as an undercoat for the gold-plated layer.
RE33980 Thick-film gas-sensitive element June 30, 1992
A laminar gas-sensitive thick film consisting of ceramic semiconductor and metallic catalyzer is formed across a pair of electrodes carried by a ceramic substrate, and the nature of metallic catalyzer on an outer surface layer of the thick film is different from that of metallic cata
H427 Air/fuel ratio detector February 2, 1988
An air/fuel ratio detector comprising a pump and an electrochemical cell in which both the pump and electrochemical cell comprise an oxygen ion conductive solid electrolyte sandwiched between porous electrodes. One of the elements has an insulating substrate formed on a portion of the
D497171 Electrostatic chuck October 12, 2004
D491206 Electrostatic chuck June 8, 2004
D490827 Electrostatic chuck June 1, 2004
D490096 Electrostatic chuck May 18, 2004
D490095 Electrostatic chuck May 18, 2004
D490094 Electrostatic chuck May 18, 2004
D490093 Electrostatic chuck May 18, 2004
D489740 Electrostatic chuck May 11, 2004
D489739 Electrostatic chuck May 11, 2004
D401253 Throw away tip for cutting tools November 17, 1998
D359024 Dielectric filter June 6, 1995
8581388 Multilayered wiring substrate November 12, 2013
A multilayered wiring substrate, comprising: a plurality of first main surface side connecting terminals arranged in a first main surface of a stack structure; and a plurality of second main surface side connecting terminals being arranged in a second main surface of the stack structure;
8580066 Method for manufacturing multilayer wiring substrate November 12, 2013
A method for manufacturing a reliable multilayer wiring substrate at a relatively low cost having little or no warpage or distortion is provided. In certain embodiments an insulation core made of an insulation material that is more rigid than that of resin insulation layers is prepar
8575828 Spark plug November 5, 2013
A corner of a distal end of a ground-electrode-side noble metal tip of a spark plug is taken as a first corner; a corner of a leading end of a center-electrode-side noble metal tip is taken as a second corner; a corner formed at a starting point where a diameter of the center electro
8567237 Combustion pressure sensor October 29, 2013
A combustion pressure sensor (1) includes a housing (2) having an axial hole (23), a flexible member (8) fixed at one end to the housing (2) and being displaceable along the direction of axis (CL1), a pressure transmission body (3) whose outer circumferential surface is fixed to the
8567234 Gas sensor October 29, 2013
A gas sensor, including a cylindrical outer tube; and a seal member disposed therein, the seal member including: a lead wire insert hole and an atmosphere communication hole. The seal member has a groove extending outwards in a radial direction at a rear end-facing surface from the a
8567231 Gas sensor October 29, 2013
A gas sensor includes an inner electrode formed on an inner surface of a base body. The inner electrode has an inner sensing portion formed in a gas contact inner region such that the inner sensing portion is located on the whole of a heat-facing area of the gas contact inner region faci
8564321 Ceramic substrate, functional ceramic substrate, probe card and method for manufacturing ceramic October 22, 2013
A ceramic substrate has a base material composed of an amorphous phase and particles composed of a crystalline phase and dispersed in the base material. Some of the particles are permitted to protrude from at least one surface of the base material. The amorphous phase can contain glass
8564184 Spark plug and process for producing spark plug October 22, 2013
A spark plug that is equipped with an insulator that has a stem portion on a front end side, a center electrode, and a main metal member that retains the insulator at an engaging projection portion, wherein an inner diameter D.sub.IN of the engaging projection portion, the maximum outer
8564183 Spark plug and method for manufacturing spark plug October 22, 2013
A spark plug having a center electrode, an insulator and a metal shell and satisfying conditions (1) to (5) as defined herein. Also disclosed is a method of manufacturing a spark plug including the step of producing an insulator by preparing a raw material powder in such a manner that th
8298030 Spark plug manufacturing method, and spark plug October 30, 2012
There is provided according to the present invention a manufacturing method of a spark plug that includes a cylindrical metal shell, a cylindrical ceramic insulator retained in the metal shell, a center electrode retained in the ceramic insulator and extending in an axial direction a
8294347 Spark plug having specific configuration of packing area October 23, 2012
A spark plug is provided which can ensure gastightness between a metal shell and an insulator while preventing the cracking of the insulator. There is provided a spark plug in which a ledge portion 30 is formed on the metal shell 11 whose inside diameter is reduced gradually towards a
8294345 Spark plug and resistor composition October 23, 2012
A spark plug (100) has a resistor (15) between a center electrode 3 and a metal terminal (13). The resistor (15) contains glass, ceramic powder, an electrically conductive material, and metal. An average of two or more particles of the metal are present in an arbitrary region measuring 3
8294344 Spark plug and weld metal zone October 23, 2012
A spark member (70) is formed by joining a noble metal member (71) and an intermediate member (75) and is provided in a spark discharge gap between a center electrode and a ground electrode (30). A bottom surface (80) of the intermediate member (75) is resistance-welded to an inner surfa
8293180 Apparatus for distinguishing liquid reducing agent and exhaust emission control apparatus of eng October 23, 2012
An apparatus for distinguishing a liquid reducing agent which judges empty with a higher precision than heretofore is provided. The apparatus for distinguishing a liquid reducing agent is provided with a concentration sensor and a liquid-level sensor in storage tank of liquid reducin
8291746 Sensor October 23, 2012
A sensor including a tubular casing having an open rear end; and a first elastic member having a through hole so as to introduce ambient air into the casing and disposed so as to block the rear end opening of the casing. The sensor further includes: a holding inner tube that closely
8288931 Spark plug having a center electrode and a ground electrode provided with no noble metal member October 16, 2012
The ignitability of a spark plug configured without a noble metal for a center electrode and a ground electrode is improved. The spark plug comprises a center electrode, an insulator, a metal shell, and a ground electrode including a discharge surface. The ground electrode forms a sp
8288929 Spark plug October 16, 2012
A spark plug comprising a center electrode, a first noble metal tip joined to the center electrode, an insulator, a metallic shell, a ground electrode joined to the metallic shell and including an outer layer and an inner layer, and a second noble metal tip joined to the ground elect
8288928 Spark plug for internal combustion engine October 16, 2012
A spark plug comprising: a cylindrical metal shell; a cylindrical insulator provided in an inner hole of said metal shell; a center electrode provided in a leading end side inner hole of said insulator; and a ground electrode having one end bonded to a leading end side of said metal
8287706 Laminated gas sensor element, gas sensor equipped with laminated gas sensor element, and method October 16, 2012
A laminated gas sensor element including a detection element including a solid electrolyte body having a pair of electrodes formed thereon laminated together with a heater element. A porous protection layer is formed on at least a distal end portion of the laminated gas sensor elemen
8283846 Spark plug containing specific ratio content October 9, 2012
The object of the invention is to provide a spark plug including a central electrode and/or a ground electrode with a gap, which can suppress generation of corrosion-like generated foreign substances while maintaining high thermal conductivity and high strength. The gap between the c
8278809 Spark plug with alumina-based insulator October 2, 2012
A spark plug exhibits a satisfactory withstand voltage characteristic and sufficient mechanical strength in a high temperature environment exceeding C. The spark plug has a center electrode, an insulator, and a ground electrode, characterized in that the insulator is form
8273493 Solid electrolyte fuel cell stack September 25, 2012
A solid state electrolyte fuel cell stack includes: layered solid state electrolyte fuel cells, each formed by a solid state electrolyte body having a fuel pole in contact with a fuel gas and an air pole in contact with an oxidant gas; and inter-connectors arranged between the solid
8272256 Pressure sensor September 25, 2012
A pressure sensor has a Si device having a first main surface that has a bonded area, a second main surface parallel to the first main surface, a pressure-sensitive resistor formed on the first main surface, and a joining assist pattern formed on the first main surface, and a pressing
8268147 Gas sensor control device and method September 18, 2012
A control device for a gas sensor is configured to: receive a mode command to specify one of a plurality of sensor energization modes including at least a gas concentration detection mode, a protection mode and a pre-energization mode; switch a sensor element of the gas sensor into t
8266953 Method and apparatus for detecting abnormality of nitrogen oxide purifying catalyst September 18, 2012
A method and apparatus for detecting an abnormality of a nitrogen oxide purifying catalyst using an NOx sensor, the method including: calculating a detection integrated value by integrating corresponding values corresponding to the NOx sensor output signal obtained until a first pred
8266948 Knocking sensor September 18, 2012
A knocking sensor which includes: a piezoelectric element; a support member having a support body portion, the support body portion including a support surface directly or indirectly supporting the piezoelectric element; and a resin coating covering the piezoelectric element and at l
8264132 Plasma jet ignition plug September 11, 2012
An ignition plug that maintains excellent ignition performance over a long period of time through effective prevention of channeling. The ignition plug includes an insulator having an axial bore, a center electrode inserted into the axial bore, a metallic shell disposed externally of
8264131 Spark plug September 11, 2012
Peeling resistance of a noble metal chip is improved by reducing a difference in the thermal stress generated between the noble metal chip and a ground electrode. A spark plug 1 includes an insulator 2, a center electrode 5, a metal shell 3, and a ground electrode 27, wherein a spark
8257578 Anomaly diagnosing apparatus and anomaly diagnosing method for gas sensor September 4, 2012
An anomaly diagnosing apparatus and method for a gas sensor which includes a heater control section; a measurement section which outputs a detection signal for detecting an internal resistance of the gas sensor through a solid electrolyte via connection terminals and the electrodes w
8257577 Gas sensor and manufacturing method thereof September 4, 2012
There is provided a gas sensor, which includes a sensor element extending axially of the gas sensor and having a gas sensing portion at a front end thereof and an electrode portion at a rear end thereof, a cylindrical metal shell retaining therein the sensor element with the gas sensing
8257564 Gas sensor, and gas sensor manufacturing method September 4, 2012
A gas sensor comprising: a gas detecting element extending in an axial direction and including a detecting electrode provided on an outer surface of a leading end side of the gas detecting element, and a lead portion connecting to the detecting electrode and extending toward a rear e
8257127 Method for manufacturing ignition plug September 4, 2012
A method for manufacturing an ignition plug is provided. The method includes: preparing an insulator having a cavity provided at a leading end portion thereof by disposing a leading end of a center electrode more inwards in an axial hole than a leading end of the insulator; building
8256956 Temperature sensor September 4, 2012
A temperature sensor including a temperature sensing element (102) having a temperature sensing unit (103) and a pair of device electrode wires (104) extending from the temperature sensing unit; a sheath member (106) including a sheath wire (108) connected at a junction (110) to one of t

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