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RE41880 Semiconductor memory device October 26, 2010
A semiconductor memory device includes (a) a plurality of reference cells, (b) a plurality of memory cells, data stored in a selected reference cell among the reference cells being compared to data stored in a selected memory cell among the memory cells, (c) an address transition detecto
RE40773 Drive circuit for driving an image display unit June 23, 2009
A drive circuit has a judgement circuit for judging whether the magnitude of the input video data resides in a linear region or the non-linear region of characteristic of liquid crystal transmittance. When the vide data resides within the linear region, some of the output gray-scale
RE40739 Driving circuit of display device June 16, 2009
A driving circuit of a display device including a TFT (Thin Film Transistor) liquid crystal display device or the like is provided which is capable of decreasing a chip in size and reducing costs of testing by reducing the number of bits even in the case of increased number of bits o
8077466 Heat sink, semiconductor device, and method of manufacturing heat sink December 13, 2011
A heat sink 109 is configured by a plate component having a combined structure composed of a recess and a projection formed thereon, wherein the recess is formed by allowing a part of the plate component to be set back from the surface level of the residual region, and the projection is
8039969 Semiconductor device October 18, 2011
A semiconductor device 1 includes a semiconductor chip 10 (first semiconductor chip), a semiconductor chip 20 (second semiconductor chip) and a seal ring 30. The semiconductor chip 20 is provided on a surface S1 of the semiconductor chip 10 so as to be spaced apart from the semicondu
7947415 Reflective mask blank, reflective mask, method of inspecting reflective mask, and method for man May 24, 2011
A main object of the invention is to provide a reflective mask for EUV lithography, which may detect an alignment mark by transmission. The invention achieves the object by providing a reflective mask comprising a substrate, a multilayer formed on one side of the substrate, an interm
7923843 Semiconductor device with a contact plug connected to multiple interconnects formed within April 12, 2011
Two interconnect layers are electrically connected while reducing the number of manufacturing steps. A contact plug 9c which is formed into a beaded shape in a layer underlying two interconnects 11C and 11D and which also electrically connects the two interconnects 11C and 11D is inc
7872627 Display unit January 18, 2011
A driving circuit of the display unit includes a driving circuit including a read only memory and a rewritable nonvolatile memory. The rewritable nonvolatile memory stores display quality specifying information for specifying the display quality of a display panel connected to the dr
7869522 Video signal multiplexer, video signal multiplexing method, and picture reproducer January 11, 2011
An embodiment of the present invention provides a video signal multiplexing apparatus including a separator separating picture information and additional information from a received video signal, a controller adjusting, if the picture information is out of sync with the additional in
7865021 Compressed stream decoding apparatus and method January 4, 2011
A compressed stream decoding apparatus to preventing a disturbance of a display image is disclosed. The compressed stream decoding apparatus includes: a first video data processor decoding an input first compressed video stream based on first reference time information added to the first
7862736 Method of cleaning plasma etching apparatus, and thus-cleanable plasma etching apparatus January 4, 2011
Method of cleaning a plasma etching apparatus capable of suppressing variation in line width among wafers in a single lot, and improving throughput in the cleaning process, includes steps of supplying a cleaning gas into a chamber of a plasma etching apparatus; igniting a plasma of t
7861913 Soldering method for mounting semiconductor device on wiring board to ensure invariable gap ther January 4, 2011
In a soldering method for mounting a semiconductor device on a wiring board, a plurality of solid-phase solders are provided between the semiconductor device and the wiring board, and are thermally melted to thereby produce a plurality of liquid-phase solders therebetween. A constant
7860148 Receiving circuit and receiving method December 28, 2010
A receiving circuit which receives information using a multi-carrier signal comprises a phase rotation amount calculator which calculates a phase rotation amount of a multi-carrier signal included in a first frequency band according to a pilot-sub carrier included in the first freque
7859509 Semiconductor integrated circuit device used in data line driver of plane type display apparatus December 28, 2010
In a semiconductor integrated circuit device, a shift register includes a plurality of cascaded flip-flops adapted to generate shift pulse signals in response to a start signal. A logic circuit receives a pulse signal at its input end and supplies the pulse signal from its plurality of o
7859504 Liquid crystal driving device, liquid crystal display device, and liquid crystal driving method December 28, 2010
A liquid crystal display device according to an embodiment of the present invention includes an active matrix type liquid crystal display panel, in which a set value of a common voltage applied to a common electrode of the liquid crystal display panel is determined based on input image d
7856103 Microcontroller and authentication method between the controllers December 21, 2010
A microcontroller includes a program memory configured to store a program group and a first encryption key; a CPU; and an identification (ID) storage section configured to store an identification data peculiar to a user of the microcontroller. The CPU executes the program group to ge
7855561 Test circuit December 21, 2010
A test circuit according to the present invention includes: a synthesis circuit that synthesizes a first test result signal output from a first test target circuit in response to a test instruction, and a second test result signal output from a second test target circuit in response to t
7855537 Voltage supply circuit December 21, 2010
A voltage supply circuit includes an output transistor causing a first current to flow to an output terminal of the voltage supply circuit based on a control voltage applied from an error amplifier to a control terminal of the output transistor; and an overcurrent protection circuit
7855532 Power supply circuit with control switches to voltage multiplier having same frequency as clock December 21, 2010
A power supply circuit includes a first power supply configured to output a first voltage; a second power supply provided separately from the first power supply to output a second voltage; and a boosting circuit configured to use the first voltage as an input voltage to boost the inp
7853798 Program tamper detecting apparatus, method for program tamper detection, and program for program December 14, 2010
A program tamper detecting apparatus includes an external memory, an activation ROM and a CPU. The external memory stores a first code for program tamper detecting and a first program, wherein the first program is encrypted. The activation ROM stores a second program for decrypting t
7853737 Data transfer and alignment device and method for transferring data acquired from memory December 14, 2010
A communication data processing device according to an aspect of the invention includes a memory storing data, a data bus transmitting data read from the memory, a plurality of buffer memories temporarily storing data from the memory via the data bus and being capable of receiving and
7853430 Semiconductor device, and test circuit and test method for testing semiconductor device December 14, 2010
A semiconductor device includes a CDR (Clock Data Recovery) circuit and a frequency tracking control circuit. The CDR (Clock Data Recovery) circuit executes a clock data recovery on a serial data inputted synchronously with a spread spectrum clock. The frequency tracking control circuit
7852704 Semiconductor storage device December 14, 2010
A semiconductor storage device according to one aspect of the present invention includes a DRAM cell including one transistor and one capacitor, in which one of a first voltage and a second voltage is applied to a gate of the transistor, the first voltage being a selected voltage, an
7852157 Differential amplifier December 14, 2010
A differential amplifier includes a differential amplifier section to generate a current composed of a differential-mode current and a first common-mode current according to a differential-mode component and a common-mode component of an input signal, a common-mode current generator
7849295 Data processing apparatus and data processing method including dividing data to be processed December 7, 2010
A data processing apparatus includes an operation processing unit and a data feature determining circuit. The operation processing unit is configured to sequentially perform preset operation processing on operation data in units of sub blocks to output an operation resultant data. Ea
7847585 Source follower with active inductance as a load December 7, 2010
A semiconductor integrated circuit device comprises a transistor circuit exhibiting inductance at a desired frequency owing to capacitance between electrodes in a MOS transistor, the transistor circuit having an impedance that increases with an increase in frequency; and a first MOS
7846830 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same December 7, 2010
The objects of the present invention is to improve the impact resistance of the semiconductor device against the impact from the top surface direction, to improve the corrosion resistance of the surface of the top layer interconnect, to inhibit the crack occurred in the upper layer of
7844873 Fault location estimation system, fault location estimation method, and fault location estimatio November 30, 2010
A fault location estimation system includes single-fault-assumed diagnostic unit nodes; error-observation node basis candidate classification unit; inclusion fault candidate group selection unit; inter-pattern overlapping unit; and multiple-fault simulation checking unit.
7843372 D/A conversion circuit November 30, 2010
In an mode of this invention, a digital/analog conversion circuit, includes: a digital/analog conversion portion which outputs a first current according to an input digital signal; and a first current mirror circuit which generates a mirror current according to the first current and
7843262 High efficiency power amplifier November 30, 2010
Disclosed a power amplifier including a main amplifier with class bias AB and a peak amplifier with class C bias. A quarter-wave length transmission line having a length equal to one-fourth of the wave-length of a fundamental frequency is connected to an output side of the peak ampli
7843229 Signal output circuit November 30, 2010
Disclosed is a signal output circuit comprising: a first transistor of an emitter follower configuration, which receives an input signal; a second transistor of an emitter follower configuration, which receives the input signal, and has an output connected to an external load (106); a
7843226 Semiconductor integrated circuit device and test terminal arrangement method November 30, 2010
A semiconductor integrated circuit device includes a column of first logic circuit cells arranged along a first side of a chip and a column of second logic circuit cells arranged along a second side orthogonal to the first side. At a corner part where the first side crosses the second
7843214 Semiconductor integrated circuit device having standard cell including resistance element November 30, 2010
A standard cell includes an input terminal, an output terminal, first and second inverters coupled in series between the input and output terminals, the first inverter including a first transistor of a first conductivity type and a second transistor of a second conductivity type, the
7843008 Semiconductor device November 30, 2010
A semiconductor device capable of dissipating heat, which has been produced in an ESD protection element, to the exterior of the device rapidly and efficiently includes an ESD protection element having a drain region, a source region and a gate electrode, and a thermal diffusion port
7842979 Solid-state imaging device and method of driving the same November 30, 2010
A solid-state imaging device includes an N-type semiconductor substrate, an N-type impurity region provided in the surficial portion of the N-type semiconductor substrate, a photo-electric conversion unit formed in the N-type impurity region, a charge accumulation unit formed in the N-ty
7842609 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device November 30, 2010
A hole is formed in an insulating layer. A semiconductor substrate is heated at a temperature of equal to or more than C. and equal to or less than C. Tungsten-containing gas and at least one of B.sub.2H.sub.6 gas and SiH.sub.4 gas are introduced into a reaction
7842576 Semiconductor device including first and second sidewalls and method of manufacturing semiconduc November 30, 2010
The invention provides a method of manufacturing a semiconductor device including a non-volatile memory with high yield, and a semiconductor device manufactured by the method. A method of manufacturing a semiconductor device includes a process of forming a second side wall such that
7841903 Adaptor and wireless communication module November 30, 2010
An adaptor according to an embodiment of the present invention includes: a power supply line to be connected to an external power supply; a first connector including a plurality of terminals; and a second connector including a first terminal connected to at least one of the plurality of
7840922 Semiconductor design support apparatus November 23, 2010
The semiconductor design support apparatus relating to the layout verification. For executing layout verification in high accuracy, the apparatus includes a unit for generating a recognition pattern in a region having a first axis of symmetry and a second axis of symmetry orthogonal
7840727 Serial-to-parallel conversion/parallel-to-serial conversion/ FIFO unified circuit November 23, 2010
Disclosed is a serial-to-parallel converter/parallel-to-serial converter/FIFO unified circuit which includes a register, a selector and a counter. The register receives serial input data and converts the serial data into parallel data based on frequency-divided multi-phase clock sign
7839714 Non-volatile semiconductor storage device and word line drive method November 23, 2010
A non-volatile semiconductor storage device, includes a memory array including memory cells, a plurality of word lines installed in the memory array, a sub-decoder including a pull-up power line, a pull-down power line and a plurality of drivers, a pre-decoder coupled to the sub-deco
7839370 Apparatus and method for driving display panels for reducing power consumption of grayscale volt November 23, 2010
A display panel driver is composed of a grayscale voltage generator configured to develop a set of different grayscale voltages corresponding to grayscale levels of pixels within a display panel; and a plurality of grayscale selector driver circuits each of which is responsive to pixel
7839205 Step-down circuit, semiconductor device, and step-down circuit controlling method November 23, 2010
A step-down circuit is connected between a power supply node for supplying a supply voltage and an internal power supply line for supplying a power to the object circuit and steps-down the supply voltage, and supplies the stepped-down voltage to the object circuit through the internal po
7838961 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device November 23, 2010
A semiconductor device includes a semiconductor substrate having trenches extending thereinto. A trench type insulating film fills the trenches. The trench type insulating film includes a first and second insulating film and is laminated in a portion of the trenches.
7838779 Wiring board, method for manufacturing same, and semiconductor package November 23, 2010
A wiring board in which lower-layer wiring composed of a wiring body and an etching barrier layer is formed in a concave portion formed on one face of a board-insulating film, upper-layer wiring is formed on the other face of the board-insulating film, and the upper-layer wiring and
7838408 Semiconductor device, wafer and method of designing and manufacturing the same November 23, 2010
A process margin of an interconnect is to be expanded, to minimize the impact of vibration generated during a scanning motion of a scanning type exposure equipment. In a semiconductor device, the interconnect handling a greater amount of data (frequently used interconnect) is disposed in
7836375 Scrambler circuit, encoding device, encoding method and recording apparatus November 16, 2010
An encoding device includes a buffer for performing EDC generation, scrambling and ECC generation on user data arranged along user data direction Q that is read out from a data buffer of SDRAM and storing the operation results, a substitution buffer for repeatedly reading out the use
7836253 Cache memory having pipeline structure and method for controlling the same November 16, 2010
A cache memory arranged between a processor and a low-speed memory and performing a pipeline processing of a memory access made by the processor. In a first stage, the cache memory reads out a tag address from a tag memory. In a second stage, the cache memory performs a hit decision
7835211 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same November 16, 2010
A semiconductor device is provided including a first fuse link having a copper-containing metal film, a second fuse link having a polysilicon film, a semiconductor substrate, and a field insulating film formed on the semiconductor substrate. The second fuse link is formed on the field
7835185 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device November 16, 2010
A nonvolatile semiconductor memory device in accordance with the present invention is provided with a plurality of memory cells of field effect transistor type, a source bias control circuit, and a drain bias control circuit. The source bias control circuit variably sets the potential of

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