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NCR Corporation Patents
NCR Corporation
Duluth, GA
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE42651 Optical scanner having enhanced item side coverage August 30, 2011
A dual aperture optical scanner which produces horizontal, vertical, and diagonal scan patterns. The optical scanner includes a housing having a substantially vertical surface containing a first aperture and a substantially horizontal surface containing a second aperture. A laser dio
RE41717 Apparatus and method for operating a checkout system having a display monitor which displays bot September 21, 2010
A method of operating a retail terminal having a display monitor includes the step of generating an item-entered control signal when an item for purchase of a customer is entered into the retail terminal by retail personnel. The method also includes the step of retrieving retail history
RE41418 Method of processing misoriented items in an image-based item processing system and an apparatus July 6, 2010
A check processing system comprises an image lift device which is provided for lifting an image of a check as the check is being transported along a check feed path. A MICR reader is provided for reading a MICR codeline from the check as the check is transported along the check feed path
RE41093 Method of monitoring item shuffling in a post-scan area of a self-service checkout terminal February 2, 2010
A method of monitoring item shuffling in a post-scan area of a self-service checkout terminal having a post-scan shelf, a bagwell with a grocery container positioned therein, and a weight scale positioned so as to detect weight of items positioned both on the post-scan shelf and in t
RE40576 Point-of-sale system including isolation layer between client and server software November 18, 2008
A system and method of transferring information between a first software application and a second software application which employ an isolation layer. The system includes a client computer system provided by a first seller of computer systems, including a client software application, an
RE38419 Computer interface device February 10, 2004
A computer terminal device includes a flat screen display element and a touch-sensitive element. Simulated keyboards can be displayed on the display element and, in response to the touching of the simulated keys, generate appropriate control signals. The same flat screen display can
RE31117 Ribbon cassette with bi-color capability January 4, 1983
A ribbon cassette having a body portion and a nose portion which pivots with respect to the body portion to obtain bi-color printing capability. The cassette also includes hinges and a fracturable member interconnecting the body portion and the nose portion. The fracturable member retain
RE30150 Inductor drive means November 13, 1979
A circuit providing a means of transferring and storing the energy from the collapsing field of a deenergized inductive load to a capacitor, and subsequently delivering this energy back to the inductive load to aid in its re-energization. A first circuit path is provided for transferring
D693803 Terminal November 19, 2013
D654495 Computer February 21, 2012
D653424 Self-service terminal January 31, 2012
D653423 Self-service terminal January 31, 2012
D653422 Self-service terminal January 31, 2012
D653421 Self-service terminal January 31, 2012
D653420 Self-service terminal January 31, 2012
D653419 Self-service terminal January 31, 2012
D653418 Self-service terminal January 31, 2012
D653417 Self-service terminal January 31, 2012
D653014 Self-service terminal January 24, 2012
D653013 Self-service terminal January 24, 2012
D653012 Self-service terminal January 24, 2012
D652602 Self-service terminal January 17, 2012
D652601 Self-service terminal January 17, 2012
D652454 Entertainment kiosk January 17, 2012
D651784 Self-service terminal January 3, 2012
D608362 Barcode scanner weigh plate January 19, 2010
D560220 Scanner tower January 22, 2008
D525410 Privacy screen for a self-service terminal July 18, 2006
D505765 Self-service terminal May 31, 2005
D505240 Self-service terminal May 17, 2005
D480397 Price verifier October 7, 2003
D471192 Kiosk March 4, 2003
D456587 Self-service terminal April 30, 2002
D456586 Financial document processing module April 30, 2002
D454879 Bar code reader March 26, 2002
D449726 Kiosk October 23, 2001
D449420 Self service terminal October 16, 2001
D448910 Self-service terminal October 2, 2001
D447613 Self service terminal September 4, 2001
D447312 Self-service terminal August 28, 2001
D447311 Self service terminal August 28, 2001
D444608 Self-service terminal July 3, 2001
D442596 Bar code reader May 22, 2001
D432563 Printer October 24, 2000
D427413 Register ATM June 27, 2000
D425036 Computer display May 16, 2000
D424780 Self service terminal May 9, 2000
D420487 Self service terminal February 8, 2000
D411517 Computer June 29, 1999
D410441 Computer June 1, 1999

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