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Motricity, Inc. Patents
Motricity, Inc.
Bellevue, WA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7860449 Method and system for delivering contextual content to a mobile device December 28, 2010
A system and methods for targeting mobile content to a mobile device based on the context of where and how a user discovers the content. Instead of advertising content during commercial breaks of a television program, the invention contextually targets the mobile content to specific prog
7461067 System for supporting production, management and delivery of media content for wireless devices December 2, 2008
In a system for providing media content to a communication device, a device capabilities determination is made by a rules engine that compares content attributes with constraints on those attributes for a device. Metadata describing the content is derived and entered into a database.
7283830 Wireless device hub system and method October 16, 2007
A system and method for transferring a data file to a wireless device where the system generates a Short Message Service ("SMS") message including a URL address at which the data file is stored and transmits the SMS message to the wireless device.
7085552 Dispatcher for wireless device applications August 1, 2006
A method for handling messages between wireless devices in a network, includes: receiving a message for a device application by a dispatcher application on a receiving wireless device; determining that the device application does not exist on the receiving wireless device by the disp

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