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Motorola, Inc.
Schaumburg, IL
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RE37757 Method and apparatus for optimal hand-offs in a satellite cellular communication system June 18, 2002
A subscriber unit (26) communicates with a satellite communication system (10) that projects cells. The satellites (12) and cells move relative to the earth. During every other TDMA frame, a subscriber unit (26) measures the signal strength of all candidate hand-off beams. The signal str
RE36890 Gradient chuck method for wafer bonding employing a convex pressure October 3, 2000
An apparatus and method for improved wafer bonding by scrubbing, spin drying, aligning, and pressing the polished wafers together. The first wafer (13) is mounted on a flat wafer chuck (11) and a second wafer (14) is mounted on a convex pressure gradient chuck (10). Wafers are scrubbed
RE36773 Method for plating using nested plating buses and semiconductor device having the same July 11, 2000
Routing density of a wiring substrate (10) is increased by providing a nested plating bus (18) as a supplement to an external plating bus (16). A first group of conductive traces (14) is connected to the nested plating bus, while another group of traces is connected to the external plati
RE35294 Polysilicon encapsulated localized oxidation of silicon July 9, 1996
A reduction in defects and lateral encroachment is obtained by .[.utilizing a high pressure oxidation in conjunction with.]. an oxidizable layer conformally deposited over an oxidation mask. .[.The.]. .Iadd.In one embodiment, the .Iaddend.use of high pressure oxidation provides for the
RE35191 Method for reducing heterostructure acoustic charge transport device SAW drive power requirement March 26, 1996
A HACT device employing a thin-film overlay of a more strongly piezoelectric material can operate as a delay line and as a tapped delay line, or transversal filter, while requiring less total power for the SAW clock signal. The increased electrical potential per unit total SAW power
RE34796 Antenna switching system November 22, 1994
An antenna switching system for handling high traffic sectors in a cellular radiotelephone system. The system switches the cell's base station transmitter to sectors that have more mobile traffic than they can handle. The additional transmitters increase the number of frequencies in the
RE34227 Non-cyanide electrode cleaning process April 20, 1993
An electrolytic process employing a water solution of metal lactates or lactic acid and metal hydroxides, rapidly and safely removes metal plating bleed, residual oxides or the like (stains), plastic flash, resin bleed and deflashing media, from electrodes of electronic devices. Anodic
RE33941 Power driver having short circuit protection May 26, 1992
A power driver including a switch (17) that connects between a power input terminal (12) and a power output terminal (13). A current sense unit (22) provides an over current sense signal if an over current condition should exist with respect to the switch (17). A reference signal unit (2
RE33157 Null initiated method and system for monitoring a priority channel January 30, 1990
A null initiated priority channel monitoring system provides enhanced nonpriority signal intelligibility and/or enhanced priority channel sensitivity during sample times. The priority channel or channels are monitored during nulls in the received nonpriority signal. The system can ha
RE32789 Transmission trunk multichannel dispatch system with priority queuing November 22, 1988
A communication system of the type wherein a central station assigns a limited number of information channels to a requesting one of a plurality of remote stations is disclosed. The requesting station sends its identification signal along with the request signal to the central station
RE32768 Ceramic bandstop filter October 18, 1988
An embodiment of a unique ceramic bandstop filter is comprised of a dielectric plate having an input electrode disposed centrally on the top surface thereof and a dielectric block fixedly attached to the bottom surface of the plate and having a hole opposite the input electrode. The
RE31814 Three-party conference circuit for digital time-division-multiplex communication systems January 22, 1985
A three-party conference circuit provides for three-party conference calls in time-division-multiplex communication systems utilizing pulse-code modulation. The digitized speech signals from a selected group of channels are received from an incoming PCM highway, expanded from PCM coding
RE31663 Dynamic output buffer September 4, 1984
There is provided a dynamic output buffer useful for providing output data from a memory. The output buffer includes a cross coupled sense amplifier having inputs and outputs. The outputs of this sense amplifier are coupled by output transistors to the output of the dynamic output buffer
RE31662 Output buffer with voltage sustainer circuit September 4, 1984
There is provided a dynamic output buffer useful for providing output data from a memory. The output buffer includes a cross coupled sense amplifier having inputs and outputs. The outputs of this sense amplifier are coupled by output transistors to the output of the dynamic output buffer
RE31470 Stripline filter device December 20, 1983
Stripline filters and the like have one or more elongated resonator conductors positioned on a dielectric substrate which is backed by a ground plane conductor, with the response frequency being dependent primarily on the length of the resonator. A wide apron conductor is connected t
RE31051 Regulator for controlling capacitor charge to provide complex waveform October 5, 1982
In fuel injection ignition systems, it is necessary to provide control of the open time of the fuel injector valves which varies with the engine speed. However, for efficient operation with a minimum of pollution, the relationship of valve open time to engine speed is not a simple re
RE30853 Cassette record player-recorder January 26, 1982
A converter cartridge for reception and operation of a cassette record and insertion into a host cartridge player. The converter cartridge carries drive means for transporting the tape within the cassette; cam means for advancing and withdrawing tape heads and a pinch roller toward and a
RE30282 Double master mask process for integrated circuit manufacture May 27, 1980
A double master mask process for fabricating semiconductor integrated circuits is provided in which selectively etchable dielectric layers and ion implanted resistors are used to form dense integrated circuits with a minimum number of critical alignments. A first silicon dioxide silicon
RE30111 Digital single signal line full duplex method and apparatus October 9, 1979
A driver circuit that permits full duplex transmission of digital data on a single signal line includes means for enabling a receiver of a station having a transmitter and a receiver to ignore outgoing digital signals from the transmitter of the same station and receive incoming signals.
RE29683 Encapsulation housing for electronic circuit boards or the like and method of encapsulating June 27, 1978
A control device assembled on a circuit board is suitably encapsulated within a protective housing on a multiple unit basis especially suited for automation. A plurality of housings are arranged in an upright, side-by-side relation so that the associated circuit board may be inserted
RE29660 Process and product for making a single supply N-channel silicon gate device June 6, 1978
A process is described wherein an N-channel silicon gate device operates from a single voltage supply. This process includes an ion implantation step into the gate region of both the load and switch devices for adjusting upwards the threshold voltage of such N-channel silicon gate lo
RE29257 Digital filter for a digital demodulation receiver June 7, 1977
A digital filter comprising an up-down counter conditioned by a signal indicative of whether an input periodic oscillation signal is of a frequency representing a binary 1 or a binary 0, to count in one direction to a threshold count for an input 1, and to count in the other direction
H569 Charge storage depletion region discharge protection January 3, 1989
A means and method is described for shielding semiconductor charge storage devices from the effects of particles or ionizing radiation absorbed within the bulk of the semiconductor substrate, by providing a free carrier shield consisting of a buried layer of very low lifetime in the
H1701 Method and apparatus for using molten aluminum to abate PFC gases from a semiconductor facility January 6, 1998
This application is dedicated to the public. A method and apparatus for reducing the emissions of a fluorinated gas from a wafer processing facility begins by providing a fluorinated exhaust gas from wafer processing tools (10) through (16) via an input line (17). The fluorinated exh
H1173 Paging device with alternating alert outputs April 6, 1993
In a selective call radio paging device, a plurality of alerts are generated in response to the decoding of a message having an address corresponding to the address assigned to the pager. A specific alert envelope waveform is generated and drives an alerting device of a first type (e
D633457 Communication device March 1, 2011
D632269 Communication device February 8, 2011
D622713 Portable modem August 31, 2010
D622692 Communication device August 31, 2010
D622691 Communication device August 31, 2010
D622686 Communication device August 31, 2010
D622685 Communication device August 31, 2010
D622265 Ear cushion for an audio device August 24, 2010
D621377 Communication device August 10, 2010
D621376 Communication device August 10, 2010
D620257 Headphone case July 27, 2010
D620256 Headphone case July 27, 2010
D619983 Communication device July 20, 2010
D618240 Wireless adapter June 22, 2010
D618202 Communication device June 22, 2010
D617771 Communication headset June 15, 2010
D616898 Audio device June 1, 2010
D616870 Remote control device June 1, 2010
D616850 Communication device June 1, 2010
D616849 Communication device June 1, 2010
D616846 Communication device June 1, 2010
D616464 Audio interface May 25, 2010
D616409 Housing for a communication device base May 25, 2010
D615059 Communication device May 4, 2010
D613262 Communication device April 6, 2010

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