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St. Louis, MO
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
T995003 Machine dishwashing formulations containing alkali metal acetal carboxylate polymers June 3, 1980
Machine dishwashing formulations typically contain a low-foaming surfactant, a chlorine source and an alkali metal tripolyphosphate. Because of recent emphasis in removing phosphates from cleaning formulations, those skilled in the art have been interested in finding a substitute for
RE37543 DNA sequence useful for the production of polyhydroxyalkanoates February 5, 2002
A genomic fragment harboring the gene phaG was cloned by phenotype complementation of Pseudomonas putida KT2440 mutants, defective in the polyhydroxyalkanoic acid (PHA) synthesis via de novo fatty acid biosynthesis but not affected in PHA biosynthesis via fatty acid .beta.-oxidation.
RE36562 Fungicides for the control of take-all disease of plants February 8, 2000
A method of controlling Take-All disease of plants by applying a fungicide of the formula ##STR1## wherein Z.sub.1 and Z.sub.2 are C and are part of an aromatic ring which is .[.benzothiophene.]..Iadd.thiophene.Iaddend.; andA is .[.selected from.]. --C(X)-amine .[.wherein the amine i
RE33365 Stain resistant nylon fibers October 2, 1990
Nylon carpet fibers are provided which resist staining by acid dye colorants at room temperature, yet are dyeable at elevated temperatures with acid dyes without losing their resistance to acid dye colorants at room temperature. The fibers are characterized by having a coating on the
RE33059 Partially oriented nylon yarn and process September 19, 1989
An improved partially-oriented nylon 66 (PON) spinning process and product are provided by increasing the molecular weight well above the levels customary for apparel end uses.
RE32769 Amides and hydrazides of 2-oxo-benzothiazoline-3-acetic acid October 18, 1988
Compounds having the formula ##STR1## are found to be effective plant growth regulants.
RE31364 Oxidation and ammoxidation catalysis August 30, 1983
Oxidation and ammoxidation catalysts are disclosed which have the empirical formula Sb.sub.a V.sub.b Ti.sub.c O.sub.x, wherein a is at least 6, b is 1, and c is a number such that the ratio c/a is at least 0.5, and x is a number taken to satisfy the valence requirements of the Sb, V and
RE31068 Substituted benzothiazolines and their use as plant growth regulants October 26, 1982
Compounds having the formula ##STR1## are found to be effective plant growth regulants.
RE30371 Catalytic process for imide-alcohol condensation August 12, 1980
A catalyzed process for the preparation of monomeric and/or polymeric compounds such as esters, polyesters, ester-amides, and polyester-polyamides which result from the reaction of an imide and an alcohol in the presence of a Group IA, IIA, IIB and/or IIIA metal or metal compound, im
RE30030 Integral pneumatic tire and wheel comprising a wheel portion with axially spaced members June 12, 1979
An integral pneumatic tire and wheel is described, comprising a tire portion having an enclosed chamber and a wheel portion having axially spaced support members.
RE29845 GaAs.sub.1-x P.sub.x electroluminescent device doped with isoelectronic impurities November 21, 1978
The disclosure herein pertains to the preparation of semiconductor materials and solid-state devices fabricated therefrom. More particularly, the disclosure pertains to a vapor phase process for the preparation of electroluminescent materials, particularly GaAs.sub.1-x P.sub.x, doped
RE29696 Apparatus improvements in temperature-conditioning parts July 11, 1978
Apparatus for temperature-conditioning workpieces comprises a series of bar assemblies for supporting a number of elongated molded parts in side-by-side relationship, heat transfer assemblies including horizontally spaced panels extending along a chamber, means for conveying the parts
RE29652 Method of lowering blood cholesterol level May 30, 1978
The level of blood cholesterol in a living animal body in which a state of hypercholesterolemia exists is lowered by orally administering to said animal body a pharmaceutically effective amount of a polymer, which is (1) polymerized unsaturated carboxylic acid or anhydride, or (2) a copo
RE29153 Certain N-phenacyl pyridinium halides March 15, 1977
Pyridinium, pyridazinium, pyrimidinium, and pyrazinium halides, respectively having an N-(phenacyl) substituent and the corresponding ylids obtained therefrom by alkaline treatment which compounds are useful as herbicides and/or insecticides.
D385943 Fluid container November 4, 1997
D353541 Container December 20, 1994
D340180 Toggle switch locking device October 12, 1993
D300805 Container April 25, 1989
D295609 Container May 10, 1988
D295382 Container April 26, 1988
D295381 Container April 26, 1988
D295379 Container top April 26, 1988
D295378 Container top April 26, 1988
D295377 Container top April 26, 1988
D295376 Container waist April 26, 1988
D295375 Container top April 26, 1988
D294679 Container March 15, 1988
D294678 Container March 15, 1988
D294677 Container March 15, 1988
D294464 Container March 1, 1988
D294463 Container March 1, 1988
D294461 Container March 1, 1988
D294460 Container March 1, 1988
D294225 Container February 16, 1988
D294224 Container February 16, 1988
D294120 Container February 9, 1988
D294118 Container February 9, 1988
D294117 Container February 9, 1988
D293890 Container January 26, 1988
D293888 Container January 26, 1988
D291284 Bottle August 11, 1987
D291283 Bottle August 11, 1987
D288294 Bottle February 17, 1987
D273364 Bottle April 10, 1984
D258197 Bottle or similar article February 10, 1981
D256555 Bottle or similar article August 26, 1980
D256432 Bottle or similar article August 19, 1980
D252673 Bottle or similar article August 21, 1979
D252670 Bottle or similar article August 21, 1979
8097778 Nucleic acid sequences and methods of use for the production of plants with modified polyunsatur January 17, 2012
The present invention is directed to nucleic acid molecules and nucleic acid constructs, and other agents associated with fatty acid synthesis, particularly the ratios of saturated and unsaturated fats. Moreover, the present invention is directed to plants incorporating such agents where

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