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Monotype Imaging Inc. Patents
Monotype Imaging Inc.
Woburn, MA
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8201088 Method and apparatus for associating with an electronic document a font subset containing select June 12, 2012
A method and apparatus are provided for embedding a font subset in an electronic document. The method in one form includes analyzing a document having characters of a font set where characters may have different forms depending on the location of the character in a word or one or more
7821515 Method for automatic font character height restriction October 26, 2010
A method is provided for reducing a height of a font character in a nonlinear scaling process. The method includes reducing the height of the character by interacting with hinting instruction to adjust relevant instructions to thereby reduce the overall height of a font character whi
7719537 Method for reducing size and increasing speed for font generation of instructions May 18, 2010
A method for compressing font instruction data. The method includes analyzing a set of pixel-per-em values and fractional pixel shifts contained in font instruction for each glyph in a font data set to construct a database of values. The pixel-per-em values and fractional pixel shift
7184046 Method and apparatus for font storage reduction February 27, 2007
The present invention is aimed at three specific data areas of font compression, each of whose size has become significant as other data areas have been compressed. The three data areas include model factoring, character level feature measurement (local dimensions) factoring, and typ
6997543 Total ink control method for color rendering in printing system February 14, 2006
A total-ink method ensures that the total amount of available colors remains the same such that the color characterization process can treat the restricted printing process as if it is dealing with a non-restricted printing process without loss of quality. This method enhances non-lo
6992671 Method and apparatus for compressing Bezier descriptions of letterforms in outline fonts using v January 31, 2006
Vector quantization provides font contour data reduction. Characters are defined in a font collection using segmented outline forms and common references stored to curve segments for similar segments in different characters of the font collection. Compressing the font collection pref

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