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Money Controls Limited Patents
Money Controls Limited
Royton, Oldham, GB
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D557500 Container for banknotes December 18, 2007
8232867 Banknote acceptor with visual checking July 31, 2012
A banknote acceptor for authenticating a banknote 2, has a sensing station S with detector 18 that produces image signals corresponding to a face the banknote. A processor 24 pre-processes the image signals and compares them with stored reference data corresponding to an acceptable b
8181765 Money item dispensing apparatus May 22, 2012
The application relates to money item dispensing apparatus (1, 123) having a money item acceptor (10, 124) and a hopper arrangement (23, 126). The application further relates to money item dispensing apparatus (1) having sorting means (15, 16, 17) operable to selectively direct a mon
7987961 Coin dispensing apparatus August 2, 2011
A coin dispensing apparatus, which ejects coins by squeezing them substantially chordally between an element on a rotor and an ejector, has a variable height rotor (3), an improved two-part coin ejector (10a, 10b). A optical sensor for detecting coins being ejected positive detects b
7946408 Money item acceptor May 24, 2011
An acceptor for money items, comprises sensor circuitry (S1-S4) to provide individual money items signals (Rs) depending on items of money under test, and a processor configuration (11) to develop for each of the money items under test, a transformed money item signal (Tnew) as a fun
7857198 Device for processing sheet objects such as banknotes December 28, 2010
A device for processing sheet objects comprises a tamper proof housing that contains an opening device operable to receive a container containing sheet objects such as banknotes from outside the housing and to open the container within the housing, and a counter configured to count s
7748610 Packaging device and container for sheet objects July 6, 2010
This invention relates to a packaging device (1) for packaging a stack of sheet objects that have an attributable monetary value in a container (4), the device (1) comprising means (34, 35) for determining value data relating to the monetary value attributed to a sheet object to be stack
7617922 Coin acceptor November 17, 2009
A coin acceptor includes a coin sensing station with two generally circular coils (S1, S2) and an elongate coil (S3) mounted on one side of a coin guiding surface that is curved so that a coin (26) under test is thrown by centripetal force into sliding engagement with the surface (22)
7559183 Packaging device and container for sheet objects July 14, 2009
A device (1) packages a stack of sheet objects such as banknotes (2) in a container (4) sandwiched between a frame (6) and the device's main body (5). Banknotes are fed through a first input port (3) to be stacked in the container. A closure member (9) is inserted through a second input
7549525 Money item acceptor with enhanced security June 23, 2009
An acceptor for money items such as coins or banknotes produces a money item parameter signal (x.sub.1) depending on a sensed characteristic of the money item. A store (12) provides window data corresponding to normal acceptance ranges of values of the parameter signal for a money item o
7294051 Coin hopper with large coin capability November 13, 2007
A coin dispensing apparatus dispenses coins by squeezing them substantially chordally between first and second elements. The second element is carried on the underside of a disc-like portion of a rotor which rotates about or with a central shaft. The disc-like portion has an opening,

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