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Mobil Oil Corporation
Fairfax, VA
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RE36922 Process of used lubricant oil recycling October 24, 2000
A used lubricant oil recycling process is disclosed in which a used lubricating oil is injected to a delayed coker downstream of the coker furnace whereby the used oil is thermally cracked into hydrocarbon fuel products which are low in metal contaminants, sulfur and nitrogen. The us
RE34392 Dispensing system for severable sheet material September 28, 1993
A dispensing system for a package of a continuous, severable sheet material comprising a number of individual severable members, such as plastic bags, separated by transverse pre-weakened regions, such as perforations, is composed of a storage container holding the package and a dispensi
RE34189 Conversion of paraffins to gasoline March 2, 1993
An improved two-step process for the conversion of lower molecular weight paraffins, the process comprising contacting in a first step a C.sub.2 -C.sub.10 alkane-rich feedstock with a siliceous zeolite catalyst in a primary fluidized bed reaction zone under high temperature dehydrogenati
RE34019 Thermoplastic bag August 4, 1992
The present invention relates to thermoplastic bag structures which are characterized by having a pair of carrying handles which are formed integrally with the bag walls, and extend upwardly from the open mouth portion of the bag. The configuration of the individual bag handles is su
RE33683 Catalyst composition for polymerizing alpha-olefins September 3, 1991
A catalyst composition for polymerizing alpha-olefins is prepared by reacting a transition metal compound, e.g., titanium, with trimethylaluminum catalyst activator. In a preferred embodiment, the catalyst is supported on a porous refractory support and is prepared by additionally re
RE33122 Apparatus for loading bags December 5, 1989
An apparatus for dispensing individual plastic handle bearing bags from a stack of bags and holding the dispensed bag in an open position for loading. The apparatus comprises a bottom support member and two spaced-apart, oppositely disposed upwardly projecting tab members such that t
RE33009 Method for preparing crystalline zirconium phosphates August 1, 1989
A new crystalline zirconium phosphate composition and method for its synthesis are provided. The composition has ion exchange properties and is readily convertible to catalytically active material by thermal treatment.
RE32295 Hindered phenyl esters of cyclic borates and lubricants containing same November 25, 1986
New reaction products obtained by reacting (1) a hindered phenol, (2) a boron compound and (3) an amine together are described. Preferred reaction sequences are:(a)(2)+(1), then this product with (3); and(b)(2)+(3), then this product with (1).Also described are lubricant compositions contain
RE32246 Borated epoxides and lubricants containing same September 9, 1986
Lubricant and liquid fuel compositions containing a product made by reacting a boronating agent with a hydrocarbyl epoxide are provided. The invention also provides the product per se.
RE32239 Moving bed catalytic cracking process with platinum group metal or rhenium supported directly on September 2, 1986
An improved moving bed continuous catalytic cracking process for cracking hydrocarbon feedstocks, such as gas oil, in the absence of added hydrogen, which includes the use of a minute amount of dispersed platinum supported directly on a cracking catalyst. The trace of platinum induces a
RE31919 Aromatics processing catalysts June 18, 1985
A method of preparing aromatics processing catalysts which comprises incorporating a noble metal with a member or members of a useful class of zeolites, with such incorporation occurring after zeolite crystallization, but prior to final catalyst particle formation, i.e. extrusion into
RE31782 Xylene isomerization December 25, 1984
A catalytic process is provided for isomerizing an isomerization feed containing an aromatic C.sub.8 mixture of ethylbenzene and xylene in which the para-xylene content is less than equilibrium which comprises contacting said feed, under conversion conditions, with a catalyst compris
RE31781 Isomerization of monocyclic alkyl aromatic hydrocarbons December 25, 1984
A process is provided for isomerization of monocyclic alkyl aromatic hydrocarbons in a reaction zone maintained under conditions such that said isomerization is accomplished in the vapor phase.
RE31647 Startup procedure for reforming catalysts August 14, 1984
Process for reforming a hydrocarbon charge under reforming conditions in a reforming zone containing a sulfur-sensitive metal containing reforming catalyst wherein over-cracking of the charge stock and excessive temperature rise in the reforming zone is suppressed by pre-conditioning
RE30347 Corrections for seismic data obtained from expanding-spread July 22, 1980
Seismic signals from detectors forming split spreads are utilized to correct for weathering, elevation, and the like signals from detectors forming an expanded spread. The signals of the seismic section delineated by the expanded spread have applied thereto time changes under the control
RE30157 Xylene isomerization November 20, 1979
Mixtures of C.sub.8 aromatic hydrocarbons are contacted in vapor phase with acid zeolite ZSM-5. The xylene content is thereby isomerized and the ethyl benzene content of the charge is converted in a manner which results in net increase of aromatic rings.
RE29948 Crystalline silicates and catalytic conversion of organic compounds therewith March 27, 1979
A crystalline metal organosilicate having the composition, in its anhydrous state, as follows:where M is a metal, other than a metal of Group IIIA, n is the valence of said metal, R is an alkyl ammonium radical and x is a number greater than 0 but not exceeding 1, said organosilicate bei
RE29857 Conversion with ZSM-5 family of crystalline aluminosilicate zeolites December 5, 1978
Catalytic conversion of hydrocarbons is carried out by contacting the same with a family of crystalline zeolites designated as ZSM-having the composition expressed as mol ratios of oxides as follows:wherein M is at least one cation having a valence n, y is at least 5 and z is between 0-4
RE29466 In-situ assaying for uranium in rock formations November 1, 1977
The specification discloses a technique for assaying for delayed fission neutrons from uranium to obtain a quantitative measure of uranium ore grade. In one embodiment, a pulsed neutron source of 14-Mev neutrons and a neutron detector are located in a borehole at the level of a formation
RE28978 Fail-safe subsea fluid transportation system September 28, 1976
This specification discloses a subsea system for the production of fluid minerals. The system includes a product gathering network provided with production satellites in which the gas-oil-water ratios of each well are periodically tested and the flow rates are automatically controlled. A
RE28805 Lubricants containing amine antioxidants May 11, 1976
Lubricants containing a mixture of p,p'-dioctyldiphenylamine and substituted naphthylamines have improved antioxidant properties.
H2058 Co-catalysts for metallocene complexes in olefin polymerization reactions January 7, 2003
The present invention provides cocatalysts for activating metallocene complexes in olefin polymerization reactions, and metallocene catalyst systems using the cocatalysts. The cocatalysts of the present invention include: (a) a halo-organoaluminum compound of the formula Al.sub.n R.s
D358991 Bottle June 6, 1995
D358091 Food container May 9, 1995
D353327 Hinged lid container with releasable locking means December 13, 1994
D352000 Container with releasable lock November 1, 1994
D349579 Service station canopy August 9, 1994
D347387 Bottle and cap May 31, 1994
D344345 Car wash building February 15, 1994
D344235 Bottle February 15, 1994
D341316 Container November 16, 1993
D340645 Bottle October 26, 1993
D337946 Bottle August 3, 1993
D335728 Vanity basket May 18, 1993
D333196 Vanity basket February 9, 1993
D332333 Plastic bag support rack having a message board thereon January 5, 1993
D332161 Plastic bag support rack December 29, 1992
D317671 Coin tray and the like June 18, 1991
D309191 Service building and the like July 10, 1990
D309190 Service building and the like July 10, 1990
D308250 Service building and the like May 29, 1990
D302112 Pack of guesseted bags July 11, 1989
D302062 Grocery bag holder July 4, 1989
D298714 Bag holder or the like November 29, 1988
D298538 Service station island November 15, 1988
D297415 Plastic bag dispenser box August 30, 1988
D297113 Bag August 9, 1988
D296133 Combined gas station canopy and pumps therefor June 7, 1988
D295372 Oil container April 26, 1988
D291658 Oil container September 1, 1987

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