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RE42957 Process for producing olefin polymers November 22, 2011
A process for producing an olefin polymer is provided, in which ethylene and at least one kind or more of monomers selected from .alpha.-olefins are polymerized by a high temperature solution polymerization in a temperature range between 120 and C., in the presence of an
RE40571 Catalyst for polyester production, process for producing polyester using the catalyst, polyester November 11, 2008
The present invention provides a catalyst for polyester production capable of producing a polyester with high catalytic activity, a process for producing a polyester using the catalyst and a polyester produced thereby. The catalyst comprises a solid titanium compound obtained by dehy
RE38979 Optical information recording medium and composition for optical information recording film February 14, 2006
An optical information recording medium is here disclosed which comprises a transparent substrate, a recording layer comprising an organic dyestuff on which information can be written by a laser beam, a reflective layer and a protective layer formed in this order on the substrate, the
RE36431 Semiconductor laser element and laser device using the same element December 7, 1999
A semiconductor laser of this invention, having a structure of an element composed of: carrier block layers, formed bilaterally externally of an active layer in section which is formed in the vertical direction from the surface of the element, for reducing a light guiding function of the
RE36406 Process for producing cycloolefin random copolymer November 23, 1999
A process for producing a cycloolefin random copolymer, which comprises(1) copolymerizing (a) ethylene or both ethylene and an alpha-olefin having at least 3 carbon atoms with (b) a cycloolefin such as octahydronaphthalenes and bicyclo[2,2,1]hept-2-ene in the presence of (c) a catalyst f
RE36293 Polyalkylene glycol polycarbonate based lubricant oil composition September 7, 1999
The present invention provides lubricant oil compositions comprising a polyalkylene glycol carbonate. The lubricant oil compositions are useful for industrial gear oil, automotive gear oil, and lubricant oil for refrigerators, rolling installations and fibers, which are excellent in
8586695 Polymerization catalyst for polythiourethane optical material, polymerizable composition contain November 19, 2013
By using an amine hydrochloride represented by the formula (1) as a catalyst, a polythiourethane resin which is suitably used for a transparent resin for optical use, can be obtained without using an organotin compound which has been conventionally used as a catalyst for polythiouret
8586694 Polymerization catalyst for polythiourethane-based optical material, polymerizable composition c November 19, 2013
The polymerization catalyst for a polythiourethane-based optical material of the present invention includes a sulfonate represented by the following general formula (1). Furthermore, in the formula, R.sup.1, R.sup.2, R.sup.3 and R.sup.4 each independently represent an alkyl group hav
8586273 Binder resin for toner, toner and method for producing same November 19, 2013
Disclosed is a binder resin for a toner containing at least a carboxyl group-containing vinyl resin (C), a glycidyl group-containing vinyl resin (E), a reaction product of the vinyl resins and a saturated crystalline polyester (S), wherein the saturated crystalline polyester (S) has a
8581016 Process for producing alkylated aromatic compound and process for producing phenol November 12, 2013
The present invention provides an industrially practical process where a ketone and an aromatic compound are directly reacted to obtain a corresponding alkylated aromatic compound in a single reaction step. The process for producing an alkylated aromatic compound is characterized in
8563786 Method for producing optically active alcohol October 22, 2013
Disclosed is a method for producing an optically active alcohol including reacting a titanium compound, an aromatic magnesium compound and a carbonyl compound in the presence of an optically active biphenol compound having a predetermined structure and an ether compound having a pred
8563736 Amide derivatives, process for preparation thereof and use thereof as insecticide October 22, 2013
A compound represented by Formula (1): ##STR00001## The compound can be used as insecticides.
8563138 Adhesive and laminate made with the same October 22, 2013
Provided is a polypropylene-based adhesive having an MFR of 2.7 g/10 min or higher, as measured at 230 .degree. C. under a load of 2.16 kg, comprising a composition which contains 5-95 parts by weight of (A) an isotactic polypropylene, 95-5 parts by weight of (B) a propylene/ethylene
8299313 Olefin production process October 30, 2012
A process is provided which is capable of producing olefins stably and efficiently by a metathesis reaction of identical or different olefins while preventing the lowering in metathesis catalyst activity due to trace impurities such as heteroatom-containing compounds that are contain
8299193 Film or laminate comprising ethylene-based resin or ethylene-based resin composition October 30, 2012
The present invention provides a film including, in at least a part thereof, a layer comprising an ethylene-based resin, which is a copolymer of ethylene and an .alpha.-olefin of 4 to 10 carbon atoms, and satisfies the following requirements (1) to (5) at the same time or an ethylene
8298987 Heat-sensitive recording materials October 30, 2012
A heat-sensitive recording material includes a heat-sensitive recording layer on a support which layer produces a color upon heating, and a protective layer on the heat-sensitive recording layer. The protective layer is obtained from a composition (A) based on an emulsion of a copoly
8293864 Metal thietane compound, polymerizable composition containing the compound, resin and use of the October 23, 2012
Disclosed is a metal thietane compound represented by the following general formula (120), ##STR00001## (wherein, in the above general formula (120), M is a member selected from the group consisting of Bi, Sb, Ti, Zr and Ta; X.sub.1 and X.sub.2 are each independently a sulfur atom
8293856 Process for preparing olefin polymer using mixed catalyst October 23, 2012
[Problem] To efficiently obtain an .alpha.-olefin polymer having a high melting point and a high molecular weight. [Solution to Problem] The process for preparing an olefin polymer of the present invention is a process for preparing an olefin polymer, comprising polymerizing at least
8288495 Propylene homopolymer for capacitors October 16, 2012
[Object] To provide a propylene homopolymer suitable for capacitor films having high withstand voltage and a stretched film formed by stretching the propylene homopolymer. [Solution] A propylene homopolymer of the present invention for capacitors satisfies the following requirements (i)
8288479 Propylene-based polymer, propylene-based polymer composition, pellet and pressure-sensitive adhe October 16, 2012
Propylene-based polymers (A) are provided which, when used as pressure-sensitive adhesives to various adherends, show a desired initial adhesion and will not contaminate the adherends and which have excellent pellet handling properties. Pellets of the invention contain the propylene-
8288463 Polylactic acid based resin, polylactic acid based resin composition, molded body of polylactic October 16, 2012
It is an object of the present invention to provide a resin composition having improved heat resistance (high crystallinity) and transparency without impairing rigidity intrinsic to a polylactic acid based resin, a molded body formed from the resin composition, and a new polylactic acid
8288058 Binder for fuel cell, composition for forming electrode, electrode, and fuel cell using the elec October 16, 2012
This invention provides a binder for a fuel cell which has high adhesion, low methanol solubility, high methanol permeability and high proton conductivity, a composition for electrode formation, an electrode for a fuel cell, and a fuel cell using them. The binder is particularly suit
8283504 Process for producing 2-propanol October 9, 2012
The invention provides processes for producing 2-propanol with higher purity than heretofore possible while suppressing the by-production of impurities. A process of the invention produces 2-propanol by reacting acetone with hydrogen in the presence of a hydrogenation catalyst, where
8282889 Decomposing system for polyisocyanate residues, and start-up method for the same October 9, 2012
An object of the invention is to provide a decomposing system for polyisocyanate residues that is capable of suppressing reaction of polyisocyanate residues with high temperature and high pressure water to allow smooth start-up of the operation, and a start-up method for the decompos
8273932 Process for producing alkylated aromatic compounds and process for producing phenol September 25, 2012
The process for producing alkylated aromatic compounds includes feeding raw materials including an aromatic compound, a ketone and hydrogen in a gas-liquid downward concurrent flow mode to a fixed-bed reactor packed with a catalyst thereby to produce an alkylated aromatic compound, w
8263521 Process for producing bisphenol A September 11, 2012
The present invention provides a process for producing bisphenol A by reacting phenol with actone, wherein reaction is performed at higher temperatures while maintaining high selectivity, and thus high productivity is obtained. The invention relates to a cation-exchange resin, wherei
8258361 Transition metal complex compounds, olefin oligomerization catalysts including the compounds, an September 4, 2012
The invention provides transition metal complex compounds, high-activity olefin oligomerization catalysts containing the compounds, and olefin oligomerization processes using the catalysts. A transition metal complex compound [A] according to the invention is represented by Formula (I) o
8258227 Laminating resin composition and multilayer structure September 4, 2012
Laminating resin compositions of the invention enable excellent productivity in the lamination processes, and are free from deterioration in optical characteristics such as transparency or surface properties inherent to resins such as polypropylenes. Multilayer structures obtained by
8257822 Film for thermal sterilization packaging September 4, 2012
Provided is a film for thermal sterilization packaging which is excellent in a total balance of characteristics such a transparency, an impact resistance, a heat sealing property, a blocking resistance, a heat resistance and the like. The film for thermal sterilization packaging acco
8247153 Process for producing resin microparticles for a toner raw material August 21, 2012
An object of the present invention is to provide a resin microparticle for a toner raw material that has a small particle diameter and a narrow particle diameter distribution and has a low odor. There are provided a resin microparticle for a toner raw material characterized in that all o
8247026 Optical film and method for producing same August 21, 2012
Disclosed is a method for producing an optical film composed of a transparent resin and a metal oxide, which film has high light transmittance and light diffusion property even it is formed thin. Also disclosed is such an optical film. Specifically disclosed is a method for producing
8236900 Modified polyolefin resin and uses thereof August 7, 2012
It is an object of the present invention to provide a modified polyolefin resin adhesive agent which is excellent in adhesiveness to a nonpolar substrate, particularly a poorly adhesive polyolefin substrate to which no surface treatment has been given and to a polar substrate, develops
8236869 Polyether polyol, rigid polyurethane foam and processes for production thereof August 7, 2012
Highly-functionalized, low-viscosity polyether polyols are obtained by dehydration condensation reaction of alcohols. The polyether polyols are obtained by dehydration condensation of glycerin and monohydric and/or dihydric alcohol with the glycerin percentage being more than 50 mol %
8236131 Thermoplastic resin composition, multilayer laminate comprising the same, article obtained by al August 7, 2012
[Problem] To provide a thermoplastic resin composition which is excellent in transparency and adhesion properties and hardly causes staining of an adherend after it is separated, a multilayer laminate using the composition, an article, and a method for protecting a surface of an arti
8227060 Lactic acid polymer composition, molded article comprising the composition and process for produ July 24, 2012
To provide a lactic acid polymer composition excellent in transparency, heat resistance and productivity, a molded article, a sheet and a multilayer sheet each of which comprises the composition, a thermoformed article obtained by secondary-forming the sheet or the multilayer sheet,
8222446 Method for producing dihydroxybenzene derivative July 17, 2012
A method of producing a compound represented by the following general formula (3): ##STR00001## [wherein R is a bivalent aliphatic group having a carbon number of 1-16 or a bivalent aromatic group], which comprises a step (i) of reacting a compound represented by the following gene
8222366 Polythiourethane polymerizable composition and method for producing optical resin by using same July 17, 2012
A resin composition excellent in tintability and resin strength, a resin obtained by curing such a resin composition, and an optical component is provided. A polymerizable composition containing an isocyanate compound suitably used for transparent resin materials, at least one polythiol
8222178 Catalyst and production process thereof, and chlorine production using the catalyst July 17, 2012
A catalyst has high activity and is suitable for use in producing chlorine by oxidizing hydrogen chloride with oxygen. The catalyst includes copper, an alkali metal and a rare earth and has pores of which pores having a diameter of 5 to 15 nm have a pore volume of 0.4 to 2.0 ml/g.
8216766 Polymer, polymer preparation method, resist composition and patterning process July 10, 2012
A polymer having a rate of dissolution in an alkaline developer that increases under the action of acid is provided. The polymer is prepared by reacting a hydrogenated ROMP polymer with an O-alkylating agent in the presence of a base.
8211984 Ring-opening metathesis polymer, hydrogenated product thereof, method for preparing the same, an July 3, 2012
Provided are a ring-opening metathesis polymer and a hydrogenated product thereof that are useful as materials for an optical component, and a method for preparation thereof. The present invention relates to a ring-opening metathesis polymer comprising at least repeating structural u
8211981 Poly(4-methyl-1-pentene) resin composition, film containing same, microporous film, battery sepa July 3, 2012
Disclosed is a poly(4-methyl-1-pentene) resin composition having an excellent balance between micropore formability and toughness, which can sufficiently form fine pores by drawing and does not cause a break during drawing. The poly(4-methyl-1-pentene) resin composition contains 0-90
8211568 Packaging material for flat electrochemical cell July 3, 2012
In a packaging material for electrochemical cell, a thermally adhesive resin layer is configured of a resin having a propylene based elastomer resin in a propylene based resin. This propylene based elastomer resin is a copolymer composed of a constitutional unit derived from propylene an
8198482 Method for producing carboxylic acid chloride June 12, 2012
This invention relates to a method for producing a carboxylic acid chloride, which efficiently decomposes a Vilsmeier reagent type compound in a carboxylic acid chloride lacking a thermal stability or a carboxylic acid chloride hardly distilled in practice due to a high boiling point
8188191 Polyolefin polymer containing vinyl groups at both ends and composition thereof May 29, 2012
The present invention is a polyolefin polymer containing vinyl groups at both ends thereof, and a composition and a molded product containing the polymer, wherein the polymer contains a constitutional unit derived from at least one selected from the group consisting of ethylene (a), an
8188156 Polyol composition, foaming composition and polyurethane foam May 29, 2012
Disclosed is a polyol composition containing an aromatic polyester polyol having a hydroxyl number of 300-500 mgKOH/g and an average number of functional groups of 2.0-2.5, a medium-chain polyether polyol having a hydroxyl number of 100-250 mgKOH/g and an average number of functional
8187712 Plastic polarized lens and method of producing the same May 29, 2012
To provide a plastic polarized lens which is excellent in processability and the like as well as in adhesion property of the polarized film, and a method of producing the same. In the plastic polarized lens of the present invention, layers comprised of thiourethane-based resins obtained
8183407 Process for production of isocyanate, isocyanate produced by the process, and use of the isocyan May 22, 2012
An isocyanate has been widely used as a starting material for the production of a polyurethane material, a polyisocyanurate material or the like which is suitably applicable to the field of optical materials. Disclosed is a process for producing an isocyanate which includes a step fo
8183404 Process for producing dicyanonorbornane and zerovalent nickel complex catalyst May 22, 2012
The present invention is to provide a process for producing dicyanonorbornane characterized by causing hydrogen cyanide to undergo addition reaction with cyanonorbornene (bicyclo[2.2.1]-5-heptene-2-carbonitrile) in the presence of a zerovalent nickel complex catalyst which is produce
8182925 Adhesive and laminate prepared using the adhesive May 22, 2012
It is an object of the invention to provide a carbodiimide modified polyolefin adhesive having excellent adhesive strength in a room temperature atmosphere and excellent adhesive strength in a high temperature atmosphere even in continuously molding with a practical molding machine.
8175424 Electrical and optical hybrid board and manufacturing method of the same May 8, 2012
To provide an electrical and optical hybrid board that has on one surface an optical waveguide and on the other surface an electrical interconnect pattern or the like, in which the core pattern and electrical interconnect pattern or the like are positioned in place with high accuracy
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