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8212165 Switch July 3, 2012
A fixed contact includes a pair of conduction members that are arranged opposedly and in parallel to each other such that tip ends of the conduction members are oriented toward an opening, a support frame (pedestal member) that tiltably supports bases of the conduction members, a lea
8211523 Vacuum thermal insulating material and method of manufacturing the same, and thermal insulating July 3, 2012
In a vacuum thermal insulating material having a core material enclosed in a gas barrier container whose inside is made to be a decompressed state, the core material has a lamination structure in which a plurality of sheet-shaped long fiber organic fibrous assemblies are continuously
8210948 Recording medium reproducing apparatus, recording medium reproducing method, and portable record July 3, 2012
A portable recording medium (100) stores video contents and icon information relating to an icon picture associated with the video contents and indicative of an operation mode corresponding to user operation of the recording medium reproducing apparatus (1). The recording medium repr
8209264 Entering and leaving management system June 26, 2012
An entering and leaving management system is provided. The management system includes a management terminal including: an authentication history information acquisition section configured to acquire authentication history information; a registered person image acquisition section con
8209089 Vehicular steering apparatus June 26, 2012
A vehicular steering apparatus can accurately detect occurrence of a disturbance even where steering torque is limited, and can achieve a low cost and simple construction. The apparatus includes a road surface reaction torque detector that detects an actual road surface reaction torq
8208812 Optical relay device and optical relay transmission system June 26, 2012
A control-target-value setting unit sets a control target value corresponding to the number of multiplexed wavelengths measured by a number-of-multiplexed-wavelengths measuring unit. A controller controls the variable optical attenuator based on the control target value. An optical a
8208515 On-vehicle communication device June 26, 2012
An on-vehicle communication device according to the present invention includes initial signal estimating unit 243b for estimating initial data based on a part of the transmission command signal from the mobile device. Thus, it also includes PN signal generating unit 243c for generati
8208256 Display device June 26, 2012
An air duct plate is provided on the back of a substrate on the surface of which a light emitting element group for display as well as an integrated circuit are disposed. A fan acts to send air into a space surrounded by a case body extending over and around the air duct plate and th
8208107 Transflective type liquid crystal display device June 26, 2012
A transflective type liquid crystal display device that includes a first substrate including a thin film transistor formed thereover, a second substrate arranged oppositely to the first substrate, a sealing material, formed in a shape of a frame surrounding a display area, to bond the
8208103 Liquid crystal display device June 26, 2012
There is provided a liquid crystal display device having a pixel electrode including a transmissive pixel electrode and a reflective pixel electrode. The liquid crystal display device includes a TFT array substrate, an opposing substrate, a sealing material that bonds the both substr
8207804 Operating device that performs opening and closing operations of a switch June 26, 2012
An operating device performs opening and closing operations of a switch. The operating device includes a lever member that is coupled to a movable contact of the switch and biased by an energy storage spring; a tripping latch that can be engaged with the lever; a tripping trigger that ca
8207790 High frequency power amplifier June 26, 2012
A high frequency power amplifier includes first and second transistors connected in parallel and amplifying a high frequency signal; a first switch connected to outputs of the first and second transistors and which connects an input terminal selectively to first and second output ter
8207646 Induction motor rotor core having shaped slots June 26, 2012
To provide an indication motor rotor capable of improving motor performance by concentrating portions under magnetic saturation conditions of rotor teeth. The rotor 1 of an induction motor of this invention may include slots 3 formed approximately in the shape of a T. The slots 3 may
8205321 Method of assembling a magneto generator June 26, 2012
A method for assembling a magneto generator, the method including forming a plurality of permanent magnets, wherein at least one of the plurality of the permanent magnets is formed by dividing, in a radial direction, a magnet main body into a plurality of magnet pieces, mounting the form
8205320 Method of manufacturing a rotating electric machine June 26, 2012
There is provided a rotating electric machine capable of reducing torque pulsation, even when a slight stepped portion is present in an inner diameter shape of a stator core formed by allowing split cores divided in every magnetic pole to be in an annular shape. The stator core is formed
8204970 Remote update system for elevator control program June 19, 2012
Obtained is a remote update system for an elevator control program, which is capable of sequentially realizing update of control programs of a plurality of elevators with reduced communication time and costs without stopping the plurality of elevators at the same time. A server 10 de
8204658 Automatic transmission control apparatus June 19, 2012
An automatic transmission control apparatus secures the safe operation of a motor drive through the use of a voltage determination unit that determines which one of a voltage detected by a control apparatus voltage detection unit and a voltage detected by a motor voltage detection unit
8204608 Monitoring and control apparatus June 19, 2012
A plant monitoring and control apparatus having a function to simulate an object to be monitored and controlled for verifying healthiness of a control processing unit is provided with an input separating operation unit and an output separating operation unit which separate DI data and
8201949 Projection-type image display apparatus June 19, 2012
A projection-type image display apparatus that projects an image onto a screen and includes a laser light source, an optical engine, a projection lens, and a control unit. The laser light source includes a plurality of light source units that respectively emit laser beams of different
8201344 Hand drying apparatus June 19, 2012
A hand drying apparatus includes a high-pressure airflow generator that takes air through an air inlet and generates a high-pressure airflow, a main body casing, a first air path that is protruded from the main body casing, and a nozzle that is located in a position ahead of the main bod
8201047 Decoding apparatus and communications apparatus June 12, 2012
A decoding apparatus includes a row processing unit 5 and a column processing unit 6 for performing a calculation and an update of probability information with row processing and column processing according to a Min-Sum algorithm on a received signal which is low-density parity-check
8200478 Voice recognition device which recognizes contents of speech June 12, 2012
A voice recognition device is provided with a sentence selecting unit for selecting sentences each having a predetermined number or less of acoustic units as sentences to be recognized from candidates for the sentences to be recognized. According to an exemplary embodiment, the sente
8200424 Navigation device June 12, 2012
A navigation device calculates the distance difference between the position of a vehicle which is map-matched onto a road link, and the position acquired by perpendicular-mapping the actual position of the vehicle at a branch point onto the above-mentioned road link from the lane wid
8198904 Synchrophasor measuring device and inter-bus-line phase angle difference measurement unit using June 12, 2012
Voltage instantaneous value time-series estimation data and a present-time voltage estimation value are calculated by using an actually-measured frequency and voltage instantaneous value time-series data according to a least square method. A present-time voltage effective value is de
8198763 Controller-integrated electric rotating machine with a shifted control circuit June 12, 2012
In a controller-integrated electric rotating machine provided with a power circuit unit and a control circuit unit, a cooling property is improved so that the control circuit unit does not impair a flow of air for cooling the power circuit unit. A power circuit unit (30) having switc
8196711 Elevator system June 12, 2012
An elevator system is obtained which is capable of assigning a suitable car by taking into consideration a change of a maximum speed or an acceleration according to the result of prediction of a change of a car load or a moving distance with respect to a hall call. In the elevator sy
8196014 Check matrix generating device, check matrix generating method, encoder, transmitter, decoder, a June 5, 2012
When arranging J cyclic permutation matrices I(p.sub.j,l) with p rows and q columns (0.ltoreq.j.ltoreq.J-1, 0.ltoreq.l.ltoreq.L-1) in a row direction and also arranging L cyclic permutation matrices I(p.sub.j,l) in a column direction so as to generate a regular quasi-cyclic matrix ha
8195461 Voice recognition system June 5, 2012
A voice recognition system used for onboard equipment having a genre database (DB) that stores search target vocabularies in accordance with respective genres. It has a mike 1 for outputting speech sounds as spoken data; a first voice recognition dictionary 2a for recognizing words of
8194817 Shift register circuit June 5, 2012
A shift register circuit comprises a first transistor connected between a clock terminal and an output terminal, a second transistor for charging a control electrode of the first transistor in response to activation of an output signal of the preceding stage, a third transistor for disch
8194192 Projection display June 5, 2012
A projection display uses a light modulating device to modulate, in accordance with image data, light radiated from a light source, project the modulated light onto a screen, and display an image. The projection display separates a unit of time configuring the image data into an effe
8193667 Automotive alternator June 5, 2012
An automotive alternator is provided that reduces exclusive circumferential space for a regulator assembly inside a rear bracket, and that also increases performance in cooling the regulator assembly and a rectifier by ensuring that flows of air that cool the regulator assembly and t
8193633 Heat conductive sheet and method for producing same, and powder module June 5, 2012
Provided is a heat conductive sheet obtained by dispersing an inorganic filler in a thermosetting resin, in which the inorganic filler contains secondary aggregation particles formed by isotropically aggregating scaly boron nitride primary particles having an average length of 15 .mu.m o
8193566 Semiconductor device June 5, 2012
A semiconductor device includes: a compound semiconductor substrate; a buffer layer, a channel layer, and a Schottky junction forming layer sequentially disposed on the compound semiconductor substrate, the buffer layer, the channel layer, and the Schottky junction forming layer each
8193520 Particle beam therapy system June 5, 2012
There is provided a particle beam therapy system that can rapidly change beam energy without increasing the size of a deflection electromagnet even in the case where the number of required beam-energy changes is large. There is provided a plurality of beam energy changing units each
8191800 Fuel injection valve June 5, 2012
A fuel injection valve has a first and a second injection ports whose central axes are parallel to each other, the central axis of the second injection port is out of alignment with respect to the central axis of the first injection port so that, when the largest length M1 of a longe
8191417 Flow rate measuring apparatus including a recess for changing air flow direction June 5, 2012
An inflow port and an outflow port of a bypass passage have openings on a front surface near a projecting end and on a bottom surface, respectively, of a bypass passage forming member. A recess portion is disposed on the front surface of the bypass passage forming member on a circuit
8190387 Frequency measurement apparatus May 29, 2012
The invention relates to a frequency measurement apparatus which is arranged in such a way as to obtain an amplitude, chord length and rotation phase angle of a voltage rotation vector by means of an integration method, and furthermore, obtain a change rate of the rotation phase angl
8190358 Navigation apparatus which selects an entrance and/or exit of a carpool lane based on a distance May 29, 2012
A navigation apparatus includes a route searching unit 130 for, when including a road where a car pool lane is also provided in a recommended route at a time of searching for a route from a current position determined by a current position determining means to a destination inputted
8189989 Playback device for optical recording medium, optical recording medium playback method, and play May 29, 2012
To play back an optical disk requiring network connection, a playback device is provided, which has a function by which the network condition is evaluated before playing back a title. The playback device plays back the optical disk including programs connecting through the network to
8189687 Data embedding apparatus, data extracting apparatus, data embedding method, and data extracting May 29, 2012
A data embedding apparatus including: a selecting unit for selecting, based upon the second data, a prediction system of calculating a prediction value with respect to data to be processed within the first data; a predicting unit for calculating the prediction value of the data to be
8189624 Communication system, management apparatus, communication apparatus and computer program May 29, 2012
In a ring type network, a master node sends a measurement packet to a slave node; receives the measurement packet which has been circulated among a plurality of slave nodes; according to time-keeping of an internal clock; stores a sending time and a received time of the measurement p
8189323 Gas-insulated switchgear apparatus May 29, 2012
A gas-insulated switchgear apparatus includes a center conductor 2, a current transformer 4 surrounding the center conductor 2, an electric field shield 5, and a metallic vessel 1. The electric field shield 5 is located between the center conductor 2 and the current transformer 4 and
8188701 Power regenerative converter May 29, 2012
There are provided a smoothing capacitor (71) for storing an induced electromotive force generated by a three-phase induction motor (5), a regenerative transistor (81 to 86) for switching a terminal voltage of the smoothing capacitor to carry out a power regenerating operation over a
8188626 Controller-integrated electric rotating machine May 29, 2012
There is obtained a controller-integrated electric rotating machine that is superior in terms of a cooling effect. In a controller-integrated electric rotating machine provided with a stator 3 configured with an iron core 3B and a stator winding 3A, a rotor 4 having a cooling fan 5,
8188401 Wire electric discharge machining apparatus May 29, 2012
A wire electric discharge machining apparatus includes guide rollers and a single electrode wire that is wrapped around each of the guide rollers to form cut wire portions that are spaced from one another between pairs of the guide rollers. A processing power supply feeds electric power
8186498 Handrail for passenger conveyor May 29, 2012
There is provided a handrail for passenger conveyor in which it is possible to give a prescribed strength to a junction of a canvas and it is possible to prevent vibrations and noises which might be generated when a driving roller passes by the junction of the canvas. For this purpos
8186484 Elevator system which controls a value of overspeed May 29, 2012
An elevator system in which a controller monitors whether or not a speed of an ascending/descending body reaches a preset overspeed. At a time of maintenance work, a stopper is interposed between a buffer and the ascending/descending body to limit a lowered position of the ascending/
8185225 Program creation apparatus, numerical control apparatus, program creation method May 22, 2012
An NC programming assisting apparatus that creates an NC machining program reflecting dimensional tolerance data on shape data of a machining subject includes a machining target dimension calculation unit that calculates machining target dimensions of the machining subject based on t
8185118 Method for transferring the context of a mobile terminal in a wireless telecommunication network May 22, 2012
The present invention concerns a method for obtaining a context of a mobile terminal (30) which is expecting to be served by a first base station (10b) of a wireless telecommunication network comprising a plurality of base stations (10) linked together by a telecommunication network.
8184985 Control circuit for optical transmitter/receiver May 22, 2012
A control circuit for an optical transmitter/receiver that transmits/receives an optical signal, comprises: a memory having a digital value storage area and an area that stores limit values; a register; an analog/digital conversion circuit that receives analog signals indicating oper

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