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Mitel Corporation Patents
Mitel Corporation
Ontario, CA
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D448746 Telephone attendant console October 2, 2001
D437312 Plastic door February 6, 2001
D423497 Telephone set April 25, 2000
D421264 Telephone set February 29, 2000
D406839 Modular telephone set March 16, 1999
D406838 Modular telephone set March 16, 1999
D406837 Modular telephone set March 16, 1999
D406836 Modular telephone set March 16, 1999
D401234 Modular telephone set November 17, 1998
D394259 Telephone base May 12, 1998
D393645 Telephone handset April 21, 1998
D381319 Modular, stacking, electronic enclosure system July 22, 1997
D375948 Facsimile controller November 26, 1996
D373758 Combined connection cabinet and printed circuit board housings September 17, 1996
D360628 Equipment cabinet front panel July 25, 1995
D354042 Housing for a plug-in printed circuit board January 3, 1995
D345159 Telephone set March 15, 1994
D300925 Telephone set with display May 2, 1989
D293790 Combined voice and data terminal or similar article January 19, 1988
D293439 Telephone set December 29, 1987
D289160 Telephone April 7, 1987
D286876 Telephone November 25, 1986
D283023 Telephone branch exchange cabinet March 18, 1986
D280821 Video display terminal October 1, 1985
D275954 Voice and data telephone set October 16, 1984
D275753 Combined telephone inter communication and automatic telephone dialing device October 2, 1984
D275752 Telephone control unit October 2, 1984
D275751 Telephone October 2, 1984
D272439 PABX Console January 31, 1984
D268265 Telephone line and trunk status display March 15, 1983
D266762 Telephone line and trunk status display November 2, 1982
D256919 Telephone control console September 16, 1980
D256918 Front panel for a telephone control console September 16, 1980
7251336 Acoustic talker localization July 31, 2007
An apparatus for locating a talker, comprising a microphone array for receiving multiple audio signals, wherein the microphone array is characterized by a predetermined beampattern, a spectral conditioner for filtering the audio signals to optimize the beampattern for talker localiza
7155528 Simple supplementary service protocol for H.323 systems December 26, 2006
A simple supplementary service protocol (SSSP) is provided for implementing functionally based supplementary services using the H.323 standard. According to the preferred embodiment, a generic and expandable protocol is provided for passing supplementary services information between
7062548 Multimedia communications resource management control system and method June 13, 2006
A system for management and control of multimedia communications resources comprising a communications pathway, an originating multimedia computing device coupled to the communications pathway with desired quality of service requirements, one or more destination multimedia computing
7024175 System for masking microphonic voice signals in wired telecommunications equipment April 4, 2006
A system to thwart eavesdropping on microphonic audio signals generated by a powered telecommunications device connected to a communications line, comprising a noise generator for applying low level noise to the line, thereby masking microphonic audio signals, and a disconnect circuit fo
7010098 Ultrasonic proximity detector for a telephone device March 7, 2006
An ultrasonic proximity detector for a telephone device to detect the proximity of an object thereto includes an ultrasound signal generator generating ultrasound that is broadcast by a speaker of the telephone device. Processing circuitry is coupled to a microphone of the telephone
6958992 Registering an IP phone with an IP phone switch October 25, 2005
A method and apparatus for registering IP phones with an IP phone switch using access codes or personal identification numbers for authentication and for associating directory numbers to MAC addresses of IP phones.
6834106 Call control system and method December 21, 2004
A call manager receives an incoming call and from this may generate a subsidiary call signal, which it directs to a first call reception component. For example, the call manager may direct the call to a messaging system. If the call manager receives an intercept signal from the calle
6816589 Dynamic communications groups November 9, 2004
In a communication system, the improvement comprising a plurality of user data files for respective users each user data file including at least one role identifier; a plurality of communication groups having respective group name identifiers for associating predetermined roles with the
6795969 Transfer of basic knowledge to agents September 21, 2004
A method of establishing a process agent comprising storing a library of first software programs representing system resources, storing a second software program representing a corresponding service agent which includes pointers to associated ones of the first software programs which are
6775294 Time slot assigner for communication system August 10, 2004
The present invention relates to a method of assigning data from time slots on an input bus to time slots on an output bus comprised of determining the order of time slots of data in a frame, determining whether each time slot of data in an input frame is to be located in the same or lat
6748065 Distributed automatic route selection using RIP caching June 8, 2004
A RIP-based caching mechanism for bids in a distributed automatic route selection system for a network of PBXs. The PBXs are interconnected for propagating bid requests and replies therebetween. A cache table is maintained in each one of the PBXs for storing cached bid values for unu
6741558 Method and apparatus for event detection in a switching system May 25, 2004
An event detector for detecting a plurality of different possible asynchronous events from any of a plurality of source addresses and nodes, debouncing the events and, once a valid event has been identified and confirmed, formatting and transmitting a message via a message transport
6711247 Multi-line telephone system emergency call processing March 23, 2004
A system for handling a call requiring non-standard processing to a call answer point and for providing location information concerning the call to the call answer point, comprising a call routing apparatus for identifying the call as requiring non-standard processing and in response pro
6690793 Click free mute switch circuit for telephones February 10, 2004
A circuit for eliminating switching noise from a mute switch connected between a microphone capable of receiving and transmitting audio signals to a communication system, comprising, a switch state detector connected to the mute switch for generating an on signal in the event that the mu
6687682 System for discounting in a bidding process based on quality of service February 3, 2004
A multi-agent system for selecting a service based on competing bids, comprising a Bid Manager agent for issuing a call for bids, receiving the bids and selecting a best bid from among the received bids taking into consideration Quality of Service, and a plurality of Bidder agents for
6675194 Handling different communications types by using agents to implement communication goal commands January 6, 2004
A communication system includes a plurality of desktop controller agents receiving goal commands and invoking a process to achieve the goals. A plurality of resource agents each in communication with an associate device receives and stores goals from a desktop controller agent and op
6650744 Method and apparatus for broadcasting audio in a communication system November 18, 2003
A Group Page process is implemented by which a variable audio source may be dynamically allocated circuit switch channels for broadcasting to a group of devices. The process is implemented via message exchanges between a Group Page Manager which accesses a data structure relating to the
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