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Osaka-Shi, Osaka, JP
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RE40170 Multi-tone image processing method and apparatus March 25, 2008
A multi-tone image processing method and apparatus in which mutually dissimilar tone levels are realized by changing the additive condition of recording energy by means of different recording positions, even when the number of recording operations within a specific range is identical. Fo
RE38361 Camera capable of correcting blurring December 23, 2003
A camera capable of blurring correction includes an acceleration sensor detecting camera-shake amount, and a blurring correcting device correcting blurring of image on the basis of the sensor output. When a lens of the camera is driven for automatic focusing, the blurring is not correcte
RE36184 Camera having an automatic film loading mechanism April 6, 1999
A camera according to the present invention is a camera which feeds a film from a film feed opening of a patrone chamber and it includes a film feeder for feeding the film drawn from the film feed opening to a spool chamber through a film exposure portion, a detector for detecting whethe
D484902 Digital camera January 6, 2004
D475071 Digital camera May 27, 2003
D451949 Toner bottle December 11, 2001
D451123 Portion of a copying machine with facsimile functions November 27, 2001
D444489 Camera July 3, 2001
D444170 Printer June 26, 2001
D439605 Handle and front panel portion of a paper feed cassette March 27, 2001
D437869 Front portion of camera February 20, 2001
D437606 Camera February 13, 2001
D436611 Front portion of camera January 23, 2001
D433050 Photo sensor for an illuminometer October 31, 2000
D432555 Illuminometer October 24, 2000
D430185 Camera August 29, 2000
D428038 Front portion of camera July 11, 2000
D428036 Camera July 11, 2000
D426253 Rear portion of a digital camera June 6, 2000
D425099 Grip portion of a digital camera May 16, 2000
D423561 Toner cartridge April 25, 2000
D423032 Camera lens April 18, 2000
D421619 Combined camera and lens March 14, 2000
D418860 Cartridge January 11, 2000
D417866 Facsimile machine December 21, 1999
D416275 Camera November 9, 1999
D404050 Camera January 12, 1999
D403014 Toner bottle December 22, 1998
D398320 Camera September 15, 1998
D397129 Camera August 18, 1998
D395327 Camera June 16, 1998
D376814 Printer December 24, 1996
D366277 Imaging cartridge January 16, 1996
D364184 Toner bottle November 14, 1995
8589676 Communication system and method in public key infrastructure November 19, 2013
In a communication system wherein a device and a client communicate data with each other through a network, the device holds a root certificate including a public key in a pair of the public key and a private key and signed with the public key. When data is sent, a certificate creator
8237936 Data processing apparatus, data processing method and image forming apparatus August 7, 2012
A data processing apparatus includes an input portion, an output portion, a plurality of compressing/expanding devices which compress data-to-be-outputted inputted from the input portion and expand compressed data-to-be-outputted, a file memory which stores the data-to-be-outputted c
8166546 Controlling computer program, controlling apparatus, and controlling method for detecting infect April 24, 2012
A computer program for a controlling apparatus intended to control an image forming apparatus, executes a procedure of confirming each program running on the controlling apparatus. The computer program executes procedure of judging a program, which is not included in a preset list of
8150921 Apparatus, portable terminal unit, and system for controlling E-mail, and its method, computer-r April 3, 2012
The E-mail server of the invention receives E-mail addressed to a portable terminal unit, and transmits receipt notice E-mail prepared by removing the attachment file portion of the received E-mail to the portable terminal unit. On the other hand, the E-mail server acquires the locat
8149467 E-mail transmission apparatus, e-mail transmission method and e-mail transmission program April 3, 2012
A technology for use in an e-mail transmission apparatus capable of preventing or discovering `impersonation` in e-mail transmission efficiently, in which an e-mail is sent not only to a receiving address, but also to a sending address set by a sender.
8149446 Printer capable of refusing receipt of printed materials sent from an unintended source April 3, 2012
A printer (100) for printing based on a print job signal sent from a data processing device (200) registers print job signal sending sources and a message corresponding to each sending source in memory (111, 112). A controller (113) detects whether the sending source of a received print
8051678 Press molding method for manufacturing of glass substrate November 8, 2011
The present invention relates to a glass substrate of which the outer periphery portion is unprocessed. The present invention also relates to a manufacturing method for a glass substrate of which the outer periphery portion is unprocessed, characterized in that a first lapping process, a
8049905 Computer readable recording medium bearing a printer driver program and print data processing ap November 1, 2011
A computer readable recording medium bearing a printer driver program for controlling a print device, which is installed in a print job data processing apparatus constituting a printing system together with the printing device, the printer driver program comprising computer executabl
8045797 Image processing method, recording medium with recorded image processing program and image proce October 25, 2011
An image processing method for carrying out predetermined correction processing with respect to one or more items regarding the quality of color images and the image processing method comprises a judgment step for judging the necessity/nonnecessity of correction with respect to each
8015257 Image storage program and image processing apparatus September 6, 2011
Multiple user boxes are created beforehand in the hard disk drive of the MFP. The user specifies his own user box and saves image data therein. If the user extracts the image data from his user box and moves it to a folder on his own personal computer, the MFP 1 detects this action. When
8004708 Image processing device, image forming device, image processing method, image forming method, pr August 23, 2011
In case of transmitting a document file such as a PDF file to a printer without converting it into print data, a PC extracts from the document file to be printed information to be accessed when starting an analysis of the document file and transmits the information to the printer. The PC
8001191 Data communication apparatus capable of rewriting firmware August 16, 2011
When electronic mail with firmware attached is received at a data communication apparatus, determination is made whether it corresponds to firmware data of a write process allowable state. In the case of write process allowable data, the message is downloaded from a mail server to a
7999968 Apparatus, method and computer program product for processing document images of various sizes a August 16, 2011
The image forming apparatus receives image data based on multiple document images of various sizes and/or orientations. The apparatus identifies areas that are not yet assigned with document images on a single sheet of paper and identifies whether any document image can be laid out i
7999955 Printing system, print server and computer program that differentiate between on-line and off-li August 16, 2011
A printing system capable of reducing workload of an operator by automatically separating finishing specifics of a printed product into tasks to be performed by an on-line printer and tasks to be performed by an off-line finishing device. The printing system comprises an on-line clie
7982897 Printer capable of refusing receipt of printed materials sent from an unintended source July 19, 2011
A printer (100) for printing based on a print job signal sent from a data processing device (200) registers print job signal sending sources and a message corresponding to each sending source in memory (111, 112). A controller (113) detects whether the sending source of a received print
7979855 Image processing apparatus, management system, and computer program product July 12, 2011
An image processing apparatus, a management system and a computer program product are disclosed that enable firmware that controls operations of the image processing apparatus to be updated appropriately, even when, for example, an initial setting in the image processing apparatus has

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