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Mikkelsen Graphic Engineering, Inc. Patents
Mikkelsen Graphic Engineering, Inc.
Lake Geneva, WI
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D596425 Workstation July 21, 2009
D584544 Workstation January 13, 2009
7615128 Method and apparatus for fray-free textile cutting November 10, 2009
A method and apparatus for fray-free cutting at the perimeter of an area of a textile sheet on a textile-receiving surface, including applying an anti-fray substance onto the sheet along a path at the perimeter by an anti-fray substance applicator movable along the surface as directed by
7416008 Automatic waste-area removal apparatus August 26, 2008
An apparatus and laminate allow removal of at least one sub-area of a face layer sheet from a laminate composed of a backing layer with the face layer sheet adhering thereto to leave at least one product area of the face layer sheet in place on the backing layer. The apparatus may co
6797103 Automatic waste-area removal method and apparatus September 28, 2004
Method and apparatus for removing at least one waste area of a face layer, which includes graphic or product area(s) and waste area(s), from a laminate composed of a face layer removably adhering to a backing layer, to leave at least one product area of the face layer in place on the
6672187 Method and apparatus for rapid precision cutting of graphics areas from sheets January 6, 2004
An improved method and apparatus for cutting graphics areas from a sheet of material bearing a combination of graphics areas and a plurality of registration marks in predetermined positions with respect thereto, the combination being in a predetermined approximate position and orientatio

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