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Metacon Aktiengesellschaft Patents
Metacon Aktiengesellschaft
Zurich, CH
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4770230 Process and apparatus for starting a continuous casting plant September 13, 1988
A process and apparatus for starting a continuous casting plant, which involves the filling of the empty area over the dummy bar of an ingot mold to the desired filling level, is simplified while achieving improved operating safety. To this end, a controllable spout closure, which is
4763881 Arrangement for mounting a refractory plate in a frame August 16, 1988
A refractory plate-frame assembly for use in a sliding closure unit includes a frame having therein a recess and a refractory plate positioned within the recess. A flexible band is mounted within the recess about the periphery of the refractory plate. A tightening device is mounted in th
4730660 Process for casting molten metal into several strands March 15, 1988
The casting of several strands with a common puller unit is effected by a process which allows a high degree of operational reliability in its initial start-up phase. To accomplish this, slide gates or valves are throttled at a predetermined level provided in the lower area of a meas
4576317 Apparatus for preventing air from contacting molten metal during discharge through a sliding clo March 18, 1986
A sliding closure unit includes at least two refractory plates having therethrough discharge openings, the plates abutting on respective planar sliding surfaces. A generally U-shaped recess is formed in each sliding surface, each recess including a pair of free arms extending toward the

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