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Messier-Hispano-Bugatti Patents
Montrouge, FR
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5018795 Vehicle wheel made of composite material May 28, 1991
The wheel of the invention comprises a rim and side walls made of composite material and removable beading on at least one side and preferably likewise made of composite material. The beading is mounted on the rim via a metal mounting belt which is fixed to the rim.
5002143 Landing gear steering apparatus March 26, 1991
The steering apparatus of the invention comprises a body (4) containing a crank (8) with actuators (12) associated with the crank and free to pivot about respective pivot axes (14). The actuators co-operate with distribution members including feed circuits and return circuits carried
4984755 Aircraft landing gear having wheels that swivel while the landing gear is being retracted January 15, 1991
The landing gear of the invention comprises a strut in which a sliding rod slides, the strut and the sliding rod are connected to each other by a scissors linkage having a top branch and a bottom branch which are connected to each other by articulated means capable of moving between a
4976499 Braking system for use when towing an aircraft on the ground December 11, 1990
The system in accordance with the invention provides braking while an aircraft (1) is being towed on the ground by a tractor vehicle (2) which is mechanically connected to the aircraft and which is fitted with a brake device under the control of a brake pedal (27), with the aircraft bein
4954737 Pulse generator for a rotary speed sensor September 4, 1990
A pulse generator in which a magnetic circuit is closed by a portion of a wall (5) of a cylindrical part rotating about its axis and coupled at one of its ends to a drive member (7). The wall portion and a fixed part (1) together define an air gap which varies depending on the relative a
4948069 Device for steering the nose wheel train of an aircraft landing gear August 14, 1990
A device for steering the wheels fitted to the bottom end of the leg (1) of the nose landing gear of an aircraft, the wheels being steered about the axis of the leg, the leg (1) comprising a strut (2) hinged to the structure of the aircraft, a tube (4) mounted to rotate inside the strut
4907761 Mechanism for controlling a catapult bar March 13, 1990
A control mechanism according to the invention comprises a crank (13) constrained to rotate with the catapult bar (10), a catapult bar linkage comprising a link (14) and a lever (16) which are hinged to each other, and having a first end hinged to the crank (13) at a point distant from
4890700 Carbon disk brake rotor fitted with reinforcing riders January 2, 1990
A carbon disk brake rotor (1) has n trapezium-shaped drive notches (3) around its periphery and a plurality of reinforcing riders (2), with the drive faces (6) of each notch (3) being at an angle A of (360/2n) degrees relative to the midplane (3a) of the notch, and with the riders (2)
4886248 Rapid extension shock absorber, in particular for carrier-based aircraft December 12, 1989
A shock absorber comprising a strut (1), a sliding rod (3) mounted to slide inside the strut, at least one gas chamber (13, 17) under pressure, an oil chamber (6) associated with the gas chamber, and an expansion chamber (5) connected to the oil chamber via expansion throttling valve (8)
4834465 Hydraulic braking circuit for an aircraft May 30, 1989
A hydraulic circuit for aircraft braking, the circuit including wheel brakes (11) fed with hydraulic fluid by servovalves (8, 22) mounted in a normal circuit and in an emergency circuit. The normal circuit and the emergency circuit are selectively connected to the wheel brakes by swi
4749152 Aircraft undercarriage of tilting-beam type and of reduced bulk June 7, 1988
The present invention is concerned with tilting-beam undercarriages.The undercarriage is characterized in that the shock absorber means (7) comprise a hollow cylinder (11) entered by a plunger stem (14) at its first end (12) and by a piston (18) at its second end, while the hollow cylind
4703837 Thermally protected disk brake for a vehicle wheel, in particular for aircraft November 3, 1987
Thermal insulators (40,50) are each made of a material based on carbon fibers and subjected to low temperature heat treatment. One insulator (40) is disposed between a thrust means actuator (18) and a first brake stator (28a), and the other insulator (50) is disposed between a last brake
4681284 Landing gear having tandem wheels and independent shock absorbers July 21, 1987
Each rocking arm (9, 10) hinged to a shock absorber (7, 8) has a lateral extension (13, 14) extending at an acute angle a to one side of the shock absorber (7, 8). This extension (13, 14) is connected by a telescopic strut (15, 16) to the opposite end (7A, 8A) of the same shock absorber
4630788 Aircraft landing gear, in particular for helicopters December 23, 1986
The landing gear comprises: a rod including nested first and second tubes between which there slides a cylinder whose outer end supports a running gear; a strut surrounding the top of the rod and including a steering mechanism cooperating with a rotary tube disposed between the rod and t
4610411 Steerable aircraft landing gear having automatic safety declutching and enclutching September 9, 1986
On a shaft (2) which carries a wheel there are mounted: firstly a toothed sector (3) which meshes with a rack (4) on a piston rod (5) which is a part of a double-acting hydraulic actuator (8); and secondly a cam (12) which acts on two rocking levers (13, 14) to apply a bolt (13B, 14B)
4586682 Landing gear for an aircraft structure May 6, 1986
The low portion (9) of a landing gear strut (3) carrying running means such as a wheel (8) is capable of swivelling together with the running means relative to the strut. A system of cranks (17) receives the necessary force for swivelling the wheel during retraction and extension of the
4556179 Aircraft landing gear December 3, 1985
The present invention relates to landing gear. The landing gear has a strut (2) having one end pivotally mounted about a first axis (4) suitable for connection to the structure (1) of an aircraft. A lower portion (6) for supporting running gear (10) is pivotally mounted relative to said
4530425 Shock absorber July 23, 1985
A shock absorber including a cylinder (501), a rod (502) slidably mounted in the cylinder, and a piston (506) fixed to the rod and slidable inside the cylinder. The piston divides the cylinder into two oil-filled chambers (508, 514) and there is a third chamber (518) in the rod and inclu
4506869 Dual chamber shock absorbers for aircrafts and the like March 26, 1985
The shock absorber is characterized by the fact that it comprises a rod (1) sliding in a cylinder (2) through a piston (3) to determine at least two variable-volume chambers (4,6), ports (40,41) for placing the two chambers in communication, one of the two chambers (4) comprising first e
4445672 Shock absorber-actuator May 1, 1984
The present invention relates to shock absorber-actuators.The shock absorber-actuator is characterized essentially by the fact that it comprises at least one cylinder (101), a hollow rod (102) sliding in the cylinder (101), a gas chamber (153) delimited by a separating piston (141), and
4433820 Aircraft undercarriage February 28, 1984
The undercarriage comprises: a leg (1) pivotally mounted about a first pivot axis (14) which is fixed relative to a rigid structure of the aircraft; a main side-brace (30) comprising at least two articulated levers (31 and 32) having first ends pivotally connected to each other about
4422604 Fuselage landing gear with tandem wheels December 27, 1983
The landing gear for aircraft comprises at least two rocker beams respectively carrying wheels, the rocker beams being connected rigidly and respectively to two points of the rigid structure of the aircraft, each rocker beam being connected to two other rigid points of the aircraft s
4422603 Landing gear for aircraft December 27, 1983
The present invention relates to landing gears retractable between two positions.The landing gear includes essentially a lever (14 ) mounted rotatably around an axis (5), a rocker beam (7) mounted rotatably on the same axis (5), a strut (21) including two links (22,23) pivoting in relati
4422602 Tripod type landing gear December 27, 1983
This invention relates to landing gears. The described landing gear is characterized essentially by the fact that it comprises a leg (3) at one end of which is fixed a wheel (14 ) for rolling around a pivoting pin (11), a shock absorber (15) of which one end (22) is connected to leg (3),
4405119 Oleopneumatic suspension with variable throttle orifices, especially for aircraft landing gear September 20, 1983
An oleopneumatic suspension with variable throttle orifices, particularly for aircraft landing gear comprising a rod (1) enclosing a pneumatic spring (2) and being fixed with respect to a piston (4) sliding in a cylinder (3), two valves (6) and (7) with permanent throttle orifices, the
4402477 Tandem type landing gear September 6, 1983
The present invention relates to landing gears. The landing gear includes essentially two legs (1, 2) comprising respecitvely two arms (10, 28) and two rocker beams (3, 24), a bar (21) forming with the two arms (10, 28) a deformable parallelogram, a strut (37) consisting of two levers (2
4396170 Landing gear for aircraft August 2, 1983
The invention concerns a landing gear. The landing gear is characterized essentially by the fact that it comprises at least one shock absorber (15), this shock absorber being mounted in the leg (1) and casing (2) assembly by means of two convex surfaces (22, 31) made on the cylinder
4388763 Device for the detection of the displacement of at least one point relative to a referential, an June 21, 1983
Devices for detecting the displacement of an element relative to a referential. A first end of a recopying bar is connected with the element and the other end is capable of cooperating with a mechanism for determining the displacement of this second end relative to the referential. T
4380323 Main undercarriage train for an aircraft April 19, 1983
A main undercarriage train for an aircraft which is retractable substantially laterally, the train comprising two undercarriages which comprise identical legs each having a plane of symmetry which passes through its pivot mounting axis which is inclined relative to the plane of symme
4375766 Device for testing rims of wheels March 8, 1983
The invention relates to a device for testing vehicle wheel rims. The device comprises means of positioning and holding the rim, means for applying loads on the rim, and is characterized by the fact that the said means for applying loads on the rim comprise, on the one hand, a set of
4367529 Automatic braking method and apparatus January 4, 1983
An automatic braking method and apparatus for a vehicle, having particular applicability to aircraft, wherein a program deceleration signal is generated according to a preselected deceleration. A signal which is a function of the actual speed of the vehicle is compared with the program
4365643 Fuse device for a wheel equipped with a pneumatic tire December 28, 1982
The present invention relates to a fuse for a wheel equipped with a pneumatic tire.The fuse is constituted in the form of a screw (1) whereof the head (7) is traversed by an evacuation duct (3) receiving a check valve (8) obturating this duct (3); the fuse being characterized by the fact
4355773 Retractable running gear for vehicle October 26, 1982
An aircraft landing gear including a leg member supporting at least one wheel, the leg having a first point of attachment around a first axis of rotation about a first point on the aircraft, a strut including a rod and a lever pivotally mounted on one another around a third axis, the rod
4323001 Operating and bracing jack having an internal locking mechanism April 6, 1982
A bracing jack comprising a cylinder and a jack bar slidable in the cylinder from a bar extended position to a bar retracted position, the jack having an internal locking mechanism including a hydraulic and a mechanical actuator for unlocking under load.
4312485 Landing gear with swing-bar and lateral lifting for aircraft January 26, 1982
A main landing gear with swing-bar and lateral lifting for aircraft. Two undercarriages are provided which are positioned symmetrically on either side of the longitudinal plane of symmetry of the aircraft, each one having a leg 1 articulated around a lifting axis 5, and a swing bar 16
4312429 Hydraulic braking device for a load subjected to shocks and vibrations January 26, 1982
A hydraulic braking device for a load subjected to shocks and vibrations for the stabilization of loads in thermal or nuclear generating stations.The braking device has a cylinder 1 in which there slides the piston 4 of a rod 7 bearing two flap valves 18 and 19 to brake the passage at high s
4284255 Shock absorbers and shock absorber struts, notably for aerodyne landing gear August 18, 1981
Shock absorbers and shock absorber jacks each of which comprises a shaft containing a low-pressure chamber and sliding in a first chamber of a first cylinder which is separated from another or second chamber which contains a high-pressure chamber, by means of a partition which is tra
4241814 Mechanical-hydraulic damper for a load subject to shocks and vibrations December 30, 1980
A mechanical-hydraulic damper for a load which is subject to shocks and vibrations, comprising a co-operating pair of elements, the first of the pair of elements being mounted in a body for relative axial movement in relation to the body and the second of the pair of elements being r
4199119 Wing mounted retractable aircraft undercarriages April 22, 1980
A wing mounted retractable aircraft undercarriage with a trailing wheel or wheels comprising a rigid leg casing, pivotally mounted on the wing about a retraction axis, a rocking lever pivoted on the leg casing, supporting the wheel or wheels and mounting the lower pivot connection of a s
4189117 Retractable fuselage mounted undercarriage February 19, 1980
A retractable fuselage mounted undercarriage comprising a leg casing mounted to pivot on a main universal joint about an axis which extends longitudinally of the aircraft, the leg casing mounting a wheel assembly which can pivot on the leg casing, a lateral deflection shock absorber and
4170332 Retractable undercarriage especially for the fuselage of an aircraft October 9, 1979
A landing gear undercarriage which attaches to and retracts into the fuselage of an aircraft. The undercarriage has left and right matching portions, each of which includes a forward strut and a rearward hydraulic jack, both of which are coupled to the fuselage by cardan joints. A shock

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