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Messier-Bugatti-Dowty Patents
Velizy-Villacoublay, FR
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8584989 Method of managing movement of an aircraft on the ground November 19, 2013
The invention relates to a method of managing movement of an aircraft on the ground, the aircraft including at least one left main undercarriage and at least one right main undercarriage, each comprising wheels associated with torque application members for applying torque to the whe
8579229 Device for braking/driving an aircraft wheel November 12, 2013
The invention relates to a device for braking/driving an aircraft wheel mounted to rotate on an undercarriage axle, the device comprising: a stack of disks comprising disks that are constrained in rotation with the wheel and that alternate with disks that are constrained in rotation with
8573080 Mechanically-operating actuator with hydraulic damping November 5, 2013
An actuator comprising a body in which a rod is mounted to slide, the actuator including a screw extending inside the rod to co-operate with a nut secured to the rod, the screw being driven in rotation by a motor. The rod is associated with a piston that slides in a cavity of the body
8569188 One piece shim October 29, 2013
A one-piece or otherwise unitary annular shim member made from a perforated metallic material is used to maintain a space between stacked annular preforms during a manufacturing process, such as densification. The metallic material used preferably can withstand at least the temperatu
8568838 Power control for densification of one or more porous articles October 29, 2013
A method of controlling power applied to an induction coil assembly used for densifying porous articles with a liquid matrix precursor. The control of applied power addresses dynamic changes in the electrical characteristics of the porous article being densified as it becomes denser.
8567572 Controlled-friction sliding device, such as a damper, which can operate in two directions October 29, 2013
The invention relates to a controlled-friction device comprising first and second elements mounted to move relative to each other in a sliding direction, wherein the device of the invention includes first and second friction members arranged symmetrically between the two elements in orde
8294408 Power supply with two series inverters for a polyphase electromechanical actuator October 23, 2012
The invention relates to a power supply having two inverters (A, B) in series for powering an electromechanical actuator having an electric motor including a plurality of windings (R1, R2, R3) forming phases, each inverter being connected to its own ground (50; 51) and having a voltage
8292074 Stabilizer for stabilizing the disks of a heat pack, in particular when the heat pack is package October 23, 2012
The invention relates to a stabilizer suitable for stabilizing disks of a heat pack, wherein the stabilizer includes at least two elongate parallel pushers of height compatible with the height of the heat pack, each movable in a direction perpendicular to the pushers, the pushers being
8290676 Method of controlling a vehicle brake with torque correction October 16, 2012
The invention relates to a method of controlling a vehicle brake that is adapted to exert a braking force in response to an actuation setpoint, the method comprising the following steps: from a braking setpoint, determining a nominal actuation setpoint for the brake actuator, taking
8286520 Actuator with a main rod and an auxiliary rod October 16, 2012
A telescopic actuator comprising a cylinder in which a main rod is mounted to slide telescopically along a sliding axis (X) between a retracted position and an extended position. The actuator includes an auxiliary rod mounted to slide in the main rod along the sliding axis between re
8268393 Method of fabricating a friction part out of carbon/carbon composite material September 18, 2012
A method of fabricating a friction part out of carbon/carbon composite material, the method including obtaining a three-dimensional fiber preform of carbon fibers impregnated with a solution or a suspension enabling a dispersion of refractory metal oxide particles to be left on the f
8227933 Power distribution architecture for distributing power to electromechanical actuators of an airc July 24, 2012
The invention relates to a power distribution architecture for an aircraft for powering aircraft electromechanical actuators, the architecture comprising at least one power distribution member for distributing power to such and such an electromechanical actuator connected to the arch
8220598 Friction device for controlling force, and a friction damper comprising such a device July 17, 2012
Friction device includes at least two members, one of which is mobile, or potentially mobile, in terms of relative displacement with respect to the other under the action of an external stimulus. The relative displacement is liable to cause the relative displacement of two friction surfa
8205567 Method of making composite material stiffeners June 26, 2012
A method of making at least one stiffener element includes cutting out two substantially identical elongate flanks from fiber plates, each flank presenting two lateral projections on either side of a central portion. The flanks are superimposed with one another and stitched together alon
8201895 Power supply architecture for aircraft brakes fitted with electromechanical actuators June 19, 2012
The invention relates to an architecture for powering aircraft brakes for an aircraft having at least two undercarriages, each having a certain number of wheels (L1, L2; R1, R2), each of the wheels being fitted with a brake having a certain number of electromechanical braking actuators (
8195372 Method of adaptive braking control for a vehicle June 5, 2012
A braking control method that includes: (1) regularly updating a grip model representative of a relationship between a coefficient of friction and a wheel slip rate; (2) determining, with an iterative calculation process including a plurality of calculation cycles a variation of a br
8163339 Edge densification for film boiling process April 24, 2012
A method and apparatus are disclosed for improving densification of porous substrate using a film boiling process. In particular, the disclosed method and apparatus permit more complete densification of a substrate (i.e., densification closer to the surface of the substrate) by provi
8152247 Method of managing the power supply to a non-reversible actuator for a vehicle wheel brake April 10, 2012
A wheel brake for an aircraft, the brake comprising a support (2) that receives at least one electromechanical actuator (1) fitted with a pusher (8) facing friction elements (3) and movable under drive from an electric motor (6) to apply a braking force selectively against the friction
8136760 Architecture for a hydraulic system for operating aircraft landing gear March 20, 2012
The invention relates to an architecture for a hydraulic system for operating the landing gear of an aircraft including at least one pressure source and at least one hydraulic return, the system having a hydraulic circuit comprising a first hydraulic line that, when pressurized, causes
8133532 Method of densifying porous articles March 13, 2012
The present invention describes a method of CVI densification in which particular arrangements and mixtures of undensified porous substrates and partially densified porous substrates are arranged in particular ways in order to use the thermal characteristics of the partially densified
8128991 Method of surface treating a mechanical part made of high-strength steel, and a sealing system o March 6, 2012
The invention is a method of treating the surface of a steel mechanical part by the successive steps of subjecting the part to finishing to lower its surface roughness; cleaning; subjecting the cleaned part to a tribo finishing step to lower surface roughness and increase wettability; an

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