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7604481 White board and white board display system October 20, 2009
The present invention provides a writing board system including several white boards and a frame for mounting to a vertical surface 20. The white boards may be removably interconnected to one another and supported to the frame by a series of mounting brackets.
7591372 Unit dose locking container September 22, 2009
A package has a sliding blister card and a locking sleeve made from a base and a top. The card is made from conventional blister dose packaging material, with blisters formed in a single layer plastic top holding medicaments on a sealing paper, board, or foil layer. The top and base
7588149 Unit dose container with locking sleeve September 15, 2009
A container includes a slidable tray and a locking sleeve. The tray is a conventional blister package, with blisters formed therein. The tray includes a slot and the sleeve includes a stop that extends through the slot to prevent the tray from sliding out of the sleeve. The sleeve in
7552824 Package with electronic circuitry June 30, 2009
A package with electronic circuitry for use in monitoring the removal of items from a receptacle, such as medication tablets from a blister cavity. The package is assembled with a plurality of cards, including a blister card (20), a backing card (30), and a trace card (40). The blist
7546948 Identification device and method June 16, 2009
The invention provides an identification device and method. The device includes a pattern adapted and configured to be read optically by a reader to obtain information. The pattern is formed at least in part by electrically conductive material. The device also includes a resonant cir
7520418 Index card with color bar April 21, 2009
An index card including a generally rectangular sheet-like body having an outer perimeter and a surface area on one side thereof of less than about 50 square inches. The card further includes a color bar having a longitudinal axis, and the color bar is located on the sheet-like body
7491293 White top paperboard February 17, 2009
A multi-layered paperboard having a high brightness and exceptional uniformity. The white topped paperboard has a base layer(s) made from wood pulp and a top fibrous layer made of unbleached wood fiber, filler and a binder to create a top fibrous layer of sufficient uniformity at mod
7422103 Apparatus for holding a compact disk September 9, 2008
The apparatus comprises a base portion (2) and at least two arms (1) resiliently cantilevered from the base portion (2), the inner ends of the arms (1) forming a button-like member (4) and each having a projection (4A) for engaging on the outwardly facing surface of a compact disk (10)
7407053 Media holding package August 5, 2008
A boxed disc package has a box with a base and a foldable rigid creased board having multiple parallel creases. Mounting board-receiving panels and spines are formed and separated by the creases. Plural tray-holding boards are mounted on the board-receiving panels. Plural disc-holding
7404484 Security device for information storage media July 29, 2008
Apparatus (19) for holding information storage media, such as a CD or DVD, in combination with a releasable security member (8) insertable into the apparatus for inhibiting removal of the storage media from the apparatus, e.g. by inhibiting access to the storage media by locking the appa
7401702 Child-resistant blister package July 22, 2008
A package includes a blank having a face panel and a back panel. The face panel includes apertures and face tabs. The back panel includes gates that correspond with apertures, and tab strips that overlap the gates and are adjoined to back tabs. A blister pack is sealed between the face
7384992 Rosin-fatty acid ester vinylic polymers June 10, 2008
This invention relates to novel rosin-alkyl ester of unsaturated fatty acid vinylic polymer and emulsion compositions and the processes for preparing them. In particular, the invention relates to novel rosin-alkyl ester of unsaturated fatty acid vinylic polymer and emulsion compositions
7374048 Product packaging with tear strip May 20, 2008
Disclosed is a product package which includes a sleeve and at least on rigid end cap. The sleeve has longitudinally opposed first and second ends, the first end of the sleeve defining an opening and having at least two locking tabs extending therefrom. The first end of the sleeve also
7361280 Catalytic activated carbon for removal of chloramines from water April 22, 2008
This application discloses a method for enhanced removal of chloramines from a chloramines-containing fluid media by contacting said media with a catalytic activated carbon characterized by having present in the graphene structure of the carbon from 0.01 to 10 wt % of aromatic nitrog
7315253 Security device and transponder January 1, 2008
A security device for attachment to a container having external walls such that a transponder thereon is located externally of or adjacent to one of said external walls so as to avoid being shielded by a metal layer within the container (e.g. the metal layer within a disk such as a CD or
7310922 Banded envelopes and method for assembling a package of banded envelopes December 25, 2007
A method for processing envelopes including the steps of providing a plurality of generally aligned envelopes and compressing the plurality of envelopes together. The method further includes the step of placing a band around the compressed envelopes such that the band retains the plu
7303150 Foam and spray nozzles having a hinged door and a trigger dispenser incorporating same December 4, 2007
A nozzle has a front, a back, and at least one flat surface extending therebetween. A door is coupled to the intersection of the front and flat surface by a live hinge. Optionally, the door has a portal within which a screen is mounted. The exterior surface of the door is provided with o
7297204 Water-in-oil bituminous dispersions and methods for producing paving compositions from the same November 20, 2007
There is provided a method for making bituminous compositions comprising water-in-oil bituminous dispersion and aggregate by the steps of: preparing a solvent-free, water-in-oil bituminous dispersion comprising: (1) bitumen, in an amount from about 75.0% to about 95.0% by total weight
7296677 Packaging for multiple media discs November 20, 2007
A package includes a stack of hinged trays for holding media discs, having a flexible hinge member affixed to the hinge edges of the trays, mounted in a protective container having a base, a spine and a cover. The bottom tray in the stack is mounted in the base for pivotal movement about
7255294 Battery operated spray head having an improved housing August 14, 2007
A three part housing for a battery powered spray head includes a left half shell, a right half shell and a hinged top. The batteries are located in the upper portion of the housing below the hinged top (battery cover). The inner front of the top is provided with a downward depending latc
7255293 Hose-end sprayer assembly August 14, 2007
A sprayer assembly for connection to a container of liquid chemical to be sprayed has a manually operable rotary valve mounted within the housing of the assembly and has a carrier liquid duct and a product duct opening into the liquid duct, the valve being selectively rotatable to an ON
7252452 Binder with front pocket August 7, 2007
A binder including a binder body including a front cover and a rear cover directly or indirectly pivotally coupled together, and a panel located on an outer surface of the binder body to thereby form a pocket between the panel and the binder body. The panel has a free edge located adjace
7222802 Dual sprayer with external mixing chamber May 29, 2007
A dual sprayer has an externally mounted mixing manifold for intimately commingling disparate liquids sprayed during pumping and issuing through a nozzle as a complete admixture of dual liquids.
7219848 Fluid sprayer employing piezoelectric pump May 22, 2007
An electrically-powered fluid sprayer employs a piezoelectric fluid pump that includes an inlet port, an outlet port, a pump chamber, and a piezoelectric element that is deformed and displaced by electrical signals supplied thereto to vary the volume of the pump chamber. Such displac
7216776 Child-resistant pill dispenser May 15, 2007
A child-resistant dispenser for dispensing items, including a chassis (12) having a reservoir (40) for holding items (16) and a conveyor (14) including a conveyor pocket (18) for receiving an item (16a). The conveyor (14) is pivotably mounted within chassis (12) between a closed posi
7210614 Gift box container May 1, 2007
Stiffened double walled gift boxes are formed from paperboard blanks having main panels and wall panels with inner halves connected by gussets. A stiffener with a central panel and hinged sides half as wide as the side panels is placed in the main panel. Adhesive is applied on inner
7208209 Tear resistant container April 24, 2007
The invention teaches a container formed from a synthetic substrate. The synthetic substrate is substantially tear resistant and includes polyethylene and inorganic minerals. The synthetic substrate is cut and scored to form a container blank of desired shapes and sizes. At least som
7198149 Locking apparatus for a container April 3, 2007
A locking container has a tray with sidewalls, a shelf and a bottom with an elongated opening. A sliding lock and a spring are formed in the bottom opening. A lock flap is hinged to the shelf. A cover has a base glued to the tray bottom, a spine end and a top panel. A latch extension
7188786 Hose-end sprayer assembly March 13, 2007
A hose-end sprayer assembly connectable to at least one container of product to be dispensed has an elongated housing for a venturi tube assembly rotatable about its central axis and devised to selectively open and close a product inlet opening as well as its associated vent valve, a
7179382 Coated activated carbon for automotive emission control February 20, 2007
A method for avoidance of attrited carbon dust is disclosed to lead to improved canister performance in emission control. Product attrition by dusting of granular and shaped activated carbons is disclosed to be reduced significantly, or essentially eliminated, by the application of a
7175111 Discharge/vent module for power sprayer February 13, 2007
A manually operated sprayer for a container of liquid to be sprayed includes variable volume pump means having liquid inlet and outlet means for discharging the contents of the container. The sprayer further includes a control module having product and vent valves reciprocably dispos
7157620 Enhanced transformation and regeneration of transformed embryogenic pine tissue January 2, 2007
The present invention relates to methods for the transformation and regeneration of transformed embryogenic tissue of coniferous plants. In particular, the invention relates to improved methods for transforming embryogenic tissue of coniferous plants and for regenerating transformed
7144635 Tear resistant heat sealable packaging structure December 5, 2006
A tear resistant laminated comprised of a paper or paperboard substrate, and adhesive layer, a tear resistant layer secured to the adhesive layer, and a heat-sealable material. The tear resistant material has a a tear strength as measured by the Elmendorf tear propagation test of at leas
7137752 Organizer cover with external concealment flaps November 21, 2006
An organizer cover, comprising first and second cover panels and a spine, an external surface, at least one organizer element, and at least one concealment flap. The spine is operatively coupled between the first and second cover panels. The first and second cover panels and the spine ea
7128301 Two piece calendar holder October 31, 2006
A holder for decorative sheet material comprising two separate pieces, one piece for attaching to an upper edge portion of a sheet material and for hanging from a wall, the other piece for attaching to a lower edge portion of the sheet material. Each piece of the holder comprises a top
7118135 Embossed paper October 10, 2006
A sheet of embossed paper including a sheet-like body portion, at least one embossed or depressed line located on the body portion, and at least one printed line located on and extending at least partially along the embossed or depressed line. The invention may also include notebook
7118049 Hose-end sprayer assembly October 10, 2006
A hose-end sprayer has a selectively rotatable rotary valve received within the transverse bore of a housing which includes a carrier liquid inlet passage, a chemical liquid inlet passage and a discharge passage. The valve has a carrier liquid duct and a chemical liquid duct opening
7117992 Compact disc package and method of assembling the same October 10, 2006
A storage package for multiple recording media includes a plurality of paper board panels arranged end to end and separated from each other by spline strips which allow the panels to be folded upon one another to resemble a closed book. First and second plastic, recording medium-hold
7077596 Notebook with two-way pocket July 18, 2006
A two-way pocket assembly for use with a notebook (100). The pocket assembly is constructed over a window (208) formed in a subsurface material of the notebook (100). The pocket assembly includes exterior and interior pockets (104), each covering at least a portion of the window (208
7070048 Packaging for multiple media discs and methods for making same July 4, 2006
A package for holding multiple media discs includes a stack of disc-holding trays, and a flexible hinge member affixed to hinge edges of each tray, which secures the trays in relation to each other. The stack of trays may be mounted onto a panel of a folded jacket, or inserted into a
7063477 Variable capacity binder June 20, 2006
A variable capacity binder including an outer cover and a binding mechanism including a plurality of spaced rings, each ring being shaped to be received through a hole of a piece of paper to couple the paper to the binding mechanism. Each ring is non-symmetrical with respect to at le
7055564 Host organizer with removably attached article June 6, 2006
A host organizer includes a casing, a pocket, and an organizer flap. The pocket is located on the exterior surface of the casing. The pocket contains a first attachment element. The organizer flap extends from the casing and over the pocket. The flap has a second attachment element. The
7048126 Desk pad organizer system May 23, 2006
A desk organizer tray, comprising a tray portion, an extension portion extending from the tray portion, and an attachment element applied to the extension portion. The tray portion contains a receptacle for holding desktop items. The tray portion is constructed of a plurality of supe
7032746 Compact disk package and method of assembling same April 25, 2006
A storage package for a recording medium configured to resemble a book includes a paper board panel releasably attached to first and second plastic, recording medium-holding components, each including a planar surface having means on one face for holding a recording. Upstanding wall
7021853 Body with outer detachable pouch April 4, 2006
A body and pouch combination including a body having a front cover and a rear cover pivotally coupled together. The front cover has a generally flat, planar outer surface having a body attachment structure located thereon. The combination includes a pouch that can cooperate with the
6967227 Carboxyester-modified vinylic polymeric compositions November 22, 2005
This invention relates to novel carboxyester-modified vinylic polymeric compositions and the process for preparing them. In particular, the invention relates to novel carboxyester-modified vinylic polymeric compositions which exhibit properties that make them useful as support resins
6964870 Enhanced selection of genetically modified pine embryogenic tissue November 15, 2005
The present invention relates to methods for the selection of transformed embryogenic tissue of coniferous plants. In particular, the invention relates to improved methods for selecting transformed embryogenic tissue of plants of the subgenus Pinus of pines, particularly Southern yellow
6957763 Container with reclosable fitment October 25, 2005
A reclosable locking container and method for packaging dry materials, comprising a box formed from a foldable substrate and a molded reclosable, locking fitment, said fitment being lockable in the open or closed position. The container of the invention may be adapted to provide barrier
6955068 Media disc package with retail security lock October 18, 2005
Media disk packages having a retail security lock feature. The lock feature comprises a locking dagger having a head portion and a dagger section, which is engageable with an inner disk tray that overlays the media disk within the package. The package may house multiple disks.
6951282 Peel away tab child resistant package October 4, 2005
A packaging substrate is formed that has at least the following elements. A main panel with at least one gate formed on the main panel to assist with removing contents from a package cell. At least one cell flap secured to the main panel. The cell flap has at least one aperture dimension
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