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MeadWestvaco Corporation Patents
MeadWestvaco Corporation
Stamford, CT
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D533918 Hose-end sprayer portion December 19, 2006
D532455 Wall mounted organizing board November 21, 2006
D529086 Book cover September 26, 2006
D526017 Timed monthly desk calendar page August 1, 2006
D524861 Timed monthly appointment leaf July 11, 2006
D523901 Storage system for index cards and the like June 27, 2006
D523077 Index card style planner leaf June 13, 2006
D514620 Binder with inner storage pocket February 7, 2006
D514022 Zipper pull January 31, 2006
D512100 Planner jacket November 29, 2005
D510749 Desk calendar leaf October 18, 2005
D509244 Desk calendar leaf September 6, 2005
D508775 Storage case August 30, 2005
D506220 Desk calendar leaf June 14, 2005
D504463 Cover structure for a binder or the like April 26, 2005
D502502 Cover structure for a binder or the like March 1, 2005
D501221 Desk calendar leaf January 25, 2005
D501220 Desk calendar leaf January 25, 2005
D499761 Cover for a binder, notebook or portfolio December 14, 2004
D498257 Front cover structure for a binder, notebook or portfolio November 9, 2004
D497953 Desk pad organizer system November 2, 2004
D497385 Calendar leaf October 19, 2004
D493483 Binder or the like July 27, 2004
D493104 Sleeve for holding an information storage media holder July 20, 2004
D492900 Sleeve for holding an information storage media holder July 13, 2004
D487769 Calendar leaf March 23, 2004
D487110 Organizer cover February 24, 2004
D486854 Binder February 17, 2004
D486518 Binder, notebook or portfolio with front cover structure February 10, 2004
D486517 Organizer cover February 10, 2004
D486516 Organizer cover February 10, 2004
D484534 Cover for a binder, folder or notebook December 30, 2003
D484533 Cover for a binder, folder or notebook December 30, 2003
D472810 Product container with locking end cap April 8, 2003
D472809 Product container with locking end cap April 8, 2003
D472808 Product container with locking end cap April 8, 2003
8561798 Slide card for selective insertion and withdrawal from a sleeve October 22, 2013
A slide card for selective insertion and withdrawal from a sleeve includes a base panel, a locking panel and at least one embossment. The locking panel is integrally formed with the base panel and hingedly connected to one of the opposing end edges of the base panel to engage at leas
8251218 Container with pivoting cover August 28, 2012
Disclosed is a package for storing a product, such as smokeless tobacco, which includes, inter alia, a container that has opposing upper and lower surfaces, and a container sidewall that extends between the upper and lower surfaces to define an interior for storing a plurality of product
8251214 Method for providing background graphics on blister card August 28, 2012
A blister card includes graphics printed on a substrate surface, which is then cut to produce an opening through which a blister may be received. The cut-out portion of the substrate is transferred in proper register to a position behind the blister so as to provide a continuous graphic
8225967 Hinged pump mechanisms and methods of using the same July 24, 2012
A dispenser may include a hinged pump mechanism which allows a pump head to rotate about the hinge mechanism during actuation of a pump.
8220634 Dispensing container July 17, 2012
A dispensing system (300) includes a packaging structure (200) and a blank (100) that is constructed to enclose the packaging structure (200). The dispensing system (300) includes a top panel (110) and a bottom panel (112) that define a tubular structure (310) and includes side flaps
8187420 Method for coating dry finish paperboard May 29, 2012
A method for coating paperboard including the steps of preparing a paperboard substrate having a basis weight of at least about 85 pounds per 3000 ft.sup.2, with the proviso that the paperboard substrate is not subjected to a wet stack calendering process, applying a basecoat to at l
8152050 Pocket with secure dividers April 10, 2012
A pocket assembly includes a major panel and a pocket panel coupled together to define a pocket between the panels. A divider is placed in the pocket to partition the pocket into two or more compartments. The divider comprises a securing element secured to at least one of the major a
8142887 Basecoat and associated paperboard structure March 27, 2012
A basecoat including a pigment blend of a coarse ground calcium carbonate and a hyperplaty clay having an average aspect ratio of at least about 40:1.
8132671 Blister card for child-resistant package March 13, 2012
A slide card (10) for use with a sleeve of a unit dose packaging system, comprises a base panel (40) adapted for receiving unit doses of a medicament (90), a locking panel (20) joined by a hinge (30) to the base panel (40) and fold-resisting mechanism (30), (70), (80) for inhibiting
8113416 Hermetically sealed paperboard container with enhanced barrier performance February 14, 2012
A hermetically sealed paperboard container including a container body component including upper and lower ends, the body component being formed from a blank including a paperboard layer having first and second major sides, a first sealant layer on the first major side, a barrier layer on
8100262 Blister pack secondary package January 24, 2012
A blank (10) for forming a secondary package without a heat-seal process is disclosed. The secondary package can be an inner slide card configured to receive one or more blister packs (51). A pocket opening (30) can be formed in one panel (14) of the blank (10). Receiving portions (44) c
8091708 Child resistant blister package housing with removable tab strips January 10, 2012
A child resistant product package includes a first panel, a second panel, a tab strip insert, and a blister package. The first panel incorporates at least one blister aperture and at least one tab strip access pad. The second panel includes at least one product access aperture and at lea
8088210 Bituminous composition January 3, 2012
A bituminous composition including, based on total weight of the bituminous composition, (a) hard bitumen in an amount of 0.5% to 7.5% by weight, the hard bitumen being characterized by a penetration number of 100 dmm or less at C. as determined according to the American A
8056721 Package assembly of display cards November 15, 2011
The invention provides a package assembly(100) including a base including a bottom portion (112) and a plurality of vertically oriented display cards (130)arranged on the base. Each display card includes a top edge (138), a bottom edge (140),a display portion (134) and a first support
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