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5701801 Mechanically redundant actuator assembly December 30, 1997
In a mechanically redundant actuator system, the actuator has a structurally redundant members for attaching it between a stationary anchor point to a movable control surface. Specifically the actuator consists of a cylinder body, a double action piston with a piston rod attached to
5701113 Passive non-contacting centering system December 23, 1997
Permanent magnets affixed to one structure produce a repelling force to magnets affixed to a larger structure that encloses the one structure to suspend and hold the one structure entirely within the larger structure, without physical contact therebetween.
5700337 Fabrication method for composite structure adapted for controlled structural deformation December 23, 1997
A composite structure and related fabrication method is provided which has a plurality of composite material layers and at least one embedded shape memory alloy component for providing controlled structural deformation. The shape memory alloy component includes a shape memory alloy tendo
5698848 Fiber optic sensing systems and methods including contiguous optical cavities December 16, 1997
A fiber optic sensing system and method comprises a continuous optical fiber including at least three mirrors defining at least two contiguous optical cavities. Preferably, each optical cavity has a unique length so that the reflected optical signal associated with a given optical cavity
5698787 Portable laser/ultrasonic method for nondestructive inspection of complex structures December 16, 1997
A method and apparatus for non-destructive inspection of complex structures employs a portable laser based ultrasonic transducer 600 output to rapidly detect and size flaws in such structures, including the radii of composites, laminates, and complex skin/substructure assemblies, such as
5698049 Refractory aluminide/reinforced aluminum composite materials December 16, 1997
A method for producing aluminum matrix composites containing refractory aluminide whiskers or particulates which are formed in-situ is disclosed. Aluminum and refractory metal materials are blended in powder form and then heated to a temperature above the melting point of aluminum. A
5696319 Flexure fixture for dynamic loading modal surveys of test articles December 9, 1997
A modal survey flexure fixture of designed to be soft laterally and stiff axially to simulate the same behavior of space shuttle flight latches which support shuttle payloads for payload modal survey verification, qualification and test. The device consists of three major components: an
5694766 Method and apparatus for controlling the throat area, expansion ratio and thrust vector angle of December 9, 1997
A method and apparatus for controlling the throat area, expansion ratio and thrust vector of an aircraft turbine engine exhaust nozzle, includes means, such as deflectors and/or injected air, for producing and controlling regions of locally separated flow. The exhaust nozzle also all
5694408 Fiber optic laser system and associated lasing method December 2, 1997
The fiber optic laser system and associated lasing method amplifies and divides a primary laser signal into a plurality of secondary laser signals. The fiber optic laser system includes a distribution means, such as a distribution module, for dividing a primary laser signal, generated
5694231 Weighted-sum processing method and apparatus for decoding optical signals December 2, 1997
The method and associated apparatus of the present invention decodes optical signals by appropriately weighting the respective noise portions of the two phase segments generated by the photodetector, such as an APD, such that the optical signal can be reliably decoded. The photodetector
5694114 Coherent alarm for a secure communication system December 2, 1997
A high speed secure fiber optic communication system that includes a coherent alarm system utilizes a pair of single mode fiber optic cables in combination with one or more light sources, phase modulators, detectors and polarization scrambling elements to form a Sagnac interferometer. Th
5692703 Multiple application wheel well design December 2, 1997
An aircraft landing gear wheel stowage structure including a wing rear spar extending laterally across the aircraft; a mid bulkhead extending laterally across the aircraft and displaced rearwardly of the wing rear spar; a pressure bulkhead extending laterally across the aircraft and
5692406 Gas inlet for a superplastic forming die and method of use December 2, 1997
An improved die for a superplastic formation process and the process that uses an interface for pressurized gas that is part of the forming die so that tube welding to the forming pack can be eliminated. In one embodiment, the interface is fixed to the die and in a second, for use to
5691390 Thermoplastic syntactic foams and their preparation November 25, 1997
A low-density, porous material is prepared by mixing together microballoons and an oligomeric precursor to a polyesterimide polymer. The oligomeric precursor has an initial viscosity sufficiently low that it can flow and wet the microballoons when first heated to a polymerization process
5690408 Fiber optic based lighting for aircraft November 25, 1997
The present invention provides a lighting system including a centralized light source, a plurality of light emitters, and a plurality of fiber optic lines extending between the light source and the light emitters for delivering light therebetween. More particularly, the present invention
5689987 Method for determining the proper progress of a superplastic forming process by monitoring gas-m November 25, 1997
A method and apparatus for determining the progress of a superplastic formation process that uses cumulative gas-mass outflow from a forming part being formed from generally one or more sheets of superplastically formable material, a process that may include selective diffusion bonding
5689262 Electronic baffle and baffle controlled microwave devices November 18, 1997
Microwave devices incorporate at least one photosensitive baffle that is selectively illuminated, changing the baffle's electronic characteristic from being transparent to microwave energy to being reflective thereof. That action selectively alters an electronic characteristic of the
5687900 Structural panel having a predetermined shape and an associated method for superplastically form November 18, 1997
A method of fabricating a structural panel having a predetermined shape features forming an inflatable envelope assembly from at least a pair of superplastically formed and diffusion bonded metallic core sheets. The inflatable envelope assembly can be disposed between first and second
5683646 Fabrication of large hollow composite structure with precisely defined outer surface November 4, 1997
A method for fabricating a composite structure such as an aircraft radome includes preparing seamless female support mold/caul plate tooling, and seamless male support mold/vacuum bag tooling. An uncured composite structure is collated on the external surface of the male support mold
5682168 Hidden vehicle antennas October 28, 1997
One or more antenna elements are submerged beneath a faired cover over a roof supporting member of a motor vehicle or hidden behind or as part of the front grill. Usually a conductive support extends behind the antenna elements and are electrically isolated therefrom to form the ground p
5678584 Tube cleaning apparatus October 21, 1997
Tubes (12), which can have any variety of cross-section and multiple bends, to be cleaned each have one end portion retained within a fixture (16) by an expanded bladder (42) while pressurized cleaning fluid (52) from conduit (50) passes through the tubes (12). Where no tube (12) is
5677923 Vertical cavity electron beam pumped semiconductor lasers and methods October 14, 1997
An electron beam pumped semiconductor laser includes a semiconductor laser screen and an electron beam source adjacent the semiconductor laser screen. The semiconductor laser screen comprises a transparent single crystal substrate, an electron beam responsive active gain layer on the
5677494 Method for high strain-rate testing of specimens October 14, 1997
A mechanical impact test is performed using an incremental mechanical loading apparatus having a loading head movable in a first direction and in a second direction opposite to the first direction, and a stationary cross piece. A starter specimen is mounted between the loading head and
5676764 Low vapor pressure solvent October 14, 1997
An advantageous effective cleaning solvent consisting essentially, according to one embodiment, of methyl ethyl ketone, methyl isobutyl ketone, isopropyl alcohol, toluene and n-butyl acetate, in certain ranges of proportions. Water also is included to aid in reducing the vapor pressu
5665787 Loaded syntactic foam-core material September 9, 1997
A syntactic foam-core material and method for its production are disclosed wherein glass microspheres and chopped fiberglass are dispersed within a slurry comprised of a suitable resin such as an epoxy and a suitable solvent such as methyl ethyl ketone. Under carefully controlled vacuum
5659655 Optical ribbon cable fanout boxes August 19, 1997
A system and method to fanout, breakout and splice into optical fibers in a ribbon cable trunkline extending throughout an aircraft with optical minimal loss. Boxes are positioned at strategic locations along the aircraft's fiber optic trunkline. Within each box, one or more fanout c
5659141 Apparatus for measuring minute forces August 19, 1997
An apparatus for measuring forces across a flexible member is provided comprising a non-extensible element suspended between a pair of supports. The non-extensible element is operably coupled to a flexible member for translating forces applied to the non-extensible element to the flexibl
5650748 Ultra-stable gain circuit July 22, 1997
A highly stable linear integrated circuit amplifier (11) is incorporated in a circuit (10) employing transformer (18) feedback providing thermal gain stability determined solely by the transformer turns ratio.
5646633 Microstrip antenna having a plurality of broken loops July 8, 1997
The microstrip antenna includes a conductive ground plane and a number of conductive broken loops which extend from a first end to an opposed second end. The first ends of each of the broken loops are connected to a feedline conductor for transmitting and receiving signals. In addition,
5645249 Helicopter stowable horizontal stabilizer July 8, 1997
An airfoil is provided for an aircraft such as a helicopter, wherein the airfoil can be folded to a stowed position and unfolded to an operational position, without requiring an adjustment of the control rod assembly which lies within the airfoil. The control rod assembly (50, FIG. 2)
5638303 Non-contacting isolated stabilized microgravity platform system June 10, 1997
Microgravity sensitive payloads placed on a platform are isolated from external acceleration forces over extended periods of time in the weightless environment inside an orbiting space vehicle by canceling acceleration on the platform. Wide gap dual axis magnetic actuators and accele
5626923 Method of applying ceramic coating compositions to ceramic or metallic substrate May 6, 1997
A method for providing a ceramic coating on a ceramic or metallic substrate and the ceramic coating composition useful therein. The coating composition comprises a putty-like material comprising a colloidal silica, a base for gelling the silica, a filler, and no more than 50 wt. % of a
5626312 Piezoelectric actuator May 6, 1997
A piezoelectric actuator includes a plurality of linearly axially expandable hard piezoelectric rods located between two plates and are distributed about a central twistable core fastened between the plates, with the axis of the rod skew to the axis of the core, resembling a squirrel
5625346 Enhanced capabilities of smoke detectors April 29, 1997
A smoke detector unit with a fan that creates an airstream which flows through a smoke detector. Both the fan and the smoke detector are located within a housing that is mounted to the fuselage of an airplane. The smoke detector generates an output signal that is provided to an indicator
5615593 Method and apparatus for controllably positioning a hydraulic actuator April 1, 1997
A system and method for controllably positioning a hydraulic actuator which is operably connected to a control surface includes at least one main control valve for controlling the hydraulic pressure supplied to the actuator in response to a control signal indicative of a predetermined
5614037 Method for preparing pre-coated aluminum articles and articles prepared thereby March 25, 1997
An aluminum-alloy article such as a fastener is prepared by providing an aluminum-alloy article that is not in its final heat-treated state, and is preferably in its annealed state. A curable organic coating material is also provided. The method includes applying the organic coating mate
5612492 Formulations and method of use of pressure sensitive paint March 18, 1997
A pressure sensitive paint is coated onto the surface over which a pressure distribution is to be measured, such as in a wind-tunnel test of an aerodynamic body. A pressure sensitive paint is a mixture of a photoluminescent-compatible, oxygen-permeable binder that is a mixture of sil
5612099 Method and apparatus for coating a substrate March 18, 1997
A method and apparatus for coating the surface of a substrate suspends a coating material above the surface of the substrate and irradiates both the coating material and the underlying surface of the substrate. By irradiating both the coating material and the underlying surface of the
5606635 Fiber optic connector having at least one microactuator for precisely aligning an optical fiber February 25, 1997
A fiber optic connector and an associated fabrication method includes a connector housing in which a substrate and at least one microactuator mounted on the substrate are disposed. The microactuator is adapted for movement relative to the substrate such that an optical fiber bonded to
5602955 Microactuator for precisely aligning an optical fiber and an associated fabrication method February 11, 1997
A microactuator for precisely aligning an optical fiber with an optical device includes a carrier having at least one bimorphic actuator which bends or deflects in response to electrical stimuli to thereby controllably position the carrier and, in turn, an optical fiber mounted on th
5601386 Cutter body including cutting fluid gland February 11, 1997
A cutter body includes an elongate, generally cylindrical chuck for gripping a cylindrical cutter, an annular cutting fluid gland surrounding the chuck, and retaining means for securing the gland longitudinally on the chuck. The cutter has a longitudinal bore therethrough defining a
5601258 Spacecraft shield February 11, 1997
A shield for protecting spacecraft from impact with particles having a wide range of velocities includes three elements. Sets of spacers are used to secure the elements in positions in which they are separated from each other selected distances. The bumper element is the outermost elemen
5596324 Electronic baffle and baffle controlled microwave devices January 21, 1997
Microwave devices incorporate at least one photosensitive baffle that is selectively illuminated changing the baffle's electronic characteristic from being transparent to being reflective of microwave energy. The baffle serves as a gate, tuning element, reflector and the like. Various fo
5593114 Synthetic vision automatic landing system January 14, 1997
A system is provided which permits a display of ground conditions to the pilot through the use of a forward looking sensor set and uses signals generated from the aircraft to simulate ground aid signals which are used for automatic landing of the aircraft. General flight path angle and
5591511 Superplastically formed structure having a perforated skin January 7, 1997
A perforated sheet is diffusion bonded to a thin solid sheet. Each of the perforations of the perforated sheet is tapered, having a maximum diameter at the surface that is not bonded to the thin sheet and a smaller diameter at the surface that is bonded to the thin sheet. The bonded perf
5589758 Modular, hybrid power system December 31, 1996
A power system provides various levels of electrical power at various radio frequencies to specific input locations of a neutral particle beam accelerator system. Both the power system and the accelerator system are mounted on a space platform. The power system includes separate modules
5589641 Strain and fabry-perot etalon measurement system and method December 31, 1996
A system and method for absolute, high resolution and accurate strain measurement includes a low-coherence light source (12) transmitting light through a strain sensor (18) and into an interferometer (26). The interferometer (26) has a high-coherence light source (48) that parallels
5585707 Tendon suspended platform robot December 17, 1996
A robot comprised of a platform, tendons and a control system. The platform contains proximal reels for the storage, retraction and extension of the tendons, with each tendon having a reel. The distal ends of the tendons are anchored at separate locations. The work space of the robot is
5584618 Pneumatically actuated drill motor and an associated method and apparatus for clamping the drill December 17, 1996
A clamping device includes a housing, removably connected to a drill motor, which has a first end portion adapted to be received within an aperture defined in a drill plate. The first end portion of the housing also defines a number of openings in which respective ones of a plurality of
5575165 Method of dent removal using a resonance damping vacuum blanket November 19, 1996
A repair kit for removing dents from a sheet of metal. The kit includes a sheet of damping material that is mounted to the surface of the metal. A vacuum can be pulled between the sheet metal and the damping material so that the surface of the damping material is secured to the metal. An

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