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St. Louis, MO
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5805793 Stand-alone test device for testing command-response remote terminals September 8, 1998
A stand-alone test device for testing remote terminals intended for use on a command-response data bus which includes a single-purpose electrical waveform generator for generating a coded electrical waveform which is representative of a transmit command sequence which includes an address
5804812 Multiple node lambert guidance system September 8, 1998
A multi-node Lambert Guidance System that controls missile velocity along a missile flight path through adjustment of missile attitude during guidance of the missile through an intercept point and one or more way points. The system utilizes a linear Lambert solution in that it is derived
5804276 Composite structure adapted for controlled structural deformation September 8, 1998
A composite structure and related fabrication method is provided which has a plurality of composite material layers and at least one embedded shape memory alloy component for providing controlled structural deformation. The shape memory alloy component includes a shape memory alloy tendo
5798736 Antenna system having a plurality of fundamental resonances August 25, 1998
An antenna which is adapted to have multiple fundamental resonances includes an outer conductor electrically connected to a feed network and having a generally tubular portion opening through one end to define an internal cavity therein. The antenna also includes an interior conductor
5797239 Titanium reinforced structural panel having a predetermined shape August 25, 1998
A method of fabricating a structural panel having a predetermined shape in which an inflatable envelope assembly is formed from at least a pair of superplastically formed and diffusion bonded metallic core sheets. The inflatable envelope assembly can be disposed between first and second
5790300 Multi-channel fiber amplification system and associated method August 4, 1998
The multi-channel fiber amplification system and associated method includes a fiber amplifier which solves problems with power poaching by simultaneously amplifying a pair of optical signals in a similar manner even if the fiber amplifier is saturated. The fiber amplifier, has greater
5788909 Elevated-temperature pneumatic apparatus and method August 4, 1998
An apparatus for consolidating a workpiece includes an oven having a heating cavity and a consolidation press received within the heating cavity of the oven. The consolidation press includes a base, a pressure platen disposed in facing relation to the base, and an expandable bellows
5788179 Missile stage ignition delay timing for axial guidance correction August 4, 1998
An ignition delay timing system, and corresponding method, for adjusting the position of an in-flight missile during its boost phase along its flight path according to a pre-launch flight path solution. The ignition delay system of the present invention is applied by navigating missile
5786691 Detection of thermal damage in composite materials using low field nuclear magnetc resonance tes July 28, 1998
Thermal damage in resin-matrix composite materials is detected using a low field NMR nondestructive testing technique. The technique involves subjecting the resin-matrix composite material to an NMR measurement of the spin-lattice relaxation (T.sub.1) at a low magnetic field strength
5783898 Piezoelectric shunts for simultaneous vibration reduction and damping of multiple vibration mode July 21, 1998
A mechanical vibration control device includes a piezoelectric material having a pair of electrical leads extending therefrom, and a shunt circuit connected across the electrical leads of the piezoelectric material. The shunt circuit includes an energy dissipation circuit element having
5782436 Torque tube breakout mechanism July 21, 1998
A disconnect assembly which is positioned between respective sections of the torque bar for control column controls and permits alternative connection or disconnection of the sections of the control torque bar. This disconnect structure can be included on any or all of the control co
5782253 System for removing a coating from a substrate July 21, 1998
A system is provided for removing material from a structure having at least one layer of the material formed on a substrate. The system includes a radiant energy source, such as a flashlamp, with an actively cooled reflector for irradiating a target area of a structure with radiant e
5781229 Multi-viewer three dimensional (3-D) virtual display system and operating method therefor July 14, 1998
A three-dimensional (3-D) virtual display system for displaying a flicker-free 3-D virtual image to each of N viewers randomly dispersed about a horizontally disposed viewing screen, where N is an integer greater than 1, includes a laser projector for generating N.times.M image pairs
5781157 Multiple beam radar system with enhanced sidelobe supression July 14, 1998
A radar system (25) includes a transmitter (42), receiver (48) and a phased array antenna (28) composed of a plurality of subarrays (26). The transmitter is interconnected with certain laterally located subarrays (34, 36, 38, 40) of the antenna and other centrally disposed subarrays
5777479 Lighting test method and apparatus July 7, 1998
An apparatus and method for simulating a lightning strike on a test specimen without causing contaminants to be deposited on the test specimen. The apparatus includes an electrode and an ionizing element electrically coupled thereto. The ionizing element has a substrate coated with a
5777236 Method for analyzing structures having deformable rigid elements July 7, 1998
A method of analyzing a structure containing a rigid body. The method defines a set of displacement factors to be imposed on a structure model. The method is used for calculating structure stress defining equations including a load vector representing externally applied forces on the
5774338 Body integral electronics packaging June 30, 1998
A body integral electronics package housing is formed of cloth material that simulates a person's garment, such as a poncho or vest. The housing contains various pockets to confine various electronic modules, including a front pocket of such size as to overlie the breast and midriff port
5774255 Adaptive infrared modulator June 30, 1998
A reversible electrodeposition electrochromic infrared modulator for modulating infrared energy is provided. The modulator includes a working electrode having an infrared transparent substrate with first and second major surfaces. A conductive layer is disposed on the second major surfac
5764424 Precision extender lens for stereo vision systems June 9, 1998
An attachment lens system (10) to adjust magnification has a housing (20) with an optical system (22). The housing (20) has a mechanism (36) to secure it to a stereo visual system (12) and to position the housing (20) in front of the stereo visual optical system. The optical system (22)
5764149 Enhanced capabilities of smoke detectors June 9, 1998
A smoke detector which includes a cover that is attached to a housing base by a mechanical latch. The housing contains a fan that induces an airflow through the housing, a smoke detector that can detect smoke in the airstream, and a flow sensor that can measure the flowrate created by th
5763116 Nickel hydrogen battery apparatus June 9, 1998
A battery apparatus which includes a battery housing having a plurality of battery cell receptacles, each of the battery cell receptacles having an inwardly tapered opening. A plurality of battery cells are respectively inserted in the battery cell receptacles, and electrodes of each bat
5761351 Wavelength-addressable optical time-delay network and phased array antenna incorporating the sam June 2, 1998
An optical switch network which includes a plurality N of cascaded optical switching stages, each mth one of the switching stages including 2.sup.m-1 Mach-Zehnder interferometers, where m=1 through N. The input port of the Mach-Zehnder interferometer of a first one of the optical switchi
5759699 Process for production of low dielectric ceramic composites June 2, 1998
High strength fiber reinforced ceramic composites having low dielectric constants stable against high temperatures are made possible by post oxidation of 35-60 volume percent ceramic matrix enveloping 20-60 volume percent ceramic fiber.
5756989 Color night vision goggles capable of providing anti-jamming protection against pulsed and conti May 26, 1998
Color night vision goggles (NVG), e.g., binocular-style or monocular-style NVG, which include at least one channel. Each channel includes an objective lens for receiving input radiant energy from a low-luminance scene within the field-of-view of the NVG, an input tunable electro-opti
5752047 Modular solid state power controller with microcontroller May 12, 1998
An improved modular solid power controller includes low cost low speed microcomputers embedded within the load cards to control a number of semiconductor power switches associated with corresponding electrical load circuits. A master controller microcomputer on the controller card co
5751503 Light-weight reflector facet May 12, 1998
A light weight arcuate reflector facet, for a solar concentrator comprises a thin mirrored glass sheet such as a microsheet, and a backing sheet or substrate, the glass sheet being bonded to the backing sheet, with the backing sheet providing a smooth surface to the glass sheet. A suppor
5748152 Broad band parallel plate antenna May 5, 1998
A broadband flared slot notch antenna combined with an overhead metal plate resulting in an improved front-to-back ratio and a reduced response to crossed polarized radiation. The antenna is provided by a metal layer deposited on a dielectric substrate which is etched to form a pair of
5748091 Fiber optic ice detector May 5, 1998
The thickness of a semi transparent layer, such as ice, is determined by supporting the layer atop or above a light transmissive window and directing multiple light beams through the light transmissive window and into the layer. The light transmissive window has a higher index of ref
5747792 Circuit and method for preventing laser jamming of night vision goggles May 5, 1998
A method for preventing laser jamming of night vision goggles having a gated image intensifier device and a display for displaying an intensified image of a scene. The method includes the steps of detecting laser pulses from a jamming laser source and producing respective electrical puls
5746599 Modular video display system May 5, 1998
A visual display system, such as a flight simulation system, includes a number of display screens and a number of associated video projectors which project predetermined video images on the display screens in response to control signals provided by an operator. In one embodiment, the
5745071 Method and apparatus for precisely locating a resonant object April 28, 1998
The method and apparatus precisely identifies and locates an object which resonates in response to signals of at least one and, more typically, two resonant frequencies. The locating apparatus includes a transmitter for concurrently transmitting signals having a resonant frequency and si
5743292 Pressure actuated check valve April 28, 1998
A pressure controlled check valve that includes a valve casing having a first opening and a second opening, a poppet valve operationally disposed in the second opening of the valve casing for opening when the pressure in the valve casing is greater than or equal to the pressure on the ot
5740984 Low sonic boom shock control/alleviation surface April 21, 1998
A sonic control device that reduces the effects of shock waves generated by an aircraft traveling at supersonic speeds. The control device includes a control surface located at or near the nose section of the aircraft. The position of the control surface can be moved between a retracted
5740082 Collocated sensor actuator April 14, 1998
A position sensor is structurally integrated within a wide-gap magnetic actuator. Being an integral structure, the sensor provides voltages representative of a relative shift in position of the actuator's armature and pole piece from the neutral or base position and represents the actual
5739468 Cable hanger April 14, 1998
A fully formed, single piece cable hanger that includes a tube section having a flange at one end of the cylindrical tube section, a plurality of radially extending retaining bumps disposed about the periphery of the tube section at a first predetermined axial distance from the flange, a
5737954 Superplastic forming with direct electrical heating April 14, 1998
Sheet materials are superplastically formed and optionally diffusion bonded into structures, by directly electrically resistance heating the sheets and forming them with a controlled gas-mass flow while the dies in which they are formed may remain relatively cool. The dies include electr
5729335 Optical fiber monitoring apparatus and an associated method for monitoring bending or strain on March 17, 1998
An optical fiber monitoring method and apparatus is described for monitoring the signal loss within an optical fiber during installation of the optical fiber. The apparatus contains a jig for advancing the optical fiber along a predetermined path, a light source for transmitting light
5724189 Methods and apparatus for creating an aspheric optical element and the aspheric optical elements March 3, 1998
A method and apparatus for coating optical substrates, such as a combiner substrate, is provided so as to create aspheric optical elements, such as aspheric combiners for heads up displays. Due to its asphericity, the aspheric optical element, such as an aspheric combiner, can compensate
5723225 Superplastically formed, diffusion bonded multiple sheet panels with web doublers and method of March 3, 1998
Four sheet SPF/DB panels having thick perpendicular webs formed between face sheets for areas of high compressive stress while other areas have relatively thinner webs so that the overall weight of the panel is not excessive. The thick webs are constructed by welding doubler strips or
5722614 Missile guidance command limitation system for dynamic controllability criteria March 3, 1998
A method and system for limiting missile guidance correction within the physical control capabilities of the missile, while fully utilizing missile maneuver and control capabilities. The method and system of the present invention are applied through missile guidance control electroni
5721553 Low RCS test mounts February 24, 1998
Novel test mounts are defined for a radar cross section testing apparatus that allows a supported object to be tested without interference from the test mount. This includes prescribing a diameter of about 0.61 wavelengths for a cylindrical test mount; maintaining a ratio for the test mo
5716178 Floating gang channel/nut assembly February 10, 1998
A gang channel nut assembly permits nut plates held therein to be used even though the assembly channel is in contact with a stringer. The instant invention enlarges the fastener hole in the channel as well as slots on both sides of the channel and cuts a connecting slot between the hole
5715644 Superplastically formed, diffusion bonded panels with diagonal reinforcing webs and method of ma February 10, 1998
SPF/DB structures having diagonal reinforcement webs and processes for the formation of the structures allow greater vertical web height to spacing to be formed. The diagonal webs are constructed by adding at least two additional sheets in the center of a prior art four sheet SPF/DB proc
5715270 High efficiency, high power direct diode laser systems and methods therefor February 3, 1998
A direct diode laser system includes N laser head assemblies (LHAs) generating N output beams, N optical fibers receiving respective N output beams and generating N received output beams, and a torch head recollimating and focusing the N received output beams onto a single spot. Pref
5713212 Apparatus and method for generating air stream February 3, 1998
An apparatus for generating an air stream that is substantially-columnated about a given axis includes a converging-diverging nozzle, a manifold in fluid communication with the nozzle, and a compressor supplying a quantity of compressed air to the manifold to induce a first air flow thro
5712613 Computer-aided method for producing resistive tapers and resistive taper produced thereby January 27, 1998
A method for producing a desired resistive taper under computer control for controlling the surface resistivity of an electrical element, which comprises the steps of creating a computer controlled optically graded pattern corresponding to the desired resistive taper, producing a pho
5710423 Exo-atmospheric missile intercept system employing tandem interceptors to overcome unfavorable s January 20, 1998
A missile intercept system using radiation sensors for guidance that can avoid intercept uncertainty due to unfavorable positions of intense radiation sources, like the sun, moon, or countermeasures flares. When the sensor viewing angle is close to such intense radiation sources, the
5709783 Preparation of sputtering targets January 20, 1998
Method for preparing sputtering targets according to one embodiment, by reacting a mixture of alkoxides of metals such as titanium, lanthanum and zirconium, with a soluble lead compound such as lead acetate in an organic solvent in the presence of aqueous ammonium hydroxide, to form a so
5709136 Power driven tools January 20, 1998
According to one embodiment, a power driven socket wrench is disclosed to rotate nuts and bolts in confined spaces including a head formed of a rotatable socket for engaging nuts and bolts, a bearing for the rotatable socket and a housing around the socket and bearing. The socket has a
5702761 Surface protection of porous ceramic bodies December 30, 1997
A surface of a porous ceramic body is protected by binding ceramic particles entirely within the subsurface porosity of the body adjacent to the surface but not present as a separately identifiable surface layer. To produce such a protective layer, a slurry of a mixture of a ceramic powd

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