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5857647 Integral accumulator valve and ram assembly for pneumatic weapon ejection system January 12, 1999
A pneumatic actuation assembly for use in an ejection system capable of unlocking and forcibly ejecting stores from racks mounted on an aircraft or similar weapon carrier. The actuation assembly including a primary valve and release ram attached to one-another for joint, reciprocating
5855313 Two-step brazing process for joining materials with different coefficients of thermal expansion January 5, 1999
A two-step process for joining a first part to a second part, the first part having a coefficient of thermal expansion lower than the coefficient of thermal expansion of the second part. An anchor layer is then brazed at a lower temperature to the first part having a high thermal expansi
5855052 Fastener installation device January 5, 1999
A jig for use in attaching a first part of a fastener assembly to a structural frame member having a fastener opening and at least one connector hole adjacent the fastener opening. The fastener assembly is of the type used for removably connecting a panel to the structural member. Th
5853882 Compositive prepreg ply having tailored electrical properties and method of fabrication thereof December 29, 1998
An composite prepreg ply which can be designed to exhibit desired electrical properties without loss of structural integrity or the addition of parasitic weight, and a method of preparing the composite prepreg ply. The composite prepreg ply includes: (i) a low dielectric cloth substrate
5853071 Bleed valve for bleeding fluid from a hydraulic circuit December 29, 1998
A bleed valve for bleeding fluid from a hydraulic circuit comprises a valve body having a valve passage therethrough adapted for fluid communication with the hydraulic circuit, a valve seat on the valve body, and a sealing assembly. The sealing assembly has a valve closure connected to a
5851645 Composite structure having an externally accessible electrical device embedded therein and a rel December 22, 1998
A composite structure having an externally accessible electrical device embedded therein includes at least one tube disposed within the composite structure and extending from a first end which is electrically connected to an electrical lead of the electrical device to a second end which
5851563 Reconfigure modular tooling December 22, 1998
A reconfigurable modular tooling system is provided that approximates the contour of a workpiece to be formed by adjusting the height of an array of pins, each of which represents the contour of the workpiece at that point. A flexible sheet is supported by the pins such that movement of
5851099 Adjustable cargo platform assembly December 22, 1998
This invention relates to a ramp design permitting the positioning of a cargo ramp floor at any angle or height, which is integral with the aircraft such that it can be aligned to a vehicle transferring the load. The adjustable cargo platform assembly and the automated platform leveling
5850722 Lightweight superplastically formed, diffusion bonded panel structure and process of manufacture December 22, 1998
A method to increase the damage resistance of a diffusion bonded panel that includes embedding reinforcing members in the panel are bonding the reinforcing members so structural redundancy occurs adjacent the bonds and the structures constructed thereby. The reinforcing members stop crac
5850482 Error resilient method and apparatus for entropy coding December 15, 1998
The error resilient method and apparatus for encoding data includes an encoder including a code word generator for generating a plurality of code words representative of respective portions of the data. The code word generator encodes data pursuant to split field coding in which each cod
5847817 Method for extending range and sensitivity of a fiber optic micro-doppler ladar system and appar December 8, 1998
A method for compensating a reference signal used in a coherent receiver of a micro-doppler sensor having a transmitter includes the steps for: (a) repeatedly measuring phase differences between a signal emitted by the transmitter a first time and a previous signal emitted at a previous
5847816 Fiber optic micro-doppler ladar system and operating method therefor December 8, 1998
A micro-doppler ladar system for identifying and analyzing a target of interest includes a transmitter and coherent receiver pair, each of which includes a fiber optic power amplifier, and a controller. Preferably, the transmitter includes a master oscillator for generating a primary las
5847672 Electronic baffle and baffle controlled microwave devices December 8, 1998
Microwave devices incorporate at least one photosensitive baffle that is selectively illuminated changing the baffle's electronic characteristic from being transparent to being reflective of microwave energy. The baffle serves as a gate, tuning element, reflector and the like. Various fo
5847574 Method and apparatus for testing encapsulated circuits December 8, 1998
A method and apparatus for evaluating the suitability of an encapsulated electrical circuit for use in a particular service environment provides for immersing the encapsulated circuit in a slightly conductive evaluating fluid whose chemical composition approximates the environment into w
5846464 Method for forming composite parts using reconfigurable modular tooling December 8, 1998
A method of forming composite parts that consist of the steps of generating a part design in a computer graphics system, positioning an array of rubber blocks having an array of apertures with slidable pins therein and locking the rubber blocks together on a servo drive mechanism forming
5844815 Umbilical and follower assembly utilized in microgravity platform system December 1, 1998
An umbilical and follower assembly for preventing unwanted movements of a frame from being transmitted by an umbilical cord to a microgravity platform as may be utilized on an orbiting space vehicle. The follower assembly includes a plurality of actuators capable of moving an umbilical
5842317 Crack arresting structure December 1, 1998
In a crack arresting structure the crack arresting feature is located in the transition from one thickness to another, or a region of increased thickness can be intentionally introduced for the purpose of inhibiting crack growth propagation. The crack arresting feature comprises two
5841808 Spread spectrum chip rate tracking system November 24, 1998
In a new receiver design, the specific transmitter unit is unchanged from a prior patent application but may also be substantially as described in the prior art. The transmitter is initially activated by the input of the pseudo-random generator code. This code may be any alpha-numeric se
5841802 Multiple, isolated strained quantum well semiconductor laser November 24, 1998
An electron beam pumped semiconductor laser which includes a substrate, an optical gain structure provided on the substrate, the optical gain structure being comprised of a plurality of alternating quantum well layers and isolation layers, the quantum well layers being spaced apart f
5841040 Method for analyzing structure having deformable rigid elements November 24, 1998
A method of analyzing a structure containing a rigid body. The method defines a set of displacement factors to be imposed on a structure model. The method is used for calculating structure stress defining equations including a load vector representing externally applied forces on the
5839847 Molded article with captured fasteners November 24, 1998
A pressure-molded article having integral attachment points is achieved by providing, during the molding process, a fastener having a base surface portion, a side surface portion, and an internal passage defining an air path from the base surface portion to the side surface portion. The
5839463 Valve assembly for fluid transfer system November 24, 1998
A valve assembly for transferring fluid from a fluid supply tank to a fluid holding tank. The valve assembly includes a housing having a first port for communication with the fluid supply tank and a second port for communication with the fluid holding tank. A drum is rotatably mounted in
5837739 Loaded syntactic foam-core material November 17, 1998
A syntactic foam-core material and method for its production are disclosed wherein glass microspheres and chopped fiberglass are dispersed within a slurry comprised of a suitable resin such as an epoxy and a suitable solvent such as methyl ethyl ketone. Under carefully controlled vacuum
5837318 Process for production of low dielectric ceramic composites November 17, 1998
High strength fiber reinforced ceramic composites having low dielectric constants stable against high temperatures are made possible by post oxidation of 35-60 volume percent ceramic matrix enveloping 20-60 volume percent ceramic fiber.
5836048 Universal fire barrier grommet November 17, 1998
The larger of the two flanges in a grommet contains a tip portion that extends back toward the other tapered flange and overlies the circumferential slot between the two flanges to define a grommet having application to panels of a variety of thicknesses. The tip portion elastically
5833795 Magnetic particle integrated adhesive and associated method of repairing a composite material pr November 10, 1998
A method of repairing a composite material product by adhering a repair patch to the composite material product with an adhesive or epoxy resin that includes magnetic particles. Thus, the adhesive or epoxy resin can be cured by electromagnetically exciting the magnetic particles, such as
5833433 Rotating machinery noise control device November 10, 1998
The present invention provides an apparatus and method for reducing noise caused by a rotating component. According to the invention, the apparatus comprises a plurality of emitters adapted to emit fluid under variable pressure in the vicinity of the rotating components such that unstead
5833329 Lightweight rack November 10, 1998
A lightweight rack structure is provided for use in a space station. The rack includes a deployable/folding rigid front frame including two side rails and upper and lower cross members connected to the two side rails. A flexible shell is connected to the front frame. The shell includes a
5832163 Single mode optical waveguide with expanded rare-earth doped region November 3, 1998
A single mode optical waveguide includes a first region having a relatively high refractive index, a second region having a relatively low refractive index disposed adjacent to the first region, and a dopant region overlapping the first and second regions. Preferably, the first and secon
5832006 Phased array Raman laser amplifier and operating method therefor November 3, 1998
A phased array Raman laser amplifier includes a beam generator for generating a fundamental laser beam and a Raman seed frequency laser beam, and a fiber optic laser amplifier array for forming a diffraction limited output laser beam at the Raman seed frequency by amplifying the fund
5826664 Active fire and explosion suppression system employing a recloseable valve October 27, 1998
The fire and explosion suppression system is mounted external to a tank and injects a suppressant medium into the tank via a preformed opening in the tank wall. The fire and explosion suppressant system includes a container for housing a suppressant medium which includes an opening remov
5825305 Cargo loading alignment device October 20, 1998
A cargo loading alignment device is integrally mounted to a movable cargo transport. The transport has a cargo door opening and loading ramp with a longitudinal centerline, and the alignment device is installed near the cargo door opening. The device includes at least one light source fo
5823484 Hose pipe, or conduit snap-in support system October 20, 1998
A flexible and potable water hose and ridged conduit support systems in a aircraft provides a self-locating snap-in potable water support bracket which supports a generally cylindrical tray for receiving a potable water hose. The bracket slips over a structural beam flange without requir
5820894 Method and apparatus for consolidating a workpiece at elevated temperature October 13, 1998
A consolidation apparatus includes a female mold having a first portion and a second portion, a movable caul plate within the first portion of the female mold, and a pressure bladder disposed between the caul plate and the second portion of the female mold. A pressurization line communic
5820740 High-absorptance high-emittance anodic coating October 13, 1998
A colored anodic coating for use on surfaces of substrates, e.g. aluminum substrates in which it is desirable to maintain a high solar absorptance (a) and a high infrared emittance (e), particularly in low earth orbit space environments. This anodic coating is preferably a dark colored
5820344 Contoured flexure strap for helicopter rotor system October 13, 1998
The present invention relates to an improved helicopter rotor system including a contoured flexure strap having a simplified geometrical configuration. The flexure strap serves to join the rotary hub assembly with the rotor blades and is formed of fiberglass. The primary load carryin
5815553 Apparatus for voice communication over local area networks September 29, 1998
An apparatus for transmitting and receiving spoken utterances over a local area network (LAN) in near-real-time. The type of LANs include both wireless LANs (e.g., radio frequency LANs) and wired LANs (e.g., a Novell network). A User depresses computer mouse buttons to initiate or termin
5815523 Variable power helix laser amplifier and laser September 29, 1998
A variable power laser device includes a lasing medium having first and second end faces disposed parallel to one another, N side faces extending between the first and second end faces and a bevel face located at an intersection between the second end and one of the side faces, a first
5814729 System for in-situ delamination detection in composites September 29, 1998
In a system for in-situ delamination detection in composites, the invention employs a system which evaluates the mechanical vibration response of composite material structures. The damping characteristics of the composite structure are extracted from the detected wave properties gene
5814386 Composite shell formed as a body of rotation, and method and mandrel for making same September 29, 1998
The inventions relate to the field of machine manufacturing and more specifically, to shell-type construction of base members used in aviation engineering and rocketry, which operate under conditions of combined stressed state, to the methods of and mandrels for their manufacture.A load-
5814152 Apparatus for coating a substrate September 29, 1998
A method and apparatus for coating the surface of a substrate suspends a coating material above the surface of the substrate and irradiates both the coating material and the underlying surface of the substrate. By irradiating both the coating material and the underlying surface of the
5813630 Multi-mode secondary power unit September 29, 1998
The present invention provides a multi-mode secondary power unit comprising a first starter/generator unit operably coupled to a shaft. The first starter/generator motor is operable in a motor mode for causing rotational movement of the shaft and is operable in a generator mode for gener
5812728 Terminus adapter for fiber optic cables September 22, 1998
An adapter for securement to a terminus at an end of a fiber optic cable and which permits the terminus to be fitted within a connector with an effective environmental seal between the cable and the connector. The adapter is concentrically disposed about the fiber optic cable sheathing
5811788 Integrated boost phase and post boost phase missile guidance system September 22, 1998
An integrated system and method for guiding an inflight missile during its boost phase to increase the accuracy of the missile flight and increase the probability that the missile reaches its intended target. The system includes four sub-systems that each perform a separate missile guida
5809805 Warp/knit reinforced structural fabric September 22, 1998
An improved warp/knit stitch reinforced multi-axial non-crimp layered fabric sheet used in structural applications, as for example, in aircraft and water applications, e.g. the skin of an airplane wing or fuselage structure, in water applications, e.g. skins of surfboards and boats, and
5809171 Image processing method and apparatus for correlating a test image with a template September 15, 1998
The image correlation method and apparatus correlates or matches a test image with a template. The image correlation apparatus includes an image processor for partitioning the template into a number of labels, for determining the total number of pixels N.sub.T which form the template and
5807764 Vertical cavity electron beam pumped semiconductor lasers and methods September 15, 1998
An electron beam pumped semiconductor laser includes a semiconductor laser screen and an electron beam source adjacent the semiconductor laser screen. The semiconductor laser screen comprises a transparent single crystal substrate, an electron beam responsive active gain layer on the
5807034 Vacuum drill plate September 15, 1998
A suction grip for holding a pneumatic power tool to the surface of sheet material for drilling and counterboring holes contains a plate and a releasibly fastened cylindrical member. The plate contains a shallow region on a front face that abuts the work surface and serves as a vacuum
5806806 Flight control mechanical backup system September 15, 1998
A robust mechanical reversion system which provides the ability to fly and land in the absence of any fly-by-wire controls and which is transparent to the pilot during normal operation. The described invention provides a mechanism which includes redundant linear variable differential
5806063 Date formatting and sorting for dates spanning the turn of the century September 8, 1998
Dates stored in symbolic form in a database are reformatted to permit easy manipulation and sorting of date-related information. Each date in M.sub.1 M.sub.2, D.sub.1 D.sub.2, and Y.sub.1 Y.sub.2 format is converted to C.sub.1 C.sub.2, Y.sub.1 Y.sub.2, M.sub.1 M.sub.2, and D.sub.1 D.sub.

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