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5910787 Integrated projector-low radar cross-section (RCS) source support pylon and low RCS measurement June 8, 1999
A low RCS measurement system includes a measurement chamber which surrounds a target of interest intersected by a line defined by focal points associated with the measurement chamber and which separates and extracts scattered signals from the measurement chamber system, the measurement
5910348 Separator film June 8, 1999
An improved separator film that can be applied to a layer of composite prepreg material as well as resin based adhesive films to prevent sticking, voids and separator film contamination in formed articles, as well as providing useful handling and storage properties. The separator fil
5909858 Spanwise transition section for blended wing-body aircraft June 8, 1999
A blended wing-body aircraft includes a central body, a wing, and a transition section which interconnects the body and the wing on each side of the aircraft. The two transition sections are identical, and each has a variable chord length and thickness which varies in proportion to the
5907118 Stores ejection system May 25, 1999
A stores ejection system for retaining a store on the underside of an aircraft and forcibly jettisoning the store away from the aircraft. The ejection system includes an ejector mechanism for releasably holding and jettisoning the store away from the aircraft and a storage device for
5905376 Method and apparatus for detecting corrosion under non-ferromagnetic coatings May 18, 1999
A method using nuclear magnetic resonance techniques to detect corrosion within metallic structures such as aluminum under non-ferromagnetic coatings without first having to remove the coatings. The metallic structure is placed within an external static magnetic field. A series of ra
5904992 Floating superplastic forming/diffusion bonding die, product and process May 18, 1999
A two-sheet superplastically formed/diffusion bonded panel is made with a forming die assembly in which forming cavities are held in a flexible retaining sheet that floats in a forming box. A gas passage is provided through the box behind the cavities and the retaining sheet so that the
5904614 Fiber optic terminal tip polishing tool May 18, 1999
A hand tool for polishing the tip of a fiber optic terminal. The tool includes a base having a central opening that receives a collet through which the fiber optic terminal extends. The fiber optic terminal is gripped by the collet as a collet spring force is exerted on the collet. A
5904323 Constrained store release system May 18, 1999
A store release system which includes a support member, such as a swaybrace, a store-nesting facility secured to the support member and articulated to facilitate orientation of the store-nesting facility to different positions in order to enable stores of different sizes to be nested
5902535 Resin film infusion mold tooling and molding method May 11, 1999
A mold apparatus and method for resin film infusion molding including an outer mold tool having a facing sheet adapted to support a resin film and preform assembly. The facing sheet includes attachment features extending therefrom. An inner mold tool is positioned on the facing sheet to
5901557 Passive low gravity cryogenic storage vessel May 11, 1999
There is provided a vessel storing cryogenic fluid having a passive thermodynamic venting system for effectively and reliably transferring heat in a reduced-gravity environment. The storage vessel has a storage tank for holding the cryogenic fluid under pressure. The storage vessel is
5900799 High responsivity thermochromic infrared detector May 4, 1999
A high responsivity thermochromic infrared detector which has an operating temperature that is established on the steepest part of the phase transition curve and is maintained there while the infrared detector is operated.
5899413 Non-waisted fuselage design for supersonic aircraft May 4, 1999
A method for designing a non-waisted fuselage for supersonic wing/fuselage configurations that increases the fuselage volume and improves the supersonic aerodynamic performance compared to a conventional waisted-fuselage configuration. The method entails removing the waisted region o
5899410 Aerodynamic body having coplanar joined wings May 4, 1999
The aerodynamic body, such as an aircraft, includes a lengthwise extending fuselage and a pair of coplanar joined wings extending outwardly from opposed sides of the fuselage. The pair of coplanar joined wings are formed by at least two forward wings extending laterally outward and r
5899367 Automated dispenser May 4, 1999
An autonomously operated automated food dispenser provides sustenance to one or more animals at prescribed intervals. The dispenser is portable and suitable for use for animals in space vehicle life support systems. A micro-controller controls operation of the outlet valve of a food
5899085 Integrated air conditioning and power unit May 4, 1999
An integrated air conditioning and power unit is provided for use with an aircraft. The system includes an air turbine 42 having air passages connected to an engine 10 of the aircraft for receiving bleed air and/or ram air for driving the air turbine 42. A motor/generator 104 is drivingl
5899071 Adaptive thermal controller for heat engines May 4, 1999
A solar to mechanical or electric power conversion system which has a controller that varies the speed of a cooling fan and cooling fluid pump fan in accordance with the available solar energy intensity, ambient temperature surrounding the system and other operating conditions. The s
5897079 Air curtain insulating system for aircraft cabin April 27, 1999
The present invention encompasses a system and method for insulating an aircraft passenger cabin from ambient temperatures without the need for insulation blankets. Hot bleed air flowing through a network of fluid passageways is directed into sealed bays formed between the outer skin of
5896637 Assembly tower April 27, 1999
An assembly tower method and apparatus for use with an assembly jig having a tower guidance apparatus. The assembly tower includes a base, a platform coupled to the base for movement relative thereto, a drive system for moving the base relative to the ground and for moving the platform t
5896237 Sensor assembly with dual reflectors to offset sensor April 20, 1999
Radiant energy sensor is protected from severe environments with a radiant energy sensor assembly that off-sets the sensor from the environment. The sensor assembly includes a radiant energy sensor, a pair of reflective walls facing one another, one of the walls having a transmissive ape
5893535 Rib for blended wing-body aircraft April 13, 1999
Structural ribs for providing structural support for a structure, such as the pressure cabin of a blended-wing body aircraft. In a first embodiment, the ribs are generally "Y-shaped", being comprised of a vertical web and a pair of inclined webs attached to the vertical web to extend upw
5890808 Image processing method and apparatus for correlating a test image with a template April 6, 1999
The image correlation method and apparatus correlates or matches a test image with a template. The image correlation apparatus includes an image processor for partitioning the template into a number of labels, for determining the total number of pixels N.sub.T which form the template and
5890429 Method of making and bonding a screen printed ink film carrier to an electronic device April 6, 1999
Screen ink printed film carrier having an ink screen printed electrical altering image provided on thin adhesive film carrier that is flexible and capable of deformation out of the major plane of the carrier to conform to the exterior contour presented by flat or complicated three-dimens
5890285 Method for superplastically forming a structural article April 6, 1999
A method for forming a hollow structure having a predetermined shape from a sheet of superplastic material. The sheet is initially formed into a preform configuration. A reusable fluid inlet tube is placed in the preform configuration to define a port in fluid communication with the
5890134 Scheduling optimizer March 30, 1999
A schedule optimizing algorithm improves scheduling quality, reducing a schedules cycle time and requiring only marginal increase in computer execution time. Lower quality computerized scheduling programs are substantially improved through the additional steps of sequential left time
5887825 Multi-stage parachute release March 30, 1999
A parachute release mechanism is provided which is compact, lightweight, and free from external wire harnesses. The release mechanism includes a passage connected between a source of pressurized gas and a piston chamber having a piston disposed therein. A shear pin is disposed in an open
5885040 Tie-down with strap and strap tension indicator March 23, 1999
A tie-down comprising a flexible strap adapted to be wrapped around an object to be tied down, a first member at one end of the strap having a first hole formed therein and a second member to which the other end of the strap is attached having a second hole formed therein in alignment
5884900 Fastener removal tool March 23, 1999
A fastener removal tool includes a substantially planar body portion having first and second ends. A standoff portion extends from the first end. A handle portion extends from the second end. The body portion forms a slot therein for cooperation with the fastener head, whereby the slot m
5884866 Satellite dispenser March 23, 1999
A dispenser that is connectable to a launch vehicle in order to deploy a plurality of satellites in orbit. The dispenser includes a post having a longitudinal axis, an assembly for coupling the post to a launch vehicle, and a plurality of fittings coupled to the post and having attachmen
5882449 Process for preparing aluminum/lithium/scandium rolled sheet products March 16, 1999
Aluminum/lithium alloys displaying excellent weldability while also exhibiting isotropic physical properties is produced by including greater than 0.25 weight percent scandium and processing by a combination of low temperature hot working, recrystallization, optional cold working, and
5881973 Passenger door operation control set March 16, 1999
A passenger door control set simulates the electrical sequencing and control circuits that controls the operation of an aircraft's passenger doors, allowing the door to be opened and/or closed, and substitutes for the normal sequencing and control circuits that were removed from the
5881459 Pressure communication for superplastically formed, diffusion bonded panels and method of manufa March 16, 1999
The method of forming SPF/DB structures having reinforcement webs that are constructed by welding two or more sheets together along an interrupted seam and placing the core so formed between two face sheets, expanding the face sheets into a die by providing pressurized inert gas through
5881198 Microactuator for precisely positioning an optical fiber and an associated method March 9, 1999
A microactuator for precisely positioning an optical fiber, such as in alignment with an optical device, includes an alignment support structure, a carrier movably mounted on the alignment support structure and at least one actuator which bends or deflects in response to a predetermined
5879498 Method of lining fluid vessels March 9, 1999
A barrier liner for sealing reinforced composite vessels at cryogenic temperatures is provided wherein the barrier liner is composed of a polymeric composition containing a curing agent, such as a methyl bis-methyl anthranilate, and an elastomer adhesive, such as a two-part polyether
5873549 Vehicle rotation and control mechanism February 23, 1999
A nose assembly and method for controlling the rotation and stabilizing the orientation of a vehicle during landing maneuvers. The vehicle includes a nose assembly that is coupled to an airframe thereof and that has a frame and flap assembly. The flap assembly includes an actuating means
5871178 Decompression panel for aircraft partition February 16, 1999
A decompression panel assembly for use in a partition of an aircraft is disclosed. The decompression panel assembly includes a panel member that fits over a decompression vent opening in a partition. The panel member includes multiple holes. The same number of cover plates are positioned
5871117 Tubular load-bearing composite structure February 16, 1999
The invention relates to machine-building. More specifically, it pertains to shell fabrication of airframe parts, which are used in aerospace equipment operating under compound stress. The invention also covers methods and apparatus for the fabrication of the shell structures.The inventi
5870518 Microactuator for precisely aligning an optical fiber and an associated fabrication method February 9, 1999
A microactuator for precisely aligning an optical fiber with an optical device and an associated method of fabrication thereof. The microactuator includes a carrier positioned on a base for holding the optical fiber. An alignment frame positioned on the carrier remotely from the optical
5870304 Method for determining the proper progress of a superplastic forming process February 9, 1999
A method of determining the progress of a superplastic formation process that uses controlled gas-mass flow rate of inert gas to form a part from generally one or more sheets of superplastically formable material, a process that may include selective diffusion bonding of the sheets t
5868544 Airborne cargo loader February 9, 1999
An aircraft cargo loader is provided including a platform having a plurality of rollers for supporting cargo thereon. A base member is disposed below the platform and a plurality of telescoping jacks are disposed between the platform and the base member for lifting the platform. A su
5868037 Cable tension regulator February 9, 1999
A cable tension regulator capable of receiving an input force and transmitting an output force for use in mechanical control. The cable tension regulator comprises a pivot rod including a connector for operatively connecting the pivot rod to a support for pivoting of the rod relative
5867257 Battlefield personnel threat detection system and operating method therefor February 2, 1999
A battlefield personnel threat detection system for identifying and analyzing vibrations corresponding to an immutable characteristic of a target of interest includes a transmitter for producing a transmit laser beam by amplification of a primary coherent laser signal, a coherent rec
5867119 Precision height measuring device February 2, 1999
An apparatus for measuring the height and cross-track offset of a surface location from a moving platform is defined. First and second antennas positioned on an underside of the platform are directed downwardly toward the surface. A transmitter associated with one of the antennas transmi
5866837 Method for safe flight testing of high velocity interceptor missiles February 2, 1999
An intercept missile testing method which includes the steps of launching a test missile threat from a first location on a substantially vertical trajectory, e.g., with a flight path angle greater than about, towards an intercept point, and launching a test intercept missile f
5865398 Multi-function engine air inlet control February 2, 1999
A multi-function air inlet control apparatus for an aircraft engine includes an air inlet frame housing a plurality of adjacent, spaced apart louvers attached by hinges at opposing ends to the air inlet frame. The hinges allow the louvers to pivot through a substantially 180 degree angle
5862890 Restrained aircraft brake apparatus January 26, 1999
Axial and rotational movement of the torque tube foot of an aircraft's disc brake assembly is restrained to substantially dampen or eliminate the short interval high frequency vibration previously experienced on brake application. Restraining means is employed to restrain the torque tube
5862496 Method of computing divert velocity for the ground-based interceptor using numerical partial der January 19, 1999
A ground-based interceptor missile, part of a larger ballistic missile defense system, is provided for intercepting enemy intercontinental ballistic missiles. The interceptor employs a method based on numerical partial derivatives for computing required divert velocity corrections to
5860779 Locking nut January 19, 1999
A locking nut for use with a bolt for connecting members together. The bolt has a head and a shank. The members are disposed between the head and the nut when the locking nut connects the members together. At least a portion of the shank has external threads formed thereon. The locking n
5860778 Torque- and preload-controlled fastener and associated method of fastening January 19, 1999
A fastener and an associated fastening method are provided to securely join at least two structural elements to form a structural assembly. Although the fastener can join a variety of different types of structural elements, the fastener is particularly well adapted to join composite pane
5858468 Chemical resistant coatings January 12, 1999
A coating having resistance to chemical warfare agents, comprising a cured mixture of (a) a polysiloxane having unsaturated groups available for cross-linking and (b) a polysiloxane containing reactive Si--H groups. A platinum siloxane catalyst is also employed in the mixture. A repr
5858133 Method for preparing pre-coated aluminum alloy articles and articles prepared thereby January 12, 1999
An aluminum-alloy article such as a fastener is prepared by providing an aluminum-alloy article precursor that is not in its final heat-treated state, and in one form is in its solution treated/annealed state. A curable organic coating material is also provided. The method includes a

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