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5987880 Supersonic engine, multi-port thrust reversing system November 23, 1999
A thrust reverser system for a gas turbine engine 10 of the type which includes an outer nacelle 16 spaced apart from a core engine to define an annular bypass duct 32 therebetween and having a fan 22 disposed in an inlet for providing forced air to the bypass duct 32 and core engine. Th
5985362 Insulation system for transport aircraft November 16, 1999
An insulation system for the fuselage walls of an aircraft. The insulation is a formed-in-place, sprayed-on foam that is applied against a barrier material that is draped against the inside of the exterior skin of the fuselage and over any inwardly projecting structural members attached
5984511 Knowledge driven composite design optimization process and system therefor November 16, 1999
A knowledge driven composite design optimization process for designing a laminate part includes steps for generating a globally optimized 3-D ply definition for a laminate part, and modifying the 3-D ply definition to include features of the laminate part, where the generating and modify
5982945 Image processing method and apparatus for correlating a test image with a template November 9, 1999
The image correlation method and apparatus correlates or matches a test image with a template. The image correlation apparatus includes an image processor for partitioning the template into a number of labels, for determining the total number of pixels N.sub.T which form the template and
5982930 Image processing method and apparatus for correlating a test image with a template November 9, 1999
The image correlation method and apparatus correlates or matches a test image with a template. The image correlation apparatus includes an image processor for partitioning the template into a number of labels, for determining the total number of pixels N.sub.T which form the template and
5982481 Alignment system and method for dish concentrators November 9, 1999
An apparatus and method for precisely aligning individual facets on a dish concentrator located at most any location. The basic components of the present alignment system includes a camera and light assembly, an alignment device, an operator controller, and a support member for suppo
5980980 Method of repairing porous ceramic bodies and ceramic composition for same November 9, 1999
A ceramic composition for the repair of porous ceramic bodies comprises a ceramic material having cations which are reactive with phosphate ions, a source of reactive phosphate ions, and filler. An aqueous slurry of the ceramic composition is prepared and applied to the damaged region of
5980049 Sensor assembly with dual reflectors to offset sensor November 9, 1999
Radiant energy sensor is protected from severe environments with a radiant energy sensor assembly that off-sets the sensor from the environment. The sensor assembly includes a radiant energy sensor, a pair of reflective walls facing one another, one of the walls having a transmissive ape
5979831 System and method for attaching a structural component to an aerospace vehicle November 9, 1999
A system and method for attaching an annular structural component to an aerospace vehicle is provided. The system includes a plurality of fittings circumferentially affixed to an engagement portion of the vehicle, and a plurality of supports. Each support has a first end connected to a
5979531 Bi-directional fiber placement head November 9, 1999
A fiber placement head movable with respect to a surface, for placing fiber tows thereon, including a feed assembly for feeding the tows to a front end of the feed assembly where the feed assembly includes first and second sets of feed tow guides, an applicator assembly at the front end
5979046 Composite structure having an externally accessible electrical device embedded therein and a rel November 9, 1999
A method is provided for fabricating a composite structure having an externally accessible electrical device embedded therein. At least one supporting ply is initially provided that has first and second depressions. An electrical device having at least one electrical lead is disposed
5975410 Process of bonding a metal brush structure to a planar surface of a metal substrate November 2, 1999
Process for bonding a metal brush structure to a planar surface of a metal substrate in which an array of metal rods are retained and immobilized at their tips by a common retention layer formed of metal, and the brush structure is then joined to a planar surface of a metal substrate via
5972521 Expanded metal structure and method of making same October 26, 1999
The present invention provides a method of forming a continuous one-piece structural porous metal (SPM) structure having a predetermined geometry. The method the invention includes the steps of preparing a metal billet comprising a metal core formed of a metal and a gas, and solid metal
5972190 Continuous flow electrophoresis apparatus October 26, 1999
An electrophoresis chamber having the separation capability of a thicker chamber by the addition of a number of ports along the length of the chamber that can act as inlets or outlets. The device introduces cross flow by either a plurality of input and output ports along opposite walls
5971623 Fiber optic trunkline for an aircraft with breakout boxes therealong October 26, 1999
A system and method to breakout and splice into optical circuits in a ribbon cable trunkline extending throughout an aircraft with optical minimal loss. Breakout boxes are positioned at strategic locations along the aircraft's fiber optic trunkline. Within each box, optical fibers in a
5969723 Method for incorporating high detail normal vector information into polygonal terrain databases October 19, 1999
An improvement over existing image display systems which utilize polygonal terrain databases, e.g., such as are used in RADAR simulation and image generation systems for flight simulators, the improvement residing in a method for modifying the polygon faces in the existing terrain databa
5966391 Long cavity laser system including frequency doubling long cavity fiber optic laser system October 12, 1999
A polarization controlled laser system receiving a pump laser beam includes a long laser cavity for precluding mode hopping. Preferably, the long laser cavity is defined by first and second dichroic reflectors, a rare earth doped optical fiber disposed between the first and second dichro
5961078 Passive axial vibration isolation system for a spacecraft launch vehicle October 5, 1999
An acceleration force isolator assembly for attaching a payload, such as a spacecraft or satellite, to a launch vehicle wherein axial acceleration forces on the payload are attenuated. The attachment includes an upper interface ring that is secured to the payload and a lower interface ri
5958166 Method for repairing high temperature composite structures September 28, 1999
A method for repairing a high temperature composite structure fabricated from layers of composite plies. If the composite structure contains an internal high temperature core, the core is first restored by installing a core block into the damaged region, bonding the core block in place b
5956191 Light weight reflector facet September 21, 1999
A light weight arcuate reflector facet, for a solar concentrator is disclosed, which comprises a thin mirrored glass sheet such as a microsheet, and a backing sheet or substrate, the glass sheet being bonded to the backing sheet, with the backing sheet providing a smooth surface to t
5955207 Structural panel having boron reinforce face sheets and associated fabrication method September 21, 1999
The face sheet is formed of a titanium alloy which includes boron that can be superplastically formed and diffusion bonded to form a structural panel. The structural panel generally includes a pair of face sheets that are disposed on and bonded to opposite sides of a metallic core. By
5953231 Automated quality control for stitching of textile articles September 14, 1999
Quality control for stitching of a textile article is performed by measuring thread tension in the stitches as the stitches are being made, determining locations of the stitches, and generating a map including the locations and stitching data derived from the measured thread tensions.
5952836 Device and method for detecting workpiece fractures September 14, 1999
A device for detecting fractures or corrosion in a workpiece having a non-conductive outer surface. A thin film layer of metallic material comprising a plurality of separate crack detection wires is bonded to the non-conductive surface of the workpiece. A top coating of protective ma
5950964 Cargo guide September 14, 1999
A device for guiding movement of cargo items during loading and unloading from a cargo compartment of an aircraft includes a housing defining a recessed well below an upper surface of the housing, a slider which slides within the recessed well, a pawl pivotally connected to the slider an
5948542 High-absorptance high-emittance anodic coating September 7, 1999
A colored anodic coating for use on surfaces of substrates, e.g. aluminum substrates in which it is desirable to maintain a high solar absorptance (.alpha.) and a high infrared emittance (.epsilon.), particularly in low earth orbit space environments. This anodic coating is preferably a
5946130 Optical fiber amplifier network having a coherently combined output and high-power laser amplifi August 31, 1999
An optical fiber amplifier which receives a primary laser beam and generates a coherent amplified laser beam, includes an optical isolator which transmits the primary laser, a 3-dB coupler which receives the primary laser beam, which generates first and second laser beams, which rece
5944918 Method for preparing pre-coated aluminum articles and articles prepared thereby August 31, 1999
An aluminum-alloy article such as a fastener is prepared by providing an aluminum-alloy article that is not in its final heat-treated state, and is preferably in its annealed state. A curable organic coating material is also provided. The method includes applying the organic coating mate
5941446 SPF/DB airfoil-shaped structure and method of fabrication thereof August 24, 1999
An airfoil-shaped structure having a continuous, seamless, structurally reinforced, leading edge is fabricated using a superplastic forming/diffusion bonding process which results in a simpler and more cost effective structure. The airfoil-shaped structure includes a core assembly ha
5941124 Face gearing with conical involute pinion August 24, 1999
The present invention is directed to a unique gear set including a conical involute pinion and a mating face gear. The mating face gear has an axis whose location and orientation is usually configured, as intersecting with or slightly offset from the pinion axis. The pinion teeth are for
5936568 Low radar cross-section (RCS) support pylon and low RCS measurement system employing same August 10, 1999
A support member for a measurement chamber, which measurement chamber surrounds a target of interest intersected by a line defined by focal points associated with the measurement chamber, and which chamber separates and extracts unwanted scattered signals from the measurement chamber
5936202 Debris protection cover assembly for cable connectors August 10, 1999
A protective cover assembly for an end of a cable connector having a cable housing that encloses a plurality of connective pins or sockets and that satisfies all requirements for space applications. A connector body flange is formed at the extremity of a cable and is positioned so that i
5933273 Ultraviolet blocking coating and associated coated optical element August 3, 1999
The UV blocking coating includes at least eight alternating layers of a first dielectric material and a second dielectric material stacked upon the surface of an optical substrate to thereby form windows, windscreens, lenses or the like. The first dielectric material has a higher index o
5932829 Suspension and release rack apparatus capable of carrying both bombs and missiles August 3, 1999
Suspension and Release Equipment (S&RE) capable of carrying and releasing various types of weapons including bombs and missiles without the need for reconfiguration. The rack assembly of the present invention includes a plurality of separate, yet linked hook assemblies. A multi-purpose h
5932029 Solar thermophotovoltaic power conversion method and apparatus August 3, 1999
Solar power is concentrated onto an absorptive surface of a body to heat the body to thus result in infrared emissions. The wavelength spectrum of the infrared emissions is tailored to match the optimal incident wavelength spectrum of photovoltaic cells. This tailoring is accomplished
5931107 Advanced stitching head for making stitches in a textile article having variable thickness August 3, 1999
A stitching head for a computer numerically controlled stitching machine includes a thread tensioning mechanism for automatically adjusting thread tension according to the thickness of the material being stitched. The stitching head also includes a mechanism for automatically adjusting
5930027 Digitally controlled fiber optic light modulation system July 27, 1999
A fiber optic spatial light modulation system which includes a light source which produces source light, an optical fiber bundle which includes a plurality of individual optical fibers, and a spatial light modulator which is interposed between the light source and the optical fiber bundl
5929530 Advanced solar controller July 27, 1999
A solar tracker which has a pneumatic motor that moves a reflective surface. The pneumatic motor is power by pressurized air stored in a pedestal of the tracker. The pressurized air is replenished by a compressor that draws in air from the atmosphere. The pneumatic motor and compress
5928775 Surface protection of porous ceramic bodies July 27, 1999
A surface of a porous ceramic body is protected by binding ceramic particles entirely within the subsurface porosity of the body adjacent to the surface but not present as a separately identifiable surface layer. To produce such a protective layer, a slurry of a mixture of a ceramic powd
5927985 Modular video display system July 27, 1999
A visual display system, such as a flight simulation system, includes a number of display screens and a number of associated video projectors which project predetermined video images on the display screens in response to control signals provided by an operator. In one embodiment, the
5927919 Spring loaded bushed wedgelock July 27, 1999
The wedgelock of the present invention prevents the separation of structural members during drilling or other fabrication operations on structural assemblies with curved surfaces or thickness variations and precludes the formation of burrs and delaminations which might result from su
5927680 Rate gyro isolation assembly July 27, 1999
A gyro isolation assembly (10) is provided including a cradle (24) having a base (26) and a plurality of reinforcement wall portions extending therefrom (28, 30). A first bracket (50) is provided for supporting a first end of the cradle (24) in a suspended manner and a second bracket
5927138 Method of forming a structural member from tubular material July 27, 1999
A method of forming a structural member from a tubular member having a hollow interior. The method includes cutting a pair of slots in the tubular member. The slots extend from a free end of the tubular member and generally longitudinally with respect thereto. The slots are located g
5924331 Cable control system having stored energy fail-safe mechanism July 20, 1999
A cable control system is constructed to isolate a controlled member from uncontrolled motion upon sudden breakage or disconnection of cables in the system. The control system has an input mechanism connected to the controlled member by a control circuit which includes an input pulley an
5922472 Method for preparing pre-coated aluminum alloy articles and articles prepared thereby July 13, 1999
An aluminum-alloy article such as a fastener is prepared by providing an aluminum-alloy article precursor that is not in its final heat-treated state, and in one form is in its solution treated/annealed state. A curable organic coating material is also provided. The method includes a
5920145 Method and structure for embedding piezoelectric transducers in thermoplastic composites July 6, 1999
This invention consists of a method for embedding piezoelectric ceramic transducers in thermoplastic composites. The piezoelectric ceramic transducer to be embedded in a graphite/PEEK composite is first bonded with two fine silver wires for electrical connection, one on each major su
5919267 Neural network fault diagnostics systems and related method July 6, 1999
A fault diagnostics system for monitoring the operating condition of a host system, e.g., an aircraft, which includes a plurality of subsystems. The fault diagnostics system is preferably implemented in software running on a high-speed neural network processor. The fault diagnostics syst
5915652 Method and apparatus for restraining a cargo barrier net beam assembly June 29, 1999
A cargo barrier net installation for a cargo airplane is connected to the floor and fuselage shell of the aircraft. The cargo barrier net installation includes a pair of C-shaped beams that secure the horizontal net straps to the fuselage. The C-shaped beams have a primary portion that
5915651 Reverse thrust inlet vortex inhibitor June 29, 1999
A method and apparatus are provided for inhibiting the formation of inlet vortices in a turbofan engine/nacelle installation 10 for use with an aircraft. The present invention redirects fan air from a fan air bypass duct 16, in a generally downward direction from the outer nacelle 18 in
5915290 Integral weapons loading hoist and bomb rack interface unit June 22, 1999
The present invention relates to an integral hoist and weapon rack interface assembly adaptable for loading a weapon onto an aircraft. The assembly includes a hoist mechanism positioned at an aircraft weapon station and a separate rack attached to the hoist by straps is lowered into
5911390 Bobweight assembly for establishing a force feedback on a manually movable control element June 15, 1999
A pilot-operated lever assembly for adjusting control surfaces of an aircraft including a bobweight for creating inertia forces that simulate a force feedback due to aerodynamic forces on the control surfaces. The bobweight effect is variable as a function of airspeed and other operating

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