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6079667 Auxiliary inlet for a jet engine June 27, 2000
An auxiliary inlet (60) for a jet engine has a first rod block (62) attached to a first side (64) of a hole (66) in a skin (68) of an inlet of the jet engine. A second rod block (80) is attached to an opposing side (82) of the hole (66) in the skin (68) of the inlet of the jet engine. A
6078103 Dimpled contacts for metal-to-semiconductor connections, and methods for fabricating same June 20, 2000
An improved electrical connection between a metal surface and a semiconductor surface is provided by the deposition of a conductive dimple on the metal surface, whereby the conductive dimple is interposed between the metal surface and the semiconductor substrate. For example, a condu
6075309 Broadband piezoelectric shunts for structural vibration control June 13, 2000
A negative capacitance converter is used in combination with a buffer circuit to form an electrical shunt circuit. The negative capacitance converter and the buffer circuit, together, minimize or eliminate oscillations of a negative impedance generated by the electrical shunt circuit
6074716 Weavable metal matrix impregnated tow composite material June 13, 2000
A composite material comprising a flexible jacket covering a roving of fibers which have been impregnated with a metal powder is described. The flexible jacket allows the material to be handled easily and to be weaved, knitted or braided into the shape or form desired. The jacket is made
6074699 Surface hardness of articles by reactive phosphate treatment June 13, 2000
An article has at its surface a nonmetallic ceramic form of a cation reactive with phosphate ion to form a ceramic phosphate, such as an oxide of a cation selected from the group consisting of beryllium, aluminum, iron, magnesium, calcium, thorium, barium, zirconium, zinc, silicon, and
6074498 Heat treated Al-Cu-Li-Sc alloys June 13, 2000
A dual aging treatment of aluminum-copper-lithium-scandium alloys allows preparation of alloys exhibiting superior physical properties as compared to the same alloys subjected to only a single aging. In particular, the difference between yield strength and ultimate tensile strength is
6074475 Thermosetting syntactic foams and their preparation June 13, 2000
A low-density, syntactic foam material is provided according to the invention. The syntactic foam material is prepared by mixing together a plurality of microballoons and a finely divided solid thermosetting resin. Fibers are also preferably incorporated into the material during proc
6073886 Constant pressure area telescoping piston and method of using same June 13, 2000
An actuator assembly that has a constant net pressure area telescoping piston. The actuator assembly has a cylindrical housing; nesting, telescoping pistons; a central plug; an outer cap; and a vent. The cylindrical housing has an interior surface and a base that terminates at an ope
6073885 Flight station access system for an aircraft June 13, 2000
A crew systems module for providing normal ingress to and egress from an aircraft cockpit flight station includes a seat assembly for supporting a crew member and a shell which supports the seat assembly and is pivotally attached to the aircraft adjacent the cockpit. The shell is pivotal
6068915 Thermosetting syntactic foams and their preparation May 30, 2000
A low-density, syntactic foam material is provided according to the invention. The syntactic foam material is prepared by mixing together a plurality of microballoons and a finely divided solid thermosetting resin. Fibers are also preferably incorporated into the material during proc
6066389 Connector tow May 23, 2000
A connector tow for providing external electrical access to an electrical device embedded within a composite structure. The connector comprises a plurality of tubes disposed between a pair of opposed film layers. The film layers are adhered to opposite sides of the plurality of tubes and
6065905 Rotary cutting tool with enhanced damping May 23, 2000
A rotary cutting tool such as an endmill includes a coating on its radial relief surfaces for enhancing damping of vibratory motion of the tool at speeds which permit the relief surfaces to rub on the workpiece being machined. The coating has a hardness substantially less than that of th
6064429 Foreign object video detection and alert system and method May 16, 2000
A foreign object video detection system comprises a television camera for producing a digital color image of a work surface, a converter having direct memory access to a computer, color detection and color image processing software, logic for discriminating objects deemed to be a for
6064031 Selective metal matrix composite reinforcement by laser deposition May 16, 2000
The structural assemblies are selectively reinforced with metal matrix composite in the regions susceptible to mechanical failure. More specifically, a channel is machined in a structural member in an area of relatively high stress. A reinforcing member is inserted into the channel.
6063445 Method of preparation of polymer substrates for metal plating May 16, 2000
Extremely thin polymer film substrates are conditioned for subsequent electroless plating by contact with a mild caustic solution. Aqueous solutions of about 1/2 wt % NaOH or KOH can successfully condition polyimide films with contact times of less than an hour. The more robust PET p
6062715 Computer implemented aircraft simulation method and apparatus May 16, 2000
A flight simulator includes a central processing unit and a flight simulation environment controlled by the central processing unit for simulating the flight of an aircraft. The central processing unit is programmed to observe a full fidelity model of the aircraft in flight so as to
6061170 Dual frequency laser amplifier array and operating method therefor May 9, 2000
A dual frequency laser amplifier includes a beam generator for generating first and second source laser beams, and a co-doped optical fiber including first and second dopant ions having first and second gain bandwidths corresponding to the respective wavelengths of the first and seco
6060181 Low loss magnetic alloy May 9, 2000
A more resistive, low loss magnetic alloy containing at least 80% cobalt, at least 10 wt % iron, about 2.5 wt % nickel, and about 0.3-2 wt % impurities including boron and manganese. The alloy is well suited for deposition upon dielectric substrates such as polyimide or polyester tape
6053050 Signal conditioning system April 25, 2000
A current-driven signal conditioning system comprising a first terminal, a second terminal, a strain gauge, and an instrumentation amplifier is disclosed. The strain gauge is adapted to measure a deformation of a structure and to generate a resistance which corresponds to the measured
6052879 Method for embedding piezoelectric transducers in thermoplastic composites April 25, 2000
A method for embedding piezoelectric ceramic transducers in thermoplastic composites. The piezoelectric ceramic transducer to be embedded in a graphite/PEEK composite is first bonded with two fine silver wires for electrical connection, one on each major surface. The bonding agent is a
6051325 Joining of machined sandwich assemblies by friction stir welding April 18, 2000
The machined-sandwich structural assembly has two components joined together with a joint of substantially the same strength as the weakest base material. More specifically, the structural assembly includes a first structural member and a second structural member. The first structural
6051089 Reinforcing member for composite workpieces and associated methods April 18, 2000
Reinforcing members for securement of reinforced plastic composite components in restricted and confined space locations as a substitute for reinforcing stitching. The reinforcing members are highly effective for securing "T" stiffeners and the like to a skin structure in confined and
6050475 Method and apparatus for controlling downforce during friction stir welding April 18, 2000
The present invention provides a friction stir welding device for optimizing the depth of a friction stir welding tool in a workpiece. The welding device includes a spindle and a welding tool in rotatable communication with the spindle. The welding device also includes an inner housi
6048581 Elastic ground plane and method April 11, 2000
An elastic ground plane (50) has an environmental coating (58) attached to a surface of a fabric (54) having a lo plurality of fibers. A conductive substance (56) is applied to the fabric (54) to coat the fabric (54).
6047588 Air cargo container April 11, 2000
An air cargo container includes a relatively-rigid housing defining an air-tight interior space of nominal volume within which to receive cargo. The housing substantially maintains the nominal volume of the interior space upon pressurizing or evacuating the interior space relative to
6045028 Integral corrosion protection of friction-welded joints April 4, 2000
A zone of corrosion-resistant material covering a friction stir welded joint surface is provided by applying a layer of corrosion-resistant material over one or both surfaces of the workpieces being joined so that the layer covers at least the weld zone which will be rendered plastic
6039860 Method for chromium plating titanium alloy March 21, 2000
A method for chromium plating a part made of titanium or titanium alloy eliminates the conventional chemical cleaning of the part prior to electroplating, and instead employs a mechanical cleaning of the part including degreasing the part and then grit-blasting the part with aluminum
6039519 Impact-resistant restraint for cargo March 21, 2000
A cargo restraint includes a support, a housing which is rotatable relative to the support about a first rotation axis, and a plunger which is slidable within the housing along a second axis normal to the first axis, the plunger having a portion serving as a restraint for cargo. A torsio
6036141 Jet thruster for helicopter antitorque and yaw control system March 14, 2000
An improved jet thruster system for use in a helicopter without a tail rotor. A non-rotating outer thruster assembly is attached to the rear of the tail boom which, within it, has a source of low pressure air. The outer thruster assembly has a window on each side. Nested within the outer
6035759 Single hook ejector rack for miniature munitions March 14, 2000
The stores ejection system of the present invention includes a single release hook and swaybraced ejection rams for releasably mounting and forcibly ejecting miniature munitions and other miniature stores on an aircraft. The pneumatically-driven stores ejection system can accommodate
6031917 Active noise control using blocked mode approach February 29, 2000
A method and apparatus for reducing noise across a broadband frequency range transmitted by a vibrating panel by blocking or otherwise opposing increasing non-resonant modes of vibration in the panel. The method and apparatus includes mounting an array of sensors on a surface of the
6026418 Frequency measurement method and associated apparatus February 15, 2000
The frequency measurement method and associated apparatus accurately determines the frequency of a periodic signal even if the frequency exceeds the nyquist frequency, typically established by the analog to digital ("A/D") converter used to sample the signal. The frequency measuremen
6023768 Phase locked distributed time reference for digital processing and method therefor February 8, 2000
A phase locked distributed time reference system for use in multiplexed communication bus structures. This system is composed of two parts, a master and a slave time reference or clock. The master time reference is a high accuracy clock that is a dedicated distributed clock system which
6021977 Vertical stabilizer fin assembly for an aircraft February 8, 2000
A vertical stabilizer fin and rudder assembly for use on an aircraft including a stabilizer fin with airfoil surfaces and a rudder with a forward margin pivotally mounted on the trailing edge of the stabilizer fin. The assembly is subjected to Bernoulli forces as a relatively moving
6021374 Stand alone terrain conflict detector and operating methods therefor February 1, 2000
A stand alone terrain conflict detector of an aircraft includes a global positioning system (GPS) receiver, an inertial navigation system, navigational and topographical databases, a control panel, a central processing unit (CPU), which CPU generates position data, a current flight p
6014606 Cockpit weather information system January 11, 2000
Weather information, periodically collected from throughout a global region, is periodically assimilated and compiled at a central source and sent via a high speed data link to a satellite communication service, such as COMSAT. That communication service converts the compiled weather
6013341 Carrying (bearing) pipe-casing made of composite materials, the method and the setting (straight January 11, 2000
A load-bearing tubular structural shell for use particularly in aerospace applications includes a structural frame of lattice-like structure formed by intersecting helical, girth, and longitudinal stiffening ribs, ad an outer covering surrounding the structural frame. The ribs are formed
6012680 Passive lateral vibration isolation system for a spacecraft launch vehicle January 11, 2000
A lateral acceleration force isolator that forms a part of an attachment fitting for a payload, such as a spacecraft or satellite, and launch vehicle assembly. An upper portion of the isolator is designed to be attached to the payload and a lower portion is designed to be attached to
6009788 Variable flow-restricting device and method January 4, 2000
A variable flow-restricting and apportioning device for an aircraft ejector rack system having a pair of fluid-actuated thrusters includes a pair of rotatable feed conduits for supplying pressurized fluid to the thrusters. Each feed conduit has an exit flow passage at its exit end which
6008753 Low radar cross-section (RCS) measurement chamber and associated measurement system December 28, 1999
A measurement chamber which surrounds a target of interest intersected by a line defined by focal points associated with the measurement chamber and which separates and extracts scattered signals from the measurement chamber, includes a chamber having an interior defined by rotation of a
6007287 Deformable head fastener December 28, 1999
A fastener for use in connecting first and second structural members together. The first and second members have aligned bores defining a fastener receiving hole including a countersink portion extending from an outer surface of the first member and a through portion extending from an
6006163 Active damage interrogation method for structural health monitoring December 21, 1999
An active damage interrogation (ADI) system (and method) which utilizes an array of piezoelectric transducers attached to or embedded within the structure for both actuation and sensing. The ADI system actively interrogates the structure through broadband excitation of the transducer
6003641 Wheel and brake assembly December 21, 1999
A wheel and brake assembly comprising an axle, a bearing supported on the axle, a wheel rotatably mounted on the axle by the bearing and a torque tube located in a fixed position about the axle. The torque tube includes a torque tube foot extending radially inward from the torque tube to
6000977 Electrical connection devices for composite structures having externally accessible ports December 14, 1999
The electrical contact device establishes electrical contact with a tubular electrical port that opens through an edge surface of a composite structure. The electrical contact device includes a contact pad having opposed inner and outer surfaces. The outer surface is formed of an ele
6000435 Reinforced hose and retainer ring assembly December 14, 1999
The present invention is directed to a new and improved flexible hose assembly for transmitting pressurized air, gases and/or fluids between two spaced apart components. The hose assembly includes an inner liner surrounded by a helix formed of thermoplastic material having a substant
5993941 Composite transverse wing rib and apparatus for producing flat cellular-ribbed structure thereof November 30, 1999
A composite transverse wing rib shaped as a multi-layered flat panel comprises a cellular-ribbed structure of intersecting rectlinear ribs whose lengthwise directions are angled in opposite directions at oblique angles to a longitudinal dimension of the wing rib. The ribs have widthw
5988965 Locking fastener November 23, 1999
A quick-operating locking fastener assembly for use in connecting members together, the fastener assembly comprising a fastener having a threaded shank, and a lock nut assembly receivable on the shank. The lock nut assembly includes a retainer having a passage for receiving the shank, an
5988606 Hydraulic strut with over-pressure control November 23, 1999
A hydraulic strut having a damping rate that is variable includes a bypass valve which is operated to open and close by a gas spring supported within the piston of the strut. A main orifice plate divides an oil-filled cavity within the strut into first and second oil chambers, the orific
5988563 Articulating winglets November 23, 1999
The present invention is directed to a unique foldable winglet assembly adaptable for use with an aircraft for maximizing the wing span of the aircraft during cruise operation while reducing wing bending moment during extreme flight maneuvers. A foldable winglet is pivotally joined to th
5988488 Process of bonding copper and tungsten November 23, 1999
Process for bonding a copper substrate to a tungsten substrate by providing a thin metallic adhesion promoting film bonded to a tungsten substrate and a functionally graded material (FGM) interlayer bonding the thin metallic adhesion promoting film to the copper substrate. The FGM interl

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