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McDonnell Douglas Corporation Patents
McDonnell Douglas Corporation
St. Louis, MO
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4052540 Substantially non-gassing alkali resistant battery separator and method of producing same October 4, 1977
Production of inorganic porous sintered battery separator substantially eliminating formation of gas when in contact with a zinc electrode, and permitting long cycle life of a high energy density battery such as a silver-zinc battery, produced according to one embodiment by initially
4046277 Flexible bottom containers September 6, 1977
An improved hard sided cargo container having a top, bottom and four vertical walls, two opposing walls of said container being pliant to permit incremental vertical expansion or contraction of said walls responsive to loads on the floor of the container.
4045681 Cargo transfer logic circuitry August 30, 1977
A cargo loading and unloading shutoff system is used to control transfer of loads between a cargo aircraft and a loading dock. Control logic means compares commands entered on a control console and the existing conditions in the aircraft and on the dock during a loading or unloading oper
4044975 Aircraft speed command system August 30, 1977
A system for displaying to the pilot an indication to enable him to fly to a desired air speed and angle of attack, especially on takeoff. An artificial angle of attack error signal is generated from actual and desired air speeds and corrected by adding to it a differentiated pitch s
4044790 Self re-arming valve August 30, 1977
A dump valve which automatically closes (re-arms) when the system pressure reaches a predetermined level.
4044708 Transilluminated dial presentation August 30, 1977
A dial display of transilluminated instruments includes a negative or color transparent film of the pointer and dial face of an instrument, in contact with a diffuser element such as a Mylar (polyester) film, the negative film and diffuser being laminated to a high light transmission ele
4044683 Heat generator August 30, 1977
1. A decoy missile for high speed air travel comprising the improvement of a casing open at one end, a substantially closed air receiving chamber in said casing, conduit means supplying combustion air under pressure from a remote source connected to said closed chamber, hollow flameholde
4043525 Variable orificing device August 23, 1977
A store carrier for mounting a jettisonable store on a vehicle such as an aircraft and for releasing the store with ejective force applied at forward and aft locations by thrusters actuated by pressurized medium, the carrier including apparatus for adjustably apportioning the flow of med
4040991 Polyurethane foam reconstitution August 9, 1977
This application describes a method of rejuvenating reticulated polyurethane materials, particularly those containing ester-type linkages which have been hydrolyzed after being exposed to moisture containing hydrocarbon fuel and/or highly humid environments. The process consists of t
4040581 Reverse thrust limiting system August 9, 1977
A system for reliably limiting the maximum positions to which the power control lever of an aircraft engine may be set in the thrust reversal mode corresponding to whether the aircraft is in the air or on the ground. A plurality of cable drums, one for each of the power control lines
4040004 Color coded vehicle guidance system August 2, 1977
A vehicle guidance system including means for projecting a beam of light to guide a vehicle such as an aircraft on a glide slope, and means for pulse coding the upper the lower portions of the beam providing to the aircraft pilot an indication of the aircraft's position in relation to th
4039161 Hidden vortex generators August 2, 1977
An improvement to the controllability of aircraft wherein vortex generators are connected to a control surface in front of the hinge line of the control surface so that when the control surface is deflected, the vortex generators project into the airstream on the opposite side from the
4038563 Symmetrical input NOR/NAND gate circuit July 26, 1977
An electrical circuit is shown having first and second pluralities of junction field effect transistors connected with an output transistor to provide NOR/NAND gate logic operation. The junction field effect transistors are preferably enhancement mode junction field effect transistor
4038151 Card for use in an automated microbial detection system July 26, 1977
Improved cards for use in an automated machine to detect the presence of specific microbes and thereby identify them, enumerate them, and/or determine their susceptibility to antibiotics. Each card includes a plate having conical detection wells each with a selected medium therein, at
4036286 Permafrost stabilizing heat pipe assembly July 19, 1977
A separable heat pipe assembly for stabilizing the generally frozen soil adjacent and supporting a structural member or foundation in permafrost or similar regions, including a cooperative combination of a sheath installed in the frozen soil and a closely mating heat pipe element normall
4035536 Sandwich panel core July 12, 1977
A core having a repetitive pattern for ribbing comprising triangles and hexagons where each side of any given hexagon is extended pinwheel fashion toward the appropriate side extensions of each of the six adjoining hexagons, all of the hexagons having sides extending to form pinwheels
4035238 Staphylococcus aureus broth July 12, 1977
A broth medium for the detection of Staphylococcus aureus in urine. The medium employs mannitol to promote growth of S. aureus, potassium tellurite to inhibit growth of gram-negative organisms, amphotericin B to inhibit growth of yeast, and DNA methyl green indicator.
4033541 Torque rejection soft mounted platform July 5, 1977
A system for stabilizing sensitive apparatus from translational and rotational vibrations of the structure on which the apparatus is mounted uses a conventional bearing or a flexure pivot to achieve angular isolation in series with a compliant isolator for attenuating translational v
4033247 Vent structure July 5, 1977
A vent structure for equalizing the pressure on opposite sides of a structure including a plenum formed at least in part by movable vent panel and a hinged panel supporting wall having overcenter biasing means, the plenum being pneumatically connected to the side of the structure which
4032975 Detector array gain compensation June 28, 1977
In an electronic system employing an array of detectors which have been compensated for any fixed pattern noise present, further compensation is provided for any deviation in sensitivity (gain) of each detector from a standard by measuring the output of each detector under uniform level
4032383 Fiber insertion device for continuous 3D foaming machine and method June 28, 1977
A method and apparatus are described for the making of a three dimensional filament reinforced foam insulation member. Generally parallel arrays of vertically stacked fabric or cloth having filaments running in an X-Y axis are reinforced by third axis Z directional filaments pre-cut to a
4032092 Ramp with integral toes June 28, 1977
A loading ramp for cargo aircraft having integral toe plates hinged thereto and automatically moved by the movement of the ramp to stowed and operative positions without the use of independent power. In addition, suitable mechanical devices therefor are provided to decouple the toes
4028886 Passive chamber wall fragmenter June 14, 1977
A passive chamber wall fragmenter adapted to be mounted on or in connection with a portion of a chamber wall which is mounted to be dislodged by a pressure differential across the wall portion, wherein the fragmenter is adapted to become active upon displacement of the wall portion to ca
4028562 Negative impedance transistor device June 7, 1977
Transistor device exhibiting negative resistance characteristics includes an enhancement mode insulated gate field effect transistor interacting with an integral bipolar transistor. The transistor device has a bulk region separated from a shallow substrate region by a pn-junction located
4023874 Oxygen mask stowage May 17, 1977
An automatically releasable restraining device for use in an oxygen system storage compartment to hold an oxygen mask, breather bag and associated tubing. The device facilitates inspection, closing of the compartment door, and proper release and positioning of the oxygen system equipment
4022592 Liquid degassing device May 10, 1977
Nonthermal and uncomplicated means and method of degassing a liquid are disclosed. The liquid degassing means includes a normally lower liquid vessel, a normally upper vapor vessel, evacuation means, and valved conduit means interconnecting with the liquid and vapor vessels and evacu
4019540 Loom for producing three dimensional weaves April 26, 1977
A loom includes a take-up assembly to which the forward ends of longitudinal strands are attached and a tensioning assembly to which the rear ends of the strands are connected. The tensioning assembly maintains the strands taut and further arranges the strands in a predetermined array
4018652 Process and apparatus for ascertaining the concentration of microorganism in a water specimen April 19, 1977
The concentration of microorganisms in a known volume of a water specimen is ascertained by introducing the water specimen into a plurality of wells which have known volume and contain a nutrient medium. The mixture of water specimen and nutrient medium is incubated and the wells are obs
4017913 Self-aligning valve assembly April 19, 1977
A valve assembly for use on the inside of an enclosed water receptacle or toilet. The valve assembly incorporates a circular valve plug with spherical seating surface to close a drain hole from the inside of the waste receptacle. A helical spring and telescoping alignment tubes urge
4015341 Seed drying process and apparatus April 5, 1977
Seed is dried with no impairment of its germinating capabilities by subjecting the seed to microwave energy in an atmosphere of reduced pressure. The microwave energy elevates the temperature of the water within the seed to its boiling point, which is quite low because of the reduced
4014482 Missile director March 29, 1977
A line of sight guidance system is provided in which the radiated output of a pulsed laser is spatially modulated to produce a beam radiated from an optical projector containing all informational requirements to enable a missile launched into the beam to determine its position with respe
4013832 Solid state image modulator March 22, 1977
For use with a one- or two-dimensional charge-coupled photodiode array, apparatus for modulating an optical image formed on the photosensor portion of the array with a predetermined pattern of density variations and for causing the pattern to move in a predetermined manner with respect
4013190 Flame arresting and explosion attenuating system March 22, 1977
A flame arresting and explosion attenuating system particularly for use in fuel tanks and other similar structures which are designed to contain highly inflammable fluids. The tank or enclosure may be a single compartmented or it may be divided or partitioned into a plurality of indi
4012014 Aircraft flight controller March 15, 1977
An aircraft fly-by-wire flight controller requiring essentially only hand motion or rotation about a fixed center point residing in the centerline of the palm grip of the pilot's hand to thereby avoid problems with arm movement, and wherein the flight controller consists of a formed grip
4011771 Steering range selector March 15, 1977
A selectable dual ratio connection between the rudder pedals and the control elements of an aircraft for steering the aircraft by means of the nose mounted landing gear wheel thereof. The connection includes a control arm and a control segment selectively related either by a link, walkin
4009371 Averaging counter February 22, 1977
An averaging counter for measuring the elapsed time between events comprising means whereby counting and adding together can be performed using a single counter such as a binary counter and associated control gating means to make the counter switch from one counting mode to another,
4007979 Reflection elimination system February 15, 1977
A device which eliminates unwanted light rays and permits passage of desired light rays. For the purposes of this specification, the desired light rays are those which originate on a first side of a material capable of effecting light passage, and which pass through the material to a
4007123 Fire resistant functional fluid compositions February 8, 1977
A functional fluid composition consisting essentially of (1) a phosphorus compound, preferably a phosphate ester containing at least two alkyl groups such as tributyl phosphate or di-n-butyl phenyl phosphate, alone or particularly in combination with a phosphate ester containing at least
4004484 Crowned flush head rivet January 25, 1977
A rivet for joining a plurality of structural members having a cylindrical shank and a head with a conical undersurface, flared uniformly outwardly from the shank, an upper surface that is generally similar to the minor portion of a filled torus, sliced normal to its centerline and an ou
4002313 Aircraft conformal load carrying pallet January 11, 1977
A form-fitting or conformal load carrying pallet for aircraft to improve the load carrying capacity of aircraft where the load may be fuel, electronic gear, aerial photography equipment or other items. The pallet is arranged for rapid installation and removal from a position against the
4001129 Fire resistant functional fluids January 4, 1977
A functional fluid composition consisting essentially of (1) a phosphorus compound, preferably a phosphate ester containing at least two alkyl groups such as tributyl phosphate or di-n-butyl phenyl phosphate, alone or particularly in combination with a phosphate ester containing at least
4000041 E. coli identification broth December 28, 1976
A broth medium for the identification of Escherichia coli. The medium employs coumaric acid, preferably para-coumaric acid, to inhibit growth and metabolic activity of other gram negative microorganisms and thus eliminate false positive test results in a medium designed for E. coli o
3998411 Speed overshoot correction system December 21, 1976
A system for compensating for certain speed overshoot problems encountered in large instrument-controlled aircraft during long-term deceleration from high speeds, such as may be encountered in preparation for descent to landing approach from cruise conditions. During such long-term d
3998359 Transpiration cooling system having an expulsion bladder December 21, 1976
A transpiration cooling system having a conical expulsion bladder for cooling conical re-entry vehicles and other uses. The bladder is of high temperature resistant elastomeric materials such as fabric impregnated silicones and carboxynitroso rubber attached to a housing by a circumf
3996673 Image generating means December 14, 1976
An apparatus for generating computed images on an electronically controlled display surface is provided which uses a function module for generating the deflection voltages necessary to display a shape, the shape being defined in terms of right edge and left edge vectors. The vectors comp
3996084 Lock core panel December 7, 1976
A lock core panel wherein a face sheet, base sheet and core are integrally joined at each web line by fiber material prior to curing. The upper face sheet comprises layers which may be angularly oriented and selected fibers or strands removed, if desired, to provide desired porosity for
3995795 Wiring anti-chafe support device December 7, 1976
Improved clamp means for mounting and firmly securing wires and the like comprises a conventional loop clamp or wire restraint and an anti-chafe support device of a nodal structure to prevent abrasion and chafing of the mounted wires. The anti-chafe support device can be made of a resili
3993213 Thermally insulated cryogenic container November 23, 1976
Thermally insulated container or tank wall construction for cryogenic fluids such as liquid natural gas (LNG) comprising at least two layers of an insulation material, preferably a fiberglass reinforced urethane foam, having an inner liner, preferably in the form of an aluminum foil-
3992772 Assembly station for printed circuit boards November 23, 1976
A device and method for simplifying the placement of electronic components in printed circuit boards are provided, the apparatus including an illuminated work area for illuminating openings in a mask transported across the work area. A load roller and a take-up roller, along with ass
3989984 Aircraft lightning protection means November 2, 1976
Lightning protection means for aircraft structural components includes thin, perforated, dielectric and metallic layers applied to the ordinarily lightning-accessible surfaces of composite structures. Where the outer metallic layer of the lightning protection means is formed from sprayed

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